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Z. Zedduces's page

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The Rogue Driver sheet is downloading as a standard Rogue sheet, rather than an altered Driver sheet.

Are there any Fighter Archetypes on your make list? Or anyone elses, since I know it's Open Source?

Which character sheets are you presently working on, and which Archtypes? Any ideas on when a new batch will be uploaded? :)

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Would you be willing to make the Class from Tome of Secrets, the Warlord Class Character Sheet? I ask since you already did some for Tome of Secrets.

That's fine, was just wanting to be sure of how you were doing it. =) Take your time. ^_^

Will you be still updating Minotaur or are you only adding stuff to github?

Sadie, how will you be doing the Corruption from the new Horror Adventures book?

Yeah, I think so. Not sure how a Dire Rat falls into a Celestial Archtype, but ok.

Sorry, I'm fairly new to this. I've got a player who wants to play an Empyreal Knight, but I don't understand it's summoning capabilities. Could someone explain to me:
How it's supposed to work?
And a list of what monsters can be summoned at what levels after the skill is attained?

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lol, I need to watch that movie. =) And nice, enjoy! I'm also into anime quite a bit. Fav. series is the Fate/ series.

Is there any good way or suggestion for how to do this?

Ooh, what kinda convention? =) Tell your mom random people say hello! XD Kinda creepy, but I like to be polite. =)

Ah, ok. Sorry to hear they've been a pain for you. <=( Paizo does publish like breeding rabbits, don't they? -.-

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What projects are you currently working on? That way, I know what to look forward to. =) And for a personal sheet to ask for, will you be working on the Machinist for Neo Exodus?

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