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Count Lucinean Galdana

Wraith235's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 640 posts (650 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Shadow Lodge *****

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if a player needs to drop 20d4 .. or 20d6 or in the case of a sound Striker (10d20 and 1d8+x*10... + crits) I generally try to make an exception for electronic Dice rollers (tho I have other players witness it)

Shadow Lodge

by the math IF they have enough crystals I can see 3 radiant Charges in one day (IN THEORY- as long as the scenario sets its-self up right)

well assume Day 0 is a travel day prior to arrival

3PM Day 0 Charge Set #1
8am Day 1 Charge Set #2
Noon Day 1 - Blow Radiant Charge
------------ Regain Uses from Crystal set 1
1pm Day 1 - Blow Radiant Charge
------------ Regain Uses from Crystal set 2
7pm Day 1 - Blow Radiant Charge

yes its a bit OP ... but Ive seen Worse ( heck some of my characters ARE worse)

but as long as everything falls into place ... sure .. Looks legit

as for paying a cleric for their LoH uses .... I dont even think thats possible .. its not listed in the spellcasting services is it ?

Shadow Lodge *****

just want to drop this here again since some of you new seekers may not know about it

Level 12 Character List

Shadow Lodge

dont want to mindlessly bump this .. but seeing as we now have Effortless Lace to add into this muddied topic

Please keep hitting the FAQ

Shadow Lodge

Game Master wrote:
The phrasing of "You can select this feat any time you gain a feat" just means that these are options for Kitsune. It's unnecessary wording and doesn't let you take them at any times you couldn't before.

That's already covered by the requirement of kitsune. ..

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

Like I said .. Vulpine pounce wasn't an issue as that is self explanitory

"a Kitsune may select from the following feats any time she would gain a feat"

is the line in question ... you gain a feat at every even level as a fighter ... yes .. its a combat only feat .. but your still gaining a feat ... Monk bonus feats or Wizard bonus feats would also be a question ...

so you see the conundrum ...

its the interpretation of what "Any time you would gain a feat" actually means

Shadow Lodge

Kitsune feats Fox Shape, Swift kitsune shapechanger and vulpine pounce from Dragon empires primer have a little header at the top that say

a Kitsune may select from the followwing feats any time she would gain a feat

the 1st 2 are where the question is since the 3rd has the combat descriptor

would a kitsune fighter who gains a bonus combat feat at 6th be able to choose Swift Kitsune Shapechanger even tho its not a combat feat ?

I'm thinking yes ... but Im just wanting to confirm

Shadow Lodge *****

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Mike Bramnik wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:

I am doing a last Min read through right now for a table Im running in an hour and 1/2

I have found 4 of the tasks ... but cannot find the 5th

** spoiler omitted **

whats the 5th one Mentioned in the sidebar

The sidebars on pages 14 and 15 should answer that question.

** spoiler omitted **

Hope you see this in time!

yup spotted that as I was playing ... Massive brain fart ... shows what happens when prepping in a rush


as for the direction ... I find that the Hook is in the elderly NPC at the begining ... as long as you play that part smart hooking the PC's isnt TOO Difficult

Shadow Lodge

2 things

#1 the Chronicle made me laugh Tiers 1-2 and 8-9 *chuckle*


The Sidebars for E1 and E2 Mention 5 Tasks

I have found 4 of the tasks ... but cannot find the 5th or even reference to a possible Fifth in the Text Leading to the assult

Task 1 - Convince Eurdan Stonemantle to fully Commit
Task 2 - get the Drunken Oreads Support
Task 3 - Successfully reducing the ifrits’ supply of weapons by any 1 of the ways in the forge
Task 4 - prevent the shop’s complete destruction and defeat the ifrits

whats the 5th one Mentioned in the sidebar or is this simply an editing error

Shadow Lodge *****

I am doing a last Min read through right now for a table Im running in an hour and 1/2

I have found 4 of the tasks ... but cannot find the 5th


Task 1 - Convince Eurdan Stonemantle to fully Commit
Task 2 - get the Drunken Oreads Support
Task 3 - Successfully reducing the ifrits’ supply of weapons by any 1 of the ways in the forge
Task 4 - prevent the shop’s complete destruction and defeat the ifrits

whats the 5th one Mentioned in the sidebar

Shadow Lodge *****

I'll be honest ... I am playing one in the Iron Gods Adventure path ... it is NOT easy

they are feat starved.... in order to do anything other than cast Color spray or burning hands through the gun (at low levels) you MUST have Point blank Shot and precise Shot (wizard BAB with a -8 to hit is more painful than having 4 opposition schools even when your rolling against Touch AC)

if you Roll a 1 to attack or they roll a 20 on a save ... your gun overloads and gains the broken condition (Just like if it had misfired) - so you need either amateur Gunslinger .. or a 1 level gunslinger dip for quick clear ... otherwise your basically out of the rest of the fight

sure you get a little help with PFS not allowing magic Item Crafting

Also unlike the myrmadarch Magus you still use the spells range ... a 15 ft Cone still originates from you not from anywhere within range of the gun

so I question the power in this simply because I am playing one ATM

Shadow Lodge *****

Technic Siege can run long as well

Shadow Lodge

this question is in regards to the spellslinger Archtype and Technological Weapons

playing Iron Gods AP I just got my hands on an inferno pistol and there is an ability the spellslinger gets that I'm cureious how it interacts with tech weapons

