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skizzerz wrote:
Five-Pointed Sun was FAQed. Basically just save it for last.

Thanks for this. I saw this FAQ but couldn't remember how the location changed; we ended up playing the scenario as intended since it was the only thing that made any sense, heh.

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The Scenario rules for 4-5E state the Five-Pointed Sun location cannot be temporarily closed. The Five-Pointed Sun location states that it can never be permanently closed. So how do you stop the villain from continuously escaping back to the Five-Pointed Sun? Does the rule for temporarily closing a location a villain is at when you defeat a villain overrule the scenario rule?

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Has this been fixed yet?

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Wait, so is the new set going to mothball everything that came before it? Will I have to buy all new character decks?

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I use both but generally prefer D20. As someone who like stacking archetypes to see what kind of interesting characters I can make I love the archetype compatibility table on D20. It's also a lot easier to use when I'm searching for something in particular. AoN on the other hand I'll use when I'm looking for things like magic items since it's got items from the softcovers and I generally don't use any 3PP. I'm thankful for both because they each have their strengths.

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ckdragons wrote:

Assuming the NPC is using dispel magic to counterspell, I would rule as a GM that YES the NPC would lose his invisibility because the dispel magic is an offensive attack against the PC.

Why would using dispel magic be different than if the NPC in question had invisibility purge memorized and used that instead?

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Situation: NPC has regular invisibility, readies an action to counterspell. PC attempts to cast invisibility purge, and the NPC successfully counters the PC's spell. Does the NPC lose their invisibility?

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Gallant Armor wrote:
You can channel to harm living as well so it's still very useful.

I disagree. The damage is pitiful and the DC is based on a secondary stat for the majority of clerics. If you don't build specifically around it it's pretty much a waste. Same with spontaneously casting inflict spells.

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LordKailas wrote:

The only thing I've found is that if you take a level in necromancer you then qualify for the feat versatile channeler.

Unfortunately I don't have a level to spare =(

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Because let's be honest: Unless your character has plans for playing with undead, channeling negative energy is very sub-optimal. So is there any feat out that would let an evil cleric of a neutral deity channel positive energy?

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I was a little disappointed with the spell selection, to be honest. I was really hoping for a Haste or a spell with a similar explore mechanic, since that's what was most sorely missing from the Wizard class deck. I loved the new blessings, however.

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Wasum wrote:

Aloha everyone!

I want to create the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, a Dark Souls 3 boss in Pathfinder.
For everyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, here's the link:

Dancer of the Boreal Valley Cutscene

Dancer of Boreal Valley Fight

Now this is the framework I had in mind:

CR 12-14
High dex huge outsider
Fire-themed SLAs

I now want the creature suit into the pathfinder lore. What kind of outsider could it be?
And how could I stat out the creature? You maybe have ideas for abilities it should have?

Thank you in advance!


Mechanically and aesthetically, an efreeti with the giant template and five levels of fighter will be CR 14 and a pretty close approximation to DotBV's abilities. The template and fighter levels will give you the following stat array:

Str 31, Dex 20, Con 24, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 17

With the extra feats from its fighter levels give it Two-weapon Fighting, Improved Two-weapon fighting, doubleslice, Greater Two-weapon Fighting, Weapon specialization: scimitar, and Advanced Weapon Training: effortless dual-wielding.

With the efreeti's racial feats I'd swap out deceitful and improved initiative for power attack and weapon focus: scimitar. You could swap out another feats to give it improved unarmed attack and improved grapple, but thematically I think it's actually more appropriate for her not to have improved grapple considering how telegraphed her grab attack is in the actual game.

Efreet have the heat ability which makes all their melee weapon attacks do +1d6 fire damage, so you're covered there. For gear I'd give her a glove of storing for her 2nd scimitar and maybe give that 2nd scimitar the corrosive ability. Put her in full plate and you're gtg.

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In the game I'm running, the system I had my players use was pretty simple: The sum total of your stats is 78, before racial modifiers. Max in any one stat is 18 like normal, minimum is 8. I use pretty much the same system for generating NPCs, though depending on the role of the NPC I may go with 76 or 74 points.

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Derklord wrote:
"The Mother" runs off class level, not character level, so it's a +4 HP per spell at this point (+6 with empowered).

Unless there's been a FAQ or clarification, here's how the power is written, as copied from Paths of the Righteous:

The Mother wrote:
The stargazer channels the nurturing heart of the Caravan. Whenever the stargazer casts a cure spell, casts breath of life, or uses the healing hex, he adds twice his class level to the hit points restored. If the startgazer is a cleric with channel positive energy, his stargazer levels stack with his cleric levels to determine its effects.

