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The Expansionist

Zigel Za Elric's page

118 posts. Alias of seekerofshadowlight.


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"I have been a bit nostalgic of late, missing the call of battle. The joy of Battlearmor against my flesh. The feel of victory and the pule of pure excitement that runs though my veins As I rip the armor from a Omnimech with my hands. To long have I stayed from the path of Kerensky, to long have I felt the joy of battle, to long have I waited with no trails, no battles , denying myself honor and my clan bondsmen

So I call to you warriors one and all brethren of battle, children of war to step forward and name Thy self. Clansmen, Servant of the corrupt Houses or honor less mercenary. Step forward and be named."

-Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher, 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy. Clan Hell's Horses

Skin nothing, I enlisted with the sodden devils for the luv o dark!, Bleeding bloodwar, Bleeding abyssal ale....

humm,...umm so tempted...need to see if my timeing will allow it however

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel makes his way though the crowed streets of Sigel this pre-peek. Kratos walks at his side taking in the morning feel of the city.He made his way to the Skull and Scepter, A blood didn't have many friends he could depend on really. Life had taut the tifling that. Him and Nightwind went back a ways and be nice to see him again besides it seemed he needed a friend right now.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel's rolls are below.....just for fun I have not read anything I have missed......I am gonna let myself and zigel be confused a bit.

rolls r rolls[url+]15 6 23 14 10 [/url]

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

After reading the note Zigel goes back down stairs for his breakfast.After that and a good smoke he head back upstairs to look into the magic items from the nights little adventure. He has a long day ahead he thinks "ah well I'll do me work and get some sleep, spells to prepare there after,then time to pay a call to an old blood in the marrow."

Zigel's gonna use apprise untrained. then he's off to bed then to chose he spells...kinda like a day of downtime..just need to know how many rolls I need to make.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"Morning to ya bess sweetheart,..smell breakfast I believe I do."

He looks down to his blood coved and chard clothing and takes the letter

"Need to freshen up a bit lass,fresh change o cloths do me a world of good.I will take some of that graevn sausage and milk briskets of yours in a bit.I'll be back after a change and a fast bath.Be a dear a fetch Kratos some roasted meat and some water will ya he eared it last eve."

He makes his ways up stairs leaving kratos trailing bess . Once in his room he cleans himself,and changes cloths.He then stores the items from last eves fun in a chest to be looked over later. Then he settles into a chair as he reads his letter.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel lets the goblins go been enough fun for one nite and he was tired and feeling the weight of his sack full of loot there was much to look into to night..."I wounder if eir got her prisoner talking yet" ah well so much to do he thinks as he fades into the crowd.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Can zigel or Kratos see greep being attacked?

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel and kratos fall in with the Xaositects and try to blend in as they make there way down the street

Gods above did we ever screw this one up.......

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

stealth rolls


zigel then kratos 17 and 18

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel and Kratos are headed down Mangel Street and moves as fast as they can with out falling in the morning crowd.There also trying to move out of sight if they can

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Eir Haakonen wrote:
To whoever is nearby: "Once we're out of their territory I'm willing to fight again."

"Agreed, we need an area we can defend.would rather us fade though cutter."

sorry chaos mean seem to have got my last post.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigle and krotos are both running..with kratos slightly in the lead as well as keeping alert.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigl looted the dead combatants...swifts a thief....what ya expect.were not knight and most of use take a more chaotic bend :D

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel sends kratos up on point the bullhound knows something is wrong so know he acts as scout. Meanwhile zigel mentelly goes over what spells he has left and prepares foor an ambush he knows is outthere

" Cutters that box is a bad ,bad ideal...don't want the hard heads landing on us....I would drop it.We's still gots to slide though the chaulk bloods....need to stay light may need to scatter...kratos feels something bad."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

perception rolls


Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel follows Ffethpaar to the street carrying what he can in his sack.Kratos is close on his masters heels keeping himself on guard for more attackers

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"time to go bloods...take the bloody goblin karin strip his later,Kratos come,swift take the gold to the abyss with the rest!"

with that zigels head towards the way out with the others

happy birthday man

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

'well' bloods are we off?"

Zigel stuff his sack with the magic items he saw and a few trinkets

"got what we need a cutters we need to be off then ah"

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

zigel casts detect magic as fast as he can. then gathers up only small light wight items or magic ones.

"Think we need to make are selves gone ,fo we end up in the dead book cutters"


perception 11

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel activates his belt. He starts to stand as the rush of healing magic runs though him and he scans the room for danger.

