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White Dragon

Xexyz's page

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. 747 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

My funds are limited right now so I'm using penny sleeves. I'd like to eventually get higher quality sleeves, but the penny sleeves are serving for now. Sleeving was necessary for our group because we play the game a lot.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Played Best Served Cold twice and won both times by the absolute slimmest of margins - the first time I think we made a mistake and should've lost, while the second time our victory came down to needing to roll a 1 on a d4 after we beat him because there was only 1 card left in the blessings deck.

Of all the scenarios between S&S and RotRl, this one is the most difficult hands down.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Pyrocat wrote:
It's certainly powerful, but remember that there are restrictions on item uses and what you can play during an encounter. For example, you can't play a PoHeroism during your encounter, nor can you use your Tot Flask during your encounter, as they don't directly affect that encounter's checks or allow you to evade.

Why can't you use PoHeroism during an encounter? It's giving you 1d6 to your check; I don't see how it giving you 1d6 to other checks as well makes it illegal to play.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I just completed Deck 3 with my Damiel the other night, but I can't decide on which role to take. Neither have abilities that look very interesting, to be honest. What role have you other Damiel players taken and how did you like it?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
jones314 wrote:
Xexyz wrote:

I'm enjoying the challenge, but if anyone has any suggestions to make my life easier, I'm all ears. I have a wish list of things to acquire; Staff of Minor Healing, Surgeon, stat gem, better spells, and better blessings.

Surgeon and stats gems are in S & S. Another item you should look for is the spyglass. One way around a tough closing is to find the villain and chase him to that location. Then you get to close automatically.

Good luck!

I'm playing with several class decks, so I have the surgeon and stat gem available. And chasing the villain to a specific location is quite taxing, and frankly not viable in most cases.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Because me and two others progressed our regular characters ahead of the group as a whole, I've had to start a new character and play it through Adventure Deck 2 in order get to where most of the group is. I wanted to play a wizard, and chose Radillo because I liked her the best.

The going has gotten very rough. I managed to get up to Trouble in Sandpoint (scenario 3 of AD1) without much difficulty, but that scenario is just vicious as a single player; I didn't pass it until my 6th try (which uncoincidentally was when I found Augury). I went on to the next scenario, Approach to Thistletop, and lost my first attempt at that as well. I decided that was enough cards for the night.

Aside from the fact that I don't yet have a way to recharge cards from my discard pile, the biggest difficultly I'm running into is Radillo's d4 Wisdom. So far there have been a lot of important Wisdom checks that are extremely difficult for me to make; Many of the locations in the solo game require Wisdom to close, and things like goblin warchanter and the siren (good God the siren; it's the absolute worst thing I can encounter) just wreck me.

I'm enjoying the challenge, but if anyone has any suggestions to make my life easier, I'm all ears. I have a wish list of things to acquire; Staff of Minor Healing, Surgeon, stat gem, better spells, and better blessings.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

For both adventure paths, once you start deck 3 you remove any banished basic banes from the game. You have the option of doing the same with boons. Once you start deck 5, you do the same for cards with the elite trait.

My group pretty much removes all basic boons except for the following:

1. Cure spell. We keep this around because it's always useful to pick up during a scenario.

2. Easy to pick up allies that give an explore. Keeping these around helps get through location decks faster.

3. Potion of Glibness. In our S&S game, this item has come in handy too many times for us to remove it from the game.

So far we haven't had to make a decision on Masterwork Tools, but I think we may end up holding on to this card as well.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

So I just did a basic comparison of the locations in RotR vs. S&S. The ratio of boons to banes in RotR locations is 52.55%/47.45%. For S&S locations (through deck 4) it's 51.25% boons and 48.75% banes.

I plan to do a more detailed analysis that breaks the scenarios down by the locations you actually use, since that will give a more exact answer - if you're seeing the Fog Bank three times as much as the Holy Isle, that's going to skew the ratios.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Well, are you planning on mixing your adventure with established characters and then allowing them to play in the Adventure Path again? The other question is if you are making this for the group's established characters (obviously of a certain advancement), are you designing the adventure for that level or for base characters?

Yes, they would be adventures that established characters already on an Adventure Path would be able to participate in. I'd be designing the adventure for the level appropriate to the characters' advancement.

Thought of another possible reward - a card/skill/power feat respec.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Frencois wrote:

Altogether, you'll make the game a little harder because you will have much more basic/elite boons in the game with no additional chances to get rid of them when reaching higher scenarios, thus deluting the chance to get the good hiugh level boons.

