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Zahur of Wellsbottom's page

207 posts. Alias of Benoit Leblanc.

Full Name

Zahur of Wellsbottom


Human (Gundarian)


Cavalier 4




Medium 6'3"




Neutral Good


Common, Osiriandi



Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Zahur of Wellsbottom


Zahur grew up his early years in a somewhat chaotic household. His father was an adventurer of no renown or fame. His mother a small business owner who made small crafts and operated a small restaurant that served traditional Garundi foods. HIs father was never a constantly in the picture, which gave his mother a constant sour mood and mistrusting of adventurers in general.
On his 6th birthday, when his mother was at work, his father took him to get tested at the Petoria academy; Zahur was already past the 4 feet mark and would become the 6'3" giant of a man that he is now. He performed fairly well in his examination and was accepted into the academy. His father assured his mother that the academy could give him a good all around education, and that the academy was not about learning to kill people.
Through his education, Zahur realized the need for men at arms and adventurers. Although the riches and gains could be great in such a profession, the common folk often had no way of defending themselves against the threats that lay inside and outside of the city walls. He made a vow on this realization that he would in his entire endeavors to try and protect the defenseless to the best of his abilities and to live a good life that would make his mother proud.
On the days preceding his graduation he went to visit his parents at their home to see how they were doing; his father having retired as a compromise to let Zahur go to the academy; and built a small smithy to fix and construct small items to sell. After having their usual small talk and getting preparations underway for the graduation, his father took him aside as Zahur was leaving to go back to the academy. With tears of pride, his father handed him his sword from his adventuring days. The gold crested hilt, perfectly wrapped leather handle, and elaborate 5 foot long blade imprinted with a smoky pattern felt so natural in his hands. Thanking his father, he mounted his horse and set off for the university, knowing that his life would soon change.


Zahur stands at 6'3" with wide shoulders and a very muscular physique. His long hours of training at Pettoria gives his torso somewhat of a 'V' appearance with hips that have been toned to ride a mount hours on end. He keeps his white hair closely cropped to his head to wear his helmet with ease. His facial features are quite strong, with wide cheekbones and a somewhat protruding brow. His blue eyes gives him an odd appearance set against his dark brown skin, some would even say slightly haunting.


Despite his huge frame and serious features, Zahur has a very pleasant personality. He is almost always friendly on a first encounter; laughs allot and take most things in good nature. His only seriousness comes when he feels that injustices are being caused (not to the extent of a zealous paladin), but rather direct harm is being done. He understands that some people have to steal to survive, and is fine with that, but does not agree with actions that cause irreparable harm to another individual.

Hit Dice: (4d10)+12
Hit Points: 39
Initiative: +1
Speed: Walk 20 ft.
AC: 20 (touch 11, flatfooted 17); 18 with Greatsword
Attacks: Dagger +8; Dagger (Thrown) +5; Lance (two handed/mounted) +8; Longsword +8; *Masterwork Greatsword (two handed) +10; Warhammer +8;
Dagger 1d4+4; Dagger (Thrown) 1d4; Lance (two handed) 1d8+4; Longsword 1d8+4; *Masterwork Greatsword (two handed) 2d6+6; Warhammer 1d8+4;
Face / Reach:
5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Challenge x2
Special Qualities: Bonus Feat, Mount, Order, Order of the Sword, By My Honor , Skilled, Tactician, Cavalier's Charge, Expert Trainer


Saves: Fortitude: +6, Reflex: +2, Will: +3 (By My Honor)

Diplomacy: 9;
Handle Animal: 9;
Intimidate: 9;
Knowledge (Local): 9;
Ride: +8; (14 with Mount)
Sense Motive: 7;
Climb: + 11

Armor Proficiency, Heavy, Armor Proficiency, Light, Armor Proficiency, Medium, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Ride-by-Attack, Shield Proficiency, Shield Wall, Simple Weapon Proficiency

Traits & Favored Class:

World Traveler (Knowledge Local)
Heirloom Weapon (GreatSword)
Militia Veteran (Ride)

Favoured Class: Cavalier (+1HP)

Longsword; Masterwork Greatsword; Outfit (Traveler's); Mw. BrestPlate; Shield, Heavy Steel; Backpack [ Bedroll; 3 Potion of Cure Light Wounds; Sunrod; Dagger; ]; Saddlebags [ Feed (Per Day) (x 10); Saddlebags; Torch; Sunrod (x4); Saddle (Military); Rations (X 10); Lance; ; Saddlebags [ Warhammer; ]; Ring of Portection +1


Female Horse (advanced); Large Animal
Animal 3
Hit Dice: (4d8)+20
Hit Points: 46
Initiative: +4
Speed: Walk 50 ft.
AC: 20(touch 10, flatfooted 18)
Attacks: *Bite +8; *Hoof +8/+8;
Damage: *Bite 1d4+5; *Hoof 1d6+5;
Vision: Low-Light
Face / Reach: 10 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities: Trained for Combat, Bonus Tricks, Link, Scent,Evasion, Improved Natural Armor (+2)
Saves: Fortitude: +8, Reflex: +8, Will: +4
STR 20 (+5), DEX 14 (+2), CON 19 (+4), INT 2 (-2), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10 (0)
Acrobatics: 1;
Climb: 3;
Perception: 8;
Survival: 1;
Swim: 3;
Armor Proficiency, Light; Toughness; Run, Endurance, Power Attack
Equipment: Mw. Studded leather barding

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