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Kutholiam Vuere

Zantus's page

5 posts. Alias of Bpa144.


"Hmm, well I think I know why my spell harmed instead of cured, how ever I must go and see to the others who are injured. I'd like to discuss this with you further, please come by the church in a few days when every thing has settled."

With that the father rushes off.

"Why yes here are the rest I have, youand the rest deserve them for helping the town so much." Father Zantus hands you 6 potions of CLW.

"And yes the spell I used on you was meant to heal, and it only hurts the undead. Tell me, what do you know of your parentage?"

On your way back to your hovel, you run into Father Zantus who was heading to where your battle took place.
"I was just heading over to where you all had gone to see if any of you needed healing."

"Tahnk you for your offering, I will give it to the church. I have not heard anything about goblin activity in the area, this attack was sudden and unexpected."

Father Zantus seems to about to continue talking when you all hear someone yelling for help in the distance.

"Not at all. I have never seen such an attack by goblins before." Father Zantus will then ask everyone "Did anyone else get hurt during the fight?"

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