This is another reason I added three decks to my game; my group ends up replaying through the scenarios several times as since not everyone in the group can make each session (we have seven regulars and a couple of occasional players). It would get boring replaying scenarios if you got everything you wanted from only a couple of playthroughs.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Speaking of potentially missing cards, I only received 6 copies of the henchman Blink Spider, when the scenario it's used in will require 7 copies if you play with six players.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Mike Selinker wrote:
Adventures need a set of scenarios, usually at least 3. We recommend that you specify an order, or it can be hard to keep track of which ones have been completed. Pick a reward that is on the level of “a card feat” or “a skill feat.”

I kind of want to make adventures for my group's established characters, but obviously I can't award a card or skill feat without the characters becoming too powerful. So I'm thinking of something along the lines of "name a boon other than loot, then draw 3 random non-basic cards of that type from the box and pick one to keep, banish the others."

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Shuffle them up and choose.

Mike's comment on this.


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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

My group added 3 class decks each to RotRL and S&S based on the characters people were playing (So the Wizard class deck sits in its box unused).

What I really wish existed was a bane deck with new banes that I could add to the box, but that's just whishful thinking...

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
zeroth_hour wrote:
The FAQ states: wrote:

On page 24 of the Skull & Shackles rulebook, under Loot, change "loot cards behave just like other boons of that type and count as cards of that type" to "loot cards behave just like other boons of that type and count as cards of that type rather than loot when played."

The thing is, displaying a weapon isn't really playing it. The only other guidance for loot in the FAQs is whether or not you can choose loot as a boon type, which is yes (since you have to exclude it in order for it to not get chosen).

I'd probably say no if we were to go by the rules wording. Of course, this means that Brine's Sting and other Loot cards wouldn't work with Oloch etc.

Page 10 of the S&S rule book states that displaying a card counts as playing a card.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Most curing effects instruct you to recharge random cards from your discard pile. However, the rules state that the order of your cards in your discard pile is static and shouldn't be altered. So, the question becomes, what's the best way to randomly select those cards? Until I re-read the rules the other day I totally forgot that you're not supposed to mess with your discard pile order; so far we've always just shuffled our discard piles face-down in order to pick random cards.

I can't really think of a better way to randomize your cure selections; the closest I can think of would be for you fan your discard pile and have another player pick the cards, but that's not very random - if I knew a card my teammate really wanted back in his deck was on the top of his discard pile, how do I make a random choice?

My group is probably going to ignore the ordered discard pile rule for the time being, especially since the only card - to my knowledge - that cares about the order of your discard pile is the Apothecary.

What do other groups do?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Shade325 wrote:

I looked this up in the rules recently because it came up with another location. Essentially if you encounter a loot card you auto acquire.

p.24 Under Loot. Last sentence. "If a loot card ends up in a location deck, you automatically acquire it when you encounter it."


Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Our group rolled randomly to see who received Valeia's favor. Lini was the lucky gnome.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

There's a new location in deck 4 called the Hall of Champions. The closing condition for the location requires a weapon to be displayed next to the location. The text for when permanently closed reads as follows:

Hall of Champions wrote:

On closing, add the displayed weapon and 1d4+1 random weapons from the box to this location without looking at them.

Add 1d6 to your checks to acquire weapons.

What happened when we played this scenario is that the person who was in position to close the location (after defeating a henchman) only had Brine's Sting in his hand. Since Brine's Sting is a loot reward and thus has no check to acquire, we were unsure if he would've been able to pick it back up when he encountered it.

So is that correct? If he displayed his Brine's Sting to close the location and get it shuffled in with the weapons drawn from the box, would it be banished automatically if it was encountered again?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

My CD Kyra got possessed by Bikendi. It was very interesting going from a hand size of 5 to 8, but that was kind of muted by the fact I couldn't use her regular powers. It did allow me to be good support for the rest of the team since I always had several blessings in my hand and was able to cure spell them back into my deck when necessary.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Dave Riley wrote:
Maybe not so much in RoRL, where Short Sword +1, my nemesis, never goes away.

I found in S&S the Coral Capuchin fills that role quite nicely.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I have a couple of questions about two cards that came in deck 4:

1. The scenario card for Home Sweet Home states that the henchmen for the scenario consist of Gholdako and Ghol-Gon Obelisks. However, the deck only came with a single Obelisk and 6 copies of Gholdako. I'm assuming the scenario card is a misprint.

