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Wittkyrd's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 29 posts (30 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Dark Archive *

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine has run the scenario "#29: The Devil We Know—Part I: Shipyard Rats" 3 weeks ago. He had 5 players which were level 1 and he didn't have a good grasp of the rules of PFS, he thought that Subtier 1-2 would be too easy to beat, thus he decided to apply Subtier 3-4 encounters and monsters. The players have had some difficulties but none were dead (luckily) and they were successful.

According to my reading of Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, this is not legal, but the chronicle sheets have already been distributed, where all the players have victoriously deserved their sheets(which they gained for subtier 3-4) as a reward, but I feel like this is not fair, so I've decided to come and ask here.

1) Is this incident legal according to Pathfinder Society Rules? Can the GM or players voluntarily increase the hardness of a scenario, where in Guide, it says:

GPFSOP, Page 32:
Some scenarios or special events offer more than two subtiers. In these cases, no PC can play at a subtier more than 1 step away from her character level.

Note: There are 3 subtiers in this scenario...
--> From what I understand this, it's not legal.

2)If it's not legal, how can we correct this mistake? Do we have to replace every other players' sheet with Subtier 1-2 ones? Or can we let it pass over for this time only?

Thanks for your time :)

Dark Archive *

Hi Everyone!,

First of all, I have to say that I'm pretty new to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, and a relatively new GM. Our group here in Turkey is also could be considered practically new...

So I've a question, and my Venture-Lieutenant was not sure if it was allowed in Pathfinder Society, he told me to go to the Paizo messageboards and ask there, and you guys are amazing with the ideas you come up here.

You might not like it, since most of you here are old school players, but please just hear me out.

So here it is: I was reading through the "Inner Sea World Guide", then I found a section about technology. By reading about this section and knowing a little bit about Clockwork Academy in Absalom, I've came up with a character concept, thus creating it; Kiili, a gnome sorcerer of Arcane Bloodline. Unfortunately, he has advanced to level 2 without even being able to roleplay him. He has advanced into level 2 right now.
[1 game I played with Valeros and GM'ed 2 sessions, transferred those credits to Kiili]

He has a high Intelligence and Charisma score. So Kiili is interested in working on clockworks, and wants to use Grand Lodge's vast knowledge and sources to obtain them, whilst keeping on working in Clockwork Academy. His ultimate goal is to master this knowledge, both in lore and in practice, and after obtaining a respectful position in the Society, go out to help needy people with his high tech skills and arcane powers.

His character sheet is completed, but I'm still designing his background and I have a slight idea about his character development (he'd probably multiclass in some level to wizard, even if he finds it a bit dull, after all, tasting wizardry is in the blood)

In my character, I would like to use the following section, and combining it with Clockworks section, just to add up a different flavor in roleplaying.

Numerian Tech @ Inner Sea World Guide -- page 256-257:

Game Impact: The futuristic weapons, robots, and
devices that await discovery in Numeria could fill an entire
book. Certainly the vast range of otherworldly weaponry,
nanotechnological wonders, cybernetic miracles, robotic
menaces, and the like could rival the lists of magic items
presented in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Yet the
game effects of such strange technology can be duplicated
by current effects in the game. A laser pistol might
work similarly to a wand of scorching ray. Cybernetically
implanted muscles might simply function like a manual
of gainful exercise +4.


I'm aware that we're not allowed to craft anything in the Organized Play, but is quasi-crafting allowed, just to enhance the roleplay in sessions? I would neither be making anything that would improve my skills nor my abilities nor giving me new powers. The only thing I'd use my Craft Clockworks in would be in Day Job Rolls (I guess that is allowed).

Here is an ad poster for future use :) -->


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Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance :)

Dark Archive


Hey all, I've been playing Pathfinder Roleplaying Game for a while, this is my first time GM'ing, and it seems that I have a problem. I've been running my players through sewers, but every surprise I've prepared for them; the Cleric in the group would find it out easily with his +14 Perception bonus.

I let players create their own characters, and I found nothing wrong with the calculation, and it didn't seem as a huge value for me before the game. But, after I completed 2 sessions, and finished Part II (the sewers part), the value of +14 Perception seemed too high to me.

Here is how he obtains +14 Perception:

CN Half-Elf // 1 Cleric of Desna
Perception: 14
1 Rank at Perception
+4 WIS Modifier
+3 Class Skill
+3 Skill Focus (Adaptability) -selected Perception -- Half-Elf Racial Trait
+1 Conspiracy Hunter:Perception -- Campaign Trait
+2 Keen Senses -- Half-Elf Racial Trait
(by the way, players used High Fantasy, 20 Point Buy System while purchasing Ability Scores)

As a new GM I believe the players shouldn't know everything I prepare beforehand, but they just keep asking for Perception checks, one of my player is having his first table-top RPG, and one of them has played D&D 3.5 before and used to create well-optimized characters...This kind of metagaming is really boring me. And I also feel that this character has been optimized beyond reality.

I have a few ideas in mind.


-Should I talk with the player, stating that his Perception skill point is too high, that it is spoiling the fun for the game? (He could correct it by changing the Skill Focus to some other skill?)
-Should I write down their Perception skills, make the checks myself and tell them what they have seen/heard? This way, I could increase/decrease Check modifier because of the locational conditions.
-Should I include an "Invisibility Scroll" with some NPC's they encounter, such as Shanwen Shanwen, or the tiefling sorcerers in the Bastards of Erebus Lair?

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

Dark Archive

Hello Pathfinder Society, I've some questions bugging me for sometime, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it, but since it includes a question about a rule, I think I will post it here.

I've had an arguement with my DM, where me and my party was captured by unknown people (got webbed with no saving throw and failed a check of sleep dart). My character is a level 3 CG Elf Ranger, where he has immunity to magical sleep effects.

As far as I know from D&D 3.5, elves do not need 8 hours of sleep, instead they need a 4 hours of meditation each day. This might not be like that in here, and not stated in rules either, but me and my DM agreed on meditating for 8 hours, which would decrease to 4 hours, after reaching a certain high level.

So my question is, how could I be effected by a sleep/faint dart, where I shouldn't even roll a save because of immunity?

Afterwards, we found ourselves in a prison. The guardian was mocking us, giving no food, but goblins slaves of our captors decided to saved us. We learned that we were in a goblin village that has been ruled by tribal human masters. Having myself "favored enemy" as Goblinoids, tried my best not to contact them in face (because this was the first time me meeting good aligned goblins, they were just living a peaceful communal life with no harm to anyone), tried to stay in the back of the group, as Goblins led us into safety, hid us in their village for a while, then they showed a way into Tribal Temple inside human encampment, where we retrieved our stuff. So as Role Play, my DM thinks I should be killing or make plans to kill any goblin on sight. Is this a requirement? Am I doing something wrong?

(Please excuse my lack of proper use of English, it is not my main language.)

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