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Dracomicron wrote:

I believe that the Envoy's Clever Feint applies to all attacks made on the target, but Trick Attack only applies to the Operative's attack.

The Operative isn't buffing the party, it is buffing only itself. The Envoy buffs everybody.

That's only true until the Operative gets an upgrade with Debilitating Attack.

As far as the original point, it might be worthwhile to make two targets flatfooted at the same time in many fights.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I see...the catch with Divine Champion is that I won't be able to use Star Knight. What I'm looking to represent Raokshna's membership in the Knights of Golarion, as opposed to being a priestess of Iomedae's church.

Divine Champion is more of a holy warrior/paladin than a priest. You get save boosts (divine grace) and DR/ER avoidance (smite) plus some SLAs (4th level casting), there's nothing here about leading congregations and the combat abilities are front loaded.

In any case, my point is that the alignment fusions aren't very good, and there are better options mechanically if you do want that sort of capability. Star Knight with Divine Blessing (Iomedae) and keeping Guarded Attack (which also isn't great, but at least it's something) might be worth considering.

Trichotome wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

Weird that they're outsiders, not undead.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:

In that case, is Armor Storm a good idea? Or should I look elsewhere, assuming I take Blitz as my secondary style instead of my first?

I'll admit Arcane Assailant looks tempting, though if I take Star Knight, the Knights of Golarion version gets a similar power that grants the holy fusion on its own, which is the fusion I'd probably use the most with Arcane Assailant anyway.

PF conversions aside, I've found the Alien Archives (including AP ones) to include surprisingly few monsters with DR or energy resistances that a fusion could even affect. Remember that fusions are both limited to dragons/outsiders of the appropriate type and they don't overcome immunities, which makes them pretty useless for dragons - any fusion will overcome DR/magic, and they tend to have energy immunities, not resistances.

Divine Champion archetype (to avoid outsider/dragon restriction) or Divine Blessing (Iomedae) feat (to avoid immunities) are better choices than fusions if you want that sort of capability.

I've always believed it's an oversight. I checked the other day, and it didn't make it into the errata thread. I'd add it, but I'm never with my book when I remember the issue to look up the page number.

Brian Adams wrote:
Lau, how much do you know about orbital mechanics? I'm guessing from your statement that it is 'almost nothing'. Space stations in an orbit do not need propulsion to keep moving, any more than the Earth needs engines to keep going around the sun.

Well, over a sufficiently long time horizon at a sufficiently low orbital height their orbit would degrade due to tiny amounts of atmospheric drag and require some adjustments to avoid falling in deeper and accelerating the drag problem. So it depends.

But certainly Lau's overall statement is way too strong.

PonyFlare wrote:

I looked around for an official FAQ or errata mentioning this. I never would have considered looking at any PFS stuff, as I don't participate.

There is a lot of useful errata on that page. Would be nice if it was made official outside of PFS (At least what isn't campaign-specific) and available for download along with all other errata.

Paizo doesn't FAQ/errata stuff published in player's companions and other soft cover books, with the recent and very rare exception of big things that also impinge on PFS. For borked stuff in a player companion a PFS clarification (or ban if it's too screwed up/powerful/inappropriate to PFS to salvage) is your only hope.

archaephyrryx wrote:
If the items are non-magical, is there any way for a merchant to tell whether the diamond he is looking at will go away in 130 minutes, or whether it is non-ephemeral?

The item is nonmagical in the sense that it wouldn't overcome DR/magic or have any special powers, but it's created and maintained by magic, so it would be subject to Detect Magic.

Yes, it's option 2.

The equivalent spell in Pathfinder, Major Creation, also had a round/level duration for precious metals but took 10 minutes to cast. I think they're included for completeness sake but so sharply limited as to prevent their actual use except in some really fringe cases. Why they didn't just ban them from creation I don't know.

Adamantine could be useful if you need to hack your way through a hard door (although a Technomancer has about 10 other ways to get through doors). For the others...maybe a weird monster that needs a precious metal to negate its regeneration, and you left all your pocket change at home?

Nukes are great if you expect to fight Xenowardens, those no good hippies.

Races, at least, seem to get online very quickly.

Ravingdork wrote:
Wait, I thought you gave up healing touch at 9th (or the feat). How could you give up something at level 1, when you don't even decide if you have an archetype until level 2?

