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Yours is mined's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 58 posts (2,861 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Fendahl Silvermane wrote:
"Hrrm, yes, Silvermane. Saki if you have it. Warm preferred." Fendahl will accept the drink and continue to scan for familiar faces in the bar.


Despite his boorish appearance, the Iron Giant seems surprisingly knowledgeable about Minkaien fermented beverages, and you suspect about many other things as well.


As the Lionless Shaman scans the Alembic, he notices three females: a bored Mwangi monk, a platinum-haired elf in burgundy leathers with a double row of throwing knives lining her back and a tall woman with a martial posture, short-cropped red hair and a badly scarred face, being entertained by a flamboyant blond-haired elf with a curved blade by his side.

The swashbuckler smiles broadly on spying Fendahl and bows to him with a flourish.


Likely tier calculator ... assuming:

Aakif 8
Varg 7
Brachus 9
Fendahl 10
Tektite brings a Level 9 ...

Burglar, if you bring a 7 or 8, the total party level = 50 or 51
and APL is <= 8.5, in which case I would run sub tier 7-8 with no adjustment.

Level 9+ would get OOT gold

1d20 + 18 ⇒ (18) + 18 = 36

While waiting for the negligent Front-of-House Greeter, Brachus notices he is being watched by the nearest bar attendant.

The barman, a brute of a man whose forehead juts out as far as his nose, casually tosses a tequila bottle into the air with his right hand, before catching it deftly with his left. Upon noticing the cleric's holy symbol, the Man Mountain pours the bottle's contents into two pairs of shot glasses held in his third and fourth hands, and places them on the bar before Brachus along with four ale chasers and a *grunt*


Hope you don't mind me using Corb. Oh and this is not a suggestion on which PC to play. Please play who you want!

I just wanted a barman for the Frothing Alembic ... and who else would one use?

Welcome, Fendahl!

I think you know everyone ... except maybe Aakif, who is a RL gaming mate of Burglar's.

You guys are gonna make me do math and read up the new Guide to Organised Play to determine sub-tier, aren't you? ;)

@Fendahl, assuming there will be combat .... I would prefer to have you and Kirrah together in the same initiative position, the same way Burglar did for Sure and Ilivan, and Desmond and Sahrek.

Any problem with that? If not, should we average the initiative modifiers for Fendahl and Kirrah? How do you pbp GMs handle this?

Tektite, are you kidding me?!?

We are currently staying in a little fishing village on the Med, an hour or so from Genoa. Our apartment is right above the beach and the countryside is just beautiful! France is clearly visible across the bay.

Sounds like you were mainly in the south, while we're touring the North. We've enjoyed just about everything except the humidity in Rome!


To help me keep everything straight, can everyone please provide the following info:

PC Name
Total Character Level
Day Job Roll/No Day Job/Activity in lieu of a Day Job Roll
Initiative modifier
Perception modifier

So Luisila's could be ...

PFS# 69095-1
Level 9
Grand Lodge ('cos it's totes the Best!)
No Day Job
Initiative +5 (+6 vs Vice Cops)
Perception +20 (+21 vs Traps and Bad Fashion)

During his wanderings, Aakif comes across a short, plain-faced girl wearing high quality leather armor. Her complexion is somewhat pale, highlighting the deep scratches in her hands and face. To Aakif's practised eye, the wounds appear to be healing well.

She wears a wayfinder on her belt and has an enormous blade strapped to her back.

"Buena Serra, Imam. Do you know the way to the Saucy Wench? I'm meeting friends for dinner there soon. Any idea what kinda sauce is the house specialty?"

Before moving away, the girl whispers "Rejoice! The north-west passage to Varisia has been opened!"

A Vudrani Summer has descended on the southern shore of Kortos Island, the sparkling jewel of the Inner Sea.

Life in Absalom, the island's largest settlement is as relaxed and carefree as a metropolis the size of the City at the Centre of the World ever gets. Pleasure craft and bathers share the clear waters of the bay with fisherfolk and Gillmen Wave Riders, the grim marine watchmen of Absalom's front door.