2. The 'At This Location' text of the Teleportation Chamber is as follows: Choose a random character. If that character is at another location, move her to this location; otherwise, move her to a random location. When and how does this take effect? Is it optional or mandatory?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Character Name: Kyra (Class Deck)
Role Card: Fireflower
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Wisdom +2
Power Feats: Weapon Proficiency, +2 on ability heal, +4 on sword combat checks, Discard to explore again after killing a monster with a sword
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Item +1, Blessing +1
Weapons: Greatsword, Falcata +1, Keen Falcata +1
Spells: Cure x2, Masterwork
Armors: Buccaneer's Breastplate, Fortified Shell Armor
Items: Masterwork Tools, Ring of the Iron Skull
Allies: Imp
Blessings: Abadar, Sarenrae, Achaekek, Hshurha, Kelizandri, Gorum, Cayden Cailean
Current Party Ship: The Kraken

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Now I'm confused. As I understand it, the wording of the card dictates whose checks it can be used on. For example:

Monkey wrote:
Discard this card to succeed at your check to acquire an item or a weapon.
Mogmurch wrote:
Recharge this card to add 2d6 and the Fire trait to any check.
Masterwork Tools wrote:
Recharge this card to defeat a barrier whose highest difficulty to defeat is 14 or lower.

Bolding mine. So which category does Masterwork Tools fall into? Does "a" barrier refer to "any" barrier or "your" barrier?

ETA: Reading the section of the rules Hawkmoon posted seems to make it clear that Masterwork Tools falls into the latter category; I hope future printings of cards will endeavor to remove wording ambiguity.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Right now I'm playing a dwarf cleric of Abadar 8/Holy Vindicator 1 in a RotR campaign. With the travel domain and Longstrider as my level 1 domain spell (lasts the entire adventuring day) I have 40ft. movement in full plate, so I'm very mobile. My AC is 37 (41 against giants) with a couple of self buffs plus my Vindicator's shield. So far it's worked out very well; we're just finishing up book three and the majority of the monsters we fight - giants - need a natural 20 to hit me. My AC would be even higher if not for the fact that at level 9 I only have +1 armor and a non-magical shield.

So, to answer your question, I chose both =)

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Combat Expertise requiring 13 Intelligence will forever be the most frustrating and annoying prerequisite in Pathfinder. I've changed it in my games to require 13 Dex instead of Int, which is both more logical to me and less onerous to builds that want to specialize in combat maneuvers.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Hair doesn't seem to be very effective ammunition...

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I use the cheap penny sleeves. I'd like to go for something higher quality, but I don't know if I have the patience to sleeve 1200+ cards again.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Ilpalazo wrote:
I'm having trouble squaring up our impressions of Damiel with multiple reports on these boards. How is he such a borderline broken character? Our experience of Damiel is of an extremely competent fighter, and excellent support character but all in spurts and all depending on the cards he has in his hand. He can very quickly find himself out of options even one or two explores into his turn due to his recharge reliant mechanic.

This has been my experience with Damiel as well. I've played him through AP2, and even with a bumped up hand size I rarely get off more than two explores per turn - having a maximum of 2 allies and 5 blessings limits his exploring potential. I have my Damiel with a potion of healing and two cure spells, so he's a healing machine and cycles through his deck like nobody's business, but like you I feel he's better off as a support character. I love giving someone who can get multiple explores in a turn (like Ranzak) a Potion of Heroism and watch him go to town.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
CWheezy wrote:

You know that thematically it makes more sense to retrain right?

Not being able to is way more weird, like our characters are actually golems, built once and cannot change

I love the retraining rules for this reason alone. Makes characters actually feel more like living, learning creatures instead of static automatons.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Follow up question: Olach uses the Topaz of Strength on a dexterity roll to change his die from a d4 to a d12. If a blessing is added, it adds a d12, correct?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

You suck it up and fight on. You knew in the beginning you'd have to deal with this when you signed up for rogue.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
mplindustries wrote:

A Cone is a three-dimensional shape whose base is the same diameter as the cone's length.

So, a 60' foot cone would be 60' high and 60' wide at the base.

Not quite correct; the diameter of the base of a pathfinder AoE cone is 1.41 times the length of the cone as listed in the effect.

So a 60' cone would have a maximum diameter (which would be the 'base') of 84.85 ft.

Thankfully, the math is generally convenient with the pre-existing templates. If, for example, you have a flying spellcaster who wants to aim a cone straight down into a group of enemies with the intent of hitting the maximum amount of foes, the math works out like this:

15 ft. cone = 10 ft. radius
30 ft. cone = 20 ft. radius
30 ft. cone = 40 ft. radius

These aren't exact figures, but they round to what I listed above to make things simple.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The group size is variable depending on who's present on game night, so it's anywhere from just me running solo to a full complement of six players. I've added cards from the cleric, ranger, and fighter class deck into the mix. I've built her pretty strongly for combat, but I think after tonight's session I'm going to boost up Wisdom so I can more reliably recharge spells. Up until now I've been running three spells with a difficultly 8 recharge, but tonight I just got Masterwork, and am on the lookout for Major Cure and some of the better spells.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I'm playing CD Kyra for S&S; my group just completed Adventure Deck 3. I'm wondering where I should put my skill feats going forward, since if RotRL is any indication I'm only getting two more. I've put +2 into strength and +2 into wisdom, so I'm only counting on two more skill feats. I'm thinking I should probably put them into wisdom because spells are getting more difficult to recharge, but on the other hand I'm building her to be a melee powerhouse, so there's strength to consider.


