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Darl Quethos

William Ronald's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,096 posts (1,099 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge ****

ChaosTicket wrote:

Because Im making pacifist characters? Sure, lets go with that. Im trying to make characters not murder-hobos.

You could focus on a character who has high diplomacy, bluff, and sense motive skills who can buff the party and has some useful weapons and tactics, as some creatures (undead, demons) are seldom reasonable. Pacifists or peace loving characters can work, and avoiding an encounter can be useful.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

We will offer the following scenarios:

#3-21 The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
#6–09: By Way of Bloodcove for characters of levels 3-7

As a back up, we also will have Black Waters, #0-06, for characters of levels 1-5.

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
"Lucious" Lucius Vizinni wrote:
Cenorin wrote:
You're on a Tier 5-9 diplomatic mission, and the question "who's the party face?" is met with blank stares.
Easy answer when I am there. EVERYBODY loves Lucius... and if they don't, they will!

I was in a scenario where my ranger was the face of the party due to his 10 charisma.

Liberty's Edge ****

In a recent adventure, a player was able to use Bluff to avoid a combat.

I think one thing we can do is make sure that our characters can do more than one thing. I have seen characters with low charisma scores make convincing arguments and try to aid another. I have seen characters learn the importance of not being a one-trick pony, and have back up weapons.

Liberty's Edge ****

Perhaps see what PFSPrep has for From Shore To Sea. Also, it helps to find ways to connect a character to a story. Perhaps some of the NPCs have heard of the characters or heard positive interactions with the Society.

Liberty's Edge ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Jared Thaler wrote:

Because on some level, when someone has been hurt like this, it is important to rebuild trust.

Because at some level, when stuff like this happens, it is important to call it out and make clear that some things are not acceptable.

Because most of these posts have been directing the person on where they can find safe spaces or rescue.

Wherever we can correct a problem, even if we did not cause it, we should. My hope is that the original poster and his wife will think better of PFS because we tried to address our concerns.

Trust often has to be earned. By treating others with concern and respect, we can begin to build trust with people who have had poor gaming experiences.

Liberty's Edge ****

Congratulations, Adam!

Liberty's Edge ****

GM Lamplighter wrote:
Sin of Asmodeus wrote:
This sounds a lot like personal drama that blew up at a game. I don't see how or why this pertains to society play.

Um... because it was a Society game and the alleged behavior violates the Code of Conduct for PFS?

But yes, we don't need details here - the people involved have their answer on how to take it up the chain.

This should go up the chain. Of command. All people I. An organization should be accountable for their actions.

Kris, I hope that you and four friend will consider PFS against . Most people whom I have met through PFS have been nice.

Liberty's Edge ****

My group played this some years ago. We had at least two Andoran characters, including my wizard who speaks Undercommon.

Our problem was that a Chelaxian character just saw the troll as a monster to be killed and would send a few attacks on the troll. We were winning him over, between the diplomacy skills of a few characters.

One of the players was truly angry at the player, whose characters were generally ineffective and annoying. There was a brief side discussion with the GM as one player had enough and was considering sacrificing his character by violating the PvP rule to make a point to someone who did not cooperate well. Fortunately, the troll was able to go in freedom back to the Darklands. If we did not have any interference, our cleric of Gorum was quite willing to convert the troll.


Liberty's Edge ****

Perhaps you could appeal to the ronin's personal sense of honor. Perhaps work with the character's history. A ronin may dislike the thought of arbitrary control of others.

Liberty's Edge ****

You may wish to contact Sean O'Shea in the Elkhart/South Bend area as he is closer to your event. It is about a three hour drive for me to get out to Fort Wayne.

Also, you may want to start a thread on the event.

Liberty's Edge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You know that you are in trouble when ...

you see a player who is so bad that the rest of the table privately asks the GM if they can get a handicap like in a golf game. (We had one.)

the party for your table at a convention is a life oracle, a ninja, your diviner wizard who summons a lot, and a bard/sorcerer. (We lucked out when the bard/sorcerer charmed a major foe and we had a front line.)

Three players bring characters based on the Three Stooges.

The GM is running an adventure and discovers that a key encounter is missing from the print out. (Happened at a con for a non-Paizo ongoing campaign some years ago.)

You run into a player whose mage specializes in stinking cloud and other smell related spells -- and claims his poor hygiene is part of his roleplaying.

You have players who question the PvP rule as a detriment to them leveling.

the venue is so noisy that your party begins to communicate with hand gestures.

Your wizard has no idea of area of effect and the party is at ground zero for a fireball.

Your party's archer/enchantment mage dresses as his character -- whose costume is closer to Cupid than Robin Hood.

A player asks if he can become a henchman.

You have a party of grim characters and a new player arrives whose character concept is based off of Roger Rabbit.

The party has a player who believes that it is appropriate to test how tough his allies are by mentioning such entities at Cthulhu, Hastur and Pazuzzu.

The GM lets said entities show up.

Liberty's Edge ****

My own scheduel is up in the air, So, I can't answer yet.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, September 17, 2016.

We will offer the following scenarios:

The Glass River Rescue, 5-01, for character levels of 1-5.
City of Strangers, Part II: The Twofold Demise,1-52, for characters of levels 1-7.

As a back up, we also will have Black Waters, 0-06, for characters of levels 1-5. (We had a light turnout over Labor Day weekend, so we only ran one adventure.)