Holiday-makers scour the many stalls lining the twisted alleys of the Foreign Quarter and the Coins for bargains, or day trip to the quaint smuggler's haven of Diobel, a short boat trip across the harbour to the west. Young and not-so-young lovers walk the Dockway arm-in-arm to watch the sunset, before retiring for a late meal in one of the many candlelit restaurants in Westgate, the Ascendant Court or the Ivy District.

The holiday spirit even seems to have affected Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin, the Decemvirate's taciturn chamberlain.

"There's nothing of pressing concern and I suppose an agent of your experience can be trusted with a few days of Liberty. DON'T make me regret this decision." For some reason he gives Cleaver a pointed look.

So it comes as something of a surprise when a courier wearing the green and gold livery of the Grand Lodge faction delivers a missive to wherever you are passing the time.

Aakif, Brachus, Varg or anyone who knows Luisila:


I've organised Drinkies at the Frothing Alembic in the Foreign Quarter at sunset. Chance to rub shoulders with one of the new VCs who may have a job for you.

You'll likely recognise the Maitre'D. Ask for a private room.

Luisila x

PS: Dress is optional!

If you don't know Luisila:

Greetings Pathfinder,

My principal, one of the newest VCs of the Society has been discussing your suitability for an important task with your Faction Head.

Please report to the Frothing Alembic in the Foreign Quarter at sunset to meet with him. Ask the half-elf Maitre'D for a private room. Refreshments will be provided.

Explore, Report, Cooperate!

Luisila C Mountjoy, Field Agent

Sense Motive DC 5:
The message appears to be legitimate.


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Luna Shiratori wrote:
I saw a referral post from a red skull calling himself Nebten ...

OMG, Luna! What have you done speaking that name out loud in here! :

I’m kidding!

Nebten runs some of the best (and potentially deadly) games on these boards.

Welcome! If you post in-character in Gameplay and check out the GM sign-up lists at the top of the page, hopefully you will find something that interests you.

If you haven’t already, reading this gives you the basics on how to Play by Post. Good luck!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Experienced players, eh? My first choice would be Night March of Kalkamedes.

Do your players like Lovecraft? Even if they DON'T, my second choice would be Voice in the Void.

My advice is take what is written in the ‘optimization’ forums with a grain of salt.

Clerics make very good healers (IN and out of combat) and buffers, and people willing to play one are welcome in most parties.

There are many roles a cleric can take on. This guide explains many of these roles and is well worth a read. Having said all that, the best way IMO is to just go ahead and make a cleric that you think will be fun for you. Then dive in!

Good luck!

GM Baldwin, this is also not an application. But it looks so much better than <<BUMP!>>

♪♫ Reta fight and slice and crunch.
Me have longshanks thighs for lunch!

Me not scared of dogs or b!tches,
Burning them has me in stitches!

Horses rear – I run them through.
Cook and eat … not turn to glue!

Poog and Mogmurch; Chuff all fail!
Me smart and hot – in wedding veil! ♪♫

Gary Teter wrote:
What does a minivan need with a mattress?

One of the football jocks or cheerleaders from high school could tell you, PMG.

If a group of veterans is happy for you to run BB, it sounds like they're invested in having you succeed as a GM.

Some individuals/parties also really like monster bashing. You'll be fine. Enjoy it!

Gary Teter wrote:
What is it with bedtime?!

Don’t worry. This is the hardest bit. They’ll soon be teenagers – which is a breeze!

Gary Teter wrote:
What is it with toddlers and repetition?

I'll let you know after I've finished watching Cinderella for the hundred and twelfth time.

Gary Teter wrote:
Does the gravel quarry employ a street sweeper to gather up strays because hey free gravel?

No. The economics of gravel is such that you can only make money out of it by shifting LARGE quantities a fairly short distance. This is because gravel is common, inherently pretty worthless and heavy. Much of the price you pay is associated with transport, not the gravel itself, per se.

Now, at the other end of the spectrum, you have gem-quality diamonds! Diamonds are pretty rare, inherently very valuable and virtually weightless.

It makes sense to employ reliable, security cleared street sweepers to ensure you don't lose any ... and gem-diamond plants do!

A friend of mine visited a diamond plant not located in North America recently. He crossed the secure compound that the diamonds are transported through with a guide. The guide told him, if you drop a pencil or something, don't pick it up! If you do, the armed guards might think you're picking up a stray diamond and shoot you.