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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

So my group played this scenario last night and an interesting thing happened near the end. We got the top card of all of the decks to be an enemy ship henchman with about 4 turns to go. Since you can't win the scenario until the blessings deck is empty, one of the locations (the Fog Bank, ironically) had only the enemy ship in it, and defeating an enemy ship means you put the card back on top of the location deck...

...let's just say that the reign of terror conducted by the Thresher and her crew will go down in the annals of Shackles legend as we marauded and pillaged our way through unsuspecting shipping. I think we raided the poor Truewind a near half-dozen times. We ended up with 24 plunder cards in the end and never will it be more fitting that this was the first scenario for our group during which the Jolly Roger was flown.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Andrew L Klein wrote:
OK so there are still the regular henchman. Fair enough. Yup, I'd definitely say you just don't close in this one. It wouldn't be remotely close to the weirdest thing we've seen in this game.

It's part of the challenge. Six of the other henchmen direct you to shuffle them into a random deck if you don't defeat it, which has the potential of screwing up a deck where you got an enemy ship on top.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Here's the exact text of the scenario:


Shuffle an Enemy Ship henchman into each location deck. If you defeat and Enemy Ship, put it on top of its location deck.

After your move step, you may examine the top card of your location deck; you may shuffle that deck. If the blessings deck is empty, examine the top card of each location deck. You win the scenario only if each is an Enemy Ship.

Further question of clarification: On the scenario card, the term "Enemy Ship" is a reference to the Enemy Ship henchman, correct? It's not instructing you to place the actual ship card you defeated on top of the location deck, is it?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The scenario states that when the blessings deck is empty, you win only if the top card of every location deck is an enemy ship. Does this mean that the only time victory is checked for is on the beginning of the last turn? Or can you still win if on the last turn you manage to get the top card of each location to be an enemy ship?

I ask because I was running the scenario solo and here's how the final turn went: I advanced the last card of the blessings deck, emptying it, then checked the top card of each location. An enemy ship was on the top of each location save one, which had two cards remaining. I didn't win, but I wasn't sure if I lost at that point, so I played out the 30th turn. On that turn I reshuffled the last location after my move step per the scenario and encountered the top card, which luckily was the enemy ship. I managed to defeat it, so I put it on the top of the deck (per the scenario rules), which meant the top card of every location deck was an enemy ship.

So did I win or lose the scenario?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
MMCC79 wrote:
We toss 'em pretty quick since if we wanted them we always have the choice to get them at the start of our next game.

You might actually be playing with a house rule here as well. You can't just pick new cards, even Basic cards, at the start of your next game. You rebuild after the scenario ends and have to use what your team has available. Only if, among the whole group, there isn't enough of a certain type of card to fill all the decks, can you then go back to the box and draw a Basic card.

Note the second paragraph in particular.

S&S Rulebook p19 wrote:

After each scenario, you must rebuild your character deck. Start by combining your discard pile with your hand, your character deck, any cards you buried under your character card, and any cards you displayed; you may then freely trade cards with other players. Your deck must end up meeting the Cards List requirements on your character card, along with any deck adjustments on your role card, if you have one...

If you can’t construct a valid deck from the cards your group has available because you don’t have enough of certain card types, choose the extra cards you need from the box, choosing only cards with the Basic trait.

Holy crap, my group's been doing this wrong the whole time.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

For your party MightyJim, I recommend starting the characters at the following locations:

Fog Bank: Lem & Lini
Cannibal Isle: Oloch
Tempest Cay: Damiel & Feiya
Lonely Island Ranzak

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I just took my first level of Holy Vindicator in the RotRL game I'm in; I'm a dwarf cleric of Abadar 8/Holy Vindicator 1. With some self-buffing my AC is 37 - 41 against giants - which so far has made it very difficult for things to hit me. I haven't decided how many levels of Holy Vindicator I'll be taking, but I'll at least be taking 4. Losing one level of spellcasting isn't so bad - just puts me on par with an oracle - but I'll have to think hard about sacrificing that 2nd level of spellcasting. We'll see how things play out over the next few levels.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Torren wrote:
And apparently I'm delusional. There is indeed only one Alchemist's Fire. Thanks again for the help.

