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Winter_Born's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 575 posts (576 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

Cannot WAIT!

Thanks Sutter.

Cheers, Wendy!!!

Silver Crusade

THIS is the one I asked Sutter for and the one I cannot wait for!

Silver Crusade

Thanks and thanks again!

Silver Crusade

5 people marked this as a favorite.

When we get a ton of LGBT representation then I'll understand. Until then just let us be happy that we finally get some characters that look and love like us.

I don't begrudge you the other 99% of straight characters in RPG products.

Silver Crusade

We don't play games that this would happen in. Not everyone plays lIke you do.

You keep making these bold statements like they represent universal truth. They do not.

And balance is not the end all be all. I find the constant striving for balance tedious.

Silver Crusade

Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
Odraude wrote:
notabot wrote:
Pretty much rogues are obsolete at this point. Detect magic + dispel can by pass many traps long enough to get past them. Also other classes have access to full trap-finder/disarming. So if you choose to play a rogue keep in mind all the sacrifices to power that you have to deal with the be the "utility" of the party has been made pointless due to more powerful classes standing on your toes.
Personally, if I'm a wizard and I have someone in the party that can disable magic traps, I'd rather use my dispel magic spell on something more useful

dispel magic is also a commonly available spell

according to most Wizard Defenders

scrolls of it are cheap

And that's fine. But again, if I have someone that can already detect magical traps for me, them I'm going to use those scrolls on something more useful.

And as for a rogue being useless 99% of the time, I don't subscribe to that belief, having played a rogue to level 15 in Pathfinder.

Rogues are useless when compared to

Archaeologist or Sandman Bards

Crypt Breaker or Vivisectionist Alchemists

Urban or Trapper Rangers

all of whom, are viable rogue substitutes that provide better contributions in the other 99% of the game.

Edit; maybe useless is the wrong word, how about Drastically inferior?

It's possible to play a so-called inferior class and have as much fun or more than those superior ones.

No wrongbadfun.

Silver Crusade

Yes! I was just wondering if this existed and voila!

Silver Crusade

Hoping for a Beginner Box bag!

But yes Seelah rocks!

EDIT - nevermind, just found it!

Silver Crusade

Fantastic topic, Steve and I'll link it to a few non-Golarion friends. Cheers!

Silver Crusade

Good to see Ryan getting more Paizo work!

Silver Crusade

MMCJawa wrote:
Amber Scott did a great job on the AP...hoping to continue to see her continue to write AP volumes

This so much! Not only some great ideas and NPCs (heart Anevia & Irabeth so much!), but imminently readable!

Go Amber!

Silver Crusade

I love the game and have no issue subbing to get the releases but earlier I was told back then on here I couldn't start with the Addon deck, so I ended up picking both up at my FLGS to save on shipping since the main game wouldnt have made it right outside of my budget. Since then the policy has changed as per Vic.

Now I'm lucky that a friend was able to snag a Fire Sneeze for me at Gencon, but after calling my local store they never got any Poogs nor do their distributer have any to send.

Part of my enjoyment of this and any other card game is the promos, and the Poog card is proving hard to impossible. I'm happy to sub to ensure the rest, but only if I can somehow get the Poog card through normal channels (Paizo/FLGS). If not I'll just buy everything local and save money and forget the whole promo/subscription idea.

It's just that frustrating for me.

Silver Crusade

Hey all!

So I'm about to teach not only my main group, but our boardgame group, and some complete game noobs the rules.

I just sat down the other day with one of the people who are completely new to the PF core concepts (ability scores, dungeon running, RPGs in general, etc) and found that teaching the game wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, even though I find it well designed to say the least.

I'm now listening to Know Direction's excellent podcast coverage of the Gencon seminar with Lisa, Vic, and Mike and now I'm wondering if you guys could out the 4 page demo document up as a download in order to aid us teachers in the process of teaching the core concepts. I think it would be a great help.

Thoughts? Vic? :)

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Daethor wrote:
The black raven wrote:

I just received the book and did not recognize Kyra at first.

I do not like that she threw her veil out of the window and let her hair loose. Because I liked the idea that a muslim-looking female Cleric could go out adventuring with the best of them. I get a vibe of "No Islam here, not even a fantasy lookalike" that I did not expect from Paizo.

While I like the non-mythic version of Kyra better as well, I don't think the intent was to say "no Islam here" because if that were so, why would they have included that element in the first place? If I had to guess, it would be to show that, as a heirophant, she is, as the book says, "more of a patron of divine power than a mere devotee." Removing the garb associated with Sarenrae combined with her dropping the holy symbol shows that she is becoming a source of divine power in her own right.

Exactly. But then I always prefer not to jump to negative conclusions.

