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Wofguy's page

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About Wofguy

I'm a young adult living in Arizona. I don't have a lot of D&D experience compared to some, however I've put in a lot of time reading and studying in my little bit of experience, and am always willing to learn and expand my horizons.

My D&D experiences

My family did a lot of roleplaying. My brothers got into Champions Campaign and some others, however they usually ran campaigns without dice, just roleplaying it all. The big one they did was a Ronin Warriors campaign. However, I was too young for most of these, and so never got too involved, but the idea has stuck with me.

I've done a good amount of roleplaying in my life like this, mainly with family. I actually got two of my cousins into D&D this way, and they still play it today, 10 years later. I also really like Hero's Quest, but I never had any body to play it with.

I finally bought a book five years ago. It was the Wheel of Time RPG, and I made characters with two of my cousins. However, we never really played them.

Four years ago I bought the core 3.5 books, and tried to get a group started with another two of my cousins, and we got a little bit into a dungeon but that was it.

Three years ago, I finally put a real group together, with 5 people consisting of family and friends. I was DM because I was able to put forth the time to learn and understand the system, and I was the one with time. We put together the group, and started the adventure. Then I moved.

It took me half a year, but I found another group down here. I was DM again for the same reasons. We had a group of six, and I ran the grou for a year and a half.

This last summer, I ended up joining a group of my friends in there campaign, because I wanted to gain more experience, by actually running a character. They were running pathfinder, and I created my level 5 wizard. We made the run to level 8 before the group had to disband. I really liked pathfinder so I converted my group too it until I had to move.

After moving I restarted with an old group, however life came in and took me away from it, a long with moving. However I still have my craving to play D&D, and that's why I'm back here.

Online Experience: I've been in three defunct PBPs, and was in a Fallout one. I tried to DM one, but found I had underestimated the complexity of my campaign. I also was in a campaign on, and started to run two groups through Kingmaker on it. However life made me take a break from it all for quite a few months.

Updated 9/18/13

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