It's ok because I'm delusional as well. I too, swore there were two Alchemist's Fire.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Several weapons have text that state they have some effect when played with another weapon on a check, but I don't know of any rules that actually allow you to play two weapons on a check; the only weapon I'm aware of that lets you play with another weapon is a dagger. Am I missing something?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Few things:

1. How high of level do you anticipate playing this character?

2. What kind of stat array do you have to work with? You mention a Dex based fighter; do you mean pure Dex for hit & damage?

3. Make sure you're on the same page with your GM over how mobile fighting works. The common consensus is that the bonuses last for a round, but you might want to get clarification from your GM just to be sure.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Zhayne wrote:
So you use that slot for a spell that breaks the game by itself.

Kinda curious which 3rd level arcane spell "breaks the game by itself" so my sorcerer knows to pick it up next time he levels.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Doomed Hero wrote:

There's only one exotic weapon in the game that is arguably worth a feat. It's the Falcata.

If you have a homebrew setting, consider giving the Bastard Sword out as a racial weapon to certain cultures (like the waraxe is for dwarves). Same with other exotic weapons. That's pretty much the only way they will see use in your game.

I did something similar in my homebrew game, where I made proficiency with the bastard sword a trait for paladins of a specific faith.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

If you really want to give yourself options take Eldritch Heritage Rakshasa bloodline. The level 15 power gives you Alter Self at will for an unlimited duration, so as soon as you reincarnate you can just change back to your previous form.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Pheoran Armiez wrote:
I have a question about any number of abilities that allow you to reincarnate (as the spell) in a safe location somewhere within X miles of where you died.

If you have such an ability it would behoove you to make preparations to take your reincarnation into account:

1. If you have trusted companions, tell them in the event of your death you will reincarnate after x hours and come find them. Give them a passphrase or some such so the new you can properly identify yourself to them.

2. Prepare an emergency kit with clothing, weapons, money, scrolls, and whatever else you need and stash it nearby whenever you're going somewhere very dangerous. That way you can retrieve it in the event of your death.

As an aside, I created an absolutely diabolical man-behind-the-man type BBEG based around this ability. Haven't decided if I want to unleash him against the PCs in my campaign, though, because he's a pretty right bastard who would frustrate them greatly.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Conceptually, the way THF & TWF work creates a situation where the THF starts out ahead of the TWF, but eventually is surpassed by the TWF. The TWF has several hurdles to overcome in order to be competitive:

1. Feat investment
2. Stat investment
3. To hit penalties
4. Higher cost of weapons

At low levels, as all of these things are scarce, the THF is the clear leader. However, as characters level the TWF's hurdles become easier to overcome as characters get more feats, stat belts become commonplace, weapon investment is less intensive, and to hit bonuses gradually surpass AC gains.

So while the TWF is eventually able to eliminate or at least minimize all of her drawbacks, there's no way for the THF to gain additional attacks. For this reason it's inevitable that the TWF will surpass the THF.

Aelryinth wrote:

the biggest penalty to TWF is the -2 to hit.

The second is the feat cost.
The third is the cost of the weapons.

Getting a +4 and +3 weapon vs a +5 means you are at -3 th/-1 dmg and -4 th/-2 dmg vs a THW fighter. A 15 and 20% penalty to hit results in massive damage loss.

7 x 1d8+20 = 7d8+140 = 171.5 average. I'm going to assume these are like sun swords, not longswords, so you only have -2 to hit base.

4 x 2d6+33 = 8d6+132 = 160 average

Let's assume an AC that Greatsword Guy hits on anything but a 1.
His hit rate is 95/70/45/20 = 230% chance to hit. His Avg 40 dmg means his is about 92 points, ignoring crits.

Flurry of Swords guy, because of his penalties, hits on a 4 with one sword and 5 with the other. So his combo is 85/60/35/10 (190%) with his main weapon, and 80/55/30 (165%) with his other
His damage will actually be d8 +19 (23.5) and d8+18 (22.5), because of his lower weapons.
190% of 23.5 is 45, and 165% of 22.5 is 35, so 80 dmg.

The TWF is well back from THW guy in average damage with a full attack, and its because of the penalties to hit.

If he could hit at the same rate, he'd move rapidly up to par. But that's not how it works.


If the TWF in your scenario has Two-Weapon Rend, he'll surpass the THF's damage as long as the TWF's strength is 22 or higher.

(Of course that puts the TWF's feat investment at +5 compared to the THF...)

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