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Xzarf's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 99 posts (752 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 aliases.


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A fairly advanced level of Craft(Armor) would be my guess.
It is really up to Shanosuke to determine what the difficulty of such a task would be.

Not wanting to be that guy that whines about unbalance but the Mandelorian appears to be the best race ever. It seems just a bit overpowered.
Net +4 stats
Super healing
Bonus feats out the wazoo

Is there a downside to being one?

Shanosuke wrote:
Also yes Perception will be dex based.

Huh? Don't you mean Wisdom based?

Kenderkin wrote:
are perception, stealth, acrobatics; class skills for any classes?


I am guessing that Perception is going to be a Wisdom based skill? Listen/Spot are Wis but Search is Int.

Just a note for folks that the +2/skill pair is an aptitude bonus while the Skill Emphasis +3 is a competence bonus so they stack.

What about Skill Emphasis which gives +3 to a single skill?

Cool, got the one I really wanted.
Thanks Shanosuke.

I have submitted a character to each of the threads:
Zadora the Hutt: Yurvin Salki. Duros Scoundrel(Tech Specialist) *1st choice.
Broken Empire: Kristoff Mullen. Human Soldier *2nd choice.
Rebel Alliance: Kuwon Tuoa. Nautolan Scout(Pilot) *3rd choice.

Name, Age, and Race
Kuwon Tuoa, 18, Nautolan
Glee Anselm
The Reason for your class
Scout (Pilot): Kuwon's family were traders and so he spent a lot of time flying to planet to planet in space transports. He learned the ropes of piloting and trade as well as the ability to shoot a gun lest they run into some less reputable trading partners.
Physical Description
1.8m tall with dark green skin. Dresses comfortably with cargo type pants and jacket, with lots of room for carrying all sorts of tools and other gear. On his tentacles he has simple gold and silver bands.
Skill Explanation – (Basically you explain where you got your skills from, this doesn’t need to be too precise)
Piloting, Astrogation, Communication skills. Standard skills necessary for a trader.
Motivations (What are you character’s goals and what motivates them to do stuff, anything)
Kuwon's family was killed and their family ships taken by the empire for allegedly dealing illegal arms to 'criminal elements'. Kuwon being the only one to survive. In actual fact the person being dealt with was an imperial governor who to avoid getting caught, blamed the Tuoa family and had them rounded up as criminals and executed before the story could be told. Kuwon now lives with a burning hatred of the imperial system and will go out of his way to disrupt imperial operations.
Why you are joining this faction
The imperials will pay for what they have done!

Possible to play in all 3 threads? I can submit to the rebels as well.

Shanosuke wrote:
Recruitment ends this Friday. We will go over character building rules then.

This sentence confused me until I went back and read through the entire first post rather than just glancing over it and getting excited enough to make a character.

I am hoping that my breaking the rules and making a guy doesn't affect my chances of getting in. I did the same in the Empire thread.
Character=Yurvin Salki

I could easily toss my scoundrel/tech from the hutt thread over here. Put him where you need him. I will write a couple of backstories and submit both.

Who really wants to play a good guy when there are bad guys to be played!

Shanosuke wrote:

Important Race Note: I spent the last hour trying my darndest to find more info on “Star Wars” Drell. Freaking Mass Effect used the name too. I have one book with the Drell race in it and it describes them as opposites of Mass Effects Drell. Rather than have confusion I decided to remove Drell from the list of playable species.

Did you take a look at the link that I used in my previous post?

I have a soldier submitted in the Empire game but I have an idea for a scoundrel/tech specialist for this one. I will put it together. See which one comes out on top.

Shanosuke: I am thinking of playing a Drell. I found this site describing them but I am not sure if or how this would differ from the rulebooks you have.

Cash: 1d6 ⇒ 4 +1 x 500 = 2500 credits

Just a little clarification on the stats. Having the base at 10 means that it costs 4 to get to 14, 8 to get to 16 and 14 to get to 18? (Basically take 2 off the cost because of the move in the base to 10 from 8)

Interested, just picked up a copy of the revised book and am scouring through it right now. What do we have going so far so I have an idea what not to make?

Even if this game ever gets going again I have transferred Dim to another game so I am out for this one.
Sorry guys.

I was in London earlier in the year (April) and really enjoyed it. I would definitely go back and spend some more time exploring the city.

Welcome back Tom. I hope you had a good time on vacation. Spent it somewhere nice I hope.

Darkone: Any chance you can bump that alignment to NG? I think that the general theme of the upcoming adventure is goodness. I am not sure that having a 'meh' attitude towards good/evil really works.

That Justicar code is brutal. One mistake and you are out. I assume that even qualifying for the class is going to to take a while. We will see I guess if I can play well enough to meet the expectations.

AJ's Dad:

What happens with the Paladin abilities of Lay on Hands, Smite Evil and Divine Bond? Do the Justicar levels combine with Paladin levels or once gone to Justicar do they hold at the same level?

I would be up for playing the Paladin. You will have to let me know how the Justicar prestige class will work so I can prepare to incorporate it.
I will work on putting something together.

I knew I could break you! :)

So just the Core Rules book?

As I read it there will be an NPC Paladin?