"That went well a' cutters"


healing belt 2+7+4=13

if the rat was missed he blasts it
23 and damage 7
crit if needed 9+3=12

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Rolling away from the club wielding goblin zigel takes his aim at the the magic using goblin. Twin green balls of energy leap from his hand and fly unerringly to his foes chest


Magic missile 5 and 3

sorry guys lost track of what round we was on thought I had posted

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel tries to spin out of the way.they with a small bronze lens starts chanting again.A ray of flames shoots from his hand to engulf the wand wielding gobbo



attack with ray [url=]19+3
and damage 5+1=6
spell info
1d6 fire +
The target
must also make a Refl ex save or catch
fi re, taking 1d6 points of fi re damage
each round until the fl ames are put
out (requiring a DC 15 Refl ex save; see
Catching on Fire,

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel drops back into chatting firing off an ice bolt at the tattooed goblin hopping to freeze him in place.


ok ray attack. 18 and damage 6+1=7 the dice gods favor me tonight

effect The
target must also make a Reflex save
or be frozen to the ground with its
feet encased in ice. A frozen creature
cannot move, receives no Dexterity
bonus to AC, and incurs a –2 penalty
on attack rolls.
A frozen creature can free itself with
a DC 18 Strength check or by dealing
15 points of damage to the ice

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Seating at his booth zigel begins to chant and gesture in odd symtrcal motions fingers bent on odd shapes and angles. His chat ends with a sharp rasp. Across the room the table the goblins are at erupts it a storm of snowballs covering the goblins round the table with there unnatural cold.

"Kratos get'em"

yep fun area D-11 is the center. Snowball is a 10'burst centered on D-11 so it should hits c,d,e-10-12 If I am wrong let me know don't use maps much so am rusty. They do get a reflex save for half. And my damage is 3+5+1=9

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel makes his way into the tavern. He pause at the door to sniff the air .

"Buy the powers what a pig stie..ew ah well goblin hole."

He rolls himself into a nearby booth

"Barkeep give me some of that swile you have here. and hurry it up ya lazy leather headed basher"

unseen to the goblins zigel prepares his compontes for the fun that about to begain.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

well I know that but she could have waited till I got in at lest. Oh well I'll surprise em.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

ok guys zigel's gonna give it a few before making his way in.Unless a fight starts that is.....karrin I'm looking at you!

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Eir Haakonen wrote:
To Zigel: "How long has she been like this?"

"since birth be my guess ."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

With a smile on his face and know he's been itching for a fight all day.Zigel looks to the plotting group

"Give em a bit cutter then I'lls make my way in there. Should be interesting no?"

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

" I can hit a few of them from here if ya wish.have a few spells that might take a few of them."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel takes a moment to think he wants nothing better to freeze the goblins face in ice. However a fight this close to there strong hold is not a good ideal and he hasn't seen the others yet. Zigel puts a easy smile on his face.

"No offense ment, just looking fo' a trollop and a bit of entertainment this anti peak cutter." Zigle straightens his cloths and nods toward the goblins giving hand sigels to Kratos "On my way I am no need fo' any of that take my hunting elsewhere I's will "

He makes his exit from the ally keeping close though kratos."That basher will soon be in the deadbook" he thinks to himself as he takes comfort in the cold flowing though his hands.

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

yall know zigel has no stealth right roll4+4=8 and kratos 16+4=20 lest he is good at stealth

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"Indeed it is a chance however,if we bob the gobbos at the crawl thats less to deal with"
Zigel strokes his goatee and gets a crooked smile

"let em meet we'll make sure we hear what goes down...then put em in the deadbook before they get back here. "

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"Cutter no one will morn a few doomguard. We can do it your way or both and have the Doomgaurd fix are gobo issue for us. either way goodtimes. HUMM them two haven't seen em they were still out we we left."

He thinks to himself for a bit then looks to geep

" Your call cutter how ya want to do this? Dead doomguard or goblins it ends in the deadbook either way, do matter much to me which one long as its not one of us A''

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

with a wicked grin on his face he truns to karrin

"Ya cunning cutter ya...good plan sounds fun, never put a doomguard in the deadbook, Shouldn't be hard to rustle lass. Lets go have a bit of sport shall we"

preception 9 and krato's roll 19+7=26

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

" Indeed ,seems there wll armed and alert, we need the others and a plan or were end up bobed or in the deadbook for su' cutter. I's say we cut back and see what darks the others have found. plan a proper raid and find just were swift went."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

moving over to geeps hiding place

speaking with a low voice "roof ya say...humm cutter where is swift..we are fine as far as i know" zigel scan s the roof tops and look to kratos"keep an eye out "

zigels roll 19..kratos's rollwow 16

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

OK ZIGEL'S ROLL and here is kratos roll

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

looking at the note for a moment zigel looks the karrian

'Well cutter ya may just get a chance to use that sodding big meat claver ys been packing about"

Zigel vanishes into his room to dress and gather weapons and spell compaonts , amurgeing a few moments later he looks to karrin and smiles

"Well lets go make a doom guard proud shall we "

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel looks to the worried tifling

"ya did fine lass,not in the dead book ya didn't get peeled. ya did spill some chant , and rattled the bonebox a bit but all in all ya did good."