Such an occurence is fairly uncommon in gravel pits.

Gary Teter wrote:
Is there a sniglet for the urge to tie the other shoe a few steps after tying the first?


If it’s any consolation, I suffer from the same sniglet.

But, with support from family and friends I’ve learned to manage it … been clean for nearly 10 miles now, but I could still fall over with my very next step ...

Provided you are not yet Level 2, Yes!

Gary Teter wrote:
Why am I ensuring my toddler is wearing matching socks?

Because Mrs Teter said to.

I have played an archer-support cleric in Pathfinder Society to Level 6 over about a year.

I like a lot of things about your build, here’s a few:

➸ Your priorities - Healing/Spells/Fighting in that order
➸ Travel Domain
➸ Keeping a stockpile of scrolls for emergencies *hi 5* and *sigh* Someone has to keep THEM out of trouble! ;)
➸ Sinashakti as your god – nice flavor AND Domains for this Empyreal Lord
➸ Archer clerics need Dex, which helps their weakest Save – Reflex
➸ You have awesome rolled stat numbers to suit a MAD build like archer cleric
➸ Substituting Precise Shot for Deadly Aim? Good call.

Now my role in PFS is probably a bit different to yours, in that I have seldom adventured without at least two melee experts that can really dish out the hurt. The game I’m in at the moment has 4 of them(!) So doing high Damage per Round is NOT a priority for me.

Having said that here are some things I would think about with your build.

➸ I agree with the poster that said CON=10 is too low. To do your job you need to stay alive. I think that will be hard with 48 hp at level 9.
➸ Being an elf doesn’t help with this. The +2 Dex is nice, but the -2 to Con is too high a price. If you like elf flavor and want a longbow, maybe go half-elf for a +2 stat boost of your choice and take the bonus Ancestral Arms feat for longbow proficiency.
➸ You would lose the longsword in that case. But you know what? You probably won’t spend much time on the front line and a morning star is nearly as good for a cleric.
➸ I guess you’re taking Separatist archetype for the ‘fireball’ domain. I also like having an arcane caster in the party – but I think they’re more useful for battlefield control than blasting. The good aligned clerical spell Burst of Radiance could help with some of the problems you are solving with fireball. Still YMMV because control spells + raging barbs/smiting paladins/ranger archers (in my party) > fireballs IMO.
➸ If you buy this argument, vanilla cleric or Varisian Pilgrim archetype (main drawback is Light Armor) from Inner Sea Magic might be a better choice.
➸ This would also open up Sinashakti’s Luck domain instead of Ash. I love the Luck domain’s powers and spells.
➸ You’ve got lots of channels/day, Extra Channel is probably a luxury for you. I would probably substitute it with Many Shot or a Save boosting feat like Iron Will (yep, even for a cleric) or Lightning Reflexes.

Clearly you have put a lot of thought into how you can help your party succeed. That is great. Good luck with your decision and your game.

As long as you’re playing with people, I don’t think it matters much if it’s pbp or f2f.

Sure, it’s easier to disappear without a trace in a pbp … I’ve heard of people getting dumped by text message as well …

You obviously feel strongly about it enough to come here … which is a credit to you. If you’re feeling this way, chances are others may be as well. I don’t see this situation being much different than the way one would handle any other difficulty in similar types of adult relationships, like those between friends, acquaintances, work colleagues etc.

Good luck with your decision.

Gary Teter wrote:
Who has better spam filters, Google or the NSA?
Gary Teter wrote:
What's the safest way to put a doll in a closet that does not involve destruction of the doll?
Gary Teter wrote:
What was that third question I was going to ask?

The answer to that last one is: 'What was that third question I was going to ask?' (Duh)

Gary Teter wrote:
What if the doll was big and scary and had a little bald baby sidekick that let's just say you'd rather not these two be allowed to escape?

It’s too late, PMG.

Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico are already at large, hosting Monday Night Football.

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Gary Teter wrote:
What's the safest way to put a doll in a closet that does not involve destruction of the doll?

Open the closet door first.

I have played this in PFS and have read but NOT run it.

