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Scarab Sages

It has been a good run, as a Adventure Path Charter subscriber I've enjoyed supporting Pathfinder from Alpha through the last Adventure Path, however the time has come to split from the path.

Please Cancel order #2707098 and Stop my subscription.

Thank you

Earthdawn Appreciation Day June 14th, 2013

Hey everyone, I'm an old school fan of Earthdawn. So I'm running an Earthdawn Appreciation Day event over on my Blog.

I'm running a contest for new Content, and have Hank Woon, Steven Black and Andrew Raglang lined up as guest judges. It's pretty simple guideline for the contest. Submit some new original material for Earthdawn (Any edition, including Pathfinder Edition and Savage Worlds), on your blog or email it to me; and I will post on June 14th on the blog.

The timing is intentional, being the day before FREE RPG DAY, so there's new material for Earthdawn for FREE RPG DAY. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, with 4, 2 & 1 PDFs from the entire Earthdawn catalog available at Drivethru.

Come check out the blog for full details and ideas.

Are the judges granting a golden ticket this year? Or is it completely up to the fans?

Scarab Sages

Please cancel the Companion portion of my subscription. In addition cancel my Roleplaying Game subscription. Dental costs have removed my ability to continue these services.

Thank you,
Xaaon (aka Ron Tilton)

EpicRPGBlog has gotten a review copy of Super Dungeon Explore!! Check it out:



First play will be up tomorrow, review will be up this week.

Scarab Sages

I need to suspend my subscriptions for now, don't have the funds currently.

Thank you.

CotCT GameMaestro

20 pt buy.

1 selected trait, and I'll come up with a campaign trait for you since you're jumping in at 4th level.

pretty much all book options are open.

4th level standard PC cash. (nothing better than +2 enchancement overall), so while you could have a +2 dagger you can't have a +2 keen dagger.

As we start AP2 you'll be allowed to re-tool your characters using the new books.

I am pleased to announce (with my Pathfinder RPG Review Part I just being posted) or Family Oriented Game Blog: Epic RPG Blog to the Paizo Community.

This is an RPG Blog with reviews of various games, and Con Coverage. We have covered the following Cons in San Diego: Kingdom Con, Gaslight Gathering and Gam3rCon.

In addition, my boys, have been doing interviews. Amongst those they've interviewed are:
John Cadice (Soda Pop Miniatures)
Jeff Bellinger (Creator of Killer Bunnies)
Ross Thompson (creator of Kingdom Con)
Tony Knealy (Aberrant, creator of Rezolution and WarLands)
Brian Bielawski & Walter Meyer (of Gam3rs-The Play)

I also review RPGs, Board games and War Games.

We have been underway since February, the boys will be doing their own kid-related reviews as well.

(we're still growing, so please forgive any growing pangs)

I was already charged for this order per my bank (On Jul 21st) please make sure it doesn't get charged a second time. Also, I know Ultimate Combat PDF won't be available, but can I at least have Goblins of Golarion unlocked since it's already been paid for (nearly overdrawing my account since it wasn't supposed to be charged until I got the shipping notice, which I haven't gotten)

In addition after Ultimate Combat, which has already been paid for, I will need to cancel my core books for now, I can't afford the Beginner's Box currently.

Scarab Sages

First I'd like to say THANK YOU for adding the corner protectors to the Ultimate magic book, without those protectors I'd need the entire order resent, because the box was obviously chucked and stomped.

So, 3 of 4 items are fine, but Carrion Crown: Broken Moon was not so lucky it had one corner crushed, I can take pictures if needed.


If Curse of the Crimson Throne were to be cast as a movie, which Iconics would you choose, who would you cast for them, and who would you cast for the supporting roles?

Scarab Sages

My Bestiary 2 was not handled with the loving care it deserved and had one corner crushed and one corner dinged. I can link a picture later if needed. It was hand-delivered to my door so it wasn't our postman, it was one of the boxchuckers at an office.

Are these the limited edition wizard set?

* Four "hellfire" Fudge Dice (translucent red with yellow markings)
* Four "winter" Fudge Dice (translucent blue with white markings)
* Four "ectoplasm" Fudge Dice (opaque glow-in-the-dark yellow with black markings)

Expedition to White Plume Mountain

The Following Characters are currently without active players:

Delwyn Mane Half-elf Mystic Theurge

Geriant Altidor Human Cavalier

Kurgand August Dwarven Fighter

We're approximately 1/4 through the adventure, if you're interested in joining this game pick a character and let me know. The character's are beat up pretty bad at the moment after a nasty encounter.

If you want to re-work the character some that's fine with me, just keep the name, faction affiliation, and class, everything else is free to be re-worked.

Would it be possible to create 2 separate Gamer Connection threads? One for Paizo PbP threads exclusively and another for non-paizo PbP threads, and live connection.