There’s precedent for giving up stuff early, but I admit the before you take the archetype issue is hard. There is no precedent for giving up something you already have. 9th level Mystic is horribly written, the only safe thing to do is give up your 9th level feat if you don’t want to risk a GM disagreement or confusion.

"True Seeing wrote:

You confer upon the target the ability to see all things within 120 feet as they actually are. The target sees through normal and magical darkness, notices secret doors hidden by magic, sees the exact locations of creatures or objects that are invisible or displaced, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of changed or transmuted things. Further, the target can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal Plane (but not into extradimensional spaces).

True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not negate concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means.


Astrazoan Change Form wrote:
As a standard action, an astrazoan can physically alter their form to look like any Medium creature, as long as they have seen a similar creature before. They can attempt to either mimic a specific creature or look like a general creature of the chosen type. The astrazoan gains a +10 bonus to Disguise checks to appear as a creature of the type and subtype of the new form. The DC of the astrazoan’s Disguise check is not modified as a result of altering major features or if they disguise themself as an aberration or a humanoid (though the DC is still modified if the astrazoan attempts to disguise themself as a different creature type). The astrazoan can remain in an alternate form indefinitely (or until they take another form).

It's not listed as Ex, Sp, or Su. But it seems more like a "changed or transmuted thing" than a "mundane disguise." I'd let True Seeing spot Astrazoans, Reptoids, and similar shape changers.

"Gaining an Archetype, pg 126 wrote:
You can gain an archetype when you achieve a new class level in an eligible class matching the earliest level for which the archetype offers an alternate class feature. The archetype is then considered part of the class you gain a level in when you level up. For example, if you are playing an envoy interested in being a Starfinder forerunner, you must select that archetype when you gain your 2nd level of envoy (the first level at which the Starfinder forerunner has an alternate class feature). From that point forward, whenever you gain an envoy class level, you should check whether you gain an alternate class feature from the Starfinder forerunner archetype, as well as whether any envoy class features are altered or replaced. When you first gain an archetype, read through all the altered or replaced class features that will affect your character, and note these down; for some classes (especially mystics and technomancers) these changes affect features from levels before or after the levels at which you gain archetype features.

You just skip the 6th-level power. For a Mystic the odd ones are 9th, where you can apparently decide to either give up healing touch early at 1st, or wait to give up a general feat at 9th, and 12th, where you give up a channel skill increment at 11th and 14th in return for your 12th level archetype ability.

Ravingdork wrote:
In my original example, there are two rounds represented. If I'm not getting two turns worth of actions in two rounds, then how have I not skipped a turn? Surely readied actions are not meant to waste a round when they work.

You have skipped a turn, and they are intended to work that way. The price you pay of choosing when your action goes off is that you forgo all actions until that moment arrives. If you train a gun on a door to shoot someone who comes out, you only get the action to shoot when someone comes out, whether that's in 6 seconds or 6 minutes. You don't get back the time you waited, and you don't double up when the action triggers.

You have limited (with caveats) telepathy out to 120 feet, because Divine Blessing (Hylax) gives you the equivalent of limited telepathy racial trait (30'), Extended Telepathy extends it by 30', and Phrenic Adept (2nd level) extends it by 60'.

Bonuses, pg 266, Core RPG wrote:
Bonuses that do not list a bonus type do stack, both with each other and with all typed bonuses. Such bonuses, often referred to as “untyped” bonuses, are among the most utilitarian of all bonuses in the game.

These seem to be bonuses without a type, so they stack on your base 30' range.

Additionally, Divine Blessing (Hylax) combos with Phrenic Adept (2nd level) to allow you to communicate with those who are friendly or helpful even if they don't share a language. Plus, Phrenic Adept (2nd level) combos with Extended Telepathy to allow you to attempt a Mysticism check to communicate with a creature who doesn't share a language with you but does speak some sort of language.

You don't have full telepathy.

I don't think so, because the glove itself doesn't have a weapon item level that it would need to determine what level of fusions you can apply.

A reasonable houserule might be for your GM to treat the armor level as the weapon level.

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yukongil wrote:
go wrestle with a full grown adult and then go do the same with a child...after you explain to the cops what you were doing and spend a little time in jail and then report to your community where you now live, think back to those two instances and tell me that size didn't matter in the grapple

Do the adult and child have the same strength, as verified through a comprehensive weight lifting challenge, and similar skill level, as demonstrated by equivalent W/L records against similar foes? Because unless they do this analogy is busted.

