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William Sinclair's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 438 posts. 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 5 Pathfinder Society characters.

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He's just cool!


I've been looking forward to painting this guy for quite a while. I lack a lot of golem's in my collection, and not only is this one definitely a golem, he's very unique in his posture and menace!

The Scarecrow is a creature met by the party at the end of the second chapter of the RotR campaign. He is the charmed guardian for Xanesha the Lamia (also purchasable here), and guards her unfailingly. He is an obvious flesh golem, evident with all of the stiching that covers his arms and legs, which are massively muscled and very menacing. He wears a tattered shirt and pants, both covered in holes and patches, as if someone (possibly him?) attempted repairs at some point in the past). He wears a floppy farms hat, a set of leather bracers, and a cloth sack as a mask over his face, with only his beady eyes and rictus grin of a mouth visable. He has a belt around his waste, with a trio of shrunken, screaming heads tied to it by their hair. Finally, raised over his head, is a massive scythe, its end covered in gore, ready to plunge down into some PC's chest! He comes with a circular base with no slot groove, which is good, as his base is flat and undetailed, with no tab on the bottom to fit into a groove.

1. Mold lines were minor, and easy to clean, with no flash on the figure.

2. Details are excellent, with massive rippling muscles contained below a huge amount of stiching. The cloths are tattered and patched, showing obvious wear and tear. His bare feet and toes are well defined, as are his massive hands and fingers. The spatter of gore at the end of his scythe is very cool, as are the notches of wear on the blade itself.

3. His bent over posture made painting the open chest area quite a challenge, but it lends to the deadly threat he implies as he appears to be lunging forward to attack.

Since I can't rate at half stars, and four stars didn't seem to be enough for this guy, I give him five. He is a very cool figure, and while a challange for beginning painters, he is easier than most. He is well detailed, and makes for a very cool and unique golem figure for any collection.

List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $8.99

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Great Figure


Xanesha. The first true enemy that the PCs will face in RotR campaign, and the first real hint at a greater enemy. This figure does a good job of making the encounter memorable.

The figure itself is excellently detailed. Upon pulling the figure out of the packaging, I had to straighten the "Impaler of Thorns" spear, but it wasn't damaged. Xenesha stands over two inches tall, and around three with her large spear. While fairly flat in casting, for a single piece figure, she is excellently detailed. Her serpentine hindquarters, coil menacingly around her, as she lifts herself up to menacing heights. Her right hand wraps casually around her ribbon and jewel studded spear, which sports a viciously large and menacing spear head, notched to pull out bits of whoever she shoves it in to. While her arms and torso are thin, her waist suggests her feminimity, which is proven by her "Madonna like" bra. I would have preferred a little less shocking coverage in that area, and a little more bulk in her arms (after all, she does have a 20 STR!), she is true to her picture in the books. Her medusa mask covers her face, while her left hand sweeps her flowing locks of hair back away from her face, suggesting she is about to unleash the masks power on some poor unsuspecting PC!

1. Mold lines were evident, but not excessive on this figure. Since she is a boss figure, I only bought on, so maybe I got lucky. Where the mold lines were in evidence, there was enough room to get in a clean them up, though I was forced to remove some scaling detail on her lower left hip to clean the mold lines and will have to carve the scales back in before I can prime and paint her.

2. Like I said in the initial review, the spear was bent during shipment, but this is to be expected. The shaft is thick enough to allow for such issues, and I was able to straighten it without concernt to it breaking.

3. Since the figure was shipped with a slotted square base, I was surprised that the figure didn't have a tab on the underside to allow for more support in keeping the figure on the base. The bottom of the figure was flat, and while it lacks ANY detail, it was adequate enough to allow for gluing on to the supplied base, and I expect that the figure will not easily detach.

While I don't recommend this figure for beginning painters, as there is A LOT of detail in scales and textures that would be lost without proper shading and dry brushing, I do recommend this picture for purchase. It is excellent detailed, and would be a boon to any painters collection.

List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $5.39

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Outstanding Figure


Justice Ironbriar, an unexpected thorn in the player's side early in the RotR campaign, and if played properly and introduced early, an unexpected threat!

