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Kaerishiel Neirenar

Windfavor's page

73 posts. Alias of Chainmail.

About Windfavor

The first thing you notice about Windfavor, is that light does not 'behave' while it is around him. You can usually expect light to reflect and refract a certain way, but light seems to make a conscious effort to avoid the tall, graceful creature.
Windfavor is strange mix of shadows and grace. You would think it would make him blend in when in a crowd, but Windfavor is outgoing and personable. He engages those around him in conversation, and seems to draw people to him like a magnet. Standing at exactly six feet, Windfavor is dressed in a simple tunic and hose with a voluminous dark cloak he seems to have folded over an arm.
Like many dandies, Windfavor is an androgynous beauty, attractive to many with his long hair and a few feminine features softening his otherwise dominant male features.

Theme song

The dryad was used to picking the prettiest of those who wandered through her domain to dally with. The shadowy wanderer was comely and mysterious, and her charms brought the creature from the plane of shadow under her sway for a time.
Born in a open forest in a druidic circle at midnight in the middle of a great thunderstorm, the portents seemed to favor the birth of the creature who appeared to be half fey, half shadow. The blustery winds seemed to blow more than ever that night, and his mother named him Windfavor. Raised in the shadows and mist of Rikkan falls upriver from Westcrown, the creature of shadow mostly stayed within the sheltered glade of trees by day and wandered at night.
Windfavor greatly loved and was loved by his fey mother, but she noticed right away he seemed to favor his father in appearance and ability. He blended in to the shadows and seemed to cause thunderstorms and draw the lightning to him. As he reached adolescence, Windfavor's studies in magic were complete. But he felt he was missing something, something great. In one of his wanderings at night, he arrived at a large town, and peeked in a tavern window. Watching the bard tell stories of great deeds, beautiful heroines, and distant lands--he made his decision. He returned to his mother to pack his things and follow his new mentor around. At first, the traveling minstrel wanted nothing to do with the young one of shadows. But persistence paid off, and he took Windfavor in as a lost puppy.
Windfavor became a natural bard. He loves crowds, making people smile, and watching people have a great time. For the first time the traveling bard finds himself in a town where the smiles are few. His open nature is viewed with distrust and suspicion as the locals seem to keep to themselves. Like a great puzzle, Windfavor feels a need to find what is causing such problems.
Able to adapt to multiple roles, the adept performer has found a unique calling to act in the dark, tragedies that are becoming all the rage in Cheliax. His natural dark ways and fine elfin features have made him a natural for some of the villainous roles in the local theatre.
A bardic outsider, he will find a way to tell the epic story of the group and possibly get caught up in it. Just as Schroedinger says the observer affects any experiment so does the bard affect the story by being involved.

Planned Crunch (Isn't background and appearance much more important)
Race = Fetchling -- Alignment = CG
ST=8; DX = 20; CHA=20; INT = 10; WIS=10; CON=16
Feat= Fey Foundling (yes, it fits flavor wise but is not optimal)
Traits = Shadow Child (campaign) – When attacking targets in areas of dim light, you do not suffer the standard 20% miss chance on attack rolls for being in the poorly lit area
Natural Born Leader (+1 Will Save vs mind affecting for followers)
Savant (+2 to perform oratory)
Drawback (Overprotective)

Perception, Stealth, Perform(oratory), Kn(local), Kn(arcane), Acrobatics

Traveling clothes
Sleeping Roll
Sewing kit

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