Metaphysician wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:

I think there’s an implication that radiation from city killing bombs that can penetrate dreadnought armor and shields is not stopped by personal armor. Just as individual class abilities don’t affect ship combat, character equipment shouldn’t, either.

The real problem with radiation weapons is having to assign HP to crew members and deciding how many low CR ones have to die off before a big ship’s second/third shift survivors can’t backfill the losses enough to run the ship.

I think you are drawing an implication that doesn't exist. Medium Radiation is Medium Radiation.

...that can't penetrate level 7 personal armor, but can penetrate a tier 20 dreadnought armor with max shields. Nah, I don't think so.

Here's a few possibilities:

1. It's supposed to work how you think, and Paizo printed a practically useless option.
2. It's supposed to work how I think, and Paizo printed a useful option that leads to some really complicated and hard to implement results.
3. Paizo didn't really think about it in depth, as supported by the failure to even remember to put the severe radiation tag on the capital weapon version of the nuclear missile.

I think it's 3, and consider 2 as the best option to salvage it.

Dasrak wrote:
TheFinish wrote:
The single action version allows no save, while the ranged and AoE version both allow undead creatures to save for half damage.
The single-target version also calls for a touch attack. While I do think a touch attack is generally better than a save (at least in PF1; remains to be seen if that's different in PF2) it's not that much better. This is particularly true since the wisdom modifier is incorporated into the damage formula, necessarily meaning that any character who uses this spell offensively will have good DC's anyways.

There's a touch AC vs. will save trade off to make here, remembering that the touch attack can crit, and perhaps easier than the will save can critically fail.

The Free Captains likely just approach an inferior ship where it can't get help, tell them to allow boarding and give up their cargo (or a percentage, depending on Free Captain customs) without a fight. The victim puts out a distress call, gets answers that no one will be there very soon, scans the pirate ship, sees it can defeat the victim's ship in combat, and relies on the Free Captains' reputation to surrender and presumably keep their lives, probably their ship, and maybe some of their cargo.

If it's a close match maybe you fight, and if you aren't sure it's actually a Free Captain you maybe prefer to go down fighting even if its hopeless.

Armory will show whether anything like the Necrografts (AP3) and corrosive guns (AP2) show up. I wouldn't expect the Golarion themed magic items from AP1 or the primitive stuff from AP4 to make an appearance.

Some of the AP4 drift article (admittedly not much) made it into Pact Worlds, and I think a couple of early AP monsters made it into Alien Archive. I'll be interested to see how many more are reprinted in Alien Archive 2.

All of this would be less urgent if AoN or the pfsrd sites would update their Starfinder content more often. Some other sites like The Hidden Truth have been really good about things like Pact Worlds themes/feats/spells and the AP devastation connection, but they don't cover equipment or monsters.

Nekome wrote:
JRutterbush wrote:
Nekome wrote:

And wizards... still use specialized components, or what? Nothing specific is mentioned in the spell text, so is there a whole separate component system matching them to the spell type or something?
Yes, since they didn't call out Wizards as doing anything special, they cast spells the default way (using material components for any spell that has a material casting action requirement).
If that were the case, there should be a specific material component mentioned in the spell text, right? Maybe I've suddenly been struck blind, but I don't see one.

Maybe they all have an arcane bond, or generic material components that work for any spell.

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I'm puzzled by all of these people who think Detect Magic is usable in combat to identify and counter illusions.

Shadrayl of the Mountain wrote:
How does a Wizard with 12 CON get a 50% HP boost out of Vampiric Exsanguination? Seems like he'd have something like 85 HP, wouldn't he?

Assume all classes get spells at even levels, so 12th level to cast this 6th level spell.

Wizard HP 5 (technomancers in Starfinder get 5, the least, so I'm guessing that's what it is here) plus 1 (CON 12) per level, so 12x6=72, plus say 6 for race puts you at 78. A 10d6 spell averages 35, so almost half for values of almost=4.

I'm guessing Witch will eventually use mental/vital spell lists.

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Magus Black wrote:


The target temporarily gains regeneration 15, which restores 15 Hit Points to it at the start of each of its turns. While it has regeneration, the target can't die from damage and its dying value can't exceed 3 . If the target takes acid or fire damage, its regeneration deactivates until after the end of its next turn.

