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Mandraivus the Lost

Wraithcannon's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 272 posts (288 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.

Pathfinder Society Characters

The Exchange Jhylas

Male Elf Ranger Beastmaster 12 (8 posts)
Sovereign Court Sir Bingham

Male Gnome Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier 12 (4 posts)
Fleshcrafted Drow
Scarab Sages "Kash"

Male Elf Wizard Conjurer 11 (3 posts)
Grand Lodge Xazzax

Male Aasimar Cleric 9 (0 posts)
The Cinderlander
Sovereign Court Phineus

Male Human Gunslinger 8 (1 post)
Grallak Kur
Dark Archive Buttah Foukoh

Male Wayang Necromancer Wizard 2 Cleric 1 Mystic Theurge 4 (0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Ardok Sloan

Male Quippoth Spawn Tiefling Inquisitor 3 (0 posts)
Wild Watcher
Silver Crusade Vaydris Ghrymm

Male Angel Blooded Aesimir Oathbound Paladin 5 (0 posts)
Member of Church of Razmir
Sovereign Court Brother Cross

Male Human Sorcerer (0 posts)

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