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Vale Temros

Xanos's page

841 posts. Alias of Doomed Hero.


Channel 9/9, Grave Touch 8/8, Shirt 1/1, Vestments 1/1, Slippers 10/10


Current effects: Detect Magic, False Life, Mage Armor, Message, Spider Climb, Shield


HP 49/37, AC 18, CMD 15, Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +5 Per +4


M, 230 lb, 6'7

Special Abilities

Channel Energy 8x per day, DC 15




Abyssal, infernal, celestial, draconic, giant, common, sign


Philosopher, manicurist

Strength 16
Dexterity 11
Constitution 8
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 13
Charisma 17

About Xanos

5th level Human Necromancer



Xanos is not from Talingarde. he was captured and imprisoned as some kind of war criminal, brought in by Sir Balin and a large retinue of witch hunters. They seemed both concerned and excited. The wardens have been talking about the statement his execution will send, and important people from all over the kingdom are rumored to be arriving to watch.

Xanos' Philosophy:

Life is Bondage, every aspect of mortal life, from desire to emotion, to breathing and eating is a form of control. It limits us and makes us small, servile and unable to take responsibility for our own actions. It is these things that allows the gods to justify their treatment of us.

To Know Freedom You Must Know Slavery, we all have many masters. We must accept them, serve them dutifully in order to understand what it is they ask from us and why, and then we must rebel against them with every fiber of our beings. Personhood is earned.

Death is Peace, Peace is Failure, when we die we no longer struggle, which means we can no longer learn or grow. We are subject to the whims of the gods, and only they decide if we get another chance. Death is the ultimate shackle, the ultimate surrender of personhood.

The Spiral Must Be Broken, the cycle of life, death and rebirth is like a cosmic whirlpool that sucks down every living thing, churns it at the bottom and then spits it out back to the top again. Every living thing tries to fight the current. They all lose. To be free we must leave the waters.



He definitely looks foreign, extremely tall and imposing with dark skin and pale eyes. Dark runic tattoos trace his body and his bare scalp. Silver bracers and a silver girdle etched with the symbols of Mitra are fused around his wrists and waist. He moves with a slight slowness, as if everything he does is deliberate. He possesses almost none of the usual human ticks. He does not scratch, shift his weight, tap his feet, drum his fingers, fidget, or even blink unless he absolutely has to. When he looks at people, he stares with intelligent intensity.

HP: 37 (6 for 1st level +4d3+12, -4 con, +5 favored class, +7 toughness)




12 AC, Suppression belt and chains (hakamari+armored kilt)
Currently 14 (mage armor)

16 CMD (+2 bab, +3 str, +1 dex)

+0 Fort (+1 class, -1 con)
+1 Ref (+1 class)
+4 Will (+4 class, +1 wis)
(+1 trait bonus vs. divine spells and effects)



BaB +2

CMB +2

Blackerly's Masterwork Longsword +6, 1d8+3 (+4 if two handed)

Spiral Horn Staff (MW quarterstaff) +6, 1d6+3

Combat net (2) -2, touch attack, entangle

=====Traits and Feats=====


Unnatural Presence: You can use your Intimidate skill to demoralize animals and vermin; Intimidate is a class skill for you.

Heresy: You have denied the supremacy of Mitra and been condemned for it. For this to be a crime, you were not content to keep your heresy to yourself. You tried to sway others. Likely you were captured by the famed witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld. The last thing he said to you was: “Mitra may forgive you yet for your lies. Talingarde will not.” If only you could get a chance at revenge!
Punishment: Death by burning.
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.

Quiet as Death": You gain a +2 trait bonus to Stealth checks.


Scribe Scroll
Command Undead (school bonus)
Toughness (race)
Skeleton Summoner (bonus non-combat)
Spell Focus Necromancy (1st)
Stealth Synergy (bonus teamwork, 3rd)
Craft Wondrous Item (3rd)
Improved Familiar (5th)
Alertness (familiar, only applies when familiar is within 30')
Craft magic Arms and Armor (bonus, wizard 5)



Skill Points: 36 (10-wizard, 25-int, 5 race, 4 bonus, +2 favored class)

+4 Perception (+1 wis, +3 Alertness)
+13 Spellcraft (5 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+6 Disguise (1 Rank, +3 cha, +2 eq)
+5 Sense Motive (5 rank, +1 Wis)
+13 Intimidate (5 ranks, +3 Cha, +3 class, +2 eq)
+6 Diplomacy (1 rank, +3 cha, +2 eq)
+9 Stealth (5 ranks, +2 trait, +2 equip.)
+7 Use Magic Divice (2 rank, +3 cha, +2 eq)

+15 Craft: Alchemy (5 ranks, +5 int, +3 class, +2 eq.)
+11 Craft: Scrimshaw (1 ranks, +5 int, +3 class, +2 eq.)
+11 Craft: Trap (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class, +2 eq)
+11 Craft: Metalwork (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class, +2 eq)

+12 Knowledge: Arcana (4 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+10 Knowledge Religion (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: History (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Nature(1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Engineering (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Dungeoneering (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Planes (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Geography (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Knowledge: Local (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)
+9 Linguistics (1 rank, +5 int, +3 class)

