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Xyllen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 109 posts (112 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

Full Name

Marshal (alt)




19 Magus 1 Sorcerer








lawful neutral

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Xyllen

() = feat [] = Magus arcana <> = sorcerer bloodline arcana
Trait #1 Gifted Adept +1 caster level (shocking grasp)
Trait #2 bully +1 intimidation
level 1 Magus {weapons and armor / martial and light}
level 1 Magus {arcane pool}
level 1 Magus {cantrips}
level 1 Magus {spell combat}
human () Spell Focus (Evocation) +1dc
level 1 () Spell Specialization (shocking grasp) +2Caster levels for spell
character level 2 sorcerer 1 Cross and Wild Blooded
Blood Lines Draconic((bronze)) and Elemental (primal)((air))
gain perception as a class skill
sorcerer {cantrips} (Message, Resistance, Mend)
sorcerer {level one spell} (True Strike (no somatic component))
sorcerer {eschew materials}
level 1 sorcerer<> (draconic)+1 damage per damage die for spells with the electric descriptor
level 1 sorcerer<> (primal) +1 damage per damage die for spells with the electric descriptor
level 1 sorcerer {bloodline power} ray rta 1d6 electric damage 3+chr mod per day
character level 3 Magus 2 {spell strike}
character level 3() Weapons Finesse (use dex for melee attacks)
character level 4 Magus 3[] Familiar (weasel)+2 reflex, alertness
character level 5 Magus 4 {spell recall}
character level 5() intensify spell (meta +1 spell level, additional spell die per level)
character level 6 Magus 5()bns Opening Volley (+4 Next melee hit)

character level 7 Magus 6[] Empower Magic (1/d empower one spell no cost)
character level 7()Extra Arcane Pool (+2 arcane pool)
character level 8 Magus 7 {knowledge pool}
character level 8 Magus 7 {medium armor}
character level 9 Magus 8 {improved spell combat}
character level 9() Spell Focus (necromancy)(change spell specialization to Vampiric Touch)
character level 10 Magus 9[] accurate strike (2ap= melee now touch ac for one round)
character level 11 Magus 10 {fighter training}
character level 11() Empowered Spell (meta +2 spell level, add half again as many damage dice)
character level 12 Magus 11()bns Heighten Spell (add levels to spells)
character level 12 magus 11 {improved spell recall}
level 13 magus 12[] Maximized Magic (1/d maximize base damage dice)
level 13() Preferred Spell (Shocking Grasp) (as good cleric heal spell
level 14 magus 13 {heavy armor}
level 15 magus 14 {greater spell combat}
level 15() Spell Perfection (free meta for Shocking Grasp)
level 16 magus 15[] bane blade (+1ap when enchanting blade and bane ability)
level 17 magus 16{counter strike}
level 17() Quicken Spell (+4 slvl)
level 18 magus 17() Weapon Defense Training (+2 vs heavy weapons)
level 19 magus 18[] Quicken spell (1/day)
level 19()Combat Expertise (-3att,+3dodge)
level 20 magus 19 {greater spell access}

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