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Count Lucinean Galdana

Wraith235's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 561 posts (570 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Shadow Lodge ****

Quickly - No ... eventually - yes

the thing your forgetting is you may replay or GM for Credit (a second time) a Single Scenario per GM Star

allowing credit for a total of 3 Times on a single scenario per GM star

will this Change - Unlikely

there is a POSSIBILITY that the GM Star thing may become per Year but it is only a possibility as of this moment

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Id Rather do that for Samsaran

Shadow Lodge ****

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
melee touch attacks are melee attacks.

I should have referenced the FAQ but here it is in its entirety

APG FAQ wrote:

Holy Vindicator: Thise class has an ability that gives him a sacred bonus to AC until "struck in combat." Does a touch attack count as being "struck"? What about a spell like magic missile or fireball?

The ability lasts until an opponent makes a successful attack roll against the vindicator's Armor Class.

Armor class ... not Touch Armor class

Shadow Lodge ****

didnt see it listed but Sacred shield enchantment (100gp) from Adventurers Armory

if you channel energy you can expend one use into the shield to gain a +1 Sacred (or profane) bonus for 24 hours or untill Struck

the language is ecactly the same as that presented by the holy Vindicator so its by a melee attack - not a touch attack

Shadow Lodge

will thizs be PFS Sanctioned like the previous years

Shadow Lodge ****

I didnt look but please god tell me that the day of the Demon Map was retained ... that thing is a nightmare to draw

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Im making some assumptions here that you were the GM ... if you wernt please disregard anything referencing you as the GM

sorry what scenario was this ?

and TBH I dont think the Dont be a jerk rule was Skirted IMHO ... it was crossed

Beating an unconscious PC on a subsequent round when there are other targets available is by definition being a jerk ... not to mention you came to the boards specifically to complain about this build -

I admit I have very little faith in humanity - but this sounds premeditated to me - an Assassination as it would seem

I pray this was not a new to PFS player because chances are they wont be returning to the game

also in your statment "the Monster did not have spellcraft so would not know the details of such healing" the same Idea goes for channeling negative energy ....without Knowledge religion the Monster isnt going to know who did it ... and an argument could be made that he wouldnt even know how it was done without it

Furthermore I would love to hear this players take on the events

Shadow Lodge

an average player would more or less see that nothing has changed ..

Riders and mounts have generally always shared move actions ..

ppl I know have always interpreted it the way the FAQ States ... mount Charges and rider charges

Shadow Lodge

Chris Mortika wrote:
The rules for Undead Lord were changed, not clarified.

and the Rules for Gunslinger were clarified

so were Rules for Zen Archer
and Sohei

ALL of those were allowed Rebuilds before the clarification

so again ... precedence exists

if you really want me to dig for Mikes posts about it I will ... but IIRC you were involved in each of those discussions

Shadow Lodge

Chris Mortika wrote:

Wraith, the rules in the Guide are about changes made by the Campaign Leadership. That simply doesn't apply.

Clarifications made by campaign leadership or FAQ don't get rebuilds. Let alone clarifications made by a table judge and Venture Captain applying the rules as they best understand. As far as they're concerned, the player misunderstood the rule, and they are correcting the situation.

Again, if a player thought that buying a spellbook would let his character cast spells, it would be absurd to allow him a complete rebuild in order to do so.

Oh, wait...

You're being sarcastic. I get it. Yeah, it's just like they were changing the game rules. Huhn

I thought VC's WERE Campaign leadership for their Areas since they are local representation for PFS Leadership in their respective Area

and Im sorry but Clarifications made by Campaign leadership or FAQ DO apply ... I have an 8th level Undead lord sitting on a shelf for almost 2 years till I come up with another concept that says different

and were talking about a 5th level PC that as far as I can tell has been played under the same GM multiple times before (this is an assumption) not a 1st or 2nd level PC with a misinterpretation of a rule

Shadow Lodge

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Wraith 235 wrote:
PFS Runs by RAW not RAI no matter how much people want to bicker about it

Yeaaaah. no. Waaaay too much insanity down that path.

My familiar lands on the bad guys head. Makes a dc 10 ride check to guide his new mount off a cliff.

nice try on an extreme example ... people aren't mounts

Shadow Lodge

Chris Mortika wrote:

Wraith, nothing about the character is illegal, even if he's not allowed to use flurry of maneuvers in armor. A fighter can buy a scroll of silence even if he doesn't have any ranks in UMD. A wizard can buy a set of masterwork lockpicks, even if she doesn't have any ranks in Disable Device, or a great sword, even if she isn't proficient.

If characters had to be able to get full use out of all their equipment, then we wouldn't have rogues carrying around wands of cure light wounds.

