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Killian Paltreth

Windspirit's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 354 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So after reading the 3rd Adventure I plan to retrofit some of the others.
I will post what I plan to retro fit, however I'm more then happy for anyone to post and make suggestions.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,

Im preping for MM and I thought I share some of the stuff I come up with.

Wati lies on the confluence of Ark and Crook, that would make it in our world Khartoum which lies at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile.

Working from there you find a working weather forecast here:

2012 Khartoum weather.

From this it should be easy to convert this to InnerSea dates.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I`m looking at starting MM here in Munich and I`m still looking for three players.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I#m not very clear on how this all is working.

let's assume you have one armie each side on the battle board. When does the range attach come in?

Lets say both armies have speed 1, but only one has ranged. It would be possible for the army with range to avoid melee and take out the other one just by using ranged combat, right?
Also what about range? Flying armies vs. ground armies?

Maybe I'm thinking to much in regards of table-top here, but how would a typical mass combat work out on a turn -by-turn base.

Can someone post an example pls.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


I'm moving in March 2013 for a while to Munich and wondering if there is any group I can join or OPEN up.

I'm German/Australian so I would be interested in running/playing the campaign/plays either English. However I have all the source material in be honest I don't even know if there is a German version....and I'm not so sure about me translating everything....

Anyway...if there is interest I'm happy to GM Carrion Crown or Skull & Shackles....


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


After playing with the Shackle Paper Minis I can see how it actually improves the game, especially when dealing with NPC's etc.

As there are no PaperMinis for CC I'm now making my own. Here is a VISIO TEMPLATE to make them...

I realize that not everyone has viso....but its my tool of choice...

- Drag n'drop a picture onto the Page
- size it
- Copy and then FLIP it
- drag it to the right position
- make both and then use the Align Center

If someone has a better Idea on how to get that more automated (the mirroring) let me know...

Ohh and right here is the LINK

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,
as I now take a break from my vacation in the sonny Shackles and head back to my snowdrifts in the deep winter in Ustalval, I wrote up the following 2 pager on how I plan to replace WotW with The Harrowing. Please not that if you play with XP, it might leave your characters a bit short. (I didn’t calculate the full XP’s, as I switched to levelling.)
Have fun and let me know if I missed anything critical.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

As I'm lucky enought to be a player this time arround, I still help the GM with material.

So what I'm looking for are MODELS (e.g. paper) of Pirate ships.

Does anyone know where to get them?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So I started (Finlay) BM, and I started it with a Bumm of a stupidity attack. For some reason I was under the impression that my players need to be 8th level to start BM (7th is the stating level recommended). So I pumped some extra encounters in to raise them. I just discovered that mistake last week, yeah awesome making that more a CamPain then anything else…anyway. Here what happened.

If you read my my TotB log, you might remember that two of my players changed characters. While the monk went off on himself the other one stayed in Lepidstadt. After the PC’s cleared out the Schloss they returned to Lepidstadt for supplies and some crafting downtime. When they went to the Judge, she told them that the old Character had been murdered and a not was found on him saying “stay out of this. AA”. Yeah not very imaginative, but at this stage I was just overworked (like in WORK WORK). Anyway…to boost the PC’s I used the Ustalav Party (the invisible men and the Cleric) in the Rival Guide and scaled them down to the CR’s I needed. I planed to anoy the PC’s while the rest was crafting. What happened was that I had the Invisible men following the PC’s and used Perception checks to “make them feel followed”, upping the paranoia, which worked out quite well. The PC’s rented a house and the Wiz started crafting, while the rest went out and about to buy and sell stuff. When they came back they found the Wiz sleeping on the floor with a note. “LAST WARNING. GO South”. The rouge then went to alert the watch and feelt followed. However the Rougs stealth checks where in the 30ies and the Invisible men had problem seeing her, on the other hand she couldn’t see him either (stealth + Invisibility). So after quite a bit Hide and seek she ended up at the Guard house and persuaded the guards to come out, being firtfull etc. They all went back and she was flirting heavily with ne guard and at some stage I had her make a perception, noticing the other guard MISSING. Now that was funny, should have seen the players face. So she walks back a bit (stealth) and finding nothing she comes back find the other guard dead on the ground. Paranoia hit and she RAN back. From that moment on they decided to barricade the house and go out only in pairs. EXCEPT that the Bard (don’t get me started) was stupid enough to go out alone. The Invisible men EASILY captured him. (I don’t kill players easily, and I was really tempted to kill him off for his stupidity, BUT that was one of the players that already changed characters at the start of TotB and I just couldn’t….I like the palyers to associate with there character and have fun, and he was FINALY fitting in….so no). I took him aside for interrogation to understand what the PC’s knew about the WW and AV.

