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Count Lucinean Galdana

Wraith235's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 807 posts (819 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Shadow Lodge *****

5 hours+ Really ?
so does this run long ?
Im about to play this in a limited time slot and if there is a time issue I will switch post haste

Shadow Lodge *****

any Idea when this goes live to 5 stars ?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I realize your at GenCon but how would you handle this

a large building is the location of a Hallow and Forbidance Spells
a Graveknight walks in (Desecration Aura)

My initial thought is that the Hallow would suppress the desecration since they are in the same Realm of functionality but after readinfg Im doubting it (since its a constant effect)
or at least limit the effect to the graveknight himself

Shadow Lodge

How much on city of brass....I'm in need of that for another adventure path

Shadow Lodge *****

I too would like info on travelling there
While I have a PC with that boon my need for info is based on a non paizo adventure path

Shadow Lodge *****

now that blood money is banned the only symbol spell I use regularly is Symbol of mirroring because I can offset the cost with false focus

they just get too expensive to use

Shadow Lodge

Claxon wrote:

So it's important to note, that whirlwind (the Supernatural ability from the Universal Monster Rules and not the spell versions) requires that a creature be a least 1 size category smaller than the user. So a Peri could only suck up a small creature (or smaller), so it's highly likely that the whole thing simply couldn't be done.

not entirely true .... the wording is "Creatures one or more size categories smaller than the whirlwind" not the creature

so 5 ft base and up to 20 ft Wide at the top

as for the rest yes ... protection and resist were both in play so this wasnt a particularly deadly encounter ... just a resource spender ... tho now that I see I forgot it does double damage to undead ... the Vampire caught in the Whirlwind should have been in a LOT Worse trouble

Shadow Lodge

had a situation in a game last night

now while not particularly dangerous due to the spells that were up at the time it brought up a very interesting rules discussion for future situations

this was in a Way of the Wicked Campaign

the Encounter was with a Peri the creature used its whirlwind dance and was able to successfully suck one PC up into the Firey Twister

it then started using its Wall of Fire SLA's and put 2 of them down and started dragging the unfortunate soul back and forth through the walls of fire ... this was not a planned tactic ... but one that evolved on the fly

my question in the end is ... if you are forcibly moved through a wall of fire (in this case 2) with the possibility of dragging him through each wall 2x in 1 round ... does the wall do damage each time ... my logic says yes .. but my OMFG this is super OP says no

Shadow Lodge *****

have an odd bit here .... We know we can sell them back for full cost
but I have a strange thing on the Gloves of Recon

I picked them up

for free at the end of fortress of the nail

am I allowed to go back and change that ?

Shadow Lodge *****

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Matthew Morris wrote:
TOZ wrote:
The jingasa is now either a use once and replace item or not even worth your time. May as well have been banned.
Yeah. Changing either 1/day crit negation OR luck bonus would have rebalanced it. As is... meh.

once ever with a luck bonus Id have been happy with

Shadow Lodge

I am having a map Issue


on Day 217 one of the events is the following

2-20 The Pillar marked ‘B’ collapses smashing into the
double doors. Any guards stationed on either side of the
double doors must make a second DC 15 Reflex save or
take a further 6d6 damage (save negates).

my issues with this the ceiling is 50 ft
the distance to the double doors is 100ft
Further more this cuts off the only access to the 3rd or 4th floor other than the newly opened entrance on 3-11 completely ruining text that is presented later in the book considering that that particular pillar has the stairway in it that leads up from the Maw- Causing the Following events to not make sense

the boggards assult on the sanctum
the Sons of Balentyne

Since without those stairs - they simply cannot make it to the sanctum

any sort of advice on this ?

Shadow Lodge *****

4 people marked this as a favorite.

first of all I do feel that this spell probably should be in the realm of a 5th level spell .. trading Area for the casting time ... but that's not my call

secondly.....k why are we having this argument at all

Players WILL break encounters - we know that
Players can and will break entire scenarios

Think back to the story of a Wizard trying to use Dominate person on a particularly high level caster from a season 4 scenario

yes we as GM's have a limited amount of response that we can use

yes .. we as human beings have a right to complain

but the farther I read into this thread the more it looks to be becoming adversarial (i.e. GM's vs Players) Unfortunately this is a growing trend that Ive seen on the forums .. particularly in these ban this or that threads (alter summon monster aside)

PFS is about everyone having fun ...
Loosing a character is RARELY Fun for a Player (I know of a couple of instances where this is not the case but those are fringe)so is allowing players to have a get out of jail free card so harmful ?

is this 1 spell Ruining the fun of GM's So bad that it requires this level of targeted response ?

if the answer to either of these is no then again ... why are we debating this
if the answer is yes to either of these then I think we as players / GM's need to ask ourselves why we feel this way ...