Your second suggestion is especially fantastic. "I bought this spellbook, even though I don't know how to cast spells. So I am entitled to a free rebuild into a class that can use it." No.

except that Either instance is EXACTLY what is Described in my above quotes

PFSGOP wrote:

If a class, prestige class, or a class feature-dependent

ability score is altered: You may rebuild your character to
its current XP, maintaining the same equipment

the VC and table GM have Arbitrarily Ruled that the Flurry of Maneuvers does not Function in Armor - Hence Altering the Class ability

PFSGOP wrote:

If a class or prestige class changes in such a way that

you no longer have proficiency with a given weapon or
armor type: You may sell back the affected equipment and
only the affected equipment at full market value

the VC an table GM have Rules that the Archetype has changed in such a way that he cannot use his class abilities while in Armor

the 2nd one is actually LESS Fitting than the Rebuild since there is already a precedent for Rebuilds based on Archetype Removal

Lets assume for a moment that he spent everything he had on armor that he can now no longer use with his class ... which should add up to roughly 12k gold ... if we did not allow him some sort of recompense for this ruling he becomes a 1/2 wealth PC at 5th level - note that is at worst

Im sorry but IMHO that is the very definition of Being a Jerk
Ruling against him AND telling him to go cry to someone else about all the wasted gold ... no thank you

- edited for formating

Shadow Lodge

by the VC / table GM's Ruling it is ...

unless he gets a ruling from up the chain he SHOULD either

A) be able to sell his Armor and/or Shield at full market Value


B) Since hes been "playing it illegally all this time" gain a full Rebuild Retaining the same gear

one of the 2 ... but not both

Basically since hes had a VO Rule He SHOULD get one of the above options ... I mean we aren't talking the extent of the Gunslinger Double Dex to Damage Exploit ppl were using for so long ...and even Mike said "if your using this exploit you have until X to rebuild it" not to mention the other 1/2 of it

you cant expect him to "Just eat the Cost" of the Armor and /or Shield if its been ruled "not legal"

Note - Since by RAW this Works I would allow it ... but Im just 1 person

Shadow Lodge

I took a moment to Look a little more closely at the ability

and as I suspected it Fully replaces - not Changes Flurry so there is a case supporting you on this - as sad as it is

the issue being you now have (By their standards) an illegal character ..

as per the Guide to organized play when an Archetype is banned you get a rebuild

PFSGOP wrote:

If a class, prestige class, or a class feature-dependent

ability score is altered: You may rebuild your character to
its current XP, maintaining the same equipment


PFSGOP wrote:

If a class or prestige class changes in such a way that

you no longer have proficiency with a given weapon or
armor type: You may sell back the affected equipment and
only the affected equipment at full market value

now you have to decide what to do next ... were I you I think Id still run it up the chain just in case ...

then Id look at rebuilding as pr the 2 quoted paragraphs in the PFSGOP

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I dont know what to tell you then other than by RAW it is Legal

and VC's above all should know that in PFS RAW is Law not RAI

the next step I suppose is to complain about the VC to Campaign leadership tho that's up to you

as for the Dragoon part it doesn't replace it it
your limited to only spears and get an extra buff to it (Archer archtype actually replaces it)

one other thing to keep in mind ... both Archetypes you've mentioned come from Ultimate Combat .. and that book did noone any favors when it came to editing .....more rule loopholes came from that book and Ultimate magic than any other

Shadow Lodge

Dark Immortal

the Rules say nothing about Armor - tho I agree it probably should

I agree about the Non proficency penalty (tho I assume you have a level of something to make you proficent)

PFS Runs by RAW not RAI no matter how much people want to bicker about it

my recomendation (My assumption is youve already done this) - next time you play the PC and you are asked if you have proof that it does function in Armor .. turn the question around and ask if he has proof it doesnt.

after that Escalate this to your Local VC / VL

Shadow Lodge

Question about Badges for GM's .. have these been added yet

or are we waiting for something specific

Shadow Lodge

there has been thread after thread on this in various forms and I know cause I have scoured most of them

the more I see the more (ATM) I'm inclined to to believe that Nothing transfers

Non proficency ... Armor check ... weight - none of it

especially in light of a ruling from PaizoCon that allowed a Monk / Druid Wildshaped in Wild FullPlate to benefit from all his Monk abilities

now I agree that an official ruling NEEDS to be made and I am also not advocating either side as I can see it going either way

but I think ATM until a ruling comes down as a GM I would allow it

Shadow Lodge ****

Double I think kills it .... when I ran it at VTT Gameday 3 once Ollystra went down it had like 30 or so HP left

and I went with +50%

Shadow Lodge ****

curious .. how do you guys handle it when the PC's hit the Crusaders with haste in the final encounter ?