The PC’s noticed that he didn’t came back over night and went out to find him. They used magic to track him down. HUGE fight (all spell casters where empty after it was done, and most fightes wounded…) I used the Cleric with some fighters to defend their place while the Invisible men was coming in form behind to take on the spell casters. Pity that the Oracle had GlitterDust…but still. After most of the Fighters where killed the cleric reanimated them as Zombies. The cool think about that was that the Zombies now where in between the Fights and the Spell casters, creating a tactical nightmare for the PC’s.

----- End of evening ----

After all that the PC’s went back to crafting and then made a Huge show of moving south out of Lepidstadt only to take a wide arc and head for the Schloss (the start of the SilentPath). I made it clear to the PC’s that they cant take their wagon (The oracle was originally with the Kin and has a Gypsy wagon) across the path. The Module dosnt say much about it, except in on description mentioning wheel tracks on the path. However I wanted them to get rid of the wagon as I wanted them to experience more the Winter overland track (its November ATM). They stayed one night at the Schloss and then moved into the Forest.
For encounters in the woods I used (actually roles, but it fits PERFECTLY) Quickwood and Dire Wolfes. They sumbled across the first QuickWood but the Wiz talked the Three (he speaks sylvan) out if attacking. As it was approaching winter the Quickwood was just plain HUNGRY. The PC kind of felled. I decided that I really want that Quickwood fight and the first river they came across had only reminisce of a Bridge. As it was evening (darkness) they camped and over night a different Quickwood attacked. Nice one…really good creature to have fun with. After that they came across the Ethercaps and followed them in to the Silkworm. Funny as it is. The Quickwood was more dangerous to them then the Silkworm and the fight was over in less the 4 rounds (including the Etercaps flanking form the trees and some traps on the flanks. They took the letter and overnighter there.

----- End of evening ----

Next night the DireWolfes attacked and as I now realized that I FU’ed with the level I put a bit more in there and made one an Alpha male (Advanced template). Was a nice fight as I had the wolfs flanking and disengaging. Also the Alpha went after the horses but didn’t managed to kill anything.
Shortly before the lodge they came across the WhereWolf plus trap encounter. Didn’t surprise them much. Towards late midday they arrived at the lodge, and where turned away.
BTW I now have a Co-GM, he wants to run his own stuff at some stage (I try to make him run the upcoming pirates, I wana PLAY that) so he can learn some of the game dynamics. He takes all the fights off me and I can focus on atmosphere and story line.
So Duristan just walks out in is arrogant way and the PC follow him almost with out question…funny how Nobles hold that kind of influence. The PC’s realize that Duristan is a bit of a douche but still trail along as they figured its their best way into the lodge.
The DireBors (even one CR higher) where not as much fun as the DireWolfes and almost hack to pieces (with commends of “Fireball them so we don’t have to go and grill them that long, I’m getting hungry”). After that Duristan managed to convinces them to stay the night.
----- End of evening ----

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Completly reworked the HoH material and its now in the same from as all the other GM Material.

Have fun

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


to add some more deepth (or is it death) to my campain I added weather. check out the docs:

Ustalav Climat how to do it
Weather foracst for over winter campain

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Not fully finished but everthying up to part 5 (400 Leagues Under the Sea) ...its more or less done.
I uploaded the "unfinished version" as a favour to magnuskn, so he can play :) have Fun mate.

