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Dro elves? Makes them sound like gangster rappers or something.

The downfall of the sciences in America is that there are fewer and fewer real families promoting good behaviour and solid academic studies.The attention span just isn't there amongst many of the up and coming generations. They want it done for them and they want it now!
Many of the most influential scientists in history were religous. I don't see the correlation between the downturn in scientific study in America and the church. It's influence is clearly at an all time low, and the popular media goes out of it's way to promote the exact opposite of anything you might learn in church.Ha,i have seen the church blamed for some really bizarre things here on this board, obviously some people have some issues they need to work through.

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Nope, not wierd. Caring about it when it's someone else is though.

I haven't espoused any hateful point of view, nor have i dissuaged any particular race, creed, or kind of any sort. If expressing concern over the well being, and future of my own race is frowned upon, that only goes to show the extent of the damage. Why is that a bad thing? I see other races literally commandeering the airwaves and spewing such views forth 24/7. WHats disappointing about what i said? Honesty is my only excuse...

I didn't deny the holocaust, i did however question the actual intent/statistics claimed etc. That isn't racist. You know there is another genocide going on as we speak, only it isn't quite as obvious as the one that the Nazi's were purported to have attempted. It happens everyday and as long as it is a white nation it's happening in it is completely ignored. It's called "diversity". You would be shocked to see what happens if it is attempted in any other type of nation. I wonder why that is.
I am not racist. If i was wouldn't i be calling for Zimmermans head on a platter? Like the majority of you?

I don't think following Martin could be considered "stalking". Stalking requires repeated offenses of certain behaviour patterns not present in this scenario.Honestly, ask yourself, if say the cops had teleported to the scene and Martin claimed he was being "stalked" who? Someone who has never seen him before and has never seen him before?
Also, 911 dispatchers are not police,and "police" never told Zimmerman anything prior to the shooting.
Everybody seems fixated that Zimmerman shot Martin...nobody here has ever had the hell beaten out of them? Beating the crap out of someone is perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances. And so is shooting a teenager in the chest.Should be interesting to see how this one plays out.
I live in the ghetto,i can tell alot of people here do not, and have not. I know how these little hoods act, and have seen it first hand. Your sympathy is misguided, misplaced and rather puzzling.
I almost hope they find Zimmerman totally guilty so i don't fall prey to reprisals, because i wouldn't be surprised if neighborhoods burn and innocent,actual white people are assualted, or as in the past murdered in REAL cold blood.Look into the crime statistics by race btw all you skeptics. It's not "profiling" it's just good police work in my book.

You can't retreat if you are pinned to the ground being beaten in the face. I honestly don't know what happened prior to that, but eyewitnesses place Martin on top of Zimmerman doing just that. Regardless of what transpired Martin is obviously the one who escalated the violence wether he intitiated it or not.
The media coverage of this whole event has been sensationalist, shameful and honestly, unethical at every turn. Wait until some crowd of thugs puts some "Justice for Trayvon" upside your face and we will see if you do the same song and dance.
Truth be told, i don't have a horse in this race,really. They could execute Zimmerman at dawn tommorow and it wouldn't bother me.

I have been in this situation when i was in my teens many times. Every time my response was to book and as fast as possible. The last thing i would have ever done is confront a random wierdo on the street. I kid you not this situation came up alot.
Also, from the diagrams i saw, Martin certainly wasn't backed into a corner. It was open space in either direction. So unless he used a Matrix move, i seriously doubt Martin was cornered at any point.
I heard from the initial press conference that there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. And if they wanted to charge him with negligent homicide, why on earth would the go overboard and obviously overcharge to second degree murder?
Bottom line in my opinion, there is no way Zimmerman had produced a weapon and pointed it at Martin, then all of the sudden Martin decides to jump the guy with a gun. Thats ridiculous. Martin ATTACKED Zimmerman for whatever reason. Maybe he was confronted, maybe he wasn't. if someone runs or walks up to you and wants to know what you are up to is your first response to try and beat that person up?
The witnesses changing their stories after their initial interviews are almost guaranteed to make everybodies opinion moot. Zimmerman will most likely be aquitted.Unless the people fear a repeat of the 92 L.A. riots. I got to experience that first hand.