+4 Heal (+1 wis, +3 eq)




DC 15+ spell level
(16+ spell level if Necromancy, listed in bold)

Opposed Schools Illusion and Evocation, listed in Italics
Memorized spells marked with an X

Richter’s Tome of Arcane Armament
This beautiful book is made of fine cerulean leather embossed with gold leaf. Its edges are reinforced with brass fittings and strange arcane symbols adorn its covered. It bears the draconic rune of “R” in the center of its front cover.
Value 350 gp | Blank Pages 63

-Cantrips- (4 per day, at will)
Disrupt Undead
Touch of Fatigue
Mage Hand
Arcane Mark
Prestidigitation x
Message x
Open Close
Read Magic
Detect Magic x
Acid Splash
Detect Poison
Resistance x
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Ghost Sound

-1st- (4 per day, +1 necromancy) (Pearl of Power 1)

Decompose Corpse
Restore Corpse
Sculpt Corpse x
Ray of Sickening
Summon Monster 1 x
Sleep x
True Strike
Feather Fall x
charm person
expeditious retreat
mage armor
shield x
Blood Money
magic missile
Disguise Self

-2nd– (3 per day, +1 Necromancy)
Command Undead
Spectral Hand
False Life x (cast)
Summon Monster II x
Bull’s Strength
Cat's Grace
Fox's Cunning
hideous laughter
Blood Transcription
Create Treasure Map
Stone Call xx
Scorching Ray
Alter Self
Spider Climb
Arcane Lock
flaming sphere

-3rd- (2 per day, +1 Necromancy)
Animate Dead, Lesser x x
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance x


Blood Money x5
Message x2
True Strike x2
Charm Person x2
Ex. Retreat
Mount x5
Magic Missile x2
Vanish x3
Interrogation x2

Hideous Laughter
Summon Monster II x5
Scorching Ray
Flaming Sphere x2
False Life x2
Stone Call x3
Bull Strength x5
Cat's Grace x3
Fox's Cunning x2
Spider Climb x4
Invisibility x4
Alter Self x2
Blood Transcription x3
Create Treasure Map x4
Arcane Lock x4

Animate Dead

Cure Mod
Cure Mod

=====Class Abilities=====



Xanos' Left hand

Power Over Undead


You receive Command Undead or Turn Undead as a bonus feat. You can channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier, but only to use the selected feat. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against these feats is equal to 10 + 1/2 your wizard level + your Charisma modifier. At 20th level, undead cannot add their channel resistance to the save against this ability.

Grave Touch


As a standard action, you can make a melee touch attack that causes a living creature to become shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1). If you touch a shaken creature with this ability, it becomes frightened for 1 round if it has fewer Hit Dice than your wizard level. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.



  • Spellbook (Pearl of Power 1 mounted to face, 500 gp)
  • Blackerly's masterwork longsword

Armor: Girdle of imprisonment, with skirt of chains (haramaki+armor kilt 23 gp)
Head: Suppression Mask (MW Intimidate tool, 50 gp)
Neck: Broach of Disguise
Shoulders: Muleback Cords (+8 str carry capacity)
Body: Swiftrunner's Shirt, Authoritative Vestments
Wrist: Silver manacles (Mage Hand at will, 450 gp)
Feet: Soft soled Daredevil slippers (MW stealth tool, 750 gp)

In pouches (consumables):
Tanglefoot Bags x5
Alchemist's Fire x5
Alchemical Solvent x5
Healer's kit and Surgeon's tools
MW Trapmaking tools
Small, deployable trap components (400 gp worth)
Vermin Repellant x2
Smokestick x10
Tindertwig x10
Twine, 50'
Fishhooks x50
Marbles x50
Caltrops x50
Stubborn Nail x7

In pack:

Blackerly's hand (treated with Restore corpse and Unguent of Timelesness)
Warden Richtor's hand (treated with Restore corpse and Unguent of Timelesness)
Sir Eldon's hand (treated with Restore corpse and Unguent of Timelesness)
Triton Leader's hand (treated with Restore corpse and Unguent of Timelesness)
Triton Druid's hand (treated with Restore corpse and Unguent of Timelesness)
Dai's the Letter Carrier's hand (treated with Unguent of Timelesness)
Captain Varnig's hand (treated with Unguent of Timelessness)
Mad Martin's hand

Vermin Repellant x10 (25 gp)
Unguent of Timelessness (75 gp)
Universal Solvent (25 gp)
20' heavy chain
4 good quality locks
Branderscar keychain
Asmodean Circlet of Alter Self

In Slave/on Grumblejack
MW Portable Alchemy lab, 40lbs (250gp)
MW Writing supplies (50)
5 gallons of lamp oil (in fireproof container)
200' of hemp rope
5 identical full covering outfits
2 bear traps


bugbear chieftain- Akkarot Fire-Axe.

Carry Capacity:

Light: >266
Medium: 466
Heavy: 700

Overhead: 700
Lift: 1400
Drag: 3500


Channel Pool (5 HD max)

Command Pool (no max HD, 5 day duration per casting)
Slave (3 HD)

Raise Dead Pool (20 HD max)
Bloody Burning Fast Zombie Ravens (26 total, 3/8 HD each, 10 HD)

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