I upload the FULL version as soon as it is ready

oh...right here the LINK

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,
I just finally had some time to sync my online storage with my work for my CC campaign.

If you have look around in you will find some new and some old (updated) items.
I introduced Version numbers for all Docs so it easy to see if you have the current version. the NEW stuff

  • 4712.pdf = a complete Calendar of the yar 4712 (done with MSWord2010 Template)
  • Ustalav_Climat.pdf = a discussion about how to introduce some weather into ones campaign
  • Windspirits_Campain_Calendar_player.pdf = The calendar for my campaign (over Winter)
  • Windspirits_Campaign_weather-forecast.pdf = Weather Forecast for my CC campaign (over Winter)

Right so here now the old Stuff:

  • HoH_GM_Material.pdf = Haunting of Harrowstone GM Material
  • TotB_GM_Material.pdf = Trial of the Beast GM Material
  • BM_GM_Material.pdf = Broken Moon GM Material
  • Ustalav_Roads.jpg = Roads in Ustalav (New version)
  • Sleep_and_Rest-GM_Material.pdf = Summery of Sleep and Rest rules + some homebrew
  • BuyTable.pdf = Pre calculated Buy Tables for 20 ,15 and 10 points
  • BaseCharacter.pdf = my own version of the Character templates (New version)

And that’s it so far. Happy to get feedback. If you want to mail me you can either use PAZIO’s new MAIL function, reply here or mail me directly (see contact.html)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,

as promissed the Broken Moon Gm material is now availible, HOWEVER I need to redo the Feldengrau Map AND complete the Moster Log...but that might take at least until next week.

So enjoy so far...I'll post when the new version is online.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,
I thought I keep you updated on how my campain is going and what obscales I encountered and some ideas I put in.

Evening 1
- Using the maps of MartinB my group decided to use the route past the frontier border to sell off the Master Worked leather and Chain and Long swords they found in Harrostone, as Ravengro doesn’t have that much need (or $).
- I used that opportunity to trade in the magical items my group missed in HoH for all the gear they had left over. The Guards of the Border got the treasure of Raiding Orc’s.
- As they spend the evening drinking with the Guards the Guards warned them that (its October in my Game) there might be Orc Raider out on the Road north as a last opportunity before the Winter.
- They came across the Crooked Kin around short before the Forest of Maidensnarl (south of Tamrivena).
- The Desna Cleric (Player) didn’t trust the Kin and stayed with the Horses while the rest went after the missing Pinhead. Resulting in an almost loss (down to CON 1) of the Wizzard (Spider Poisson), as he had all the wands and scrolls of Restoraion.
- After they brought back the Body of Aleese the Kin prepared the body and Burned her in a Ritual and after that they had a Wake.
- At the wake I had S’kal (the Princess) read them the Harrow Cards (Harrow rules). I had the Players shuffle cards (and then used some slights of hand of my own to fudge the cards) and laid out 6 Cards (The Inquisitor, The Paladin, The Mountan Man, the Fiend, The Tangled Briar and the Rakshas) and read them the meaning. If you read up the Cards in the Harrow deck it basically gives some clues about TotB and the whole AP. After that I had the PC each draw a Card and also handed them the Upraising as a group card.
- I will form now on use the Varisian Fortune tellers to give them their “Hero-Point” cards.
- I made Aleese be one of the Drivers of the Wagon Train and so that one of the PC’s had to drive the wagon. The PC’s agreed to accompany the Kin to the next city so they could hire another driver. (also it finaly give the PC a chance to use their Handle Animal Skill)
- True to “Rule of Fear” Tamrivena ist not a very friendly town and the Guards didn’t let the Kin into the city. So the PC’s went and Hire a Driver and then also came to the conclusion that they might as well accompany the Kin to Lepidstadt.
- Halfway between Tamrivena and Courtaud an Orc raiding Party with 25 Orcs (18 normal, 4 2nd level fighter and 1 2nd level Sorcerer) hit the Wagon Train. As they had a Scout in front they prepared for the attack and a nice little battle went on. I also had TrollBlood join the battle, fire breathing on Orcs.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just thought of the using the Caravan Rules that have been introduced in The Jade Regent (Players Guide) for the Crooked Kin Travel to Lepidstadt.