Shadow Lodge *****

John Compton wrote:

Janira just happens to be the last to possibly die as part of the Scroll-Seekers, meaning the PCs get to deal with her tearful reports about how the PCs' mismanagement killed yet another one of her friends.

I am REALLY Suprised they have kept her around after how many times she is mercessily slaughtered at the hands of the aspis agents in that 1 scenario

John Compton wrote:
if you know that the players/PCs are critical of their venture-captains for perceived tight-fistedness, lack of empathy, or incompetence

lol. my players always complained about Hakeem and the baubles for his daughters

Shadow Lodge *****

scouts count the target as flat footed if they move more than 10 feet or charge
looks like it might also be a sap adept / sap master build

Shadow Lodge *****

sadly I can see Kitsune going ... all the tiny kitsune foxform songbirds of doom

Shadow Lodge *****

the 1 story about this thing that I remember well was at an online con

in GM Chat a message comes across that a GM had TPK'd the entire group Save 1 in Bonekeep 2

the 1 happened to be a songbird of Doom

the player made the choice that they were going to try to finish the scenario Solo

got to the final room and had to run away because he got mind fogged

the point is he made it over 1/2 the remaining way in that monstrosity Solo

now yes they nerfed Mouser .. but the ring was a large part of it

Shadow Lodge *****

Finlanderboy wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:

fair enough ... sorry I was on my phone when I was posting this ... there were a few other possibilities I saw when looking at the race list that MIGHT Work - I'll skip the obvious "No's"

Damphir - have been out of Rotation for what 4 years now ? they were allowed with the beginner box bash

Orcs - would love to see it but not gonna happen

Aasimar, Tiefling.... Doubt they want to go down that road again

Fetchling - very limited boon run - so no

Kobolds - would be cool but again - I dont see it

Elementalkin - these I suppose are possible ... there are So many boons out for them tho that I wonder if it would be a slap in the face

Changlings - MIGHT work - tho the flavor might be a bit wierd

Merfolk - the 5 ft. base land speed is a no go

Strix- this is an interesting one to think about with the heavy cheliax stuff as of late

Vanaras - I see these as the same category as catfolk ... Prolly a gencon charity boon

I would like to see hobgoblins over orcs myself.

Strix give flight at first level. This is usually a level 5 ability that costs resources. I would give a strong no to that.

I think android would be a great boon.

I covered androids in my previous post ... there is 1 in PFS - it was a charity auction boon at Gencon in season 6

Shadow Lodge *****

fair enough ... sorry I was on my phone when I was posting this ... there were a few other possibilities I saw when looking at the race list that MIGHT Work - I'll skip the obvious "No's"

Damphir - have been out of Rotation for what 4 years now ? they were allowed with the beginner box bash

Orcs - would love to see it but not gonna happen

Aasimar, Tiefling.... Doubt they want to go down that road again

Fetchling - very limited boon run - so no

Kobolds - would be cool but again - I dont see it

Elementalkin - these I suppose are possible ... there are So many boons out for them tho that I wonder if it would be a slap in the face

Changlings - MIGHT work - tho the flavor might be a bit wierd

Merfolk - the 5 ft. base land speed is a no go

Strix- this is an interesting one to think about with the heavy cheliax stuff as of late

Vanaras - I see these as the same category as catfolk ... Prolly a gencon charity boon

Shadow Lodge *****

My curiosity is what will they replace it with
Won't be samsaran because of the gencon boon same with rats and frogs
Vishkanya is the current race boon
Catfolk was a charity auction boon
No way will Android be legal
Gillmen is a possibility

Shadow Lodge *****

I am curious on Room A11

the description of the room is well done ... however mechanically I wonder if something was overlooked with spiked chains lying about the room floor everywhere that spin up and start shredding people , was the intent to make the floor difficult Terrain ... or function like Caltrops ? the description certainly leads to that Thought process

when I ran it I had a hafling Cavalier wanting to charge around to damage the mechanisms... this was after the chains had spun up

Shadow Lodge *****

1st I am not a huge advocate of retroactive banning of anything but ...

allow me to compare this to another Item that was banned

Bracers of Falcons Aim. - this provided a constant level 1 spell Aspect of the Falcon for 4k Gold , and was banned for being overpowered

while the bracers only benefited characters with bows / x-bows .. a similarity can be drawn to any character that uses a dex to damage build in melee - with an emphasis on monks
and IMHO this is a much more powerful effect -

so yes I agree this should have a ban consideration

Shadow Lodge *****

just woke up .... but the scimitar one still works (Cant remember the name)

Shadow Lodge *****

Most times they kill janira ...and disguise jolyrin as janira

Shadow Lodge

ya that one I knew ... spent a ridiculous amount of time researching that rule for Bonekeep 2

Shadow Lodge

Martin Weil wrote:

A couple of fairly minor points:

Except in rare circumstances, you are unable to end your turn while squeezing, so you can't start your turn in an area where you are squeezing.

