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Zachary St Lawrence's page

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Disappointing conclusion

***( )( )

Encounters were decent but I was disappointed with the conclusion of the 3 module series and wound up rewriting the third module so that it was a satisfying conclusion to my players. The writer of the first two modules in the series was a lot better and it shows in the encounter descriptions and pacing.

The party's justification for going is weak, the rewards miserly, and yet the dangers phenomenal. Only stupid party's need apply.

Also the group the party is chasing bypass encounters and creative players can't bypass any of the fights the same way so it feels like a cheap trick. I added a lot more dead cultists so the party felt the cultists were at least in the same situation.

Another peeve is that tantalizing wealth is repeatedly snatched away from players with rather poor justification. It takes lot of modifications to not feel like GM Fiat to a good group of players. Creative GMing can work around the flaws but it is a lot more work than earlier modules in the series. An ok but far from great conclusion.

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Strong module in fun 3 part series


This module is a great follow up to the Crypt of the Everflame. The module is tricky to run for a novice GM in that creative players can approach the challenge in several ways so some GMs will need to adapt the plot a bit but enough hints are given to make it easy enough for an experienced GM.

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