The original TotB states:

The entire show travels in a caravan of nine covered Varisian wagons pulled by nags. ... Each wagon has a front and back door opening onto cramped living accommodations inside.

I don’t think that’s really working so I changed it a bit more to look like a traveling Circus. Meaning I removed Wagons (max 5) and added a Supply wagon. From the description we are looking here at Fortune-Tellers Wagons, not Covered Wagons, but they wouldnt fit all the people needed into 5 Wagons, so I setteld for Covered Wagons. Also of the 13 People traveling (12 after encounter + Heros) I guess only a couple of them are actually able to drive a wagon.

As far as I can see the Caravan would have the following Stats:
(using the Caravan Sheet from Page 28 of above)
Name:The Crooked Kin— Ustalav’s Greatest Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities!
Level: 1
Max Wagon: 5
Offence: 1
Defence: 1
Mobility: 2
Moral: 3
HP: 120
Speed: 26 miles per day (Nag's)
unrest: 1 (when encountered first)
Consumption: 5
Attack: 5=1+(+4 HEROs!!!)
AC: 1=1
Security: 6=2+(+4 HEROs!!!)
Resolve: 12=3+5(all are entertainers)+(+4 HEROs!!!)
Feats: Lucky Caravan

Wagons [type (occupants), Driver]:

  • Covered Wagon (Lidia Gerod,Prince Zar,Hap Tarvin ),Hap Tarvin
  • Fortune-Teller’s Wagon (S’jeer, Kaleb Hesse ), Kaleb Hesse
  • Covered Wagon (Pinheads,The Wolf Child), Lettie
  • Covered Wagon (Swarm of Clowns), Josef
  • Supply Wagon (Trollblood), Trollblood


  • Hap Tarvin (the Flea Man), Driver
  • Kaleb Hesse (the Ringmaster), Driver
  • Lidia Gerod (the Bearded Lady), Cook
    [*Aleece (Pinheads), Driver
  • Lettie (Pinheads), Passanger
  • Poppy (Pinheads), Passenger
  • Prince Zar (the Human Caterpillar), Passenger
  • S’jeer (the Vudrani Princess), Fortune Teller
  • Gerik (Swarm of Clowns), Passenger
  • Josef (Swarm of Clowns), Driver
  • Tam (Swarm of Clowns), Passenger
  • Trollblood (the Giant Man), Driver
  • The Wolf Child, Passenger

Roleplaying Ideas

  • Aleece was a driver, leaving the caravn one driver short...PC to drive wagon.
  • Squezing the PC's in the Kin's wagons for accomodation can lead to interesting roleplay

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I compiled the GM Material for TotB and it can be found HERE

Ps: Harrowstone GM Material and other stuff can be found HERE

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

After my group run into some problems over sleep and effects of not sleeping, I compiled a little

Collection of Sleep and Rest

I also added what my groups decided on Elves trance (House rule) as a seperate rule.

Beware: Contains rule from CarrionCrown AP ... but not really a spoiler...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

we came across something yesterday that isnt really explained anywhere.

Now some classes (e.g. Wizard) state clearly they need 8h rest, but then some of my players came up with the Point of Elven Trancing (not sure how to spell that correctly). Neither the Core, the Advanced or the GameMastery states ANYTHING about that. Digging in the iNet I found that the 3.5 Eleven Trance when out of the Window and dosnt Exist anymore, but others state that Elves in Golarion still have the 4h, but the Eleves of Golarion is a 3.5 Companion Guide.

Now this is all very nice and up to the GM, BUT when you are going into Trial of the Beast it becomes rather important.

The PC's will be very busy and will, as the module state, be very likely suffering fatigue due to lack of sleep and nightly mystery solving.... if Elves have Transing this will have a huge Impact, as my group has 2 Elves)

So whats the verdict?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,
just wanted to tell you guy I had a ball yesterday night with teh animated straitjacket. No so sure if the rules can do it but it WAS fun.