I actually think this is incorrect ... the squeezing rules were quoted above in total ... and nowhere does it say you cant end your turn

Like I said before it would be easier if squeezing was considered a condition (which I think it really should be TBH)

Shadow Lodge

ya I almost quoted that feat then looked it up

Shadow Lodge *****

Mass Ghostbane Dirge - every one of them made the save

Shadow Lodge

SRD wrote:

Tactical Movement

Hampered Movement: Difficult terrain, obstacles, and poor visibility can hamper movement (see Table: Hampered Movement for details). When movement is hampered, each square moved into usually counts as two squares, effectively reducing the distance that a character can cover in a move.

If more than one hampering condition applies, multiply all additional costs that apply. This is a specific exception to the normal rule for doubling.

In some situations, your movement may be so hampered that you don't have sufficient speed even to move 5 feet (1 square). In such a case, you may use a full-round action to move 5 feet (1 square) in any direction, even diagonally. Even though this looks like a 5-foot step, it's not, and thus it provokes attacks of opportunity normally. (You can't take advantage of this rule to move through impassable terrain or to move when all movement is prohibited to you.)

You can't run or charge through any square that would hamper your movement.

Sadly I can see both sides of the argument ... Dragon style specifically calls out Obstacles and Difficult Terrain ... not "Hampered Movement" ....

unfortunately the rule-set does itself no favors on this since squeezing is not a condition which makes this a real Muck storm

if it were me making the call I would agree that squeezing is not covered by dragon style ... but not without some serious reservations, including being open to correction later as well as an apology to any player I ruled that way against ...

Unfortunately Squeezing isn't even considered hampered movement so that argument isn't even valid and as such I would consider it not "a clear path toward the opponent, and nothing can hinder your movement"

Shadow Lodge *****

battle poi explanation that weapon is just a mess

Shadow Lodge *****

Ninja is legal but has some Terrible Glaring holes in it

1 (and probably the least) no trapfinding
2 - no evasion

I played a Ninja ... once I hit level 8 (Ninja 6 Fighter 2 - very feat heavy build) the loss of evasion was too painful, I ended up taking 2 levels of Monk and a level of Trapmaster Ranger in order to fix the issues with it

Shadow Lodge *****

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:
I would like to request campaign coordinator confirmation before I start schedulaing it

I thought I had posted about Bonekeep II & III in these forums, but cannot find the post anywhere.

Here is the official word!

All Bonekeeps can be ran by any 4*/5*/VO at any time. They no longer need convention status.


Much appreciated ... I can now contact people about scheduling it

Shadow Lodge *****

Auke Teeninga wrote:
andreww wrote:

THIS is the last post I can find fro John about it. I cannot find anything from Tonya about it.

I assume it has been discussed in the super secret VC forum?


Tonya Woldridge wrote:
All Bonekeeps can be ran by any 4*/5*/VO at any time once they are in your downloads.

forgive me but Im hesitant untill I see something in a public forum ... just the way I work :-(

Shadow Lodge *****

I would like to request campaign coordinator confirmation before I start schedulaing it

Shadow Lodge *****

the problem I have with this is .. as has been stated a few times before
1 - we live in a digital age

2 - yes Herolab is Fallable and for the most part people know it but they also are smart enough to pick up on what the issue is

3 - if you say you cannot have Herolab at the table ... then how far off is the "No Herolab generated Character sheets at the table" because thats the logical next step and TBH not very far from the mark

we already have more than enough of the "Not at my table" the following are exmples

the I don't like that Option Discussion,
the Optimized character discussion,
the RAW vs. RAI Discussion
the "I don't like you as a player" discussion
the Under-optimized Character discussion

and now
the "your using hero Lab discussion"

it almost seems that we have gone to a place of entitlements where for whatever reason can be come up with you can have your character / player whatever prevented from playing at a public table - Note I didn't say WOULD BE or WILL BE.... but CAN or COULD BE

sure these are all separate issues ... but as far as I can see a symptom of a larger problem ..