Nobody involved in this case is white btw. I would just like to dispel that misconception. Look at both parties.Would you really consider either one of them "white"? I sure wouldn't.

Well before stories were changed,witnesses placed Martin on top of Zimmerman pounding his face in. Sounds like a good reason to shoot to me. Nothing anybody can say will convince me that Martin couldn't have possibly escaped from Zimmerman, if he was even accosted by him.
Race isn't an issue as far as i am concerned, as hard as the media tried to distort the facts and make it one. It was self defense in my opinion.
Assault and battery=crime
Asking someone what they are up to=not crime
Following someone and observing their activities in public= also not crime
When you attack someone and get the upper hand, if that person happens to be armed expect to get force applied to you. If Martin was so worried about GZ why didn't he call police himself? Because criminals don't call the police.

Interesting. Seems we all have differing opinions on what exactly happened that night. Regardless, i haven't heard any account from any witness saying that Zim chased Martin down. Considering the size and shape of the guy i find the assertion laughable.
The only reason Zimmerman was charged is because of the media smear campaign spearheaded by racist nitwits like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Truth be told, Zimmerman took a thug off the street. Guess Mr. No Limit Ninja shouldn't have brought Skittles to a gunfight.

This is an unlawful prosecution in the first place. Zimmerman is overcharged, and only a group of lunatics would convict him of anything.How did they go from not having enough evidence to charge him at all, to charging him with second degree murder anyway?
Asking someone what they are up to isn't a crime. Following someone and observing their activities isn't either.Messing up someones face is however, and it is obvious that Martin attacked Zimmerman. The only injuries present on his body i am told were bloody knuckles. Also,911 dispatchers are not police, and can't "order" anybody to do anything. Martin was the only criminal involved in this whole incident.

When i am not on a budget, Newcastle Brown Ale is my absolute favorite. On a budget it's Natural Light. Anything that is dark, with lot's of alchohol in it deserves honorable mention.
There is a restaurant on Ocean Blvd, in Long Beach California called Rock Bottom that serves some of the tastiest micro brews i have ever tasted. 0845.html Hey look i found the Atheist counterparts to the Westboro freaks. Interesting.

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When did this go from the "Is atheism a religion" to "Lets smear all religous people and ridicule them for their beliefs"? You people are as biased and hateful as the groups you seem so fixated on speaking against.

We need more "Is *random thing* a religion?" threads. Think of the comedic possibilities.

Keep on preaching Samnell.

Yes Atheism is a religion, and this thread is it's church.

Although i have seen mention of the fact that he played WoW in a few articles, i never once saw it implied that it in any way motivated him or was connected to the killings.
The first person shooters now...i seriously doubt they motivated him to do anything either. They might have helped him live out a sick jolly or two in his mind but other than that i don't see them being to blame.

Guns in fantasy should kind of suck. Percussion and flintlock weapons were not very accurate, short range and took forever to reload. You would actually have to make them ridiculously better in game to justify their use. Cartidge weapons on the other hand would rock socks but they are only believable in post apocalyptic or alternate reality type settings.
As to the question in the OP no they don't really rustle my jimmies, but they don't really mesh with my idea of a traditional fantasy setting either.

A few people even worked in an anti-religion post.Of course the thread could have been about turkey bacon and they would have found a way to work it in somehow..

Grand Magus wrote:
"" wrote:
The prequels were so terrible. That frog was probably one of the main reasons, that and the stilted acting and terrible plotlines.

What frog?

Jar-jar was an amphibian. Not a frog per se..but that is who i meant.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

12 million. 6 million jews, 6 million other (largely poles and russians, with some of Rom (gypsy) homosexuals, and political dissidents tossed into the mix)

It wasn't just gas chambers. I think the biggest method of execution was either working people to death or just machine gunning them into mass graves.

They happened to be fighting a war at the time. If the only thing they had to do was kill Jews, then certainly i would concede that it was possible. But fighting off the other mass murderer Stalin, as well as the rest of the Allied powers, maybe not so much. The Red Army did rape pillage and burn its way all the way to Berlin. I rarely if ever see anybody mention that, or seem to care.