We had 2 x HIGHLY optimised melee 5s (two experienced players), an alchemist 5, a cleric 4 and rogue 3 (three fairly new players – I was one of these).

The rogue 3 went unconscious pretty much every time he got close to the action on the upper level and in the dungeon.

The poor alchemist was a spectator for pretty much the whole mod.

The cleric burnt through a whole CLW wand and we used virtually all the healing potions (there’s a LOT of them!)

The Barrowhound fight was tense and entertaining.

We were lucky with the redcap – a crit for max damage with a cold iron weapon, pretty much ruined its day.

We had no deaths, but in my opinion, without the TWO Level 5 melee guys, we would have been toast in the lower dungeon.
Good luck with your game!

I am also pretty new to PFS play. My first character is also an archer cleric, who supports the rest of the party with buffs and heals.

Your build looks pretty boss. Really like: Luck Domain (bit of luck is great), Human for the first two archery feats, Hunter’s Eye trait, backup weapon = glaive (reach from behind the front-rankers – oh, yeah!)

Things I would consider: Depending on your play-style INT=7 really hurts a cleric’s 2 skill ranks per level. I initially had an INT=9 and found this too low for roleplaying. I personally would drop Wis to 14, which is all you need at low levels to boost INT.

Did you spend your first 2PP on the bow? Pretty good call for a cleric. I would make it Darkwood though to save weight, which you’ll need with a STR=12.

I like a 30’ speed at low levels and prefer Lamellar leather + buckler with 16 dex. YMMV

I don’t think high initiative is critical for a cleric. I would swap out Reactionary for something else, like Exalted of the Society from the Faction Guide (extra channel).

Spells look quite good. Have you seen Burning Disarm (1st) from the Cheliax Player’s Guide?

Hope this helps.

I like what you did with the sense motive check - got me thinking I should try doing something similar - and remember this is all new to me, and I don't know to how many of the others.

I guess Badger and Emrek may have the highest Charisma scores, but there's a roleplay angle there too. We all may have different game styles, some will like rolling dice or others flapping their gums, some may be more comfortable in the background, others will want to be a leader, and there's nothing wrong with any of that in my view, if we're having fun.

I'm a bit nervous about the combat side - my plan was to stay close enough to buff/heal the front rank while using my bow and act as a second line of defense to the squishies. But I guess terrain and opponents are all going to affect what happens.

The other thing is Ben seems like a witty guy who is on the ball. He seems to like the roleplay going on, and I'm taking some cues from that.

Astyannax, I'm reading what you do too, my friend. Maybe send a few more of your ideas up the flagpole IC. If you do it the right way, I'm sure someone will salute it!

Yeah, I'm a fan of Creighton Broadhurst.

His Greyhawk stuff was solid and Retribution is amongst the best 1 level adventure for PF I have read (haven't played or run it).

Ok, as to your post, I guess we can start here and maybe take it to a tavern depending on what the others want to do.

To be honest, Luisila doesn't have a lot of skills.

Her Perception mod is +5 so I can be the eyes and ears while we roleplay if noone has a higher score.

I'm also the obvious healer, but I'm thinking the use for that after combat situations will be obvious yeah?

Ah Haraldir, you are too kind, sir.

I only wish my boss shared your view on my sense of humor.

I love James Jacobs’ Demonicon articles from Dragon
I love Wes Schneider’s Archdevil articles in Council of Thieves and Kobold Quarterly

I suspect that Paizo will have the “big boys” covered by excellent authors like James, Wes and maybe Todd Stewart for the Horsemen.

This still leaves plenty of room in the “next tier down” for describing Archfiends with established names in gaming, such as those found in the Tome of Horrors, Green Ronin’s Book of Fiends or that Gygax et al originally took from the public domain. Azazel, Alastor, Hutijin, Dagon (the Devil), Balan and Nergal immediately spring to mind.

I like the concept of Annals of the Archfiends and with some slight refocusing would like to see more.

Gururamalamaswami wrote:
What's a paragnostic apostle? Is that from a splat book or is it 3rd party?

I believe this Prestige Class is from WotC's "Complete Champion"

James, I am a fan of your 2004 free 3.x WoTC adventure “Thunder Below.”