I know you sell all the Faction T-Shirts and the Gray Maidens T-Shirts, but why are there no generic Pathfinder Shirts?

The iconics are BEGGING to be put on Cotton...except maybe Ezren... Also , my kids are retiring their Dungeons & Dragons (3e) T-shirt, and we're looking for a replacement, a Rock'n Pathfinder RPG shirt would be PERFECT!

Anyone else want different T's?

This product slipped in during June, amazingly with little fanfare. I saw it at Border's today, I must say, from a quick perusal, I'll be getting it, the artwork is incredible, I never picked up 3e or d20 versions, The last one I bought was 2e. But I must say, even with a $60 MSRP, the look and heft of this new rulebook is just WOW!!!

The art Direction is some of the best I've seen in any game, While the APG will be getting my ennie vote next year for best product, I'll be voting for this book as best must see it to understand, but it definitely takes its influence from classic Japanese artwork.

Just like the title says...I'm LF a Smuggler's Shiv game, most my other games have slowed or dumped, I still have some, but I'd like to find this one, it looks pretty sweet, and the new APG stuff is just begging to be played. No time to run it myself.

Can't wait to be fully employed again, so I might catch up on my Earthdawn 3e Books!

Have to just add it to my wishlist, now I wonder why they went with "Nations of Barsaive" for the series, The serpent River isn't really a Nation, Region of course...I guess they see it as the T'skrang's nation.

OO yeah...

Can't wait to be fully employed again, so I might catch up on my Earthdawn 3e Books!

Have to just add it to my wishlist!

Can't wait to be fully employed again, so I might catch up on my Earthdawn 3e Books!

Have to just add it to my wishlist since I really enjoyed the first volume of Shards.

Nice mini adventures, well tied together in Shards 1, I hope Shards 2 is just as good.

Can't wait to be fully employed again, so I might catch up on my Earthdawn 3e Books!

Have to just add it to my wishlist!

You just saw a priest leave abruptly from a table in your favorite Inn, it's got one of the best brews in Korvosa.

Almost done with AP1. Looking for someone long-tern, this is our second cleric that dropped.


OMG those are hilarious!!!


Hah, Goldberry, funny review...

of course I've noticed lots of similar problems with D&D miniatures, they go with cheap plastic molds from a pliable plastic, nothing like Games Workshop miniatures. They're made and painted in China, the only decent figures in the lines were rare heroes and the huge size one, even those weren't perfect by any means.

If you want quick and easy, don't look for quality, if you want quality; buy Reaper and paint it yourself (or get someone awesome to paint it.)

Oh man, I love Battlelords!! And getting the real minis is almost impossible!

Pricepoint is fine for 27 figures, actually it's better than the price point for Pathfinder minis. 12 for $4 versus 27 for $5...HUGE difference.

Is this a complete ruleset or a campaign setting for Hero System?

One of my kids is really enamored with Champions now because of Champions Online, and he wants to buy this, but, I don't want to have to invest in several Hero System books so he can use the Champions book.

Scarab Sages

No discount for paper minis from Pathfinder subscriptions?

I was in checkout and it was full price for the Kingmaker Paper minis...

is that correct?

OK these are extremely awesome, do you know when they're due in?

White Plume Mountain has been identified as the “feathered mound” mentioned in the poem.

White Plume Mountain, or K'tal Doaum in the Native Shoanti, has always been a place of superstitious awe to the neighboring Shoanti. This natural wonder lies in the Cinderlands, few are willing to approach it closely, since it is reputed to be the haunt of various demons and devils. The occasional disappearance of those who stray too close to it reinforces this belief.

Keraptis was a mid-level Osirion faction Pathfinder decades ago. He disappeared while on an expedition in the Cinderlands. It appears he has some sort of grudge against the Pathfinder Lodge now...

Is this good?

Anyone played this before? I haven't seen it demoed, so I wonder how it plays.

Standing alone in a vast area of dismal moors and tangled thickets is White Plume Mountain, an almost perfectly conical volcanic hill formed millennia ago from the slow leakage of lava. About 1,000 yards in diameter at the base, the peak rises about 800 feet above the surrounding land. The white plume that gives the mountain its name and fame is a continuous geyser that spouts from the very summit. The spray shoots 300 feet into the air, then trails off to the east under the prevailing winds like a great white feather. The water from the geyser collects in numerous depressions downslope that eventually merge, creating a sizeable stream.

The nearest village, Yellowreach, lies about 5 miles from the mountain along the Yellow Flow River (so named for the sulfurous deposits along its banks). The villagers know of the mountain and its surroundings, as well as details of the only entrance (see Beginning the Adventure, below), but they generally give the area a wide berth. Any adventurers bold enough to set out for White Plume Mountain are regarded as either very brave or very foolhardy.

