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Zakur Opzan's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 98 posts (102 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Kyle Baird wrote:
Being polite and reminding the GM is the best way to go. I'm curious how you knew the evil eye wasn't being added in.

We had a few fighters the same levels in the party and they were rolling closely with their attacks and misses, and once I figured out the number needed to hit, I then used the AC lowering evil eye to help the melee types hit.

Jiggy wrote:
Did the fighter stay dead? If so, that seems worth trying to rectify, even after the fact. Do you have the means to contact the GM to inquire about it?

Unfortunatley I do not know the GM outside the convention.

The fighter was ressurected, but took 16 PP and 2 restorations to make it happen. Very expensive mistake.
The caster was point blank casting with no AoO allowed because of the blur, and therefore no concentration check.
Part of that also stems from me not understanding combat casting and what is and isn't allowed. He said he was casting defensively so there would be no AoO after a roll. Because I don't yet understand combat casting etc i didn't question it. ( I play a witch with SU hexes and always 5' step and cast)

This weekend at a small game con, I played my witch with evil eye and misfortune hexes. I used small soda bottle rings of different colors for each different hex. I knoticed the GM wasnt rolling 2 dice for the misfortune hex, so i reminded him. I also knoticed that the -2 to saves and -2 to AC wasn't being factored in when the other party members rolls should have been hitting so i reminded him. I had the colors marked down so he could easily check which debuff was applied.
What is the common courtesy on this?

Also Players at the table didnt remember to add in buffs that were active so i reminded them. Afterwards I felt like an --- for being the party "mother". What is the common courtesy that is done in this situtation?

At another table we were up against a wizard with another GM and this wizard had blur and mirror image up. The warrior was next to him and the wizard would move more than 5' (all the ground was difficult terrain) and the GM said that the warrior wouldnt get an attack of opportunity because of concealment. I said that didnt seem right, but let it go. Now I see that blur grants concealment, but not total concealment, so as such AoO's would have been able to be made correct? The warrior died during this encounter, and had he been alloted the AoO's most likely would not have as the wizard moved every round. After the fact, how is this normally handled? Is this something that gets put in on the character area with "problem with this game"?

Thanks for advice.

Or that they go home and lay in bed until the following morning...

Maybe throwing the bad guys and them almost getting killed will force them to stay together. At a recent game of ours we were in a split hallway killing gnolls that had bottlenecked. 2 of our party members were bored and went exploring another area, they saw more and instead of waiting, attacked. There were 10 gnolls in the room they attacked without looking first, and 2 of our party died died during that encounter. One of the dead was one of the original bored people. the rest of the party was captured save for my rogue, a fighter and a mage. We got some hirelings, and had a rescue mission, of which we lost an additional party member due to a random sacrifice.
Maybe try creating missions where they all have to share knowledge to achieve success. Like having to figure out a puzzle when each party member has a piece of the puzzle and they have to work together to see the picture.

Andrew Christian wrote:

Actually it is standard practice in more regions that you think.

And don't tell that to my battle oracle who blew through 16 charges in Mists of Mwangi at 1st level.

EEEK!!! Mists of Mwangi is going to be my first PFS with this character!!!! lol

Andrew Christian wrote:

Additionally, just because you are a healer, doesn’t mean “YOU” should buy a wand of cure light wounds.

Every character should be responsible for their own healing. Every character should have their own wand. Then they give their wand to the healer before the session starts, with permission to use it as necessary on them.

Those who refuse to buy their own wand, tell them they don’t get charges off yours, but you’ll use your allotment of spells and channels as necessary until they run out.

Ahhh....Thats great to know....

In homebrew I am always spending my resources to keep the party up, and have done so without thinking any different. I would have done the same for PFS, but I can see the room for abuse there.
Thanks for that input!

Bob Jonquet wrote:
You need to download the free Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play HERE. In addition to what you are looking for, it has most of the information a player/GM needs to participate in PFS.

I did download it, but missed that part. I do own both of them the field guide and PFS organized play. When reading it, I must have passed over that part. Thanks for your help, it is appreciated!