So, I'm reading this as the "its" to mean The Mother power, since the stargazer levels stacking with cleric levels to determine the effects of channel positive energy doesn't make any sense - channel energy doesn't have any effects that depend on cleric levels.

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Genoin wrote:
The OP asked what class/archetype was the best PURE healer. The Life Oracle is almost certainly the best pure healer. I agree with you that healing as a primary strategy is not the best, and your thoughts on Oracles in general. I was simply answering the OPs question of what class/archetype is the best at pure healing. Life Oracle, while it is overspecialized is the best at healing.

Doesn't come online until level 10, but a Separatist Cleric of Pulura 8 / Stargazer 2 can put out enough healing to give Life Oracles a run for their money. Grab the Healing domain (why you took the Separatist archetype) to make all your cure spells empowered, and The Mother Sidereal Arcana from the Stargazer and your cure light wounds heals 39-49 hit points - compared to 11-18 from a 10 level Life Oracle's CLW. A mass cure light wounds from the cleric/stargazer will heal 46-57 hit points, which actually makes it a very strong and viable healing spell. True they don't get the Life Link revelation, but I think the fact the class combo actually makes the mass cure spells useful and opens up a whole new dimension for mass healing more than makes up for the loss of Life Link.

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David knott 242 wrote:

You could select the Separatist archetype.

Excellent, this fills my needs wonderfully. Thanks!

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I have a cleric who worships Pulura, but would like to get the Healing domain to combine with the Stargazer The Mother Sidereal Arcana for healing shenanigans. Is there a feat or some other way to get that domain for the character?

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Easiest way to do this is to make a slayer. Full BAB, d10 hit dice, proficient in all martial weapons, 6 skill points per level and has 3 of the 4 social skills as class skills.

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Gallant Armor wrote:

New materials/updates/errata are added in a timely fashion from what I've seen. There is a huge lag for pfsrd. An example of this is the Brawling armor special ability which was still listed as a +1 on pfsrd well after the errata and it still lists it as a +1 for cost.

The linking issues of pfsrd are annoying and don't seem to be going away. The way pfsrd combines 3p materials with Paizo materials is annoying as well as I will sometimes read through what seems to be an interesting option and only realize when I get the the source that it is 3p - these materials should be completely separate given how many tables don't allow 3p. Archives also has a much better search feature compared to pfsrd.

I still use pfsrd on occasion for quick lookups since it is generally the first result when googling something, other than that stay away.

I still primarily use the D20PFSRD since it's easier to navigate. I also like their search function better. I use the AoN when I'm looking for an up to date version of something or something that isn't on the SRD.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Yes. You can also repeatedly use the first power. I often display sphere of fire and use it repeatedly during my turn, then when I know I'm making my last combat check for the turn, I discard it for the extra oomph.

Yeah, that's exactly what the card says. For some reason I got in in my head that I could only get the additional dice if I discarded the card when I played it from my hand.

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Can I use the second power of either spells after I've already displayed them for their initial power? That is, suppose I display Sphere of fire and use the fire power to roll my Arcane skill +1d6 on a combat check. On a combat check later in the turn, can I then discard it to roll Arcane skill + 2d6?

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A bit of a necro and for that I apologize, but I wanted to throw my two bits in:

I switched to ABP for my campaign and I really like it. I'm running homebrew. I did modify it in a big way though; I never actually removed the bonuses from gear. So +1 swords, belts of giant strength +2, and so forth still exist. I did this because ABP came out in the middle of my campaign and I thought it unfair remove the stat boosting items from the game since several players had spent a big chunk of their wealth on them.

I've been very happy with this decision as well. For starters, it allows me some flexibility in equipping NPCs. For example, one NPC the players found alongside for a couple of battles was a prince (now king) and as a result had magic item wealth far above his level, which I felt was logical given his background.

Another bonus is that it still allows some flexibility in character advancement. So for characters who really want to focus on a particular stat - such as a defensive character who wants to boost their AC above all else - they can still do it, just at a greater cost since WBL is cut in half. I think this is a fair compromise.

Going back to the topic of NPCs, another benefit of the ABP system in general is that is allows a lot more combats with class-leveled NPCs without throwing too much wealth at the PCs. Going by traditional WBL guidelines for NPCs the CRB suggestion is to balance class-leveled NPC encounters with encounters that give no loot at all. In my game that wasn't as feasible since so my game is less focused on dungeon crawling and as a result many of their opponents are class-leveled NPCs.

The ABP system is by far my favorite thing from Pathfinder Unchained and I'm so grateful the system exists.

