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White Dragon

Xexyz's page

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber. 1,262 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Yes! Been looking for this list for a long time!

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Could someone post a link to these changes?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Me and my playing partner have each gotten the servant on one of our characters; his CD Alahazra, and my Ashnul. Since there are currently no powers, cards, or scenario rules which can forcibly interact with displayed cards, think of the card displayed on a clockwork servant as in a safe deposit box - the card is safe and can be retrieved any time outside of an encounter. My friend would always put a cure spell on his servant to always be available when he needed it but without the danger and annoyance of keeping it in his hand. I do the same thing with the healing prism from WotR, or sometimes I'll put my mastiff on it if I feel I may want to have a huge hand size for a particular turn.

I'm sure there are more potential applications for the little guy I haven't thought of yet.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
It certainly would be a big surprise to find the abandoned tower is actually a fortress manned by an army of demons. How do you intend to reconcile that? Are you abandoning the idea that the tower appears deserted? Have the demons only recently begun escaping their magical prisons? Have they been fighting amongst themselves and so been largely unable to enact their schemes? Or are their schemes very, very subtle?

I've decided the tower is on a small, uninhabited island on a large lake (about 1.5 times the size of Lake Erie) in a difficult to navigate area, so there wouldn't be a lot of visitors poking around to keep an eye on the place. But now that I think about it the monster infestation would have to be somewhat recent, otherwise you're right in that they'd likely have been found out by now, even with the island's remoteness. So what I'm leaning toward now is that a non-guild wizard learned of the guild's plans and decided to claim the tower for himself, and in the process of trying to claim/fortify it he summoned/released some or all of the monsters which now inhabit it. He was killed at some point (I don't want a wizard to be the dungeon boss) so is out of the picture; now only the monsters remain.

I still like the idea of it being infested by fiends, but the oni are likely a no-go since they're large and the tower was built to accommodate medium sized creatures. I'll keep looking.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Thanks for the responses so far, guys! Here's what I'm thinking so far:

1. I like the idea of some evil outsiders having taken up residence. To answer Scott's question, I think I'm going to do with the idea that the wizard used bound evil outsiders as minions, but then lost control and was betrayed and killed by them. They have since then been using the tower as a foothold in the material plane to enact their own evil schemes. So which outsiders to use is the question? The PCs have already gone through a dungeon inhabited by devils, and I have plans for demons later in the campaign, so I'd like not to use either of those. Thinking Oni or Asura; leaning Oni since I've never used those monsters before.

2. The PCs consist of an invulnerable rager barbarian, bladebound magus, blasty sorcerer, archer inquisitor, and 2 clerics; one vanilla and the other an evangelist buffer. They're all fairly well optimized.

3. The tower is going to be fairly large and intact; it's a circular column with a 50ft. radius and 10 floors high. There's also going to be a walled courtyard with some other small buildings likely in various states of ruin.

4. As I said before, the last several fights & dungeons the PCs have gone through have been against PC races with class levels, so I'd like to move away from that to both give them something different and make my life easier.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

So I'm creating a dungeon for my homebrew game, and where's what I know so far: It's an abandoned tower that was built by a wizard over a hundred years ago. The tower is located on an island in the middle of a large lake. The Wizard used his tower as a base of operations in a struggle with the neighboring country but was eventually defeated. Said country has up until the current time in the game forbidden anyone from claiming the island, but recently a magician's guild had garnered enough resources and influence in order to purchase the island & tower and convince the government to allow them to use it as their new guildhall. The magician's guild will hire the PCs to clear out the tower of any monsters or dangers.

So, what unfriendly inhabitants should I put in it? Here's some more pertinent information:

1. The PCs just reached 11th level.
2. I want this job to be a stand-alone dungeon crawl, so I'm not going to integrate it into the larger campaign storyline.
3. Verisimilitude is important to me, so any inhabitants would need to be the kind that could logically co-exist in a tower together.
4. The PCs have been fighting a lot of humanoids with class levels lately, so I'm for straight-up monsters.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Thanks Hawk! At least I can take comfort in the fact that I have been doing things correctly all along.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Once you start AD6 you're back to having non-abyssal locations. But in general I agree with you as most outsider immunities are elemental and it's uncommon for a combat check using a weapon to add an element to it that doesn't come from the weapon itself. I think my Arueshalae ended up giving it up for a 2nd skirmishing spear.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

For as much as I play this game, I would think I would know all the rules by now...