Arcane Gun - I have quoted the section of the ability that gives me pause

SRD wrote:
If any of the spells’ attack rolls result in a natural 1 (a misfire), or a natural 20 is rolled on any saving throw made against the spell by a target (an overload), the arcane gun gains the broken condition.

Technological weapons don't have a misfire rate - would a Natural 1 still incur the broken condition ?

Shadow Lodge *****

I ran a table of bonekeep 1 back in June, During a Local event over the weekend I had one of my players from that table approach me with a question I did not know the answer to -

During part 1 I inflicted his PC with one of the 3 diseases (dont remember which) - his PC at the time was a level 3 Monk, since then he has leveled up to lvl 7 (IIRC) - at level 5 Monks gain the following--

Purity of Body (Ex)

At 5th level, a monk gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.

so how exactly does that work, when he leaves Bonekeep the disease vanishes -- that part is Clear Cut

but upon Reentering it comes back Also --clear Cut

however now hes immune

My Gut tells me to side with the player on this one and hed get a "Free Removal" of the disease due to class ability but my gut also says "Thats too easy"

Shadow Lodge *****

Le Petite Mort wrote:

Two things:

I think Kyle put up the stuff on, and it is simply marvelous. Thank you. I will be putting up my own prep (I have designed a format for elaborate scenarios like this one that is a bit easier to use in-game than the published versions) soonishly. It won't include the stuff Kyle put up, as I don't see how I could improve on those beautiful stat blocks.

There is one issue that is confusing me about the scenario though. Throughout the scenario there are a number of actions that can increase or decrease the time between arrival in the city and the siege encounter. My problem is that I can't find the 'default' duration between these two events anywhere. I seem to be adding and subtracting hours from a mystery. Maybe my eyes are just repeatedly glossing over it?

it's there .. IIRC its in a sidebar ... but its 10 hrs

Shadow Lodge *****

Not sure if this has been reported yet but

Additional resources wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Empires Primer

Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 22-23; Feats: kitsune feats on page 5 are legal for kitsune characters; all feats on pages 24-25; Gods: All gods listed on pages 26-27; Other: Oni Bloodline, Void elemental school; Races: To create a kitsune, nagaji, or wayang character, you must have a Chronicle sheet that opens the race as a legal option at character creation. Spells: call the void; Subdomains: Moon; Traits: all traits on pages 8-21 except Chosen Child and Rebel Leader.

Probably missed in editing

Shadow Lodge *****

No spark alchemist fire ....only combat spell he has is sound burst at least at high tier

Shadow Lodge *****

Warning - this scenario can run very long

I ran this at a local Con Last night and they got "Slotted"

Completing 3 hrs worth of gather info / searching / finding the missing agent / clearing the warehouse ... then they hit the deadline time limit

just want to confirm a couple of things

the goal of the searcher is to (in the following order)
A) Find/reach the book
B) get the book off premises
C) Destroy the book

this is my assumption since I did not see anything in his Stat block that could be used to destroy it

- Notes

those fighters are brutal
The searcher's Tactics are very well designed especially if the Sorcerer can cut off the party Support with a well placed spell and then redeploy to assist the searcher with another well placed spell of the same name (Also the inclusion of that wand is ingenious)
Maps Suck

Shadow Lodge

Dex build DW inquisitor with Slashing Grace

I particuarly went Achaekek for WP Sawtooth Sabre

Shadow Lodge *****

ya I knew they couldn't be used by PC's

but the scribing was a curiosity and weather the players can / cannot scribe them period based on their existance
... and there are some PFS Scenarios with NPC's that have some spells like this (prepping one now)

Shadow Lodge *****

Pretty sure I know the answer to this but just want to confirm

spells found in a spell/formulae book during a scenario / module that are not legal for PFS play ---
e.g. Permanency, awaken, blood transcription etc.
are not scribable by the PC's

and can be considered to "Magically" Vanish from the book in which they are found in

am I correct in this ?

Shadow Lodge *****

CraziFuzzy wrote:
Mark Stratton wrote:
CraziFuzzy wrote:
SO, it looks like if you are going to play PFS, that PDF is far superior to buying the hardcovers.