Jiggy wrote:

Welcome to PFS! In the Guide to Organized Play (not to be confused with the too-similarly-named PFS Field Guide) there's a table listing things you can get with prestige points. One of the options listed is that you can spend 2PP to acquire any single item worth 750gp or less. Incidentally, a wand of a first-level spell costs 750gp, so yes, you can spend 2PP to acquire a wand of cure light wounds (or infernal healing, if you prefer it and have the book it's in) to handle all your out-of-combat healing needs.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, I missed that part! Still a bit behind in the what is allowed and not allowed, but catching up quick. Thanks again for your help!

Hello, I am new to PFS. Someone said as a healer I should spend my first 2 PP points on a wand of cure light wounds. I was wondering if there was a publication or an online page that has listed what prestige points can buy. I have the PFS handbook, and field guide, and the only listing i saw was for spending PP on faction Boons.

Thanks for any help!

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Aranna wrote:

Zakur Opzan you are the kind of power gamer I actually encourage. Someone who uses their optimizer skills to improve everyone's fun NOT just their own.

Lol I actually left that table for a while cause the GM kept on me about saying i was "min/maxing" My witch was the only healer in the party, and half of my spells were cure spells. I used slumber hex and misfortune hex religiously. My theory is if they are asleep or not doing damage, then i dont have to heal it. I did allow for many more errors from the less experienced players, because I had control of the battlefield. I think he was mad because my good battlefield control made alot of battles easier. I would throw an occasional damage spell to soften them up or take out some of the weaker ones, but all in all, i was a debuffer/ healer.

I am also a power But for me it developed from being with a group that did no optimizing at all. I play a crowd control witch and found that while the dwarf barbarian is taking his 5th round to kill the BBEG himself (which had lower AC, and lower bonus to hit with Evil Eye), i slept his minions with slumber and they can be taken out at will over the next 2-3 rounds. The GM was angry at my crowd control, but i didn't shine more than any other character. The barbarian was gloating how he took out the bad guy by himself, the sorcerer how she aoe'd 2 of the minions. WE all had fun and I know I did my job.

asthyril wrote:
as long as you play something you have fun with (and is within the PFS guidelines) you will do fine. just remember to buy a wand of cure light wounds or infernal healing with your first 2 prestige points(even if you can't use it yourself), and you should be fine for a long time.

Great Advice! Is there a publication which shows what PP's can be used to buy other than PFS boons?


Middle Eastern PennsylvaniA con. Held in Clarks Summit, PA

I thought Strength modifiers weren't multiplied. Was that changed? I swear I remember reading in the Core rulebook that str bonuses were only added once....hmmm....

Cold Napalm wrote:
I would let him re-make as a witch. The witch has some of the best spells from the cleric and wizard list. It's what you play if you want a MT from level 1.

This! And if he goes hedge witch, he can spontaneous cast all his spells as healing spells! and then there's hexes which never run out. If he's a "purist" and doesnt want to change his class outright, how about a cursed item that changes it for him?

With MEPA Con around the corner, I wanted to create my first "real" PFS character. I was thinking of Inquisitor, Witch , or Druid. Or sorcerer..

I noticed on the sign up sheets there were alot of melee so inquisitor is out. I have a witch in homebrew and it is by far and away my favorite PF class. I was thinking trying out Hedge Witch as I have a character concept in mind. Last year I played a pregen witch at the table and was the only withc I think at the entire Con!

I also have a concept Idea for a druid, but that is less along than the witch. any thoughts?

See the Jim Carey movie The Majestic. Similar stuff....

In the book Karga Kull, Biri Darr was a paladin that escorted a person with a believedly evil item because that carriers code meant never opening the package. She defended him to her allies. Different ideas on code.

Finished Reading "Karga Kull" a few weeks ago(cant remember the author) but a great book.

Just finished rereading "Winter Witch", by Elaine Cunningham for the Third time, and still love it.

1/2 way through Breaking Dawn now. Still a great series!

Bahahahahaha.... sounds like my group.
there are 5-7 of us and about 4 of us work pretty much together. My char currently hates female mages because of the 2 that burn everything, even if comrades were in the way. the one was captured and hid chained and gagged behind a secret door that my rogue found. I went in saw her and left closing the door behind me. I snuck back an hour later and told her if she pulled any of that crap again i would kill her and leave her for dead. [She] (her player) became much more aware of her actions and no more kicking comrades in the groin when they fall prone while climbing.....

The other one was constantly getting tripped falling off her saddle, any thing I could do to prank her..