1. The rulebook states: "You may explore your location once each turn without playing a card that allows you to explore; this must be your first exploration for the turn." Does this mean that A) your first exploration of the turn must be from this explore and that you're prohibited from playing a card to get an explore, or B) you're free to play a card to gain your first exploration in a turn, but if you do so you forfeit your free explore for the turn? There have been several occasions where we know the top card is a monster when it comes around to someone's turn and they'd really like to play their Druid of the X to explore instead of using their free explore.

2. Once you're rewarded with a piece of loot, what happens to it if no one takes it? It goes back to the box, but is it included in the rest of the cards of its type and thus could theoretically get shuffled into a location deck when you're building locations in subsequent scenarios? Or is it set aside in a separate pile with the other loot cards and henceforth unavailable (baring specific rules/cards that might allow you to go get a piece of loot)?

3. Was there ever a general errata that changed the bevy of RotR monsters who do something bad to you before you encounter them to before you act? Or does poor Merisiel have to eat those breath weapons like an unhappy rogue?

4. If something gives you an exploration during an encounter, the rules state you must immediately take that exploration or forfeit it. I've been taking that to mean there's no time to do anything else (such as play a cure spell); is this correct?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
spweasel wrote:
Xexyz wrote:
It's still going to take up 4 feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (guando), Weapon Focus (guando), Ascetic Style, and Ascetic Form.
Unlike normal Monk, Unchained Monk is automatically proficient with any weapon with the "Monk" special weapon quality. So only 3 feats.

Whoa, I missed that. Now looking like there's no reason not to take Ascetic Style.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

@avr - Most likely scenario is that this NPC will appear in a combat or two and then move on (or be killed). It's possible the PCs may convince her to ally with them, but unlikely. That said, I am asking for optimization advice, so that's my intention for the character.

@GeneMemeScene - Thanks for the clarification on how Ascetic Strike works and how it won't be necessary for the character to take. It's still going to take up 4 feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (guando), Weapon Focus (guando), Ascetic Style, and Ascetic Form.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I have a pretty firm idea in my head for a weapon using unchained monk. I used the weapon creation rules in the Weapon Master's Handbook to stat up a guando since the image in my head for the character is someone who uses a pole weapon. I gave it the following stats:

Martial weapon
1d10 damage
{Monk, Reach} special properties

So that in mind, I'm trying to think of the best build that would use that weapon. The primary thing I'm wondering is if it's worth it to take the Ascetic Style line of feats. That will eat up a total of 5 feats, which is a big chunk, but since I'm making the character (it's an NPC) at 16th level, that still leaves 3 feats left, plus monk bonus feats.

Aside from this I've got the character's race (human) and stats mostly figured out:

Str 18-20 (depending on if I do the alternate human racial)
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 8

(As you can see I don't use the normal point buy and have a homebrew stat method for my game)

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Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Ascalaphus wrote:
For an NPC, it depends on his goals. If he wants to oppress the countryside, cleric is the way to go. While his mooks might not be able to stand up to the PCs, they can at least work as cannon fodder, giving him time before the PCs can close in melee with him. But their major role is in the NPC vs. NPC action that's going on as the backdrop for the adventure. The PCs are invading his fortress of doomy death because he's been using undead to oppress the countryside.

This is pretty much it. The NPC I had in mind would be from the country of Reece (homebrew world), which was invaded by Abagaard, and his role in the campaign would be raising undead in order to terrorize the Abarish villages and countryside in retaliation for the invasion.

