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Xerxes Black's page

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Yes, you should get this... But no Gargantuan monsters?

****( )

Everyone else already said all the praises i would have said and forgotten to even notice because it's just that good. However, I am really sad that there are no Gargantuan monsters from Bestiary 1 here. I hope that they come out with an expansion and include them in Bestiary box 2. Yes, a few more goblins and such would be nice but hey, you knew how many you were getting when you looked this up so they were very up front with what all was included.

Still a great buy for anyone who uses the table for battle (which I learned makes combat 10 times easier). totally affordable and is in many ways preferable to the older minis for not only your NPCs, but for some PCs as well.

Edited to say that the NPC codex box thingy is now on my to get list because of this(along with future Bestiary box sets).

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Good, but with issues

***( )( )

This is a good book, it does a great job expanding on the races and highlighting/adding others. But nevertheless, I have a few issues with it.

First off, as has been stated, some of the pre-made races are not balanced. I thought the drow where OP but there are some pre-made races that are even stronger, and the only way to see this is to check THE VERY BACK of the book. I don't mind advanced or monstrous races, but what I do mind is them not having the fact that they are advanced/monstrous listed in their chapter, or a system (cough +1-2 CR cough) in the chapters with said races. The only way to check point builds is in the very back of this book.

So GMs, do your research and have a good sit down with your PCs before allowing them an uncommon/featured race. Because for all the new stuff the book adds, even more time will be needed to keep things balanced.

But the biggest issue to me is how short this book is. It seems that ever since the Core book things just keep getting shorter and shorter, but their price tags don't reflect it. And yet it still takes them over a year to get their books out. With the time they took it really seems they could of had more art (which i personally found very good), more favored classes for races, and more balance listed/implemented.

In short For the amount of time we waited, with the size and the balance issues, I just find myself a little underwhelmed by their work with this book.

I know my expectations might seem too high to some people, but seriously, no ooze template?

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