So the enter the Laundary and the Wiz is rather eager to find stuff and searches EVERYTHINK. So...while he searches the rotten cloth the StraitJacked had a surprice round and did a Grable and put itself on, onto the Wizard. In the next round the strait jacked uses one attack to constrict and one to slam some random PC tying to help the Wiz out of the Jacket. The Wiz was unconsious in 2 rounds (no surprice there) and people took nicly damge from the slam. Also they where REALY carefull NOT to harm the Wiz in the Jacket -4 to attack. (I ruled, cause I needed my PC's to sewat a bit more; 6players, 20buy) Miss by more then 5 -> reroll to hit the Wiz, miss by more then 10 automaticly hit the Wiz.

Soould have seen the Wiz after that in the next fight....scared and in the corner...wonderfull.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,

did anyone leveled CarrionHill allready up so it fits between the 3rd and the 4th module?
I'm not really good balancing combat statistics (last ones failed epicly).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Please find pre-calculated points buy tables HERE (Word 2007 format)

Have fun and please report missing or wrong lines below

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Anyone intrested to join/run a group in that Timezone +/-2h....

Just finding players first, if nobosy want to run. I'm happy to run Haunting of Harrowstone, but to be honest I would rather like to play.

Language: English
TimeZone: +10 +/-2
GameTimes: 09:00 - 17:00
Media: via forum or chat..TBA

This is Daniel, Melbourne, Australia UTC+10

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Or was it a Kingdom for a Horse...anyway...

Please find HERE my first version of Roads in Ustalav.

The roads are not abitary but based on material from:

  • Haunting of Harrowstone
  • Trial of the Beast
  • Broken Moon
  • Inner Sea World Guide
  • Rule of Fear

I still have to work in some more of Rule of Fear and I also plan a map that shows Resources (as mentioned in the Material availible) and Main Trading routes that makes sence of these Resources. E.g. Canterwall is the breadbasked of Ustalav (Inner Sea World Guide), Lozeri produced Wood (Broken Moon), lots of trade in Caliphas (Inner Sea), Bastoi has Salt mines, over the south west border Lastwall produced good horses..and so on

Please let me know if I unintentional infringed your copyright, if that is the case please let me know what changes or addition you require.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The Trial of the Beast mentions the "old Mountain Road" (Page 8) and points you to page 81 of the same Adventure or "the Rule of Fear".
Page 81 suggest that the route is from Ravengo west of the Lake Lias to Tamrivena. It also gives us Encounter tables for Canterwall and Vieland.

Thats all good and fine, however Lozeri lies between Vieland and Canterwall. The Encounter Tables in Broken Moon show only the Shudderwood (and looking at the content...we should leave THAT area alone until later) and Ardeal.

As already pointed out in another post neighter the Adventure Paths nor the Rule of Fear shows any roads.

As I'm a real MAP freak....I would like some ROADS on maps....especialy if one mentions roads (old Mountain Road)

BTW: the same think goes for the Journey from Shudderwood to Feldgrau.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi all,
I started yesterday Harrowstone with 6 players using characters with 20 Points Buy (high Fantasy):
Monk, Cleric, Paladin, Rouge, Wizard, Sorcerer

Now..they just swatted away the Goons from the Burial (the monk disarming them mostly and the Paladin punching them out) in 3 rounds. The wizard already cracked some very tough research items...and that’s just the first day after the burial....

I went today and added up all the XP's that the PC could get in Ravengro and I end up with 8070 -> 1345 per PC using the Medium Path that’s not enough for 2nd level.
Adding up all XP's in Harrowstone (like ALL) I get to 24270->4038 ppc. This would make players just 3th level when they are finished
I'm a bit unsure if this means that either the Adventure will be TOO easy for them or if they venture into Harrowstone with 1st they just get owned.

So my Question;
Should I up the challenges (more Monsters), use the FAST XP track or just go along with it. I tend to either the first or the last options.
What’s your call?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I had some time at work and while I was prearing for the Adventure...I thought I just make my GM Diary availible to you guys.
(with the Original Trust Points as in the Book)

also there are some Character Sheets I was working on

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