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Like others have said, it's generally Will > Fort > Reflex. Another reason for this is that the nasty Fortitude save spells generally don't start showing up until mid-level, while there are nasty Will save spells right out of the gate with things like daze, color spray, hold person, hideous laughter, etc.

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Because I like my campaigns to be story-driven and want my players to be invested in their characters, I'm honor-bound to make raise dead reasonably available. One of the changes I also made was to change breath of life to cure deadly wounds. The spell works exactly the same except since it's a cure spell the group cleric can spontaneously cast it and since he has the Healing domain it gets empowered as well.

To compensate somewhat, I really upped the lethality of my campaign once the PCs hit 9th level. They're 14th level now, but have had to raise dead party members eight times, required a resurrection one time, and been saved by cure deadly wounds countless times.

Seems to work for my group.

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Dulcee wrote:

Ah, now I understand the dilemma. Certainly most of us knew to only use one card to assign a skill to a combat check, but it's true some people might attempt it if there's no rule preventing it.

The solution may be as simple as saying that for any combat check, you can only play one card or power allowing you to use a skill "for your combat check". Of course the problem is that this should also apply to any other kind of check as well.

At least the intent is understood now, so this should help my gaming group from constantly interrupting the game to figure out if these types of card interactions are allowed.

I think this is a scenario where the harder we try to explicitly define the rules the more confusing it's going to get. When I teach new people the game they intuitively understand that it's against the rules to try to use both an attack spell and a weapon on the same combat check (or a weapon and a power like Valendron's bolt power). They also understand the intention of skill replacement powers as well.

Perhaps I just don't have the required skill with the English language but the more I try to explicitly parse out every component of what the design intention of the rules are the more confusing things get.

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Paladin. Bigger hit die, better saves, access to heavy armor, and swift action self-healing. In addition, being a full-BAB class with an extremely strong offensive kit against evil enemies makes them generally threatening enough to warrant paying full attention to them.

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
Hopefully this is of some assistance. If you have further questions, feel free to ask. ^_^

Great job on the class, I really like it! Making an NPC Sanguine Angel right now that my players may encounter in their adventures...

Question: For the Angel of Death wings, is it intended that they're "always out" or are they summonable (growable?) like other class abilities (such as the wings you get from the draconic bloodline) but otherwise not present?

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Avoron wrote:

Actually, it does look like those spells would become unavailable after the hour is up, on the basis of this FAQ.

FAQ wrote:
The spell slots of a class can only be used to cast spells that appear on the spell list of that class.

I didn't see that FAQ; that's good to know.

So what spells aside from escape spells are worth putting on a Contingency?

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cavernshark wrote:
This doesn't really work as well as you might think. Arcane Enlightment does add the spells to the list, but the witch would still have to prepare them. Spirit Talker only lasts an hour, so you would have to commune for 10 minutes to add the spells to your list for an hour, and then subsequently prepare those spells in open slots which also takes an hour. The hex goes away, so you prepared spells you can no longer cast because they're back off your list.

I never found a clear determination of this in the rules; that is, what happens when a prepared spellcaster loses access to their spell list. The CRB merely states this:

Core Rulebook page 206 wrote:

First you must choose which spell to cast. If you're a cleric, druid, experienced paladin, experienced ranger, or wizard, you select from among spells prepared earlier in the day and not yet cast (see Preparing Wizard Spells and Preparing Divine Spells).

If you're a bard or sorcerer, you can select any spell you know, provided you are capable of casting spells of that level or higher.

To cast a spell, you must be able to speak (if the spell has a verbal component), gesture (if it has a somatic component), and manipulate the material components or focus (if any). Additionally, you must concentrate to cast a spell.

So, once you memorize the spell, you've got it in your head until you cast it. The only other requirement at the time of casting is that your caster stat for the spell is high enough.

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Via the Spirit Talker feat I have a witch that can use it to gain the Arcane Enlightenment shaman hex and effectively get 4 wizard/sorcerer spells on her list. Since the biggest weakness of the witch spell list IMO is the lack of defensive spells I was looking for spells that fit the bill. Time Stop, Mirror Images, and Displacement seem to be obvious choices, and Shield could also be a choice. The witch in question can cast 9th level spells, so the entire wiz/sor spell list is up for consideration.

Ideas? Paizo stuff only, no 3rd party.

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Slacker2010 wrote:

Honorable Mention – Currently Playing Ezren (MM) and having a blast with him. Just got his role card and I feel like he is really going to start putting it down.

I played him through MM and he can get pretty crazy. He's the only character in the game who can (eventually) construct his deck in a manner such that every card can be played for an unconditional exploration.

