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Cale the Calistrian

Xandar Draxil's page

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Good product for what it is supose to be.

****( )

For an OGL product wherein Paizo could not and did not include Glorin specific content like the Agile weapon enhancement or other specific magic items. It succeded or surpased my expectations. The new or expanded special materials, Alchemy items and addtional mundane gear are helpful to anyone.

The smart move to color code and list items by the wearable slot type instead of alphbetically is very helpful. I`m disapointed that Paizo did not include a new slot and items to cover for Leggings, Pants, Skirts or kilts. Even though 90% of RPG's both PnP and Computer versions have them.

There are errors within the slot items layout where the title of an item suggests one slot type but the text contridicts exactly where a given item should go. For example Body Wraps in title but text states that it covers the Chest area, or Guantlets of skill at arms in the wrist/bracer section.

The tables are a much needed overhaul for GM`s to quickly roleup monster/lair loot even though there is an error/omission in table 17-3 random weapons.

Overall for an OGL Equipment book this is a solid purchase but with room for improvement I give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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