Zigel sits back as the smoke from his pipe fills the area. he look in thought for a bit

"Cutter the cage isn't were ya are from ,its a beast unto itself. You'll learn in time what chants to spill and what darks to bury deep. Most folks see ya as a clueless basher and well ya are, however as long as ya don't get bobed or pelled of som'thing like that you'll do fine."

He glance to the young confused tifling and puffs on his pipe a bit

"Stick around lass and we'll make a proper blood out of ya in time. Besides ya cute when ya rattleing the bonebox like that. And if ya a needing to talk with a cleric we can find ya one in the cage simple."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"yes pork will do fine Ramona"

Zigel lights his pipe and lets the fregrent smoke fill the air

"Ya dont reckon they cutters ran into some trouble do ya Renkar. Late in the anti-peck for such things after all."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"Ramona my dear, I'll have a glass of bitterwinter wine and one of ye oh so good meatpies"

taking out and loading his pipe he looks to the dog at his feet

"And a hunk of that roth meat for kratos"

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

"Yes it went well we have items we need for a dip in the salt"

glancing at karrin and chuckling "our basher friend here has much to learn about rattiling her bone box,but we also have a place to divy items for some extra jink and there keep it dark. have the others returned yet ?"

sorry busy weekend didnt get to post much

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

were gonna head back with the supples

Zigel basked in the crowd as they made there ways back to the HQ sigil really was the hub of everything it seemed. He looked over at karrin as they pushed though the crowds and wondered to himself " just how AM I gonna keep the cutter from getting in the dead book? Rattling here bonebox like that leatherheaded clueless. Oh well " He thinks as they walk along with the crowd

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Dungeon Monkey wrote:

Marion smiles at Zigel, taking him for a blood rather than a Clueless. She leans into him and whispers so that Karrin can't hear.

"Yeh got ta lann yer lemon friend here the straight chant cutter. She can't go rattlin' her bonebox at every sod she meets looking fer the dark o' things. She'll end up bobbed, peeled, brainsnatched and humpin' in a two-Green crib in the Hive if yeh don't square her away. Can't let a fresh-faced Prime walk around like that, even with that soddin' big axe."

The two of you discuss prices

OK ... the heavy oil lotion is five GP a bottle (one days' protection from effects (actually a +2 bonus on saving throws).

The treated cotton and leather gear is 250 GP a person, but gives a +5 on saving throws, which can be stacked with the lotion.

Goggles are 20 GP each, and don't offer a saving throw bonus, but will keep salt from getting in your eyes and blinding you.

The amulets are 1,000 GP each, but you don't have to roll a saving throw while wearing them (they counteract the enervation completely)

"We'll cutter i'm trying keeping that one out of the deadbook is about like peeling a can be done..maybe."

well we got a 200 gp limit so we;ll be taking the lotion and the goggles for everyone

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Dungeon Monkey wrote:

Marion looks puzzled. She mutters under her breath a bit.

"So my good Prime, what exactly are yeh fishing fer? I got no chant on Salt, or any cutters who rattled their bonebox about Salt anywhere near my earholes. All I know is that yeh stay on Salt too long yeh BECOME salt. That's why a body should get some protection, less yeh want to end up as jerky."

Zigel's ears picks up from browsing the items he had long ago given up any hope the shop keep knew anything useful to them. He smiles to himself as he hears karrin go on and on about selling back gear blunt cutter she was. fainly he walks back over to the shop keep and karrin

"Well dear Marion ya' has to over look karrien shes a clueless still, Barmy some peaks i'll tell ya that"

He shoots karrien a charming smile and winks

"we'll take there gear,and should someone have a loose bonebox we'll willing to pay for what chant ya have there too. As for staying in salt ..ahug barmy swig that is. Addle cove goblin's and all. The lass has it right about selling ya gear and if ya bar ya bonebox about ever seeing us this peck we got a little extra jink to send ya way.."

Zigel looks at the snail

" And cutter just what does that eat anyhow "

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel pulls his pipe out and loads it

"well know the inn has got ya great big multivers out there cutter never heared of your home or your kind before."

smoke from the pipe starts to float about the table it feels the air with a thick aroma

"looks like your stuck here cutter best learn the way it works before ya end up in the dead book ,or take your chances with the doors"

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

as zigel slowly enjoys his drink savoring the taste he notices the small blue person. "odd looking fellow he things to himself,strange way of talking"

"Sm*rf was it. From what plane or world you you hail, From ribcage myself. I do not know of your kind. And yes the smell is excellent is it not."

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