My original plan was to use the warsworn undead creature with the idea it was created by the necromancer. Unfortunately that undead creature is not on the list of undead that can be created with create greater undead, so I'll have to figure out some other GM-fiat explanation regarding how the necromancer created it.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I may have need for a mid to high level necromancer in my campaign. When looking at the info on the SRD, it would seem that the best necromancer to make from an optimization standpoint would be a cleric instead of a wizard - especially when it comes to making undead. Is this correct? Or are there some advantages an arcane necromancer could have that a divine one doesn't? The necromancer in question would probably be around 13th level or so.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Any word on when the Oracle deck character sheets will be available?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
cowfish13 wrote:

So, I'm kind of curious, are you just supposed to lose a lot of fights? Because, if we didn't play with assisting, I think we would have multiple dead characters in the first 2 missions. I believe we've been playing properly, where you have to use blessing, discard weapon abilities, and other dice buffs before you roll.

No, you should be winning the majority of your fights. Consider a character with a d10 Strength and the Melee: Strength +2 skill (d10+2 is the most common array; d8+3 and d12+1 are mathematically equivalent) using a longsword, which is a basic weapon any character with weapons can start with.

The average combat difficulty for a base set monster from the Skull and Shackles set (S&S is in the middle between RotR and WotR in terms of combat check difficulties) is 9.72. So for a typical combat check, our generic melee character wielding a longsword would need to roll a 10 or greater on 1d10+1d8+2, which has a probability of 59/80, or 73.75%.

That you say you feel your group would lose most of your fights without expending additional resources and needing to get the "assistance" from other characters makes me think your group is doing something fundamentally wrong when it comes to combat checks, either by incorrectly increasing the difficulty of checks or not including all your dice and static modifiers.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I've been playing her with mostly support cards in her deck. 2 Augury, 1 Scrying. Sphere of Fire is a displayed spell that counts as being played for every combat check I use it on, so I hope to play Augury and/or Scrying then hit a monster or two to get my bottom few spells back in my hand (which I'm trying to do my best to make sure Augury and Scrying remained on the bottom).

Whoa, I forgot about that. I'll have to remember that when I play on Wednesday. I'm playing through RotR and just completed scenario 4A; I went with Puppet Master and selected the ally recharge from your discard pile feat and the Feiya hex-like feat.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Street date for the Oracle deck is March 30. We've been told, in the past, that the character sheets never show up prior to the street date. So I'm hoping to see them near the end of next week.

Ah, I thought the street date had already occurred.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

The Oracle deck character sheets should be available soon, right?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Yup, Seelah's helm is fantastic in Wrath; it's worth Seelah keeping it through the whole AP.
I kept Seelah's helm through all of RotR. Other people got cards or powers that were ALMOST as good around deck 4. But I think it's the best of the iconic heroes promo cards. Don't play Seelah without it!

Ezren's Arcane Robes are almost as good. They were absolutely vital to my RotR solo Feiya playthrough.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

How does Alahazra's scouting power interact with scouting cards? Here's what her power says:

Alahazra wrote:
When you examine 1 or more cards from a character or location deck, you may examine an additional card.

So how does it play out when she uses Augury?

Augury wrote:
Discard this card to choose a type of card and examine the top 3 cards of your location deck. If there are any cards of the chosen type, set them aside. Return the remaining cards to the deck, shuffle it, then put the cards you set aside together in any order on the top or bottom of the deck.

Does the extra card she examines get included in the effect of the Augury spell? That is, if for example Alahazra choose monster, and the extra card she got to examine via her power was a monster, would she be able to put it either on the top or bottom of the deck [in any order with other monsters she may have found]? Or does her power simply allow her to examine the extra card without it interacting with the ability that allowed her to examine cards in the first place?

Also, does the extra card she examines always come from the top of the deck she examines via another card or ability or from the same place in the deck? If she plays a card that allows her to examine the bottom card of a location deck, does she examine an additional card from the bottom or from the top?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I figured it out, woohoo! I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T!

I like using logic puzzles as well, but like the others have said you've got to implement them very carefully. Often times in my experience is the biggest hindrance to using one is that it's not always completely clear to the players that their characters have actually stumbled into a logic puzzle. So if I'm going to use them I like to give the PCs a heads up that might require them to use their deductive reasoning, "The MacGuffin is located inside the tower of the Mad Wizard; while he is dead his tower has many traps and puzzles which guard his secrets from erstwhile plunderers."

Players tend to be much more willing to try to figure puzzles out when they know to expect them.