Steam vents pierce the mountainside in various spots, but none of them is large enough to allow entry. The only possible entrance to the volcanic cone is a cave on the south slope. This cavern, known as the Wizard’s Mouth, is about 8 feet in diameter and 40 feet long. Near the ceiling at the far end is a long, horizontal crevice about 1 foot wide. Periodically, air is sucked into this crack at great speed, creating a loud whistling sound and snuffing out torches. After a few moments, the rush of air slows down, stops for about 2 seconds, and then the air rushes out again in a great blast of steam. The steam is not hot enough to scald anyone, but it does make the cave uncomfortable, like a very hot sauna interrupted by blasts of cold air.

You heard me right folks...

White Plume Mountain, the myth the legend,

Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor have gone missing...Now a crazed wizard is taunting the King...

Will you be the ones to reclaim them?

TS#30226 wrote:

The last post Messed up...

So, any Doctor Steel Fans amongst the Paizoans?

(Feel free to delete the first post that didn't sync.)

If you're not familiar with the Good Doctor, check him out on The You Tube.


Not a single Toy Soldier on the entire boards???

So, any Toy Soldiers amongst the Paizoans??

If you don't know who Doctor Steel is look him up on you tube.

Anyone have any insight on this game?

I haven't even seen it played, but since it's on sale, it's tempting.

What's with the line spacing change? It makes PbP game threads infinitely more difficult to read, since there's effectively no spacing between the lines....

If you played in the past, or were always interested, jump on in. The waters fine...well not in the Death's just Lava...And you might want to be careful in the Servos Jungle waters, and of course the T'skrang might get upset if you trespass on their rivers...better yet, just jump on!!!

The Airships are ready, watch out for the Crystal Raiders...

I have been slapped down by several posters on this server when I mention that the DM is the final word on adjudicating the rules.

I've been playing D&D since 83.

I almost always end up DMing since no one else wants to step up and DM. So after all these years of DMing (and making house rules), I have developed a strong "My game" mentality.

I want to know why there is so much anti-DM control sentimentality when it comes to this subject.

I understand people who want to play it RAW, but when a rule is interpreted multiple ways it can be a hindrance. When certain combinations of abilities/feats/spells are used it can cause the DM to lose control of the game, or cause players to not have fun, because X player is hogging the spotlight. I know as DM I can personally pick the meanest nastiest monsters to kill my players in every encounter, but I'm not there to win the game, I'm there to provide fun for me and my players.

I want to know if you have a problem with DM running the game the way he wants to run it. Also put whether you are a Full-time DM, Full-time player or you do both.

[let's keep it CIVIL please, I'm not starting this as a flame war thread but as a place to put out your opinions.]

Scarab Sages

I'm reposting this from my own Facebook.

OK it seems the females of Facebook think that by posting their bra colors secretly it will raise awareness of breast cancer. Now if they put their money where their bra color is...they might REALLY make a difference.

If all 350 million FB users contributed $1 for Breast Cancer Research, that would make a HUGE difference...posting your bra color doesn't do anything!

I'm donating today, because well, it's the right thing to do. (And I do like my wife having them)

It would be much easier to add stuff my the wishlists without having to go into the individual product description. Say in the Product Overview area like Here

Right now I have to open each of the products I want to add to my list and then add it.

Thanks! Paizo Rocks! Just trying to make the site BETTER!!!

For the Tsennites:

Your kaer of Tsennan, Named for the town whose residents built and settled it, recently opened when its locked doors were discovered by a Throalic expedition. Far to the North of Barsaive, your kaer feels that the threat of Theran fortress of Triumph is far away, and rebuilding your community outside the Kaer is the most pressing challenge at hand. The proximity of the Scythan Mountains, home once to another mighty dwarf kingdom struck early, and completely destroyed by the Horrors, has led many of your people to move to one of the larger cities. The neighboring Blood Wood sends shivers down your spine at night. The Blood Elves dwelling there underwent a ritual that left thorns sprouting from their skin, causing them to live in constant self-inflicted agony to make themselves uninteresting to the Horrors. The elves among you say this self-mutilation may be worse than anything the Horros could have done. Out here in the hinterlands, with most of your people still living in tents and makeshift wooden shelters, there are no high walls or Throalic soldiers to protect you; and Horrors, undead, feral beasts and bandits still roam the land. Fortunately, there are some among the Tsennites who walk the adept's path-you are one of those. You use magic to achieve what others only learn after years of training, and to perform feats that can not ever be performed by someone relying on mundane means alone, you are only initiates but if you follow the paths of your disciplines you can become legends!

Txoro of Barsaive wrote:
This will be the thread for the individual journals you will be keeping for submittal to the Library of Throal. Legend Points & Silver will be rewarded for journals written from your character's perspective. They don't have to be completely accurate to the dice rolls, just try to write the journals from the perspective of your race and discipline. T'skrang Swordmasters see the world very differently from Obsidimen Warriors.

You may begin your journals now

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