Shadow Lodge ****

as a GM I don't have an issue with telling the PC what I rolled / Rolling in the Open unless its a specifically Required hidden Roll - NPC Stealth / bluff etc.

the thing I've been dealing with recently is one of my players insists that he doesn't need to see the person hes making reroll - Total concealment / behind a wall etc. and I admit the wording is ambigous at best ... all it asks is "is the target within 30 feet"

Shadow Lodge ****

Fighter 7
Magus 10
Monk 11
Cleric 19
Ninja 6
Ranger 2
Oracle 9
Bard 7
Inquisitor 5
Wizard 3
Rogue 3

Unassigned 7

Holy Vindicator 2
Mystic Theruge 2

93 levels over 12 Characters

the unassigned is a character thats been collecting dust for almost 2 years now - used to be an undead lord but I just havent found out what to do with her yet

Shadow Lodge ****

had a player come up with a hypothetical situation using Magic Jar the other day and completely stumped me

the Situation is this

Player 1 playes a Str / Con Melee Type
Player 2 plays a Caster

both players are Family members / Roomates

Player 1 encounters a Situation and has to leave halfway through the Scenario

Player 2 Chooses to Cast Magic Jar - taking over player 1's body - while placing his own body into a bag of holding

I know that the answer I SHOULD give him is that player 1 only gets partial credit etc ... but the argument is Compelling for both players getting full credit

Player 1's Body is at Risk as is Player 2 ...

has anyone else had this come up before and if so how did you habdle it ...

Shadow Lodge ****

considering an Oread Tetori

Shadow Lodge

I have a Procedural question about the Cleric Spell Murderous Command

for Reference

You give the target a mental urge to kill its nearest ally, which it obeys to the best of its ability. The target attacks its nearest ally on its next turn with a melee weapon or natural weapon. If necessary, it moves to or charges to the nearest ally in order to make this attack. If it is unable to reach its closest ally on its next turn, the target uses its turn to get as close as possible to the ally.

Ive had this situation come up more than occasionally so I decided to ask

Target of the Spell Fails his Save vs the Spell .... however on his next turn - he no longer has any allies around

I can see 3 possible outcomes
1- the Target of the spell sits there and does nothing
2- the Spell effect is nullified because there is no allies around
3- we start beating on Unconscious bodies

and then there's the other situation - what if the target has no allies at all (trap spawned summon monster for inatance)

Shadow Lodge ****

with a bard coming in ... a Zen Archer it is

Shadow Lodge ****

I'll leave the decision on which one I bring up to the players

Bard is full on Support bard with the flagbearer and the banner (puts out +5 to hit and damage)

Zen Archer is a machine gun

Shadow Lodge ****

I have 2 different 7's I can bring

a Bard or a Zen Archer

I'll have them both ready

and sent to you promptly

Artemi Moonbow or Alis

Shadow Lodge ****

they did say there would be a gun using Archetype for the swashbuckler ... weather its legal or not we shall see

Shadow Lodge ****

Hate to ask this John
but is there a time table for when this gets added to the FAQ / Blog etc ... I have 1 player that plays with me in particular that's very resistant to rulings put into forums - regardless of who does it- and no matter how many times he's Told / shown etc. he fights me tooth and nail on things like this

Shadow Lodge

Wraith235 wrote:

If you absolutely must fight with 2 two handed weapons take titan mauler ...TWF the additional -2 ..(total of -6/-6) and make it whatever two handed weapon you want

Edit posting from my phone sucks

You even avoid having to spend 2 feats

Shadow Lodge

If you absolutely must fight with 2 two handed weapons take titan mauler ...TWF the additional -2 ..(total of -6/-6) and make it whatever two handed weapon you want

Edit posting from my phone sucks

Shadow Lodge ****

I think what probably happened is paizo closed for the night before things got 100% finalized ... and its only 7:45 am over there now

tho I still find myself constantly refreshing

Shadow Lodge ****

Dylos wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:
my big concern is how far is this gonna reach ... is it just Oracles that are gonna be hit ? or any +1/2 level FCB's

I believe just the Oracles, as the issue seems to be that they can 1) channel better then a cleric 2) have a better animal companion then a druid.

For example, my Oracle of Life is currently level 5 and has put every FCB into channeling, and therefore channels at level 7, meaning my DCs are higher and I have more channel dice then a cleric of the same level. No other class has the ability to increase things like effective cleric level for channeling or effective druid level for animal companion*.

*: Ignoring Boon Companion which specifically caps at HD, and magical items.