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Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Just got my deck in the mail today and it looks to be a really good deck. The spell selection is FANTASTIC, a lot of the new items are really interesting, and the two new blessings really make me eager for Mummy's Mask. My Monday group just finished up WotR this week and plan on going through Season of the Shackles next. I think I'm gonna try Grazzle; I think his healing power is really neat and his skills seem tailor-made for S&S.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Speaking of non-spellstriking magi, I have an NPC my party is going to face soon that's a Spellblade - it's an archetype that gives up spellstrike for the ability to create a force dagger in their free hand. I made this NPC mostly for thematic reasons but now with the spell sense vitals (from the Dirty Tactics Toolbox book) he may actually be a real threat - even though he had to take the spell blending arcana to get the spell. Since he's 12th level, sense vitals will give him 4d6 sneak attack damage on every attack, and since he's dual-wielding because of his force athame he'll be getting 4-5 attacks per round. With the prescient attacks arcana he'll be able to cause his foes to be denied their dex bonus on their AC, so he'll be able to constantly get his sneak attack damage. His other spells are mostly buff spells such as monstrous physique, haste and the like.

I'll see how it actually plays out in game and report back.

I'm frankly annoyed that sense vitals wasn't a magus spell to begin with, since it's thematically appropriate and synergies with prescient attacks. The lack of spell diversity of the magus spell list is probably my #1 issue with the class; there's just not enough variety to avoid feeling like you're getting shoehorned toward spellstriking with touch blasts. There's a ranged archetype in the Heroes of the Streets book that allows you to spell combat with a bow and spellstrike with spells that require ranged touch attacks. I was really excited at first until I looked at the magus spell list and saw how few spells are ranged touch attack spells: Ray of Enfeeblement, Snowball, Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, Ray of Exhaustion, Contagious Flame, and Disintegrate.

Actually, now that I'm looking at the magus spell list and I'm really seeing a whole lot of touch spells they can normal spellstrike with either. In fact I didn't see a single spell 4th level or higher on the magus spell list that's a touch spell.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

How to you see the PCs beating the system? What makes them different than all the other slave-laborers who fall victim to the system and never escape?

I think this is really the central question. I think your premises can form a foundation for a setting but you should think about how exactly the PCs fit into it. If you're going to run a tight setting you have to make sure you have all your bases covered. Such as:

The party is in a mountain kingdom, and their major export is ore, minerals, etc.
There are also stories of night demons that come out at night only, and no one survives them (or so it's said).

If no one survives the night demons, then how does the kingdom export anything? You'll need to know the answer these kinds of questions otherwise your setting is going to feel unrealistic and forced.

Good luck.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Since I run a homebrew campaign most of the stuff on my ban list has to do with the setting:

-The majority of the races in the ARG simply don't exist.

-Summoners and Gunslingers also don't exist.

-Druids exist but are very rare because they were mostly hunted into extinction. There's a particular faith that actively hunts the rest.

-No psionics, so that also means no Occult Adventures.

-I haven't banned story feats, but let's be honest. Except for the one that gives you a stat boost, the rest are pretty much terrible and no PC is going to take them anyway.

-Clustered shots. May rescind this decision though.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
gkor wrote:

That explain a lot, it seems there was some confusion on the rules, we are not native English speakers so sometimes we misinterpret them. Knowing this, it makes the ring not as good as originally thought.

Thanks for your help everyone.

It's still really really good. Ring of Forcefangs + Time Stop = Hilarity.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Vic answered this a couple of times on Thursday. Basically they were not quite as ready as Tanis originally thought, and she and Vic have them on the list.

But Thursday was my birthday. =(

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Any word on when the Season of the Righteous decks will be available?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Simple question. Say the PCs are attacked by 6 ogres. That's a CR 8 encounter with each ogre worth 800xp. If, like the title, the PCs kill half the ogres, the other have deciding to flee for their lives, the PCs still get the full 4800xp, correct?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

@Beopere - That's an interesting idea, I'm going to think about it.

@Lazlo - Actually, I've already switched to Automatic Bonus Progression for my campaign, so I've cut the rewards they get down. Now that I think about it, I may just change it so that they don't have to spend their pluses to activate powers.