Where does it end.....

because every week there seems to be a new thread or complaint someone has with a tool or resource that's being used

and true we don't see a lot of it in practice but IMHO the threat of it is enough to discourage some players past and present from returning or continuing (and yes I know players that have quit over these politics)

and thats just what this is, Politics .. IMHO Politics have no place in PFS ... We have the Rules by which we play by, nothing more and nothing less, so why are we Trying to make up more rules aside from what we are provided with

Shadow Lodge *****

kinevon wrote:

To be honest, ElterAgo, there are a lot worse combinations that are still legal for PFS.

Dazing metamagic, for instance.
Toppling metamagic, or a medium or better built trip/disarm PC.
Color Spray Oracles
Just for a starter.

I agree with all of these - aside from the trip builds (I have one and effectiveness drops to nill at a certain point)

allow me to add -
rulership variant negative energy channeling
Ale Variant negative energy channeling channeling

unfortunatly since we dont know the specifics of why this was removed as a legal option we cant debate it, we can only speculate

Shadow Lodge *****

I would like to second the motion for Spring loaded wrist sheaths and scrolls
Id also Like to request a ruling on False Focus and Alchemical power components

Shadow Lodge *****

the one thing I have yet to see officially - if we have an entry affected by these new Rulings are we allowed Retrain / refund etc. on them

Boots of the Earth is my personal example

Shadow Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

TBH one thing to keep in mind ... this is a Magus/ Wizard / Sorcerer / Witch Spell only

there are only a handful of cases where I can see this being used for Raise dead or other high cost Spells (Limited Wish and wish are outside the scope of PFS)

one of those is the Mystic Theruge - and only then Really if they have grandfathered shennanagins because its a worthless class otherwise
Samsarrans (I think) could add it to a divine spell list
Pathfnder savant as well (IIRC)

its basically limited to
Symbol Spells
Animate dead
and a few others that slip my mind
Wish / limited wish are outside the scope of the campaign

and before you talk about Heart of the Metal,Pellet blast or anything with a Component cost of 100gp or under - there is a feat that allows you to ignore costs up to that that is legal

in reality I dont think this particularly breaks the game or WBL due to the amount of Fringe cases where it can be used for Super high cost Components

again Im not suprised to see it gone ... but Id like to request a reconsider as well

Maybe with this new document require the Blood to only come from the caster of the spell whos components are emulated ... or maybe if the Str falls to 0 the 2nd spell cant be cast / completed ... or as some have suggested - limit it to standard or 1 round casts only

Shadow Lodge

so I think I see where the confusion is (and Im going to have to remember this and remedy some PC's) .... the following is quoted from the PRD

PRD wrote:

Gauntlet: This metal glove lets you deal lethal damage rather than nonlethal damage with unarmed strikes. A strike with a gauntlet is otherwise considered an unarmed attack. The cost and weight given are for a single gauntlet. Medium and heavy armors (except breastplate) come with gauntlets. Your opponent cannot use a disarm action to disarm you of gauntlets.

Gauntlet, Spiked: The cost and weight given are for a single gauntlet. An attack with a spiked gauntlet is considered an armed attack. Your opponent cannot use a disarm action to disarm you of spiked gauntlets.

so According to that it appears that a Gauntlet does not threaten ... but a Spiked gauntlet does (Unarmed vs Armed ) since you dont threaten with unarmed strikes without Imp unarmed

as for AoP with a Wand - No ... however if there is a Held Charge then yes

Shadow Lodge *****

The Fourth Horseman wrote:
The Masked Ferret wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:
Just reminding everyone that there is a level 12 character list google Doc for everyone to use
Just replying to this post as a reminder to folks who might care enough to keep this updated.

Thanks for the info.

Should we update this with the new Factions instead of the old nation ones (though so sad about Taldor leaving the fold)?

What about the classes from the Occult book?

I would leave any functional / format changes of the sheet to the original author (I think that's Wraith235). You should be able to manually type in the new factions / classes / whatever.

Functionality is on Coriantumer Herndon .. a RL friend of mine ... I'll get with him and see about changing stats and whatnot

as for new classes - just make a new header under the faction

Shadow Lodge *****

Andrew Roberts wrote:

That seems like a highly semantic argument relying on the interpretation that heighten spell works differently than every other metamagic.

Either way, even without that, I feel the very fact that this argument is happening around this spell is reason enough that it is probably not appropriate for PFS.

horray for Horrid response timing

I Just read the FAQ on Heightened Spell that makes all this garbage Work where the Actual text of the feat Makes it Not work

not the 1st time Ive seen the FAQ Muck something up

Heightened Spell FAQ

Shadow Lodge *****

Andrew Roberts wrote:

Disagreed. Let's take a level 5 wizard (conjurer) who uses this, taking Heighten spell as his bonus feat so it really isn't much of a feat tax. Let's also say they took Magical Lineage (Mount).