That is only true based upon what you consider to be "superior." Some people prefer to have the hardcover books - for them, such books are faster to look through, easier to read, etc. For them, the hardback books are "superior."

I prefer hardback books, and own many of them, but I own the .pdfs for almost all of them. The .pdfs are more affordable for me, so I can nearly always purchase them. I sometimes have to wait to purchase the hardcovers based upon liquid funds at the time.

Both versions have their advantages. When I am running a home game, I want my hardcovers with me - even if I have to haul them to a friend's house. However, if I am running at a convention or game day, the .pdfs are better for me - less to haul around a huge convention center or whatever.

So, really, I think on the whole, it's just a matter of preference.

I did qualify my statement as regarding PFS, where you need to have your sources with you. I can't see where having lugging the hardcovers to the venue would be superior to a digital version. Sure, in a home setting, the hardcover would be just fine, where they could reside on the shelf and be referenced easily when needed, but if PFS was your primary playstyle, and especially in light of this rules 'clarification', I can't ever see a reason to waste the money on the physical books.

Personally, when generating or maintaining a character, in either case, I find d20pfsrd to be superior to either paid option, simply due to its structure, and its combining of all sources into a single repository (better than paizo's prd, where things are still separated by the book they come from). So, in that respect, if the rule is you have to have purchased the source to use, the easiest thing is to use d20pfsrd as your source for character generation, and then purchase the appropriate pdf's, just to be able to carry...

Just be sure to check your features name since they cant legally use certain things anymore - sow up to an event with your feat improperly named and your liable to get audited even if you have the Correct source

Shadow Lodge *****

thanks guys

Shadow Lodge *****

ARG is the primary
tho Dragon empires Primer has some really cool stuff too (Vulpine pounce)

Shadow Lodge *****

Want Tian Weapon Training

Debt to Society x2
Nexavarian Requisition
Spirit of the Shadow lodge
Long Distance Support

there is a possibility that I may have one coming - I have a trade in the works but Ive not heard from the guy for the last 24 hrs (after I sent the boon)

Shadow Lodge

Kitsune dual wielding Kukri Swashbuckler / Weapon Master

Shadow Lodge

Guess I misread it ... I tohought it was a Chunk of the print

Shadow Lodge

Cao Phen wrote:
They know =)

I know they know ... just curious how many of you got a misprint

Shadow Lodge

Just got my ACG in the mail today ... Misprint was on the cover

Shadow Lodge *****

Gregory Connolly wrote:
Boots of Striding and Springing used to be really really good. Now they are not but it has to do with the rule of cool. They can't be cool again until they do what they used to do, but because of how edition nerfing works, things that are OP in one edition become useless in the next. Look up what the boots did back in second edition if you don't already know, they used to be amazing, like pre-nerf crane wing amazing.

Or Monk Speed

Shadow Lodge

your also using 3.5 Skill points by the looks of it ...

every level you gain X + int skill points

Not X*int anymore

so a bard gets 6 + Int skill points
as has been noted above the math is

Ranks + Trained + Stat Mod + Misc stuff (Racial / Trait / feat etc)

Humans get 1 extra rank per level
and an additional extra if you choose that as your favored class Option

Shadow Lodge *****

then you now have your answer of what you should do ...

Shadow Lodge *****

theres actually 2 ways to do a CDG

1 is 5 ft and full round
another is with the "Begin full round action"
Move ... spend a standard action ... then spend a standard the next round to complete the maneuver

Shadow Lodge *****

I must ask the obvious question just to be sure (and to cover the bases)
A) the attack drop you to negative HP ?
B) were you at or above zero after taking the damage ?

if A then there's not much you can do as Unconscious from HP Damage is as helpless as if you were asleep

if B then your Golden and 100% in the Right to appeal the death

and I would also have the other player appeal as well

Shadow Lodge *****

hes talking about base cards not harrow

Shadow Lodge *****

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Why does the con GM not get the convention boon AND the proposed organizational boon? He's doing both after all.

this is how I was thinking too

Admittedly I didn't look at the points but the concept made sense

also my recommendation would be the point based ones be from the previous Season ....while the Con based ones would pull from the current pool of Boons


Season 6 GM Boons
Q1 Ratfolk
Q2 Gillman
Q3 Vanara
Q4 Samsaran

Point Based Boons

Q1 Ifrit
Q2 Undine
Q3 Oread
Q4 Sylph

This way we gain the best of both worlds Con GM's get their Cookie ... and Other GM's get there Cookies based on GMing at FLGS's

Shadow Lodge *****

one thing we don't have is Rotational information

I think Last year was the 1st year where racials were handed out as Event GM Rewards as a standard - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