@Trekkie - Not sure I understand what you mean. Most characters don't get a +10 weapon very late into their adventuring careers, like level 18+.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

As we all know, the vast majority of the time the optimal advancement for a character's weapon is to get it up to +5 before really considering any special abilities. There are a few such as bane, keen, holy, and furious that are generally considered useful, but aside from that the majority are considered a waste for what they cost. And the reason for that is having the price for a special ability be a +bonus equivalent means the ability - which is static - effectively costs more the more powerful the weapon becomes.

Because I think weapon special abilities are cool and would like to see less player reluctance to them in my game, I'm considering going through all of them and changing them all into static cost modifiers. Since there actually are several abilities which are static costs there's certainly a precedent.

Before I go through the trouble of doing this, can anyone think of any immediate dangers to this? The one I can think of is that if abilities are too cheap players can just stack a ton of abilities on a single weapon, but if they're too expensive no one will want them which defeats the purpose of making the change. To stop that I'm thinking of leaving the +bonus equivalent in place to count toward the +10 maximum a weapon can have, but make the actual cost/price a static number.

What do you guys think?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
TarkXT wrote:

The feat's not worthless. The oracle using it is.

First, use some common sense here. 1000 damage healed? Your group s like level 3-4 right? So in a 4 man group you guys have a total of about 120hp at most?

This guy is not getting that feat filled anytime soon. He needs to be patient.

What Tark said here. The life oracle in our Kingmaker campaign took this feat and was able to get good use out of it. The big difference though is that he didn't take it until level 7. At level 7 he had enough spells and spell slots to be useful in combat without doing damage. He also did some math and determined that due to the smaller hit point pools to heal at low levels he wasn't really delaying the completion much by waiting until 7th level - something like 2 levels. Furthermore at low levels divine casters are often counted to be a not-insignificant presence in melee combat, since they have medium BAB, medium armor, and ok hit points. That your oracle took the feat at level 1 is a big reason why he's useless in combat.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Of course, it's 5d6+5 so long as you have 5 mythic charges. If you've spent or lost some or all of them, it's not so impressive...

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Derek Dalton wrote:
Have played the Vindicator all the way up just isn't really worth it honestly. The first couple of levels it gives you the nicer abilities of the class. Higher up they are not impressive enough to lose the spellcasting potential as a full cleric. The first level of it is nice enough. You add the number of dice of your channel to your AC until you are hit for one channel. So figure by the time you hit this class your channel die is at least four or five. That's 4 or 5 points to your AC a big step up for one channel a day well worth it. The nice thing about the ability is you don't have to be using the shield to get this boost. You could wear a buckler or just carry a shield on you back and you get this.

Yeah it's not a very good prestige class. In the RotRL campaign I'm playing in my character is a cleric 8/holy vindicator 6. I've felt the HV levels have mostly been worth it, but I built my character from the start to take levels in HV. I do think however taking some levels in it is a better alternative to taking levels in fighter if you can hold off having the weapon and armor proficiencies until 8th-9th level.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

If you can hold off I recommend taking some levels in Holy Vindicator instead of fighter. You get full BAB progression, martial weapon & heavy armor proficiency, channeling progression, 7/10 spellcasting progression, and some class abilities.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

We usually just add all the cards from a class deck if we're playing with a character with that class.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

She's not overpowered in the slightest; in fact she's significantly less powerful than a lot of other characters such as Damiel or Lini. In addition to what MightJim said, consider her roles:

Her Fallen role would be mostly useless because there are no corrupted cards in S&S or RotR. The only power the role would offer is the ally acquisition ability.

Her Redeemed role has three main abilities: A cleric-type healing ability that many characters have as a basic power, the ability to give someone the gift every turn instead of only on your turn, and a ranger scouting ability that - like the healing ability - many characters get as a basic power.

@ferris - why does your friend think she's overpowered?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

When you're instructed to summon an encounter a ship, can you encounter (via luck of the draw) your own ship? And if you can't encounter your own ship, what happens when you seize a ship you're that's possible to encounter multiple times due to scenario or other rules, such as Abrogail's Fury during scenario 6-2?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Welp, Vika and Olenjack's adventure through Skull and Shackles came to a sad end when Vika succumbed to the Curse of the Flesheaters in scenario 5-3. It was a tragic death caused by unlucky dice rolls, unlucky card draws, and bad decisions.