The prequels were so terrible. That frog was probably one of the main reasons, that and the stilted acting and terrible plotlines. The hideous attempt at serious "romance". Star Wars was much better when Lucas wasn't allowed to both produce and direct. They had some good action scenes. But putting a character like Jar-Jar in every film and possibly the collest villain ever in only one of them for like 3 minutes was just painfully bad.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Antimony wrote:
When an African-American commits a crime, it does not mean "All African-Americans are criminals." When a Christian says "Homosexuals should be taken out and stoned," it does not mean all Christians are murderous homophobes.
No, but when the bible says "Take the homosexuals out and stone them" and then you have an obviously anti gay segment of Christianity what are we supposed to conclude... that its just a coincidence?????

Where in the bible does it say that exactly? I missed that on my read through.

We have a much larger, more dynamic population than the Norwegians. I also doubt there are millions of illegal firearms flooding the streets of Norway. Our judicial sysytem for the most part is fine. It is other aspects of our society where we are deficient. I haven't heard much about this case, and the only place i heard about the gaming connection was on Blizzard forums and here. Don't think it is much of a witch hunt.
Also, this guy is definitely full goose bozo. The only group i would truly associate him with are the criminally insane. There should be a call for blood for this psycho. 21 years would not satisfy me if i was a family member of one of the slain.

I personally don't care what it says on our money, and the pledge of Allegiance could end with "And also undying allegiance to Mickey Mouse" and i wouldn't care. If things like that are really on your radar as important social issues...then i would strongly urge you to focus your attention elsewhere, to something that is not completely meaningless. I hate to tell people this but there will be Christian references and influences in our society and in almost every corner of the world until the very last day of human history. There is more than enough seperation of Church and state, only the most anal of attention seeking atheist organisations crusade to have any and all reference to God removed from the public eye. Personally i think it is a giant waste of taxpayer money dealing with such lawsuits and the people that file them should be prosecuted for filing frivolous lawsuits.

Hmm what a wonderful world it would be if we could all just call a truce, and concede that not every Christian is like one of those 40 freaks from Westboro Baptist, and that not every gay man is John Wayne Gacy. :)

I have seen many reports of Christians being murdered in large numbers in Egypt and other places where the so called "Arab Spring" is taking place with the consent and most likely the funding and direct help of the United States government. Christians are openly maligned by "comedians" like the hateful Bill Maher and popular media sources like This all takes place with zero consequence and open support of the popular media. I seriously doubt anybody could take an openly anti-gay stance within the popular media or anywhere else without incurring some kind of serious consequence. The vocal minority has instilled it's own fascist control over the "tyranny of the majority". So yes, i am firmly in the belief that homosexuals and their agenda has already overtaken the popular media and are beyond reproach, be it by Christians or any other group. It is Christians, if anybody, who are under attack and being persecuted here in the United States and the World at large.

In alot of Muslim countries, gays are slain with impunity. Let's make sure we hate on the Christians who might look down on their sexual practices and lifestyle, and not the religion who bashes in their heads with rocks....
As a Christian i do not personally care what other's believe, as that is well beyond my control. I do not force my beliefs on anyone and if at all possible i avoid conflict of any kind. It saddens me to see my faith under full scale attack by the popular media, but at the end of the day i am powerless to combat such hatred. Truth be told i think the homosexuals are totally mistaken as to who is being oppressed. I am more of the assumption that it is people of faith, and not the gays who are being persecuted. No one can speak against gays and get away with it, whereas Christians are maligned at every turn with impunity. So spare me the "woe is me i am so oppressed" stance that so many homosexuals seem to take.

I think most people have mislayed their unhappiness with Jews,onto the Christians. It is they who conform to the first 5 books of the Old Testament most rigorously,that seems to be the source for everybodys out of context snippets they like to use against Christians. Just an observation.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you say a single negative thing about certain groups it is almost certainly a ban around here. Christians do not have that kind of protection afforded them, not on these boards, nor in society at large.


