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WyteNite's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 24 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Dark Archive

Mergy wrote:
Bumping one time. Any advice/tips/stories about bloatmages? Good metamagic feats to combine with blasting spells so they don't just blast?

This was actually exactly the sort of character I was just in the process of making, down to the transmutation/evocation bit. Bloat seems really easy to control, honestly. Only bloat when you've run out of your normal pool. Level 1, only use it in the most dire of emergency. Level 2 and 4, use the limiting ritual for the ability to take the -1 on the roll, just in case. At all other levels, if you bloat from an empty pool, you might often end up sickened, but you'll never berserk. Honestly, I'd take Bloatmage to 10... 15 if I could. ^_^

Edit: Make sure to invest in some sort of flying chair, boots of levitation or some other sort of fatman-conveying device. Not only will you stylishly float in your throne of power, it will prove handy in many an adventuring situation. Also, don't be afraid to polymorph yourself into a more athletic form when you need to. You'll lose access to all your blood stuff, but it is easier to seduce countesses and crawl through sewer pipes. Both tend to come up for my wizards more often than I'd care to admit.

Dark Archive

I was trying to make a grappling synthesist summoner today and I ran across two interesting things.

Improved Grapple has a dexterity requirement of 13. The grappled condition gives -4 to dexterity. The grappled condition would drop my character beneath the required dexterity for the feat improved grapple...

Also, I was discussing grappling with the party rogue and we noticed something. The grappled condition is replaced by the pinned condition, they don't stack. As such, the -4 dexterity is replaced with a -4 to ac. As such, it is actually EASIER for his rogue to escape a pin with escape artist than it is for him to escape a grapple.

Dark Archive

Lab_Rat wrote:
Now, with these rules, the tower shield literally disappears with the rogue post stealth check. Gear disappears along with the character during invisibility. Sorry...but this breaks belief. If nothing else can we please rule out the tower shield as a form of cover for stealth.

I was actually JUST about to bring that up! I've had the horrible feeling that folk aren't listening to Feral just because he doesn't seem to enjoy typing in full sentences. His concern is perfectly legitimate. If there is an area with "concealment", then you can turn invisible really easily... what if I take a sheet and hang it from two ioun stones? I now have a spinning blanket of concealment. 51 gold gets me a floating personal screen that grants breaks line of sight several times a turn... even better, attach a rock to the bottom so it naturally spirals.

Have you ever heard of the peasant railgun? You get 500 peasants, line them up 10 feet from eachother and tell all of them to ready an action to pass an object from the person behind them to the person in front of them. You then hand a 10-foot pole to the person at the end of the line. When it arrives at the last peasant, it has gone 5000 feet in less than 6 seconds. It makes NO sense and shouldn't work. The difference between the peasant railgun and the always-invisible tower shield/blur spell is that nothing in the rules says "check the pole's current position as opposed to the beginning of the turn" but these stealth rules say concealment+check=invisible.

I'm really happy that paizo wants to keep improving the game, but I'm afraid we are reaching into a territory where we are trying to make it READ the way most of us have been subconsciously just DOING it and, in the process, we are just messing it up even worse. I am 100% against these rules as they currently are, I'd rather use the old ones.

Dark Archive

Always did love that armor. A wonderful costume! ^_^

Dark Archive

Richard Leonhart wrote:

@srd5090 thanks, that makes a lot more sense. However thinking about it not that much more, if a dragon would want to attack it, wouldn't he use spells or his breath weapon?

I mean if the vessel is gargantuan, then that dragon is colossal, right?

anyhow, I like vehicle-rules, just like firearms. I wonder what stops people from crafting tanks ... or gargantuan mechanical spiders ^^

Or maybe the dragon just feels the urge to be a dragon and rip stuff apart on occasion while staying entirely out of range of their weaponry.

And to answer your crafting question, NOTHING outside of Pathfinder Society organized play. It is one of my favorite parts of Pathfinder, doing the things that normally only the badguys get to do. (4th edition doesn't even PRETEND you might want to make things.)

Dark Archive

This wallpaper reminds me of how much I'm looking forward to any Cheliax-based devil magic that might be in this book. Oh yes.

Dark Archive

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Still, I think that would be seen as obnoxious even if allowed "Need a CLW to be stabilized and wake up? 10 gp!"

Doesn't Abadar's faith forbid healing for free anyways?

It is so hard to feel gold-oriented in a system that forbids item creation or sale... then again, it is also rather hard to feel properly Cheliaxian in a system that forbids being Lawful Evil. At least all my "Rather close to evil but seriously, the sheet says neutral, look I just gave money to an orphan DON'T JUDGE ME" characters can still be Lawful...

Dark Archive

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Eldritch heritage... Or how to get a familar without being Wizard, Arcane Sorcerer or Witch?
Sweet, now I can finally make a straight rogue with a monkey familiar to share my sleight of hand ranks... :)

Consider this idea stolen, but with a super-distracting bard. ^_^

Dark Archive

Anburaid wrote:
... instead of good old Stunning Fist? Or some other status condition mechanic? I was surprised to see them get Punishing Kick when Stunning Fist lets you stun/stagger/sicken/nauseate/paralyze opponents all which says ki manipulation to me. Anybody got the skinny? or at least a plausible theory? or amusing one, I'll take those too?

The iconic Hungry Ghost monk uses punishing kick all the time. That's why.

Dark Archive

I LOVE ME SOME ARCHETYPES! I did a happy clapping bounce with an ambiguously camp "oOOOooooo!"