Just when the duo were starting to get rolling too; after struggling mightily through the first four adventures they had finally gotten enough healing to make their adventuring much less perilous.

I happened to have a CD Kyra who was on 5-2, so Olenjack gets a new partner to hopefully finish out the adventure with.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Secret Wizard wrote:
Not sure you will.

Well, it's a chance I'm going to take. Honestly, you're all acting like having a poor Will save for the first few levels is a certain death sentence. Maybe Carrion Crown is super lethal, but I don't know of any Will-save based effects that are SoD that players can be reasonably expected to deal with between levels 1-3.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Chess Pwn wrote:
Which bloodlines are you crossing? and is it really worth such a low will save?

Destined and Arcane. Taking the level 1, 4, 16, and 20 bloodline powers from Destined, levels 4 & 8 from the Arcane bloodline. And like I said above, when I take the level 4 Destined bloodline power I'll be getting a +2 to my will saves that will eventually scale up to +6. So I'll just need to survive the low levels.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Heretek wrote:
Going Crossblooded without Primalist for Superstition is just putting a giant sign on yourself saying "Please dominate me so I kill my party". Again, it's advised you not do so. Also, unless your DM is outright banning Primalist, there's no reason to not take it.

If the GM is going to put us up against things that can cast dominate at 1st - 3rd level we have bigger problems than my character's low will save.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

@Bret - I'm doing crossblooded and sucking up the low will save because I want bloodline powers from both bloodlines. Raging Vitality is going to be my 1st level feat.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

@My Self - for sure not doing primalist, but Arcane Strike will be my 5th level feat.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

@Java Man - Unfortunately I can't do that straighforwardly because of the way the GM is doing stats. The 18, 16, 10 are set and can't be adjusted with points. So if I wanted to be able to dump Int I'd need to put the static 10 into Dex. On the other hand, I could go with a 10 in Dex and bump Wis up to 14 without dumping Int.

@Secret Wizard - The 4th level Destined bloodline power gives a +1 scaling luck bonus to saves and AC. Since I'll be taking the Fate's Favored trait, that will immediately start me off with a +2 to all my saves, which is nice. I originally didn't want to do steelblood, but if I did I could drop my dex and put those points somewhere else...

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I'll be playing in a Carrion Crown game and decided a long time ago that I wanted to try a bloodrager. I'm going to play a crossblooded Arcane/Destined human bloodrager who uses a nodachi. The GM gave us our stat array and here's how it works:

8 points for 3 stats; other three stats are fixed at 18,16,10. After consideration I'm thinking of the following:

Str 18+2
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 13

I'm a little concerned about my the low Will save I'll have due to being Crossblooded, but I have some extra feat slots in my build so might just address that with Iron Will. I also thought about dumping Int in order to get some extra stats but I just always dislike stat penalties. Thoughts?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Heh, this finally happened to my Wednesday game last week. 2-player, Olenjack goes first and his very first explore he encounters Goblin Keelhaullin'. The funny thing is that with Goblin Keelhaullin' you stash the cards regardless if you defeat the barrier or not, so victory was guaranteed as soon as he encountered the card.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber
Jirikki wrote:
Lini and Damiel could probably play through an infinite number of scenarios without losing or dying.

I just want to expand upon this; There is a pretty significant power difference between characters. Me and a buddy played Feiya and Heggal through S&S and we were having such an easy time of it we decided to play with 8 locations for deck 6 and still beat 2 of the 5 scenarios on the first try.

On the other hand we've now played through AD1 of S&S with Vika and Olenjack and are struggling to the point where I'd swear we were playing a different game entirely.

I actually really enjoy the fact that the characters have varying levels of power because it allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game without resorting to house rules.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

The environmental rules for extreme heat only have effects for 140 degrees or more, but I think that's insufficient; there should be a difference in damage between 140 degrees and say 350 degrees. I'll make up rules myself if necessary but was wondering if anyone knew of any 3rd party stuff that's already done so.

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