Magical Linage - Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level. --- 2 things to this

#1 .. Heightened Spell doesn't Add levels to the Spell it MAKES it a different level Spell

A heightened spell has a higher spell level than normal (up to a maximum of 9th level). Unlike other metamagic feats, Heighten Spell actually increases the effective level of the spell that it modifies. All effects dependent on spell level (such as saving throw DCs and ability to penetrate a lesser globe of invulnerability) are calculated according to the heightened level.

so you cant reduce it (via the Folloowing FAQ)
Magical Lineage (trait): Can I use this trait to adjust a spell's effective level below the unmodified spell's original level?
No. For example, it won't allow you to alter a wizard's fireball into 2nd-level spell.

the new Level of the Spell is what you prepared it as ... and as seen there you cannot Reduce it

if the 5th level Conjurer wants to blow his whole wad on 3 Lantern archons with a 10 hour Duration fine by me ... those things are super easy to eliminate

Jared Thaler wrote:

So for one bunus feat, plus 2 second level spell slots (out of 8), plus a 15000 gp staff that I can use for a bunch of other things, starting at level 8, I get

Communal Mount + 7 charges = Summon Monster 9. CR 14

that staff isnt even PFS legal

GameMastery Module W1: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale (OGL). does not appear on the Additional resource list

so this whole point is invalid

Shadow Lodge *****

from the Opinion of somsone who has used this in a PFS Game on a grandfathered Mystic theruge (SLA Early access)

one thing that has to be considered is the amount of Resources that goes into this "Trick"

1- Feat - which for a caster are at a premium
2- 2nd Level Spell Slot
3- 1st + level Spell slot

so at Minimum your a 3rd level character before you start playing with this

A- anything less than a full caster is really limiting themselves in order to pull this off

B- the popular concept on this is Lantern Archons (5th level caster) so to be Truthful other than an aid battery what else is a Long Duration Lantern Archon Worth? it has 13 HP ... and they have to be within 30 feet to do anything

Granted at 7th level you can add Hound Archons in and that changes things a good deal because they are useful even past 7th

but I will add in the grand scope of things , it isn't Horridly game breaking or overpowered and the "Abuse" isnt as bad as you may think ... Look at the CR of the Creatures on the summon monster lists

Ive included the minimum level to cast the appropriate summon monster spell and the summoned creatures CR

Summon Monster 3 - Lantern Archon CR 2 lvl 5 (or CR4)
Summon Monster 4 - Hound Archon CR 4 lvl 7 (or CR6)
Summon Monster 5 - Bearded Devil CR 5 lvl 9 (or CR8)
Summon Monster 6 - Huge Elemental CR 7 lvl 11 (or CR 10)

every one of these Options is Well below the CR of the Character doing the Summons

I will admit this is an amazing tool and as a user of it I agree it Probably should be banned (Im actually surprised it hasn't been yet)

but as for Disruptive,,, no ... this is no worse than the 11th level zen archer with 6 Bow shots / Round .... or the Dazing Negative energy channeling clerics

Shadow Lodge *****

no ... got the Item from the Mendevian weapon training

Shadow Lodge *****

Nefreet wrote:
"Items purchased this way ... cannot be sold"

yes Nefreet ... as you see I Already said that

I am speaking of recouping the enchantment cost ... not the base Item cost

Shadow Lodge *****

I know that anything gotten for free cannot be sold ...
My question is what if you added an enchantment to a Item you aquired for free

could you sell the Item for 1/2 of the enchantment cost ?
and yes ... the Item is no longer needed as I have replaced it with something else

Shadow Lodge *****

Want - Extra Trait

Have -
Aspis Slayer
Nexavarian Requisition
Spirit of the shadow lodge
Debt to Society x2
Long Distance Support
Psychic Awakening

Shadow Lodge *****

1st off society scenarios are a 4-5 hour thing ... not 4 ... the guide even gives language to support 5 hour slots

I think a lot of people forget this, heck even my FLGS tries to fit things into a 4 hour slot, the sad part is that it generally ends up cheating the players out of an hour of play and a lot of times out of a fame / PA / gold

Shadow Lodge *****

Andrew Klein wrote:

John doesn't condradict her post. He is talking about running duplicates, regardless of number of players, whereas Tonya is talking about party size.

EDIT: Freakin ninjas are everywhere.

they hide in the shadows waiting to strike

Shadow Lodge *****

I prefer Hardcopy for a # of reasons
top of the list is that if an archtype gets banned I could trade the book for a different book

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