I seriously don't like this bit here. A creature with Regeneration cant be killed no matter how much damage you deal? This makes it sound like Ogres and the like are either going to absolutely viciously (regardless of level) or they expect everyone to carry Fire and Acid weapons everywhere they go.

This is how regeneration (the ability, not the spell) has always worked, though? You can't die unless they apply the kryptonite.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:

Are "Foes/Minions" roughly equivalent to the "GM Character/Mook" distinction that Feng Shui pioneered?

Since this is a great mechanic and (almost) every game should "borrow" it happily.

Just a flavor term for a weak ally or foe, not a rules mechanic in this usage.

Minion here seems clearly referring to a weak ally (like a familiar), since it's expressing concern that you might kill one while siphoning off its life force. Generally you want to kill enemies, so...

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Also, any word on what Spell Points are? They're mentioned in the blog. Are they like spell slots, or something different?

They're surely like the Psychic's Phrenic Pool and Arcanist's Arcane Reservoir.

Combat Monster wrote:
It's looking like I'll be able to make a martial who has a magic attack or two. I'm optimistic.

Your combats must be really long if you think you'll pull of a ritual on the middle of one.

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Serum wrote:

Heal looks like it carries over all of the problems from P1E, except even worse because P2E's inflated HP scaling. It just doesn't look like it does enough to compete with other spells at the same level.

Compare heal at level 6 to Vampiric exsanguination. For the same action cost, I could heal one person of 6d8 damage at range, or I could force everyone in a 30-foot cone to save or take 10d6 damage and and I also will probably gain 5d6 temporary hit points.

Maybe spellcasting modifier scales with level, but then heal cast at level 1 will be more efficient (again) than heal cast at level 3.

Heal at level 6 either heals/harms 11d8+modifier to a single target, can heal/harm 5d8+modifier to a group. You're reading it wrong.

Also note the different action economy. At touch range you heal a single target 22d8*2xmodifier for the same number of actions. The group heal/harm takes more actions than the Vampiric Exsanguination.

I don't think your overall point is wrong, however.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:

I hope those are indeed the spell lists (though I'd bet Sorcerers still cast from the same list as Wizards).

The lists are probably:

Cleric: Spiritual/Vital
Druid: Material/Vital
Bard: Mental/Vital (because I'd bet Vital is where the healing is)
Sorcerer/Wizard: Material/Mental

And then we can hypothesize interesting combos. I mean, Psychic could easily be Mental/Spiritual. And what would a Spiritual/Material caster look like?

An Occultist?

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Counterpoint: It doesn't. Only Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard really need to be in core.

I think there’s an implication that radiation from city killing bombs that can penetrate dreadnought armor and shields is not stopped by personal armor. Just as individual class abilities don’t affect ship combat, character equipment shouldn’t, either.

The real problem with radiation weapons is having to assign HP to crew members and deciding how many low CR ones have to die off before a big ship’s second/third shift survivors can’t backfill the losses enough to run the ship.

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ghostunderasheet wrote:

Well i am already playing a mystic healer. Who worships phrasama goddess of birth/life and death. Was thinking of taking the divine champion archetype. Which gives a second connection. The Devastator Connection could fit in as the death aspect to the life aspect.

Is there anything stopping a mystic from taking that achetype?
What would you chose as a second connection?

I like the Akashic spells. Note as SLAs Augury, Divination, and Vision don’t cost resolve.

Ravingdork wrote:

I really want limited telepathy for a character concept I'm trying out. However, I'm playing a race that doesn't start with it. What other options are there for obtaining it?

I know about the phrenic adept archetype, but I'm hoping for something more like an item or feat.

Mindlink Circlet Mk 1 hybrid item, item level 2, 1600 credits.

Divine Blessing (Triune) lets you do it with technological constructs only.

Alien Archive (Anacite) has a brain slot cyber item that also works with technological constructs only.

Cellion wrote:

Junk Armor is quite good for technomancers that aren't able to (or inclined to) max dex at the same time as int. By accepting the fact that you'll be behind on AC by 1-3 at all levels, you can spend literally no credits on armor after 1st level (particularly relevant in SFS, since there's no chance of picking up outdated armor from enemies you defeat: you have to buy all armor directly). Considering that some technomancer builds can also skip out on buying weapons, you can funnel every last credit into spell gems, stat boosters, and utility items.

No upgrade slots, though.

baronvoncheese wrote:
I interpreted it as being one extra augmentation, period. However I would love it if I was wrong.