The last guy played a char that was a jerk (put mildly). Picking fights with group members. I was scouting ahead and we found our boss and he started a screaming match with our priest about leaving horses to move on foot...our priest was quiet and the loud mouth grabbed the attention of all the other areas. after the battle, He said as he was leaving, and that the horses were his and I reminded that they were on loan from the queen and his action was now one of treason. He came running after me but the silly human didnt have night vision, and I had after all saved 3 of the party members lives, so they rushed on him and he ran outnumbered. unfortunately his player left the table as the only way for him to fix it would be to apoligize and he felt his character did nothing wrong. I didn't want his player to quit, however the repercussions of his characters actions are real. Had he attacked one of the party members, we would have killed him, or they would have tied him up and I probably would have to try really hard to NOT kill him. I am not for or about killing pcs. If everyone is working together and not intentionally hurting other pcs its all good. Good luck.

Edit: I would tell the queen of the druids actions. If you are as loyal to the queen as you say, why would you kill one of her emissaries? It should be her decision, and even better if SHE gives you (I too am a rogue and have found loot while scouting and didn't share. I did use half of the found cash on healing potions and party supplies, and if the other things weren't usable by me I would have showed them to the party.)

Unmitigated wrote:

Ill Omen (Witch/Dual-Cursed Oracle 1): You afflict the target with bad luck. On the next d20 roll the target makes, it must roll twice and take the less favorable result. For every five caster levels you have, the target must roll twice on an additional d20 roll (to a maximum of five rolls at 20th level).

Bold mine- It would only affect the next d20 roll, so if you used it in the round prior it might be used up if that creature attacked. If that creature also had misfortune hex, it would be 4d20 and lowest on the attack roll.

EDIT: It may look more like this....roll 2d20. Take the lesser result then roll an additional d20 and take the lesser of the 2.... and if you didnt like that roll immediately have them reroll the d20, but the reroll must be used even if it is higher. This would negate the whole idea of misfortune...unless you were able to utilize the misfortune hex on the misfortune revelation, which would force 2 rolls as the hex says "for any d20 roll and take the lower result".
Dang, i wish that didn't sound so confusing! (regardless talk it over with your GM as I have found out GM's HATE the misfortune hex...)

the triggering phrase allows you to put the spell on the tree and at any later time animate it with the phrase.

They are however supernatural in origin. If the bomb is deflected and the alchemist has a feat that allows him to reroll the throw to a square of his choice how will that be affected? he can make it fall in a square of his choice so the monk may take some splash damage anyway. also this can only be done once per round, so if the alchemist has more than one bomb per round, they can only deflect one.

Granted. Another shipment from the main company came in and had enough to fill all requests....but yours. It is again on backorder....

I wish I could retire at the age of 29.

DJ-Bogie is banned for not seeing anything....

PFRPGReference document wrote:
allowing the user to apply metamagic effects to spells (but not spell-like abilities)

It refers to spell like abilities, not Supernatural abilities...

This would probably by a GM call and would vary from game to game. Even if it were allowed to be used on the hexes that mimic spells, the fact that a hex is only usable once per day on a given creature would balance it.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Zakur Opzan wrote:
Reaper has said that once it is over, it is over.
You sure?

This is a quote from reaper bryan:

Bryan Stiltz less than a minute ago
@xxx: I think there's a misunderstanding, and please allow me to clarify:

If you pledged Vampire or Undertaker level, our Pledge Manager will honor all prices precisely as given here, whether you add in the $$ for the rewards before or after the expiration time. Persons who choose to NOT pledge Vampire will have the ability to get some Options listed here as "Vampire Only", but it is THEY who will be given a higher list price.

This is not to punish Vampires who cannot be here for the finale, but to give Non-Vampires a chance, while still making your Vampire pledge the best possible value.

Does that help? If not, I'd be happy to go into greater detail

I had read about making the exchange and that paizo was going to have a manager portal at some point, but I don't see either option at this point. Are the exchanges only starting after the funding deadline? I'd also like to look at the paint and case offerings, but don't see that either....any chance you have links?

Here is The KS link with info on the paints and cases: volution-of-gaming-min

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Remember, Reaper is supporting pledge changes even after the kickstarter ends. You can pledge one dollar now and adjust upwards when you have more money.

Reaper has said that once it is over, it is over. Reaper does not have to offer rewards for money after the KS has ended. That is at their discretion. Why take any chance? If you pledge a dollar, you are only guaranteed a dollar's reward.

