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Zach Klopfleisch's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, North Dakota—Fargo. 2 posts (746 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


*** Venture-Lieutenant, North Dakota—Fargo

Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide will give you the vast majority of the rules you'll ever really need. Other books will allow you to tweak characters here and there, but those two will give you enough to do just about any concept. The other hardbacks (Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Race Guide) are all great books, but are more niche. Every character you make will have the majority of his features in the CRB, a significant plurality of your characters will have stuff from the APG. The rest aren't nearly as universally useful.

Inner Sea World Guide will give you all you need to really understand and get the most out of the setting. What's the deal with the Andorans and Chelaxians? Who are these "Varisians" in Magnimar? You get so much more out of the scenarios, and things are much more easy to understand, when you know what's going on in the world, and the ISWG gives you that. Inner Sea Gods is great for understanding religions and divine casters, with plenty of great rules, but it's not nearly as universally useful as the ISWG.

*** Venture-Lieutenant, North Dakota—Fargo

Don't let the Iconics' reputations get you down: They're just fine at first level: You don't need a 20 Str Barbarian to get past a CR 2 or 3 encounter, Valeros does just fine, Lini's pet is better and even Harsk can get the job done with his axe. The only real problem is that not all of the casters have Spellcraft trained but they have Detect Magic, so you might have to bend the rules on identifying magic items if you want to give them access to those handy potions they just found.

When I'm GMing for new players, I like to tell them "Tell me what you want to do, and I'll figure out how to do it within the rules." Starting with a short teaching game of Ambush in Absalom is not a bad idea, it should teach the basics but it can also go pretty long and be frustrating as Goblins are notoriously hard to hit and the space is tight, limiting the number of PCs who can participate at once. Whatever you do, explain what's going on as you do it: "The goblin uses a free action to 5' step away from you to here, so you cannot take an attack of opportunity. Then he uses his move action to draw an Alchemist's fire and a standard action to throw it at you, making a ranged touch attack rolling an 8 and adding his ranged attack bonus for a total of 12. Your touch armor class is listed here, is it higher than 12?"

The Confirmation is a wonderful scenario, with some good, difficult combats and healing is provided. It's also got multiple types of encounters, including social and combat and a tag-along NPC.

First Steps is very much a training scenario: It gives you some simple combats; puzzles; traps; puzzles interrupted by combat; introduces DR, Fast Healing, invisibility, and poison; introduces environmental hazards; has puzzles that can be solved in multiple ways with different types of skill checks; introduces non-combat interactions with NPCs and face-related skills; and has a tough combat with a potentially dangerous enemy. About the only thing it doesn't introduce is darkness. I think it's a great introduction to the various facets of the game and all the different types of jobs a Pathfinder Field Agent can expect to do.

Last bit: 3 scenarios sounds like an awful lot for a weekend, that's a good 12+ hours of play time, probably more due to having to teach your players everything. I might set expectations to Ambush in Absalom and one, maybe 2 scenarios.

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