Had you used the adventure’s premise of

Big, and I mean BIG Spoiler:
an enormous slumbering menace
in your own campaign before this was published?

I know there are sidebar suggestions for the Ubothar, but what did you envisage it being?

I am very much enjoying The Genius Guide to Relics of the Godlings that I bought recently. One thing I remember from the reviews that were posted was a request for more templates about how to build your own relics/legendary items. I concur.

The pdf templates cover staves and weapons (generic). I’m thinking bullet points might be one way of giving us more templates for say:

• Armor
• Shields
• Rings
• Wondrous Items like: boots, masks, crowns, helms, robes
• Specific Weapons such as: tridents, dwarven thrower warhammers, black blades

Hello DM Nel – thank-you for providing a game for some of us who are new to PFS.
I would like you to consider Luisila a 1st level CG elven Cleric of Calistria, focused on healing and archery support. I am very new to play-by-posts and haven’t been a player for quite some time.


Female Elf Cleric 1 of Calistria
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +4; Senses: low-light vision; Perception +5
AC 18 touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 dex)
hp 10 (d8 +1 favored class, +1 con)
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4
Speed 20’
Melee: Longsword +1 1d8+1 (19-20, x2)
Ranged: Longbow +4 1d6 (x3)
Special Attacks: Channel positive energy 5/day (1d6, DC 11)
Domain Spell-like Abilities
5/day Bit of Luck, Copycat
Cleric Spells Prepared
1st – Bless, Cause Fear (DC 13), True StrikeD
0 – Guidance, Light, Stabilize
D Domain Spell Luck, Trickery
Stats (elf 20 pt buy): S12, D18, C12, I9, W14, Ch12
BAB +0; CMB +1, CMD 15
Feats: Point Blank Shot
Traits: Observant, Exalted of the Society
Skills: Heal +6 (1 rank), Diplomacy +1, Sense Motive +2, Perception +5, Untrained dex based +1
Languages: Common, Elven
Combat Gear: Alchemist’s Fire
Other Gear: Longsword, Longbow with 20 arrows, Hide Armor, Club, Backpack, Wooden Holy Symbol, Hemp Rope, 2gp

Luisila was adopted as a child from the Temple of Calistria by a childless human couple, who ran a successful dry goods store in the Grand Bazaar. Although her parents were by no means wealthy, Luisila never went hungry, had a stable loving home and there were always new clothes when she wore out her old ones. This was in stark contrast to the street children and beggars that Luisila saw everyday in her neighbourhood.

As an adolescent, she was curious about her elven heritage. Though she learned little from the Calistrian clergy, they did spark her interest in helping street people, especially those in service to the Sacred Sting. Who knows – one of them could even be her biological mother? By this time, her aged parents had sold their business, reluctantly accepting the lack of interest their daughter had in becoming a simple shopkeeper. By the time they had died, Luisila was in holy orders and working as a missionary amongst the general populace of the Puddles.

Despite her efforts to help the people, Luisila became frustrated by the nature of the people she worked with to exploit each other for petty gain, while being preyed on by drug pedlars and street criminals. This was not helped by the corrupt constabulary, local officials and politicians she encountered. Luisila eventually conceded she was setting about the problem all wrong. If she couldn’t make a difference at the grass-roots level, she would break into the world of the elite and take revenge on the greedy and corrupt from the top. Now all she needed was a path to fame and fortune. From her time serving adventurers in her parents’ store, she knew just the group to help her – the Pathfinder Society!

Not SoS or Crystal Shard but Forgotten Realms from about the time you're looking for. Best I could find.

Great Khan Game.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Have you checked out page 16 of Way of the Wicked Part 1 - Knot of Thorns or the Free Preview?

Might pay to.

1. Did you write “Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv” and the “Shipwrecked!” supporting article in AP37?

2. Is the word “moan” a synonym of “whinge” or “whine”?

3. Could the gnome given name of “Gelik” be translated into Common (Earth – Western Hemisphere) as “Eric”, “Erikt” or “Erix”?

4. Is your boss amongst the sartorial elite of (seriously-taken) A-list executives in the Pacific North West?

5. Could the NPC Gelik Aberwhinge be an epic send-up of


James, have you read Isaac Asimov’s “breakout” short story, Nightfall?