I think we have 7 Retired Race boons (Tengu, Aasimar, Tiefling, Wayang, Kitsune, Nagaji, Damphir) currently ... not counting limited #'s like Fetchling and Goblin

we have 5 in circulation now (4 Elemental + Suli)

I like the Idea ... but TBH it would only work if the elemental races filter out and a new batch filters in - which would be optimal

but due to VO NDA We (Most of us) Just dont know whats coming ... and if whats coming would be valid

I can tell you from personal experience a big problem with the regular game days is lack of volunteers I believe a system like this would help promote volunteers at game stores and prevent some of the longer running GM's from hitting burnout due to no volunteers

is there an Answer - Im sure there is
what is the answer ... I have no Idea - but I'd love to see one come about

Shadow Lodge *****

Boon Text

"You have spent enough time in Osirion that it is now like a second home. You gain an additional trait from page 30-31 of the Pathfinder player Companion: People of the sands. Write the Selected trait on the Line below . Include this Chronicle sheet along with your Records for the Character who gains this Boon.

Instead of increasing the selling price of Relics from Ancient Osirion, The Forign Opportunist Trait grants you a +5 bonus on Day job checks made during any scenario that has 1 or more encounters that take place in Osirion"

Note that pg. 30-31 are Campaign traits ... and the best one IMHO is one that gives you a +1 disable device/ makes it a class skill and you gain trapfinding like a rogue

Shadow Lodge *****

Ophelia I Initially wasn't a fan of it either ... then I realized what that boon actually grants ... Page 30-31 in People of the sands are Campaign traits for mummy's mask I foresee a Lot of trap finders in the near future

Shadow Lodge

I don't disagree however I trust that Paizo or PFS would make an announcement that free RPG Day stuff was being made 1 credit

we aren't dealing with an MMO here where Stealth nerfs are common

furthermore ... a change of that magnitude would likely be started at GenCon ... rather than 2 months before

Campaign Coordinators have always been very good about being very crystal clear when they make decisions of this magnitude

Shadow Lodge

Luke_Parry wrote:
As far as I can tell, at present, what has changed is that the Free RPG Day modules no longer grant +2 to GM ranking...?

Pretty sure that's not the case for a couple of reasons

1 ) I was over 150 (158 or so IIRC) before the bug hit ... now Im just getting back to 140 so the math doesn't work (I only have 6 that aren't showing GM+2)

2) that would be a fairly significant change and I would trust that we would be alerted to that fact if it indeed were to happen ... not a situation like this that leaves us guessing

Shadow Lodge *****

Mine had 6 ...
3 combats and 3 disables
But yes once monument opened up everything went super fast ....I think my table had 1 encounter in monument before the door was called

Shadow Lodge

kinevon wrote:

Known or suspected anomalies:
Free RPG Modules:
2011-03-18 Pathfinder Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress (PFRPG)
2011-06-18 Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins! (PFRPG)
2014-05-18 Pathfinder Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress (PFRPG)

Retired scenarios:
2010-11-12 #11: The Third Riddle (OGL) PDF (Retired)
2011-09-02 Intro 2: First Steps—Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep (PFRPG) PDF (Retired)
2011-09-16 Intro 3: First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal (PFRPG) PDF (Retired)
2012-01-14 Intro 3: First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal (PFRPG) PDF (Retired)

Rerun Tier 1-2 modules:
2013-10-18 Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep (PFRPG) - The Accursed Halls
2013-12-21 Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep (PFRPG) - The Accursed Halls
2014-03-15 Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep (PFRPG) - The Accursed Halls
Given the error message with these tables, they may be counting as 0 tables.

Add to list of suspected

We Be Goblins Too
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
Risen from the Sands

I had a scenario that wasn't showing up for me period

after some probing and trying other things I THINK if an event does not have a reported date it will not show up in the system

you may look at trying to duplicate that on your end

also while at PaizoCon I spoke to CS about this issue and was told this is a display issue on our end ... apparently their end still shows everything

Shadow Lodge *****

Hey Jesse ... you might want to consider waiting until next weekend for the GM Calls as some of us will in in Seattle

Shadow Lodge

Looks like the Free RPG producs are the ones lacking ... Im Missing 12 that I can see (maybe a few more that Im missing)

Shadow Lodge *****

Lady Ophelia wrote:
No I mean the PaizoCon Version. It's still got a lot of errors in which Master Compton said needed to be fixed.

+1 This

I still need to print it out (prepped it and all) but I don't want to print out a flawed copy (Referring to Knowledge skills and formatting of the Document)

Shadow Lodge *****

Just to remind everyone
Level 12 Character List

this is free edit to anyone who has the link

Shadow Lodge *****

with the product page not showing PaizoCon Releases ... will there be a Forum announcement when the formatting update comes through ?

Shadow Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just had my evaluation this past Thursday running Bonekeep level 1 in Logan UT.

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