I hope your right ... though I have my doubts

and I have a Life Oracle as well so I know how powerful it is but I also know it takes a special kind of person to play a life oracle and its combat effectiveness is less than limited (outside of heals)

I still believe that capping the effect at character level is a better option that outright banning it

Shadow Lodge ****

IMHO ... the best thing to do - if they are gonna nerf it like that - is to cap the effect at character level ...

it doesn't gut it ... but is still a significant Nerf

Oracles could add a level of fighter or something to make them a little more survivable

my big concern is how far is this gonna reach ... is it just Oracles that are gonna be hit ? or any +1/2 level FCB's

Shadow Lodge ****

Personally Im fine with doing away with the Hybrid FCB (Half-elf Taking Elf, Half-Orc Taking Orc) as in My Opinion that's not the intent of the rules

however Removing FCB from the Races that they were intended for (Aasimar Oracle FCB on an Aasimar, Elf Oracle FCB on an Elf) I am not a fan of

yes it is on the OP Side but far from the most OP thing in the game right now .. and for the most part everything I've seen from this is focused into a support Character ... and it takes a special type of person to be able to play one of those

-Note- I did say "For the Most part*

Shadow Lodge ****

Added an open office spreadsheet Scenario Tracker a while back at the request from another thread

Shadow Lodge ****

I personally am very happy with both the boon and Bonekeep

I do a lot of online play so I have been lucky enough to have played bonekeep 1 and 2 but many people in my Area do not.

And the Events in this state aren't big enough to get Bonekeeps on the regular schedules (we can hit the 1/2 way mark)

I like the Idea of giving players in the less popular areas a shot at a Con difficulty Scenario

currently there are (that I know for sure) only 2 people in the State that can Run Bonekeep ... myself and the VL of my area - there is another guy thats really close

Shadow Lodge ****

it was Cronge

Shadow Lodge ****

I have a question about this Boon in conjunction with the Boon for Year of the Risen Rune

My gut says no

but- I have a Character who was Lantern Lodge before they retired and so has the boon from that one to treat my fame score as 2 higher when purchasing a single Item still Unused

would it be legal to stack the 2 boons for an effective Fame Boost of 7 to 1 Item

Shadow Lodge ****

Connect the dots ... la la la la ... Conect the dots ... la la la la

Shadow Lodge

your right this is a moot point and heres why (not sure why noone has brought this up yet)

Multiweapon Fighting is a Feat out of the Beastiary

Additional Resources States

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary

Animal Companions: ankylosaurus, aurochs, brachiosaurus, dire bat, dire rat, dolphin, elasmosaurus, electric eel, elephant/mastodon, frog, goblin dog, hyena, monitor lizard, moray eel, octopus, orca, pteranodon, rhinoceros, roc, squid, stegosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus; Familiars: all familiars listed on pages 131–133; Feats: none of the feats are legal for play for PCs, animal companions, or familiars unless specifically granted by another legal source. Other: all creatures in this book are legal for polymorph effects (including a druid's wild shape ability) within the boundaries of each spell or ability's parameters.

Shadow Lodge ****

I have one I made using Open Office

its uploaded to the shared folder now in the base Directory

Shadow Lodge

there is an enchantment in one of the early AP's called "Guided" allows Wisdom to damage

Shadow Lodge ****

I dug into this myself .. and in the CRB under casting a spell all it says are the Components are Consumed "During the process of casting the spell" which leaves a lot to the imagination of when "During" takes place

I think I agree that it shouldn't be Wandable

reading wand description "Usually standard action (unless casting time is longer tha a round)

The Beard wrote:
Reservoir of physical prowess + blood money = congratulations, you have infinite free spells in a limited manner in PFS.

Looked at this as well ... reservoir uses standard actions ... action Economy starts getting really messy ... and it only saves you 8 points on the blood Money at best

Shadow Lodge ****

there is a Rule that I came across when I was Preping Bonekeep level 1 somewhere that unless the broken condition comes from Damage that it cannot be destroyed by the same effect (I dont recall where it is)

Not Broken + Apply Broken = Broken
Broken + Apply Broken = Still Broken

I dont play Gunslingers to know if 2 misfires is a destroyed ... but this would be the exception to the Rule if that were so

I'll try to find Citation in a few min

ok ... looked it up ... Gunslingers that misfire 2x in PFS do indeed Explode ... no HP Damage just Boom

Advanced firearms (which arent legal in PFS) do not go past Broken

by RAW it should explode if you double misfire ... however I can see it from both sides ... Honestly untill something came down Id have to rule that it exploded :-(

Shadow Lodge ****

Same here :-)

Shadow Lodge ****

lol what great medicine

"hey Mike I know your sick but have a flood of emails - this should make you feel better"

Id Cry

Shadow Lodge ****

I assume we'll get some Sort of Confirmation of our volunteer status ?

Shadow Lodge ****

Email out ... come Hell or High Water I WILL be there this year

As Long as I dont have family members die on me ... and maybe even then

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