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Cuup wrote:

Most of the time, performing a CdG in the middle of combat isn't a great use of a monster's actions. An enemy would need to

A. At least be sentient (Int 3+) - even the slowest thinkers understand the concept of "he's just unconscious".

B. Be predisposed to killing a helpless enemy, or at least be in a position where such an act has merit.

C. Not have something better to do with his turn

If one or more of the above don't apply, the enemy would need some sort of personal grudge against the PC in question, or maybe be under orders from a superior to kill THAT enemy NOW.

This is how I use CdG in my games. As such it very rarely comes into play since taking the time to perform a CdG while there are other combatants that are still a threat is almost never a smart decision.

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Anzyr wrote:

Four words (and one arrow)

Spirit Talker -> Arcane Enlightenment.

This may have potential, but don't you only have access to those spells for an hour per the Spirit Talker feat?

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Aside from patron spells, are there any ways for a witch to get spells from the wizard/sorcerer spell list? Items, feats, class options? The biggest weakness of the witch spell list IMO is the lack of defensive spells, so being able to get spells like mirror images, displacement, stone skin, and others would be useful.

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Dasrak wrote:

The trap CR rules frequently give nonsensical results, and the damage-dealing spell modifier is one of the biggest culprits. I'm going to be completely blunt: there is no reason for this modifier to exist, and will virtually always result in an over-CR'd trap when you apply it. There is legitimate reason to be cautious when dealing with large sums of instantaneous damage, but that's true of monsters and NPC's too and they don't have this weird rule.

If you ignore the damage rule, then the Sirocco trap comes in a CR 7. This is fairly reasonable, and if I had to make an ad-hoc judgement that's what I'd go with for a Sirocco trap. A Wizard NPC who can cast Sirocco is going to be CR 10, so a trap that can only activate sirocco and does not intelligently target the PC's is necessarily much less threatening, so CR 7 seems about right to me.

I'm probably going to go with this. I'd like to boost the CR up to the 9-10 range, since the PCs are level 14, so I'll probably just look at some sample traps in that range and adjust accordingly.

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

I'm trying to determine the CR of a trap that casts the spell sirocco. Here are the guidelines for determining the CR of a spell that does damage:

PRD wrote:
Average Damage: If a trap (mechanical or magical) does hit point damage, calculate the average damage for a successful hit and round that value to the nearest multiple of 10. If the trap is designed to hit more than one target, multiply this value by 2. If the trap is designed to deal damage over a number of rounds, multiply this value by the number of rounds the trap will be active (or the average number of rounds, if the duration is variable). Use this value to adjust the Challenge Rating of the trap, as indicated on Table: CR Modifiers for Mechanical Traps.
PRD wrote:

Table: CR Modifiers for Magic Traps

Feature CR Modifier
Highest-level spell effect + Spell level
Damaging spell effect +1 per 10 points of average damage

So, if I'm reading this correctly, here's how I calculate the CR for my sirocco trap: A CL 11 sirocco inflicts an average of (4d6+11) = 25 damage. Because sirocco is an area affect spell that damages multiple people, I multiply this value by 2. Because a CL 11 sirocco will last for 11 rounds, I multiply my total by 11. So 25 x 2 x 11 = 550. Using the CR Modifiers for Magic Traps my trap's CR is +1 per 10 points of damage, so 550/10 = +55 CR. The base CR of a magic trap that casts a spell is 1 plus the highest spell level or the average damage formula, whichever is higher. So the final CR of my sirocco trap is CR56.

This is obviously a ridiculous result. What mistake am I making?

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There were 6 PCs. The other orcs didn't have an opportunity to coup de grace the downed party member since they were primarily ranged attackers and didn't get close enough.

I don't feel full xp is appropriate since the Monk, while going pretty all-out at the beginning, effectively attempted to parlay once the other orcs were dead. I'm leaning toward half xp as was suggested. Thanks all your input.

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Anyone? =(

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I had a non-standard encounter in my game and I'm trying to figure out what an appropriate amount of XP to award is. The encounter consisted of 7 orcs who were level 6 slayers and a level 20 human monk. The 6 PCs are level 14.

The human monk had infiltrated the orcs and acted as their squad leader. When the PCs encountered the group he had information for them but couldn't break his cover. So he fought the PCs until they killed the rest of the orcs, then stopped and revealed himself to them. Aside from making his attacks non-lethal, he went all-out against them.

So the PCs get 1600*7=11,200xp from the orcs and some amount for surviving against the monk. What would be a fair amount of additional xp to award for the encounter?

