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Golem in Progress

Yasserian's page

13 posts. Alias of vonklinen.


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Me too please.

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What to do with this character now? He was so much fun to make.

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Raal has a seriously sick profile. Good synergy.

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Have fun crew! This is the best pbp I have seen posted. Enjoy. Thanks for the experience DM!

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fnord72 wrote:

I will throw in a plug for a Rhaelian. I'm thinking something like a special investigations and operations (PSIOP) Rogue/Wizard or more likely, Rogue/Psion.

I will work on the crunch and fluff later (egads) today.

That is a great angle. I just went fighter/cleric. Pretty vanilla in comparison to the great archetypes here. Trying to be "universalist" as my character evolves. I am pretty excited about the revolving alignment for Animus.

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HP 30 VIGOR POINTS 28 WOUND POINTS 32 ??? Never used this before, but sounds very cool!

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Scratch Power Attack from my list of feats as I will do on character sheet. Thanks!

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Yasserian is the creation of Dr. Jessera Ullfren, renowned scientist, bioengineer, atmatic researcher and secret xenoanthropoligist. She is highly-respected in the academic community and also in the government as they are often the main source of funding for her research. Despite being the chair of Integrated Sciences at Midgar’s most prestigious university, Dr. Ullfren is developing a secret fascination with Xenogenesism. Her studies include finding new ways to harness atma, often synthesized with newly discovered organisms in an attempt to eradicate the planet from disease and suffering. Her hope is to find a universal cellular synthesis that rapidly repairs damaged cells and even slows the aging process, dramatically.(A valuable knowledge and a dangerous one, which is why it is also among her many secrets.)
Despite her accomplishments, she suffers from agoraphobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder which exacerbates her painfully shy demeanor and plain appearance. The affliction greatly obstructs her daily routines at times as well. She has very few colleagues that she comes in contact with and confides in no one. To her, Xenogenesism comforts her fears of the unknown and brings much-needed structure and explanation to her life. She hides her beliefs out of fear of criticism from her colleagues who often dismiss them as coincidence and fairy tale.
While Yasserian is not the first Animus ever created, Dr. Ullfren carefully studied them and closely followed the specs in his creation. She has also infused his mindcore with fabricated memories of things that she desires from a son. He is a closely-guarded secret and was loaded onto the Avanestra along with other research equipment tucked away in a large metal box. Along with his memories, was an infusion of the Xenogenesism philosophy and a passion for adherence to it. He is a healer at heart, but because of Dr. Ullfren’s anxieties was given amped up defenses and offenses should the need arise, recently purchasing a pistol for him as well. (An instrument of something she abhors.)
Yasserian is everything to her. She loves him like any mother loves her son and would protect him at all costs. He is to fulfill her need for companionship and parental love while on her long journey aboard the Avanestra. This may be her last voyage, if her sources prove to be correct and Halladrax provides her missing component.

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Seems a bit too powerful, even for Gestalt.

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Working on background now. Please let me know if I calculated anything wrong. I've been working on this character for the last three days.

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Male Animus Fighter 2/ Xenogenic Cleric 2
Lawful Neutral Medium-sized
INIT +8;Senses Perception +6


AC 18, 14 FL, 14 Tch (DEX +4, Nat +2, Shield +2)
HP 30
Fort +6;Ref +4;Will +3


Speed 30 ft.
Unarmed Strike (+6 ATTK) (DMG) 1d3+5 (CRIT) x2
Blade Boot (+6 ATTK) (DMG) 1d4+5 (CRIT) x2
Heavy Shield Bash (+6 ATTK) (DMG) 1d4+5 (CRIT) x2
Chakram (+5 ATTK) (DMG) 1d8+5 (CRIT) x2
Dagger (+6 ATTK) (DMG) 1d4+5 (CRIT)19-20 x2
Chakram (+5 ATTK) (DMG) 1d8+5 (CRIT) x2
Dagger (+5 ATTK) (DMG) 1d4+5 (CRIT) 19-20x2
Double-barreled Pistol (+5 ATTK) (DMG) 1d8 (CRIT)x4


STR 20 (+4 Racial) DEX 18 CON 15 INT 18 (+4 Racial) WIS 16 CHA 10 (-4 Racial)
BAB +1 CMB +6 CMD 20; 16 FL

FEATS :Improved Unarmed Strike (H), Combat Expertise (H), Power Attack(H), Toughness, Called Shot, Scribe Scroll(B), Improved Initiative(B,House)
SKILLS :Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Craft (firearm),Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Fly, Heal, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Know (Dung), Know (Eng),Know (Hist), Know (Planes), Know (Noble),Know (Religion), Linguistics, Perception, Profession(ENG),Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device
FAVORED CLASS Fighter +1 Skill point
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Celestial,Abyssal

Special Abilities:

Bonus Feat: Improved Initiative (instead of racial traits)
Greater Spell-resistance: 11+CL
Stability: +4 to CMB against bull-rush and trip attempts.
Clunky: -4 Stealth.
Curiosity: +4 to Diplomacy to gather information. K-history and k-local are always considered class skills, and if they already are from a class, you gain a +2 bonus.
Damage Reduction 5/silver
Spell-like abilities (1/day each): Make Whole, Disguise Self. Caster level = Character Level.
+2 to Armor (armor slot). +2 to armor with spell failure and ACP equal to leather. They can “scavenge” and upgrade their parts (similar to equipment) by completely replacing them or enchanting them. No endurance checks to resist fatigue, exhaustion, thirst, or starvation and you do not need to breathe. 4 hours of “optimization” to prepare spells. Healed by craft (homunculus) and knowledge (engineering) checks as opposed to heal. Healed by repair spells, such as Make Whole.
Spells Known :
Level 0: Read Magic, Resistance, Stabilize,
Level 1: Gorum’s Armor, Cure Light Wounds, Magic Weapon(1/day)

Skill Details:

Acrobatics(DEX) +3
Appraise(INT) +8
Climb(STR) +7
Craft Firearms (INT) +10
Diplomacy(CHAR) +4
Disable Device(DEX)
Escape Artist(DEX) +2
Fly(DEX) +2
Handle Animal(CHAR) +4
Heal(WIS) +9
Intimidate(CHAR) +4
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (INT)
Knowledge (History) (INT) +8
Knowledge (Nature) (INT)
Knowledge (Religion) (INT) +8
Perception(WIS) +6
Profession (Engineer) (WIS)
Ride(DEX) +2
Sense Motive(WIS) +3
Sleight of Hand(DEX)
Spellcraft(INT) +8
Stealth(DEX) -2 (-4 Racial)
Survival(WIS) +3
Swim(STR) +7
Use Magic Device(CHAR) +1


sent seperate

Equipment Descriptions:

[b ]Equipped[/b]
Torso: Natural Armor (+2 AC).
Feet: Bladed Boot
Total Weight:
Total Cost:
In/On Backpack
Artisan’s Outfit, MW Artisan’s tools (Craft Firearms), chronicler’s supplies, climber’s kit, MW thieves’ tools, wrist sheath spring-loaded (thieves’ tools),
Total Weight:
Total Cost:
Total Weight Carried 54.60 lbs
Light 133lbs,Med 266lbs, Heavy 400lbs
Gold: unfinished

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