Revelations, cultists versus scientists, when the stars appear humanity will descend into madness and an alien civilization will end in a firestorm ... and all packaged up in 35 pages.

I had no idea that Asimov may have been inspired by Lovecraft. Did you?

The whole aspect of Time and the creative impact it can have on the game is interesting - and seems popular based on some of the discussion about SGG’s products above.

It is also something Paizo has pretty much left alone to date.

The way Monte Cook used time in “Dead Gods” immediately comes to mind as a way of getting a GM’s creative juices flowing without having to account for every possibility that every gaming group could come up with.

So what does that mean for a hypothetical Genius Guide to Time?

Not sure exactly. The existing classes SGG could form a foundation. Time spells, time feats, time capsules, time machines, monsters from the fourth dimension could all fit in. I would personally be interested in some kind of GM advice on how to incorporate time travel into a campaign, as either a side trek or a “worked example” of a time travelling campaign outline, with adventure hooks and maybe sample encounters.

Would this be easy?

No. But we are talking about Super Geniuses, right?

As for the incentive pdf – how about Codex Draconis - Green.

V1 Ab

The Ceratioidi designed by China are found on p80 & 81 of AP32 "Rivers Run Red"

There is a Scarlet Brotherhood affiliation in Dragon #348 (based on the idea from 3.5 Player’s Handbook 2 – sort of like Pathfinder factions) that PCs can join and get some minor benefits from.

It’s pretty light on detail though - the whole thing is described in one page.

The opening scene shots at the beginning of each instalment of Kingmaker! appear to be in homage to events in the game’s history.

Kingmaker 1

Mild Age of Worms & Kingmaker Spoilers:
The introductory picture of the iconics in sight of Oleg’s on p6 of “Stolen Land” appears to be in homage to the siege scene on the opening page of SKR’s “Encounter at Blackwall Keep.” (Age of Worms #3 in Dungeon 126)

Kingmaker 3
The introductory pic on p6 of “Varnhold Vanishing” reminds me of one of the Brom Dark Sun covers.

Kingmaker 4
The monstrous battle scene that introduces “Blood for Blood” looks like a similar scene at the start of

Mild Age of Worms Spoiler:
James’s own “Into the Wormcrawl Fissure.” (p54 of Age of Worms #11 in Dungeon 134).

Kingmaker 6
This looks to be a reproduction of the cover of Dragon#343, with the dragon swapped out for a monster more appropriate to “Sound of a Thousand Screams”.

Question (at last): The opening scenes from Kingmaker 2 and 5 are driving me crazy. Where are these ones from?

Try p59 of Dragon 341's Wormfood Article

GeraintElberion wrote:

They're not all from films.

Sic Semper Tyrannis isn't, and if The runelords will return is from a film then I want to see it.

I want to see that too! When it comes out let’s go and see it, my treat ;)

In the mean time ... have you ever watched the end credits from a 007 film?

The other is a pretty famous quote ... I am happy to wait and see what James says about it.

Are you surprised that people don’t really comment on the short movie quotes at the bottom of the Credits page of the sixth instalment of each Adventure Path?

Whose idea was it to do those?

My vote is also for a product pushing the envelope.

The Genius Guide to Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands

Thank-you, Owen. I hope you soon get over having big stones!

I personally like the name Cegilune. It’s got a luna – moon association going for it. Ray, I think you play in Greyhawk, which could use another moon goddess or two, I think.

The only other thing I can add to the conversation is Wes Schneider had a short-but-sweet sidebar article in Dragon 345’s “Ecology of the Annis Hag” about Cegilune.

The only things I can add to what Gruumash said above is:

Erik Mona wrote a 3 page article called “A Brief Reference on the Horned Society” which summarised more recent HS canonical references. This is probably available through

He also wrote a critical threat article about Warduke and his connection to the Horned Society in Dungeon 105, which I think would be worth your time.

I am a fan of “The Adventure Begins” which contains brief references to Hierarchs Andrade Mirrius, who was in the “City of Greyhawk” Boxed Set and Guiliana Mortidus, who originally appeared in "Greyhawk Adventures." Oerth Journal 24 also has a short article on her by Creighton Broadhurst.

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