Would you be opposed to having a 2nd Paladin or is that special for the NPC? If not I would like to play a fighter.

Your offer tempted me again but then I went and looked at d20srd site and I just can't do it. After having played pathfinder and gotten used to it I just don't think I can take that step backwards.
How hard would it be to convert to pathfinder? Creatures shouldn't be that difficult to adjust.

I have seen even here where people allow a hybrid game of sorts and without fail the ones that lean towards the 3.5 side of things are stupid powerful. I am not saying that Pathfinder might at some day get broken like that but for now it is fairly controlled.
The other option is limiting the allowable resources.

If the game was converted to pure Pathfinder I would be keen.

Sounds interesting but I really dislike the "any sources for 3.5", that just screams overpowered (some bad experiences on my end). With the advent of Pathfinder I have really left 3.5 behind.
Looks like a no go for me then.

Cool mapping tools Seeker. I have been thinking of starting up a game but wasn't sure what to do about mapping.

So far the adventure has taken place outside and I can't see it changing much in the near future.
What is the Great Stealth Dilemma?

Linkage to Game

Hi lastspartacus.
We do need one more person in the mix to fill out the party.
Generally posting expectations are no more than the usually, try and post at least once a day and just keep things moving along. (Sometimes things move quickly and sometimes they move a little slower).
We currently have:
Cleric of Gorum
Sorcerer (Infernal)

We could really use a skill monkey of some sort. (rogue would be ideal but there are other options if that doesn't interest you.) We had a bard that got lost in the woods somewhere.

For building standards refer to the 1st post of this thread.

I understand that it isn't a good join spot. I will hang around and continue to watch if that is okay with you folks and then if you want me at some future point then I will be available.

Sam "Torch" McQuarry wrote:
The Paizo dice roller hates Hrakar; Tom's dice hate me...

One of the other games I play in the last combat I rolled over 25 d20's and with the exception of a single 20/20 crit my avg roll was just over 6. The dice roller was hanging out with Murphy for a while.

4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 4) = 16 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 4) = 18 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 6, 3) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 5) = 19 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 6, 2) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 4, 6) = 16 = 15
All I can say is Wow! Thank you Mr. Dice Roller!

I would be interested in joining the group as I have never played RotRL.
I have two character types in mind.
1)Slightly off his rocker Alchemist
2)Tower-shield Fighter (aka tank)

If you would be interested in either of those let me know and I can flesh something out.
What are the build guidelines?

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
I simply have no interest in going to another form to play games, and I just really dislike Rpol as well. I understand if someone would like to more games to a form more suited, but I have little interest in joining another form and moving is all.

So if we make the assumption that the game would go to Rpol after this module is over does that mean you want to continue for this module or are you going to bow out now?

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
You guys aren't moving the game to Rpol are you? If you are I'll have to bow out at that point.

I think they are talking about the next module so we will try and continue this one with the group we have. (Hopefully picking up a 4th player somewhere).

If you are choosing not to continue then Darrid will merge with the other group being run by Azure_Zero through this mod.

So merge both Darrid and Hanathan over to AZ's game?

Welcome back Seeker!
AZ/KK: How does this affect the merge? Merge both of us or do we recruit another to take Faunra's position and continue on separately?

Maybe #2 would be the easiest way to introduce someone completely new.

Teleportation attempt gone horribly horribly wrong? :P

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
4: Someone form farshore that is way, way out in the bush all alone for some odd reason.

He could be part of another adventuring party that has met an untimely end and therefore is wandering alone wondering why Olladra has cursed him but then blessed him with a new party.

Here is the character concept.
Gnome Cleric of Olladra (Healing/Luck).
Fairly happy-go-lucky guy who takes luck (good and bad) in stride, after all what is fate if not fickle.
Primarily a healer and buffer. Combat skills are going to be a bit limited.

Whatever is decided is cool, I just thought it might be a good opportunity to get into what looks like a great game.
If I am designing a character, Ebberon setting? Level 7? 20pt buy? Gear?

This is also Darrid from the Hollow's Last Hope DM KK game and wondering if Hanathan is coming back to play. We just hit some combat.

I hope this isn't an inappropriate intrusion but I have been following the game thread for a little while (I wanted to see what makes a PbP game so successful, 3 years qualifies for that title) and now I notice that you are going to be short a cleric/healer.
I would be more than willing to step in to that role if you would have me. I have a Gnome Cleric of Desna that I have had in another game but it stalled soon after I joined it. If that wouldn't be appropriate I would be more than willing to explore other options.
Let me know how you feel about it.


Paizo Fan: It is all good, I just couldn't access it from that computer for some reason. Works on this one.

All: Well it looks like some stiff competition for the Tank role. Only 1 for each of the other 3 roles.

I am just waiting to see if I get accepted into another game. If I don't get in that one I will be submitting Dim, a Gnome Cleric of Desna. A hopeless optimist in any situation. Have to get past all the doom and gloom that this games sounds like it will have, what better way than with a big grin!

Dotting for interest.

What is the timeline for submission and how will the characters be chosen?

I can put a cleric together tonight.

I am in for trying this, even though it is just a short module.
I am thinking about either a Cleric, or a Tower Shield Fighter.

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