We will probably hit the paizo iconics by early this evening. we are 19k away from it, and moving quickly. We will definately hit swamps and possibly 2 more. Alot of new backers also.

Although you CAN have your familiar deliver touch spells and the healing hex works as the Cure X wounds. I would think that if your familiar were in contact with you as with casting a Cure x wounds it could deliver it

At this point as well, I think Reaper is not doing addons because they need more new backers. Those who started early in the Kickstarter at this point are pretty much broke. With the Vampire $100 and one of each other addon the total is close to or over $400. They need new backers who arent tapped out that can put two or three hundered dollars into the pot.

I am expecting more than just 2 stretch goals...I am thinking at the last few days increases we will hit about 1 goal a day or more! So at least 4 more reveals!

I also feel that Reaper has alot more minis on the way. They may be showing 4 pirates as a bonus to the stretch goal, but when they release the minis in their store they will release 7 or 8 pirates. I think so because it would be great business...all us involved with the KS will have more bones to buy to expand our

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Would the heal hex work with spectral hand?

There is a feat that could allow your familiar to use the lesser hexes. Although it might be a third party feat.

It might work as a touch spell where your familiar can deliver it...I never tried it that way.

I had Cauldron on my witch and i was the only healer in the party. Our GM gave us downtime in between and Not only did i make healing potions and mage armor potions, i made smoke sticks, tanglefoot bags and other fun stuff...and there is a feat that allows you brew 2 potions per day later on. Having extra buff spells that I didnt have to memorize meant having more spells to use in the adventure.
If it fits your playstyle and your concept take it. I also had flight and aqualung with sleep. On a sea adventure, i slept the pirates who attacked me, put aqua lung on them and pushed them overboard... (My witch did as much as possible to not hurt other creatures. lol them waking up in the middle of nowhere never occured to her...) It fit my theme and i was able to get creative.
Another of my witches had healing hex, and we happend to end up in a war. I was a healing NPC's left and right and was honored for in that adventure it was worthwhile.
If you are a summoner there is a hidden value to the healing hex...a free heal for your one time summon pets....

orrinb1969 wrote:

I have been following this since about day 5 or so. I started at $18.00, & am now capped at $250.00

The paints were just too good to pass up, & I'm suprised nobody is talking about the mini case. That thing is basically 50% off!!!

I'm betting they clear a million, & I will probably hear the party at Reaper from here!

I too started with the $18 and quickly went to the vampire level and will probably be eating ramen noodles with all the addons. I tried cutting back and the first thing i went to was the paints...and i was thinking DUH! all the new minis will require more paint! lol

and you need more than 1 case for all the new minis! :)

Make sure you see the Cases too. They are a $25 option for all pledges, even as little as a $1 and they report that they will hold over 100 minis....thats a bonus in and of itself for $25!

This really is a great chance to start painting if you have never painted before. There are some great tutorials on youtube as well. I reccomend Girlpainting for tutorials. She has a ton of videos. Some basing videos and terrain creation as well. You can get dragons which in metal would cost you upwards of $70 each or a pair, and during the KS they are $10 bucks for lg singles and the pair! After the KS i expect the price to go up to a regular retail which im guessing would be upwards of $20 each.
They unlocked driders today and are working on large elementals too.
(Ps the vampire level ($100) now contains 155 miniatures making each one .65 each)

In MEPA con in april of this year, I played the only witch at the convention. And I don't know many others that play witches at the local pfs. I personally love the versatility of witches. Need heals? Got em. Need Damage spells? Got em. Need more magic after a spell exhaustive battle? Got hexes.

I can completely see a spring loaded scroll with the Scroll Master wizard Archtype. The width of a scroll is smaller than a typical arrow. As for the scroll opening and casting in the same round, why would a rogue with one be able to draw a dagger via the spring load and take their standard which may be a sneak attack? Or a melee with multiple attacks drawing it during the round and taking a full attack with the recently drawn weapon? (a 5 foot step is a move action and a full attack is allowed with a 5 foot step)

deusvult wrote:
A witch would lose 1 standard action out of every 10 keeping it active on 1 target, all the way to keeping it active indefinately on 10 targets by spending all her standard actions all the time.

