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Zepha's page

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Hey guys there are probably a lot more threads like this one but I am relatively new to pathfinder and was wondering: What are the best/worst/funniest/boringest or most epic characters you've played. Thanks in advance.

I know people that plaigerize way more than that so don't sweat it. i really doubt that R.A. Salvatore is going to sue you and if other people mock you AND can claim that they havent done the same thing just say screw you.

Wizard. You have the most versatility and you are basically a bard, cleric and summoner all in one. The wizards ability to buff, debuff, and summoner. With the debuff you hurt the enemy therefor helping your friends. With the buff you help your friends thereby hurting the enemy and when you summon (if you choose to do so) you are basicaly adding another low-level fighter that can have spells and other abilities ( aka Bralani azata). Check out Treantmonks Guide to Pathfinder Wizards: being a God.

I like what thejeff said it will be a "really it's been ________ the whole time?!" moment where you sit back and secretly smile. :)


Or you could swap Charisma and Strength if you think you will need to be the parties social leader.

Can a spellcaster enter and maintain a style while spellcasting? For example, can a wizard with the Snake Style feat begin the style and cast a spell in that and subsequent rounds while still getting the benefit of the style feat?

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Simply cast hold person and watch them fall and since your not dispeling it they wont get feather fall. correct me if i'm wrong but this should work

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