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Satinder Morne

Xing Shi's page

605 posts. Alias of Nethru.

About Xing Shi

Nature - Judge
Demeanor - Loner
Clan - Losambra
Generation - 7th
Sire -

Max Blood Pool /Current 20 / 13
Max Trait Rating - 6
Blood points Per Turn - 4

XP Earned - 39
XP Spent - 29

XP Expenditures:
4 xp on Willpower 5
6 xp on Stealth 4
3 xp on Larceny 1
2 xp on Larceny 2
4 xp on Brawl 3
3 xp on Performance 1
2 xp on Performance 2
5 xp on Obtenebration 2

2 Disciplines (14)
1 Manipulation (5)


Str - 3 [6]
Dex - 4 (Feline Grace)
Sta - 3 [6]

Cha - 2
Man - 3
App - 2

Per - 3
Int - 2
Wit - 3


Alertness - 3
Athletics - 3
Awareness - 3
Brawl - 3
Empathy -
Expression -
Intimidation -
Leadership -
Carousing -
Subterfuge - 2
Hobby Skill -

Animal Ken -
Crafts -
Ride -
Etiquette -
Archery - 3
Larceny - 2
Melee - 3
Performance - 2
Stealth - 4
Survival -
Professional Skill -

Hearth Wisdom -
Finance -
Investigation - 3
Law -
Medicine - 2
Occult -
Politics -
Seneschal -
Theology -
Expert Knowledge -

Obtenbration - 2
Dominate - 0
Mimetismo - 4
Potence - 0 (non clan)
Protean - 0 (non clan)


Practitioners of the Mimetismo discipline are the masers of sound. Their rare breed can use the power of sonics to enhance, erase or destroy sound.

Sound of Silence *
The Cainite may block sounds from being heard by those outside of a conversation effectively preventing all eavesdropping from taking place. The sounds are supernaturally funneled only to intended recipients. This power is stationary and cannot be used while moving.
System: The user spends 1 Blood Point. For the duration of the scene a number of targets up to the Manipulation score of the user have a private conversation.

Mimicry **
The Cainite may create any sound which can be produced by the human throat or by their own imagination. The roar of a lion, the crashing of waves, the buzzing of insects can be duplicated with exact precision. The Cainite can also mimic the sound of any human voice, provided they have heard that person before.
System: The user spends 1 Blood Point. For the duration of the scene the user can either: (a) create sounds to mimic animals or events which take place in nature (i.e. the user can roar like a Lion but not create the sound of an airplane as they don’t exist yet) or (b) perfectly mimic the voice of a sentient being. To mimic the voice of a sentient being, a Manipulation+Subterfuge roll must be made the difficulty set by the amount of times the person has heard the voice and the familiarity the person they are trying to fool has with the voice in question.

The Song of Morpheus ***
The Cainite may create sounds which soothe any being and lull it into a deep sleep. This power may only work on one type of species at a time as each note struck which works on one species will not work on all species. The sleep while magically induced is not magical in nature and any action that would starle the victim into wakefulness will do so after the use of this power.
System: The user spends 1 Blood Point and makes a Manipulation+Performance check DC the Willpower of the intended victim. The user may effect a number of targets equal to their Leadership score (if a score is high enough it may effect some but not all intended victims, if a group exceeds the Leadership score of the user the user must designate the targets they intend to put to sleep). Another supernatural creature may be effected if a Willpower point is spent.

Echolocation ****
The Cainite practitioner may sense their surroundings by utilizing a form of echolocation. This power can be used to detect invisible and obfuscated (but not Astral) beings by bouncing sound off of the physical location of the target. Even in absolute darkness, the practitioner of this power can effectively see!
System: The user concentrates for 1 round and then begins to emit a number of low volume screeches which allow them to ascertain their surroundings. For as long as this power is active, the user can act with no penalties whether in absolute darkness or if blinded. The user of this power cannot speak while utilizing the power or they must spend another turn to activate it again.

Aural Assault *****
Sonic waves can be used by the master of Mimetismo to devastate their opponents or any physical barriers in their way. By striking the right pitch, the Cainite may stun or disorient a foe with an overwhelming, auditory assault.
System: The user spends 3 Blood Points and makes a Manipulation+Performance roll DC victims Willpower. Each success causes one level of damage to an intended target whether living or inanimate. The living are very susceptible to this power and may not soak the damage caused (except perhaps by the powers of certain supernaturals). Cainites may soak the damage using Fortitude though the nature of the damage is not aggravated. The user may opt to utilize a non-lethal pitch and merely stun an intended target. The successes in such a case stun the target for as many rounds per success attained.

Allies - 2
Contacts - 3

Conscience - 2
Self-Control - 4
Courage - 4

Humanity - 4
Willpower - 5 (current 4)

Lanuage (Italian, English) - 2pt

Short - 1pt
Catspaw - 2pt
Haunted - 3pt




Shuriken (Dex+Athletics, throw 1 per Dex for each success over 3 more than 1 hits, Damage Str+1 extra damage for each success over 3 up to the number of Shurikens thrown.)
Katana (Dex+Melee, Damage Str+3, Diff 6)

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