Oh, I thought the other way, but now I see I'm wrong.

Thanks to your enthusiasm for biotech gear and constant tinkering with your DNA, you can adopt experimental, cutting-edge augmentations in your body beyond what most people can support. You can install one additional piece of biotech augmentation than a typical member of your race. For example, a human could have both a dragon gland and a wildwise implant (Starfinder Core Rulebook 211, 212) even though they both occupy the throat system.

The example doesn't contradict the highlighted sentence, it makes it clear where the one extra augmentation comes - from doubling up on one slot, rather than some weird extra slot.

Dream Prophet moves into sole control of the lead for power gaming themes.

Subparhiggins wrote:

I'm not sure if I'd play a Bantrid myself but I am happy they are included in the game and that weird races are really getting their time to shine in Starfinder. I love the unusual becomes the mundane aspect of the game when it comes to player race variety.

Also when I read about what Bantrids were, I immediately thought of the Mulefa from His Dark Materials.

Skroderide or die.

Metaphysician wrote:
I know that they aren't that strictly useful, but I love the Stage Magic feats. Partly because I love the idea that magic has become so ubiquitous and tutorable that any random class can pick up a few spells pretty easily. And given how there are a lot fewer expansive feat trees, a lot of players *will*.

Technomantic Dabbler and Connection Inkling make it really hard to justify investing in the so much lamer single spell feat chains.

ghostunderasheet wrote:
That has been added since the core players handbook?

Dead Suns 2 has the Devastation connection for “kill everything” types. You’ll find it online if though search.

One free slot. You still have to pay for both.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

All three small races get bonuses to Charisma?

That seems redundant.

Dwarves are still small.

Junk Sword is a better spell than I thought at first. The 1.5 weapon specialization makes the unpowered versions more competitive (and at some levels superior) on damage with similar level basic melee weapons than you'd think, and some of the options are pretty nice and better than you can get on a bought weapon.

Stunned (staring at spell level 4)is a great critical effect given that it doesn't allow a save (unlike the much inferior Staggered), and the 6th level fusions (swappable between fights!) are fantastic flexibility. Entangled gives you a (one time) guaranteed debuff against a tough target, Spellthrower lets you use any Mystic spellgems you're carrying around for emergencies (I assume item level = CL for setting the level of gem you can use).

Ask your GM if an energy sword with the trip/disarm qualities can target EAC for those combat maneuvers instead of KAC. That's probably the intent, and gives this yet another nice niche for technomancers.

VampByDay wrote:
Cornielius wrote:
According to the Alien Archive, the Anacites of Aballon speak Common and 'Shortwave'(telepathy for techno constructs).
I wonder if Shortwave is selectable as a language for PCs. I know most PCs probably can’t speak it, but they could understand it if they had a tranciecer? Could they sign it with the sign version.

It’s technological telepathy. Alien Archive has a brain slot cyber augmentation that lets you send and receive it, otherwise no you can’t do it. Although the Pact Worlds feat Divine Blessing for Triune gives you something functionally identical.

Ravingdork wrote:

Wouldn't not taking those extra actions effectively mean I skip two turns though? Who would ever want to ready an action if that were the case?

The thing is, my turn circled around again. The fact that my action triggered just before it came around seems inconsequential to me.

What am I missing?

You get to shoot and potentially kill him before he can attack, since you ready off movement. If you don’t care about that, just sit back and full attack after he takes all of his actions.

Readying trades action efficiency for critical timing. If you’re remotely triggering an explosive, for example, you’d want to ready against someone entering the blast zone and sacrifice your regular actions until it happens rather than hope an enemy ends their turn in the right spot.

One of the weird things about ships is how the crew stats always fall in line with the hardware tier. A tier 1 fighter is somehow always being flown by an absolute rookie, instead of someone with a little experience (or focused training) and several extra skill ranks to boost defense and offense substantially.

They're Mass Effect Citadel Spectres, but with bigger numbers, their own ships, organizational units rather than lone wolves, and fewer assassinations and sabotage jobs.

Milo v3 wrote:
Losobal wrote:
I wouldn't necessarily say no, but I would say that you'd have to adapt the way BP and stuff gets figured. Like...I have to wonder how they stat the 'carrier' type ships. I mean I know they're tier equal to their level, but then does a Tier 15 carrier mean it also carries Tier 15 fighters? Or do they use the same fighter stats as the 1/2 to low ones we see in examples.