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In my campaign it's possible the PCs may go up against some unfriendly armies. I'd like to use the troop template but don't understand how to use it. I've read some threads on how to use the template but still don't get it. I think I'm supposed to start with what I want the CR of each individual troop unit to be, but I don't understand what to do from there. Can someone hold my hand through this process? Here's what I'd like to start out with:

x3 CR 10 melee-type troops
x3 CR 10 ranged-type troops

The troops would be composed of human soldiers with each soldier being a level 3 or so warrior.

Any help is much appreciated!

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I agree with elcoderdude. The "Determine what skill you're using" restriction exists to be explicit about the fact that, for example, Kyra can't both use a longsword and a holy light on the same combat check; she has to pick one or the other.

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cartmanbeck wrote:
I will have to look at that one! I think I noticed it on my first perusal of UW but didn't look closely at it.

I took a quick look and only a few stood out:

Bedrock 9th level power for DR 10/Adamantine as a swift action rounds/level per day.

Pit-touched 9th level power for +6 inherent Con bonus.

Sylvan for animal companion.

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Saint Bernard wrote:
Vorpal is a relatively weak attribute for a weapon. The greatest use for it is when fighting the jabberwock. Only 1 in 20 swings are going to be considered for a vorpal effect, since it requires a natural 20. I don't feel it will cause a problem in your campaign.

It's not weak, it just doesn't see much use because it's generally not worth the cost of a +5 bonus.

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Another question: Hell's Vengeance Deck 2 has a redemption card, but doesn't have any cards that allow you to redeem a card - unlike Hell's Vengeance Deck 1 which has The Asmodean Disciples. Season of The Righteous only allows you to redeem loot rewards. It is intended that you never redeem cards in HVD2?

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@Doppelschwert - I see, good catch.

Next question: Both Hell's Vengeance decks have a basic ally called Cult Acolyte. They're identical except for their first powers, which are each worded differently:

Cult Acolyte, Hell's Vengeance Deck 1 wrote:
Recharge this card and shuffle the top card of the blessing deck into your location deck to add 1d8 to your Arcane or Divine check
Cult Acolyte, Hell's Vengeance Deck 2 wrote:
Recharge this card to at 1d8 to your Arcane or Divine check, then search the blessings deck for a blessing and shuffle it into your location deck

Is one of these powers a misprint?

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So, question about a couple of powers the characters have:

Zelhara wrote:
Once per turn (⁊ or any number of times on your turn), when a power happens if a boon has the corrupted trait, you may ignore that power.
EMil wrote:
When you play a boon that has the poison (⁊ or corrupted) trait, you may ignore that trait and immunities to it. If the boon would require you to bury any cards from your hand or deck, recharge them instead.

My interpretation of Emil's power is that being able to ignore the corrupted trait on a boon you play doesn't mean you get to ignore a power that triggers because of the corrupted trait, as that's what's Zelhara's power explicitly allows you to do. But that being the case, what does ignoring the corrupted trait actually do then? I think there might be one bane that says it's immune to cards with the corrupted trait, which would make spending a power feat to ignore the corrupted trait very narrow. Am I overthinking things?

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5-2, Opening the Sekrepheres, states in the scenario power that if the top card of the blessings discard pile has an elemental trait, all checks have that trait. If I encounter a bane that's immune to the trait, what happens? Do I ignore the scenario power because I'm being told to do something normally disallowed? Or am I prohibited from even attempting a check because all my checks would have the element the bane is immune to?

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My friend's Channa Ti picked up Ausetitha and was thinking that her ability would work on Channa's checks to recharge her spells since spells are her favored card type. I wasn't so sure because Ausetitha's text says, "when you play a card of your character's favored card type on a check", and I wasn't sure that the check to recharge the spell still counted a playing the spell.

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Zhayne wrote:
I think his familiarity with the RPG/Golarion lore confuses him a lot, too, he tends to conflate things like that. Someone was playing CD Kyra and he kept going on and on about how she should pick up all these scimitars when she was better off with stuff like greatswords.

I had players in my group that would have this confusion as well; they'd default skills to their base attributes - such as using their wisdom skill on perception checks even when they didn't have perception.

I addressed this by emphasizing that skills DO NOT have a base attribute they're derived from like they do in the RPG. That Strength, Dex, Con, Int, Wisdom, and Charisma are skills just like Craft, Diplomacy, Survival, and so forth. Remind the player that the base six skills ARE NOT attributes like they are in the RPG. He'll eventually figure it out.

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Frencois wrote:
Longshot11 wrote:


This is one of the 'first wave' Class Decks, which -from what I gather- didn't get nearly as much thought and attention as they should've,...
The Ultimate Magic CD is on its way... ;-)

And it can't get released fast enough!

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