The figure itself is excellent. While he looks nothing like either painted rendition, as he appears in the second chapter of the original RotR campaign book (his posture is the same, but that's about it), or his repaint in the RotR anniversary edition), he is an excellent figure. His posture suggests coiled action, but not menacing if first introduced as a benifactor early in the campaign. His legs are flexed for quick movement, while his left arm is placed forward to ward off a strike or reprimand a criminal (as he fronts as a lawful justice before his true nature is revealed), while his right arm is back, war razor in hand, ready to strike. He shows no real emotion on his face outside of a slight frown, thus not betraying him as a nemisis at first. His surcoat lays cleanly over his shoulders, large "shoulder pads" extending up, as if to catch a blade and deflect it. His obvious elven features are cleanly defined, but not overdone as to make him look freakish. And, if one looks carefully, they can see his reaper mask hanging on his right hip, as if ready to slip on and allow him to lead his cult followers into battle against the PCs!

1. Some minor mold lines, but nothing hard to clean. Took about 8 minutes to clean him up and get him ready for painting.

2. Excellent detail in his equipment. His war razor, while shorter than those held by his skinsaw cultists (see figure, also for sale), is bulky with a sharp edge, and looks much like it's razor namesake! The Reaper Mask on his right hip holds excellent detail, and looks identical to the drawings in the campaign book.

The detail and presentation of this figure is quite good. While there is defintely some challange for a beginning painter, it is still possible for them to make him look good. I highly recommend this figure for purchase and use!

List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $5.39

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Could have been better

***( )( )

I recently placed hands on three of these figures for my RotR campaign, with two more on their way. Now that I've cleaned these and glued them to their bases, I feel I can give an adequate review.

This figure looks and stands much like its counterpart within the module. The head is turned left, with the left arm tucked in as if to protect the figure from attack, while the right arm is stretched back, as if ready to lash out with the war razor once the adventurer's guard is down. The face is hidden behind a skinsaw mask, the single eye creepily peering out at the victim. Each figure comes with a square plastic base to mount it in that will place it diagonally across the square (unlike the picture on the website).

1. Flash. Flash. Flash. It's EVERYWHERE. There was heavy flash and molding lines all along the sweeping strands of robe hanging from this figure. Each of the three mini's requires at least fifteen minutes of cleaning time, trying to carve away at the flash hanging between ribbon strands, and to clean up the mold lines that were heavily in evidence.

2. The war razor, while true to the picture, is VERY thin and bends VERY easily. It has a lot of detail showing it to be notched and well used weapon, but I think a slightly thicker blade to give it strength would have been a better call than keeping it this true to the picture. If you look at the Justice Ironbriar figure (also encountered with these nasty fellows in the RotR campaign), his war razor is MUCH shorter and thicker, but still very adequate to the task of threatening the PCs.

3. The robes are very smooth and fluid, allowing the painter easy access to add what every stylizing and symbology they wish to the figure.

4. I personally would have liked to see more detail on the mask other than just the eye, but since I'm not recommending this figure for beginning painters, it's not a big deal.

Overall, I'm giving this a 3 out of 5, mostly due to the heavy flash and mold lines on all three figures that required excessive cleaning for such a small figure. While it is a simple figure and thus easy for beginner painters, they might miss a lot of the mold lines and not come out with a clean paint job. Also, the war razor is a weak point, and I'm afraid it will snap off at some point during transfer to and from games.

List Price: $4.79

Our Price: $4.31

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Simple and Clean, with minor flash issues

****( )

I finally got around to cleaning up these four mini's, having bought them over a span of about two years, and now that I have, I have a few things to say.

The figure itself is stands approximately two inches high (unfortunately, the kids have wandered off with the ruler, so I can't do exact measurements), facing forward, with the left arm down, while the right arm is up as if to strike it's target. The head is turned towards its target in an obvious snarl.

1. While true to the monster, the figure itself is very two dimensional. Given some of the highly detailed mini's that have come out since then, and that came out at the same time from other companies, I am surprised that this figure doesn't have a little more depth to it.

2. Minor Flash and mold lines, easily cleaned off. The mold lines were heavier along the rib cage, but they were still easy to access and clean off with a file. On one figure, there was heavy flashing between the legs, but it was still easy to remove with an modeling knife and file.

3. The only TRUE detriment I have for this figure, and thus 4 out of 5 stars, is that the end of the lower jaw lacked detail in ALL four figures. While it might clean up during painting, on all four figures I had an excess of metal that protruded out without any real form or defintion. It definitely wasn't a tongue, as that is cleanly defined, so I'm left with that it was a failure in the molding itself. Cleaning off this large chunk of slag metal leaves the end of the mouth poorly defined and in need of cleaning and detailing with a knife.

In conclusion, even with the obvious issues with the lower jaw, this IS a clean figure, and requires very little cleaning before painting. While I would have liked to have seen more action in this early iconic monsters for Pathfinder, I still recommend it for purchase and use, and recommend it as a good figure for beginner painters.

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