Silver Crusade

I use it on my iPhone daily. What's the issue you're seeing?

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.
RDewsbery wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
For one thing, we never want WizKids to do exactly-as-they-were-reprints of minis from previous sets, as that messes with people's value propositions. For example, if you spent a bunch of money or time tracking down a rare fig, and then WizKids dropped it as-is into a set where you can easily get it for a couple bucks, you might well be annoyed. So when we let WizKids reuse a sculpt, we always make them give it a very different paint app. Unfortunately, you can't really repaint the iconics in a way that they're visibly distinct from the original, yet are still clearly the iconics. Give Seoni a blue dress instead of red, for example, and she's no longer "iconic Seoni"; she automatically becomes "wacky variant Seoni."
One option - instead of making the *figure* different, make the *base* unique to the PACG set. Hence you retain the uniqueness of the original figure for collectors of that line, while being able to deliver the iconics to PACG players. It depends on how the figures are moulded to the bases of course, but I'm betting that a new tool for a base is a lot easier (and cheaper) to make than a whole new sculpt for the figure.

This is a good option, because honestly the Iconics shouldn't be behind a rarity wall, or subject to people's value proposition, as they being Iconics should be available easily and readily.

Silver Crusade

Cheers, Mike! That makes me feel much better about the future of this amazing game.

Silver Crusade

So should we expect the main in-set Iconic characters to remain the same each Base Set? And then would I be wrong to assume that the Add-On Deck would be cross compatible every time?

Silver Crusade

Jiggy wrote:
Jacob Saltband wrote:
One thing to consider when making a caster type for PFS is that the trait magical knack is now legal.
It's a thing to consider if you're making a multiclass caster (like an Eldritch Knight or Mystic Theurge). It does literally nothing if you're mono-classed.

Yes I could not figure out why that feat would be in any way helpful for a regular caster. I'm glad I'm not crazy.

Silver Crusade

Congrats, Perram! I laugh every time I can hear Tink on your Know Direction podcast!

Silver Crusade

Shmoolord wrote:
Backfromthedeadguy wrote:
You can do live feeds on youtube. If you want people to watch you might want to switch to that.
Still need at least 100 subs. the last time I looked into it. :( At least it's down from the 1000.

I don't see mention of a sub requirement at the Help page

Silver Crusade

Lisa Stevens wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Ah...I thought hardcover were a little more expensive to make due the materials used in the cover and differrent bindings...but I will bow to your superior knowledge in this.

To be perfectly fair, it does cost a little bit more to make a hardcover, but only a few cents per book. Not enough to really materially affect the price, which is of course what most people want to change when they request a softcover over a hardcover. At best, you might see a lower price of a buck. And what is the difference between $29.99 vs. $28.99?

The only way to get this book cheaper is to make it a smaller number of pages, and that would defeat the purpose of the book by not allowing us to provide the content that is needed. We made it as small as we could to keep the price as low as we can.


Auntie Lisa,

I'm in the middle of watching Know Direction's (hi Ryan & Perram!) excellent video coverage of the Emerald Spire All-Star panel feom Gencon 2013, and it hit me in the gut with a crit: any way we could get some words in this product from the Immortal Frank "Red Box" Mentzer on role playing tips for the new player? Heck he basically volunteered 18 mins into the video!

What a coup that would be!


Link to the excellent video. What a product Emerald Spire will be!

Silver Crusade

Basically going Osirion Human Conjurer(teleportation) focusing on Int/Con/Dex, probably lowering my Str/Cha a bit, as I love the idea of an older physically weaker, cantankerous "Egyptian" wizard archetype.

Can I buy scrolls before first play session if I have the cash from creation? I think have a comprehend language would be such a smart plan (thank you).

Thanks so much, so far so awesome! I have until next Thursday so this should be a fun puzzle! I'm not hyper connected with ultimate optimization, but I'd like to be useful even if I want to take a couple flavorful if not perfect choices.

I keep bouncing back and forth between an 18 and 19 Int. I don't mind a couple slightly lowered scores in Str/Cha, and my first ability score bump would get me a 20 if I went that route.

If not I could keep a pretty safe:


With no negatives...hmmm.

Silver Crusade

This will be my second PFS play next week. I played one session with a paladin last year but since then have moved cross country and settled in.

Anything strategic I should be aware of that is wizard specific? Tips? Warnings? I'm feeling a bit exposed due to the lack of armor and HP and don't want to be an instakill.

Also, I recall a PFS "cheat sheet" for things all plays should be aware of and responsible for (I.e. buying a CLW wand ASAP, dealing with swarms, etc). Anyone have a link to those resources?