I was thinking split hex... to make it more efficient. But I seem to read it like everyone else does. Thanks for the input! :)

Ultimate Magic wrote:
Water Lung (Su): An air-breathing target can breathe water or an aquatic target can breathe air. This lasts 1 minute. If the witch uses this hex on herself, she can maintain it while she sleeps, allowing her to safely sleep underwater.

Just often can the hex be given to other players? It does not say it is once every 24 hours like most hexes do. It does however seem balanced that a witch would have to reapply it every minute to keep it up, limiting other actions.

Im fond of a cursed item that changes them to CG

cranewings wrote:
This isn't a strategy game.

PF is very much a strategy game, otherwise making 5 (or all) your spell slots of 1 level the same spell is acceptable and what everyone should do. You do have to use strategy to use the right tool to the job.

And the GM isn't letting players win. The GM is setting up an encounter and if the players act properly (and with good die rolls), they will succeed.

Theres a feat in a third party thats called Familiar Reincarnation (I think) that allows your Familiar to be reincarnated into another form, not losing any spells. Kind of like familiar If your GM allows it.

I think there is in that same 3rd party material a feat that allows you to have 2 Familiars
The name was:
Advanced Feats, The witches Brew

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It seems like every character that I made with that GM got nerfed. Partly because i would outshine other characters. It wasn't intentional, but i put alot of thought and time into the characters investing into who the character was, where some of the other players did bare minimum to create their character. Was I having fun? at first yes, but when the GM nerfs you because the other people don't put time into their characters and don't really know them it isnt fun anymore.

Maybe its finding a group that puts as much into their characters as you do. When you get a character themed out do you have a great elaborate backstory to go with it?

Man I hear ya. I played with a friend as a GM and he was running Tomb of Horrors, somewhat updated to PF. I love to read and read and read. I knew the book pretty well, and the GM pointed the other players to me with rules questions. He asked me to play an alchemist and i tried to create the most general character, but also be good at what he did. most battles I didnt get to because they were healed by fire, and the 1 BBEG he was so happy and thrilled to play i took out in 3 rounds. I had hasted and was throwing 3 bombs per round against an enemy who took extra damage from fire. He got mad and changed bombs to being magic so they can't bypass Spell Resistance. Talk about ruining the fun...

I try to think that there HAS to be some optimizing. After all, in our own lives we optimize all the time. If we are a doctor, we take classes to be even better doctors. These are like feats. Our Characters would work to be good at X because thats what they do. Taking a tripping feat to make tripping more effective, and another to get more AoO when they get up is smart. Some would consider it optimizing, but if you were spending time on perfecting tripping would you not also notice how they would likely get up and then how to inflict the most damage as they were getting up?

Rakshaka wrote:
Tell me about it. Our Zen-Archer Monk/ ranger needs to only roll a 2 to hit any gnoll and minimum damage will typically kill one (even a classed gnoll). Giving Perfect Strike, Point Blank Master, Flurry with a Bow, and Ki for extra attacks, and you're looking at the most efficient damage dealer I've seen in PRPG so far. He never needs to move to make full attacks at any distance and is very hard to hit, with good saves to boot. That's hardly the problem though, as I don't mind specialized characters having a chance to shine, especially given the number of gnolls and open terrain in the first two modules. For now, he is Death Incarnate to gnolls, and they rightly fear him. (to the point of altering tactics, such as smoke, fog clouds, and the like... )

Honestly the archer can take out one mook in 1 round and the witch sleeps one in 1 round and then the barb kills it in the next, effectively taking it out in 2 rounds instead of 1, and the sleep hex is the problem? The witch could have thrown a lightning bolt and took out one maybe 2 or more of them.

Obirandiath wrote:
Of course, that barbarian could do the same, purchasing a Grand Mutagen altered by a friendly alchemist with Infusion.

Infusion doesn't apply to Mutagens, only to extracts. And the infuse mutagen discovery only allows an alchemist to have more than 1 type of mutagen, not to allow someone else to imbibe it.

A non-alchemist who drinks a mutagen must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the alchemist’s level + the alchemist’s Intelligence modifier) or become nauseated for 1 hour—a non-alchemist can never gain the benefit of a mutagen, but an alchemist can gain the effects of another alchemist’s mutagen if he drinks it. (Although if the other alchemist creates a different mutagen, the effects of the “stolen” mutagen immediately cease.) The effects of a mutagen do not stack. Whenever an alchemist drinks a mutagen, the effects of any previous mutagen immediately end.

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