If Hollywood caught fire and sank into the earth, it would be none too soon. Overpaid, pompous celebrity royalty can all hang as far as i am concerned. They live in a different country under a different set of rules and people worship them for it.
That and good god a decent movie hasn't been released in years lol

Crossbow Mastery isn't very well balanced in my opinion. It sounds ridiculouly overpowered, especially when combined with the Great Crossbow.
Also, regardless of how much damage you can do, if you find yourself consistently being able to stand back and take full attack actions w/o enemies taking serious attempts to disable and or harass you, someone is doing it wrong.
It sounds like your character is alot of fun to play however, and in the end thats what matters. I am sure your DM will eventually get around to taking him down a peg.

I like the new area effect attack "Nerdrage".

Whats going on in here?

I thought they were the two worst movies in fantasy history. B-movie quality wouldn't even describe them. SCHLOCK.
It is a real shame that WOTC has the most awesome IP in fantasy and has not the slightest clue as to how to use it. I mean if circumstances were right they could trump WOW in the videogame field and LOTR in the film business, if only they had the right people on the projects. But then again i guess those caliber of people arent falling out of trees....


Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Ouch! that book is *that* munchkin hey?

No, as a matter of fact the Book Of Nine Swords base classes were far more balanced than some of the 3.5 core classes. I doubt if you would experience any problems with them over shadowing your Pathfinder pc's. Very flavorful and interesting classes as well imho. Try it at the very least i think you will like it.....

If Wizards Of The Coast went bankrupt tommorow and lost the rights to publish D&D.

I think this is funny and sad at the same time. I just imagine the look on this guys face when he read "4th edition" and laugh...
I wish this type of discrimination were the only form left on Earth..what a groovy place it would be.

Set wrote:

There was an amusing article up on Conservipedia about Denmark's penal system, that noted with breathless horror how their prison system 'didn't seem to be designed as a punishment at all!' and how it was basically seen as a temporary place in which an offender is rehabilitated, trained in job skills and then returned to society.

He said "penal" huh uhhh huhhhuuh.

Where is Vomit Guy when you need him? This thread could use some of his "input". Vomit Guy is my hero. He always knows just how and when to say

vance wrote:
Heathansson wrote:
It's one of the few things that, looking at the internet chat scene in general, I can't really disparage WOTC for. The whole size of the community there seems to bring out the worst in some folks.

Unfortunately, at WotC, there's also a very selective enforcement of rules, and an 'pruning effort' constantly underway that somewhat reinforces the behaviour of the worst of the fans there.

WotC sees their boards as a marketing feature and not community support, so you have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

They have a group of asshats over on the WOTC boards who call themselves the 4th Edition Avengers. They ratpack anyone who says anything at all negative about 4th edition. Just picture CWM on crack...and with a whole slew of clones. CWM is actually a reasonable guy compared to those guys however...

The mods over there are pretty lax. The place is a zoo. It certainly isn't advertising the new edition very well.

The votes aren't really counted. Don't waste your time participating.

Would you like some cheese with that?


I vote that only women be allowed to be catholic priests from now on...
And on the Boy Scout thing..theoretically they are supposed to shape young boys into normal responsible citizens. Now although being gay does not preclude the ability to function as such...i would never send my son to any kind of function where he might be under the influence from some guy who was a poofter. Because i object to that lifestyle and would not personally ever want my son or daughter for that matter to think that is acceptable . Society has its standards, i have mine. If someone wants to be gay..thats awesome be gay.But it is just too in your face these days. I don't recall ever proclaiming to the world that i was heterosexual and proud...because quite frankly that is ridiculous. Even though it is the norm, even if it was not NOBODY CARES!Who really cares? Being gay isn't don't deserve special priveleges or consideration because of it.
O yeah politics right....i was recently insulted on another forum when someone implied i was a republican.....

bugleyman wrote:

Seriously keep religion out of my government (and away from tax revenues) and I'm satisfied. It all comes down to respecting the rights of others, whether you are an adherent of their religion or not. Is it really that hard to understand?


I don't like the idea of religous groups recieving government funds either. But then again i like Corporations recieving them even less. Airlines, defense contractors, drug companies all have huge untold ,untallied amounts of money funneled to them while the public is left to spin in the wind should trouble befall them......i would rather a large religous group get money than a bunch of ass vampires like Halliburton...

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