Silver Crusade

ralsar wrote:
I just subscribed starting with Adventure Pack 2 as I already have the base set and character add-on. I got Poog from my local game shop already so my understanding is that I will get every promo except for Fire Sneeze because I've missed it already? Is that correct? Any other way to get Fire Sneeze? Thanks.

I'm wondering this too as I've started my sub with Adventure Pack 2. Any chance all current promos will be stuffed in the shipment in October? I didn't have the funds to make it to Gencon. :(

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
DaveMage wrote:
I would like to see "Copyright 2025, Paizo Publishing".

This. So hard.

I love this thread so people can vent and suggest, but I have ZERO interst in a new edition when there is so much yet to explore in Golarion. If I need to buy new books for a new edition, I'd rather just invest in a totally new game altogether and keep what I have with Pathfinder. No thank you, dear Paizo.

Silver Crusade

Lichemaster wrote:

Have not read the thread, sorry if anything has been mentioned before.

Aboleths. We've heard a number of times that they have something planned for the aboleths, typically when mentioning how they keep shooting down races being connected to aboleths because something is planned and they want everyone to be in attendance.

An underwater ans/or darklands AP is probably the place that would happen, but there might be a hardcover Environment book tied to that. A big revision and update of all the environment (and hopefully weather) rules. Lots of terrain, both mundane and magical. Rules for deserts and arctic and more.

Thanks for this. I so appreciate those who put their thinking caps on and contributed. Makes for such a fun thread.

Silver Crusade

James Jacobs wrote:
Winter_Born wrote:

Thanks for Wrath of the Righteous (so far so amazing) and Mythic Adventures!

My question that I've been meaning to ask for ages and I keep forgetting:

Do the Animal Lords (specifically the Cat Lord and Mouse Lord from Tome of Horrors, et al) reside anywhere in Golarion? If so any clues as to where, why, or a tidbit on their doings?

The Cat Lord has always been a major D&D touchstone for me (along with Graz'zt), and I'd love to know he's part of Golarion canon.

Thanks as always!

The animal lords do exist. We statted them up in Bestiary 3, but haven't yet used them in an adventure, and as such they don't yet have an official part in Golarion canon.

Fantastic news. I knew they were in B3 but as its not Golarion specific I was always sorta hoping. Cheers! How odd that such a little thing would cause me to grin like a fool.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for Wrath of the Righteous (so far so amazing) and Mythic Adventures!

My question that I've been meaning to ask for ages and I keep forgetting:

Do the Animal Lords (specifically the Cat Lord and Mouse Lord from Tome of Horrors, et al) reside anywhere in Golarion? If so any clues as to where, why, or a tidbit on their doings?

The Cat Lord has always been a major D&D touchstone for me (along with Graz'zt), and I'd love to know he's part of Golarion canon.

Thanks as always!

Silver Crusade

You're talking way over my head as far as system mastery. I guess just looking for a basic build thatwillhave multiple ways to be good at any table without over specializing.

Silver Crusade

ArmouredMonk13 wrote:

Can't be middle aged in PFS.

Also, Haramaki armor. +1 armor bonus to AC, No penalties

From page 7 of the 5.0 guide:

A character can not be younger than the minimum age listed on Table 7–1 of the Core Rulebook, or listed on Table 5–1 of the Advanced Race Guide, and must be younger than venerable, as listed on Table 7–2 of the Core Rulebook and Table 5–4 of the Advanced Race Guide.

Middle Age seems fine. It just doesn't alter ability scores.

Silver Crusade

Looking to make a spooky middle aged human conjurer for my second PFS character.

Trying to keep my sources down as right now I only have Core, and Advanced Player's Guide (and a few others sources), but I'm willing to buy something if it's essential to my build.

Will middle age screw me up or can it be worked around? I don't see him buff (STR as a dump), but I do still want to try and keep my DEX and CON respectable given PFS needs.

Just looking for guidelines as I've never built a spellcasters for PFS, as my only other character is a paladin.

Thank for any guidance in advance!

Silver Crusade

The Clockmother Athenth design is simply lovely and evocative.

Quite excited for this module!

Silver Crusade

So are we definitely getting WAR designed Iconics for the ten new classes?


Silver Crusade

Valeros is SPOT ON!

Silver Crusade

Pygon wrote:

Five new Beginner Box Demos?

Where are they!? Want!


Silver Crusade

I'm in for a Vampire again. Bones was the best run KS yet and an amazing value.

Silver Crusade

Whoo Perram!

Thanks guys!

Silver Crusade

As much as I'm loving my read through of MA, this is the book I'm hyped for!

Silver Crusade

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Kieviel wrote:

Hi James,

I know we all signed an NDA at the Secrets of Golarion panel but Justin Franklin and I just wanted to say "Thanks" again for letting us in on how Aroden died. It's so simple that it's just brilliant.