A tier 15 carrier means a starship which has the carrier frame and is tier 15. How many ships they can carry depends on how many Hanger/Hive/Shuttle Bays and Launch Tubes the ship has (carriers must have at least one Hanger Bay according to the frame rules). What tier the ships are would simply depend on how much of their tiers the GM allows them to invest into the smaller ships (or however many GM decides for NPC ships).

Note: Ships without the carrier frame can hold other ships assuming they're large enough and have bought the appropriate expansions. For example, if you put all the expansion slots of a destroyer into Hanger bays you could have 40 tiny ships inside of it ready for deployment.

A hangar bay only fits in gargantuan and colossal ships. No desroyers or even cruisers need apply. Cruisers can take a shuttle bay, and destroyers can use the launch tubes in Pact Worlds to carry up to two fighters at the cost of all expansion bays.

It’s at all times. Fast thrusters are hard to handle even at low speeds, slow thrusters are always smooth handling.

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What are everyone's favorite character options in Pact Worlds? I see a lot to like, and quite a few to build neat synergies.

1. The Dream Prophet theme gives you Augury (stack with the Psychic feat chain or the Divine Champion (Akashic Connection) archetype for more uses), and two daily rerolls of skills/feats/attacks (although you have to pick one category per day). Stack the rerolls with the Mystic Star Shaman connection, the Divine Blessing (Desna, skill only), and the Prescient Lenses (Mk II or III) hybrid magic item. Grab them all and you can get six rerolls per day at level 12 with Mk II lenses.

2. Divine Blessing feat, at least for some deities. Abadar, Pharasma, and Iomedae have crazy strong combat abilities. Ignore immunities on your appropriate target? Saranrae's ability is similar but weaker but also more widely applicable.

Desna (reroll a skill check), Damoritosh (add critical effect to your doshko), Triune (hack by touch and limited telepathy with robots), and Weydan (have a completely different appearance on every planet) are useful or at least cool.

LOL at the Devourer (last blow after you're killed) and Lao Shu Po (1d6 bonus damage against flat-footed targets but only in a surprise round), those are terrible.

3. All the archtypes. They can't fix the fundamental design errors in the core book that make most classes give up too much, but they at least give decent abilities by 6th level or so.

Arcanium Sage lets you buy bonus spells known through spell gems. Very nice. The late game extra magic items is good depending on WBL and growth in the inventory of useful items.

Divine Champion gives you a free resistance ring at 2nd level, so equivalent to but better than the 9th level free magic item slot from Arcanium Sage, the Divine Judgment can be excellent for good aligned deities/characters, and the divine power abilities can be very nice indeed depending on your connection. Remember if you're playing late game that SLAs don't use resonance, spam that Akashic connection for Augury, Divination, and Vision.

Skyfire Centurion is solid as cooperative combat booster on a Soldier (let your Mystic who often provides harrying fire help you out even more) and becomes amazing at 9th level for ship combat.

Star Knight is alright, I guess, but not my style flavor wise. The heavy armor is bleh, the challenge is ok (if you wouldn't rather make a full attack), and some of the 6th level abilities (Pike, Summon, Darkness) are very nice indeed.

Starfinder Data Jockey is SWEET if you're a hacker. The 2nd and 18th level abilities are nice skill boosters in areas you don't want to excel in, but that 6th level reroll on all (tier appropriate) hacking checks is why you're here. Having to hack tougher computers above your tier? See #1 above. The 9th level combat booster is actually kind of bad (poor action economy for a minor to hit boost and DR reduction), but I'll forgive it.

Steward Officer is fine, especially if you're playing a class without Culture/Diplomacy as skills.

4. Close Combat feat. Mandatory for all melee builds to protect against focus fire.

5. Focused Spellcaster feat. You don't have to take it, but it gives some more value to the otherwise lackluster Combat Casting, and it works really well with a certain playstyle that wants to invest in not losing those make or break spells.

6. The Xenolash. My favorite whip, step aside Mono.

7. Tattoo weapon fusion, for when you have a lot of money but no magic item slotsfor Gloves of Storing.

8. Motospheres! "We need a getaway vehicle!" [Throws down cue balls.]

9. Digital Doorway spell. Technomancers need more cool tech infiltration spells.

10. The entire ship section. I especially like the biomechanical ship rules and equipment options.

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