Dark Archive

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this book ever since I got wind of the "innocent accidents chart". I'm REALLY looking forward to the Bard archetype, the Underarm Trumpeteer.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder, Cons AND Demons? I like all these things!

Dark Archive

Blazej wrote:
I had always been a bit confused by the Green Prismatic Poison. With an initial effect of death, I've never been sure when the secondary effect and saves to cure would actually come into play.

Maybe for the hypothetical critter that is immune to death effects but not to poisons?

Dark Archive

Argh! Paizo! You didn't fix the one massive thing that really bugged me! At 7th level, they get arm targeting! They can, if they hit touch ac, instantly disarm anyone who isn't wearing a locked gauntlet! That means that a level 7 gunslinger with 10 dex and no bonuses to hit could disarm a balor of its whip or sword by spending a grit point and rolling a 13! Maybe if it were some sort of free disarm attempt with a large bonus rather than just a free disarm? I seriously can't see a cloud giant losing his weapon to a pistol so easily.

The other changes look amazing. Thanks for continuing to be a great company, the other game company would just release a broken book and say "oh, the DMs will sort it all out." I really appreciate you letting us in on the playtest level.

Dark Archive

Looks awesome and iconic, just how I like my fantasy.

Dark Archive

BPorter wrote:

Once an entire class and additional archetypes exist is support of gun-fun, I see it being much more difficult to keep their influence out of other areas of Golarion.

Like those blasted druids! I swear to god, once their class came out, suddenly all the dwarf halls turned to wood. It was easy enough for me to hand-wave away trees before players who were interested in them had the ability to use powers based around them... but now I HAVE to have plants in my game. The players look at me strangely if I tell them that plants don't exist in Golarion. They are all like "Yes, they do. Having areas with and without trees is part of the appeal of the pathfinder world" but NOOOOO! I know the MOMENT I allow druid into my campaign trees will be EVERYWHERE.

Dark Archive

Just 2 quick things that I noticed. First off, as written now, a gunslinger can always automatically disarm a STORM GIANT if he can hit an ac of 10. I think the hand aim is just a wee bit too powerful. Maybe if it were a decently sized bonus on a disarm check rather than being an auto success?

Also, Katanas. I know that katana stat lines have been a hot debate but I really think that the rules you have for the Aldori Dueling Sword are the best katanas I've seen in years. The Aldori swordmasters act like they are wielding katanas, the pictures look like they have katanas... and a 1d8 19/x2 weapon that you can 1 or 2 hand and weapon finesse despite its size sounds like a katana to me. I was kinda disappointed to see the old "just do the 3.0 katana thing" splash up there. I'm really hoping for some non-bastard sword katanas in the hardback.

Keep up the work paizo! I love it! It is almost like you guys PLAY your game! I actually read through all of gunslinger and thought that fighters could still do more damage with a gun, especially with the feats you threw in. That means the system is still working! ^_^

Micah Schamis wrote:
After a quick read through the Samurai seems really too similar to the cavalier in tone. Not sure what to do about this, but compared to the other 2 it seems lacking to me.

Edit: I saw this one and wanted to jump on it. The samurai and ninja are class rewrites, like the anti-paladin. It says somewhere in their description that they are, in fact, rogue and cavalier.

Magus Black wrote:
This question goes to the nature of the Ronin and the class ability “Banner” as majority of Ronin will not have one as they have no allegiances (and it would be hard to understand why they would keep something that paints a bulls-eye on their ass).

6 circles, a triangle, sir. 7 ronin. 1 village of farmers. 1 class ability put to great use.

Dark Archive

While it's no Cheliax, Alkenstar has always held a special place in my heart. Great stuff. Everyone involved deserves a root beer float.

Dark Archive

Skylancer4 wrote:
Even if she would only be armed with the shield, her fist is for all intents and purposes another weapon (albeit inferior) which again means the shield would be the "off hand."

Nonsense. I built a Captain America fighter at one point who used that shield in his main hand as his main weapon.

The penalties are based on whichever hand is your primary hand. You find the penalties and the rules for them under light, one-handed and two-handed melee weapons. page 141. It has nothing to do with two-weapon fighting or wielding multiple weapons, just which arm it is strapped to. If you have that bad boy on your main arm, you do full strength. If you don't, you don't. That simple.

As for dual-shielding... it is an interesting idea and it certainly sounds cool... but shield bonuses don't stack.

Dark Archive

Krakit, Skurr and Lem! ^_^

Dark Archive

dm4hire wrote:


N=the number of people who agree

So wait... if I agree, does that make it 5... or does that make it 4+1+5?

Oh hell. +1

Dark Archive

I've gotta toss my 2 Chellish-Government-Minted copper pieces in the direction of Feiya, the iconic witch.

Dark Archive

I see no problem with the summoner changes, myself. Since you can call and dismiss the big guy at will, you can make him as big as you want without worrying about him spooking horses or peasants. When the situation calls for it, you whip out the little guys to help your party fighters and rogues, when the ogres descend from the hills, boom, big guy. Remember, you don't need to unleash Armageddon every battle! Summoners, let the other party members fight too! ^_^

Dark Archive

Absolutely amazing stuff. I made a Chellish noble bard for the express purpose of having my companion, porter and steward run for cover and yell things like "Best of luck, M'lord! We are rooting for you!" Keep it up, Crystal. Can't wait for the next one!

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