My question is one that I didn't get to ask why at the panel. Is there any plan to investigate how the established Golarion 20 will react to these new Gods?

Thanks again.

Is this something that ACTUALLY happened, or are you just trolling the thread? Because if the former is true then I'm going to become even more frustrated in my attempts to completely understand the canon of the setting.

He's trolling, and this really isn't the thread to do it IMO. That NDA wouldn't last an hour.

Silver Crusade

Nullpunkt wrote:
I don't know if this was announced there but I just heard about it and am totally excited about it.

Ok that is insanely cool! Haven't heard their Doctor Who audio adventures but I have a good friend that swears by them!


Silver Crusade

Yay! Finally a Dwarven Paladin is feasible!

Silver Crusade

Besides the amazeballs Iron Gods AP, and the Advanced Class Guide, we're there any other announcements made?


Silver Crusade

The Rot Grub wrote:

Wow to some of the comments here. Speaking from the perspective of a gay man, I find it completely "forced" to see so many heterosexual characters predominating in fantasy fiction. That just doesn't reflect the reality that exists!

How many transgendered characters can we point to in the Adventure Paths that have appeared before? I cannot remember any. I wonder how I would feel if I were transgendered myself, to see this AP and think "Wow, there is an acknowledgment I exist!", and then to come on these boards and see others in the RPG gaming community say that the mere inclusion (the first!) of a person like me is "forced."

I literally feel somewhat nauseous reading some of these comments.

Well said. We finally get a bit of representation in Fantasy RPGs and there are those here acting like it's some sort of affrontery, or offensive.

Thanks for making me feel like I don't belong in a community.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

So.....New Wayne Reynolds Iconics for the ten new classes then?

Silver Crusade

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Very enthused for the AP after reading the Player's Guide. I'm of the mind set that APs are by their very nature "railroady" and tend to play better that way. I'm certain not everyone agrees with this, but nevertheless I'm quite happy with the traits and how they will resolve themselves later on. Fortunately, I share tables with others that trust in the story, and do not mind a fair bit of assumption and GM guidance. I feel every style deserves equal play and support.

I will say that there are more and more posters lately in this community that are not representing themselves well at all. Overall I'm very proud of this set of forums, but I'm of a mind to give some folks who cannot post with respect some time off to think about how Paizo boards should read.

Silver Crusade

James Jacobs wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
I'm all over this. I really like the idea of something that explores the Call of Cthulu / Dark Tower type universes (universii? Multiverse?) with the Pathfinder ruleset as its skeleton. It also seems like James has put an astonishing amount of work into this already, I'd love to see some of it.

Yeah... I've run an entire campaign with the system up to about 18th level, have run several other shorter games with it, and have had several game designer buddies run games or campaigns with the rules. I've even had the chance to play the game and see how it works as a player. A lot of work... and I'll get it out there for folks to see some day.

But to put it in perspective, a lot of what folks are seeing in Golarion is from my homebrew campaign, and I started working on THAT setting back in 1985 or thereabouts. It took that one about a quarter of a century to get out into the world in a significant way... I'm hoping Unspeakable futures, which is 12 years into its design cycle, won't take quite so long...

What does the class system in the game look like? You mentioned that the original gunslinger was fleshed out from a concept in this game, was that based on an actual Gunslinger class from Unspeakable Futures or just a collection of general rules/mechanics?

The classes available in Unspeakable Futures (and sample inspirations from media) are:

Cabalist (focuses on summoning, necromancy, and divination—the classic Lovecraftian wizard)
Esper (focuses on illusions and mind control and psychic stuff—an ESP expert you might see pop up in a Stephen King or Brian Lumley story)
Mystic (focuses on healing, "buffing" spells, and transformation magic—a druid who doesn't turn into animals; a shaman)

Mercenary (a fighter/barbarian hybrid who can take a lot of damage—Humungos from Road Warrior)
Gunslinger (a ranged specialist who focuses on using pistol-sized...

I googled this because of the mention in the latest Know Direction podcast, and now I'm in lust/love.

Silver Crusade

Yay! Mini ep of Auntie Lisa's Storytime!

The Battlesystem and Artist sketch parts were new to me. I'm a huge ALStorytime groupie!

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Backstreet's back, alright!

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Exciting times again for MMOs (finally), and I'm equally excited by both EQN and of course PFO's approach to the game type.

Seems as though EQN is gambling that an action MMO will catch on. While I'm enthused as I'm far more a console gamer than anything else (and this is sure to be announced for Playstation 4), there will be a major MMO/pc gamer backlash I'm sure.

Interesting days ahead!

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