Liberty's Edge ****

I would let PAX Know as well. I think that a strength of PFS is that you have venture officers who can address concerns.

Open gaming tables can vary greatly in quality. I hope that you find much better GMs in the future.

Liberty's Edge ****

I carry a backpack, three bags, and often a shoulder bag so I can bring my lap top.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

We will have the following scenarios:

From Under Ice, 6-18, for characters of levels 1-5.
City of Strangers,1-52, for characters of levels 1-7.

As a back up, we also will have Black Waters, 0-06, for characters of levels 1-5.

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here in Northwest Indiana, we have had a few major changes. I am currently the organizer and we don't have a venture agent or other venture officer. (I am tempted to apply but I may have to relocate for work. I never make a commitment that I cannot keep.)

We changed our day of running PFS from Thursday nights to Saturday nights. So, we lost some GMs and players. We are rebuilding, and we still have two to three tables at Lightspeed Hobbies every two weeks.

We can all learn from each other, and I found a lot of good advice in this thread. I am already talking to a few players who are willing to GM. With any luck, we may be able to add another venue to the area.

Liberty's Edge ****

I have had characters bad mouth Venture Captains. Locally in Northwest Indiana, Drendle Drang is hated for his wake up calls.

At one event, I grumbled at the venture captain who sent us on a mission to accompany a caravan in the woods. It was the make up of the party, where my cleric of Iomedae was both the frontline fighter and the tracker.

I think that one thing that annoys players are scenarios where the Venture Captain is dismissive of the party.

Liberty's Edge ****

I would say no, as it would give some classes an advantage over others. Also, I joke that at times my experiences with Living City felt like Living Swap Meet as people wanted my wizard character to make things.

I am concerned that we would have self-buffing improving for a lot of characters, while some people would not benefit.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, August 20, 2016

We will have the following scenarios:

Portent's Peril, 8-01, for characters of levels 1-5.
Slave Pits of Absalom, 0-08, for characters of levels 1-5.
By Way of Bloodcove, 6-09, for characters of levels 3-7.

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would oppose such a rule. It would likely lead to problems with players feeling that their builds are being punished. Also, I have seen powerfully built characters suffer from what Wei Ji the Learner just described -- being unable to hit. Last session, my wizard enlarged a fighter who could not hit for a major combat.

As a frequent GM, I have seen my dice run from hot to cold. Luck is part of the rules for players and GMs alike. As a GM, I presume that the NPCs are going to challenge most parties. However, sometimes the dice rolls favor one side of the table or another.

If there is a problem with a player, talk to a player. Using rules to deal with what can be a player issue can create more problems than they would likely solve.

Liberty's Edge

Tanis, thank you for all your hard work. Good luck as you pursue your nursing career.

Liberty's Edge ****

Godwrecker wrote:
Boo i did some looking and theres no one in maine that runs organized play

Maybe see if you can get to a nearby state, or see if a Venture Officer from a nearby state can help. The Grand Lodge of New England might help. Also, I used the page and was able to find on Facebook The Maine Pathfinder Society Lodge. They had some events recently.

Liberty's Edge ****

I like this proposal. First, it helps ties pre-gens closer to player characters. (So, if you have to play a pre-gen for an event, possibly you can use a boon from a faction card to help the party out.) Secondly, I don't think that it hurts game play at all.

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MisterSlanky wrote:

Again - if the primary intent of the change, as stated by those "in the know" was to remove the abuse of players playing Pregens in a way that negatively impacted the other players at the table, I fail to see how this change makes any impact to remedying that specific problem. Jerk players will continue to be jerk players.

So either:

a) That is not the real reason.


b) This was not well thought out.

I have my thoughts on which of the two it was.

I am trying to understand this change as well.

At Lightspeed Hobbies, where I GM and organize, most of the time someone plays a pregen is as a new player. Usually, we don't have someone register their characters on the spot, which this new rule seems to require.

I am mostly interested in how this impacts new players. (Caveat: I still have to sit down and read all of the new guide.) I worry that we may discourage new players.

As for jerks, I fear tht they will always be with us. Perhaps there can be a solution where a new player can keep a new player boon and apply it to a -2 character if the pregen dies.

I have no problem risking characters and consider risk and reward to be important. However, I worry about the risk of alienating potential new players.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, August 6, 2016

We will have the following scenarios:

Slave Pits of Absalom, 0-08, for character levels 1-5.
The Icebound Outpost, 3-19, for character levels 1-5.
The Horn of Aroden, 5-19, for character levels 1-5.

Liberty's Edge ****

I wish that I could be there, but I want to wish everyone at GenCon a great time!! Thanks for getting the new guide out!!!

Liberty's Edge ****

Well, I did not create the thread and the title may no longer be accurate. Maybe there should be a separate thread for Northeastern Indiana and your area, DicesMuse.

I am putting a schedule together for Saturday for Lightspeed Hobbies. So, for those who can't make GenCon, we would love to have you stop in for a game.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana at 5 PM Central on Saturday, July 23. 2006

We will have the following scenarios:

Trial by Machine, 6-01, for characters of levels 1-5.

The Frostfur Captives, 3-01, for characters of levels 1-5.

Perils of the Pirate Pact, 0-17, for characters of levels 1-7.

Liberty's Edge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I see a lot of good will in this thread, despite disagreements.

It seems that there is some common agreement - we want to encourage more people to GM. (I joke that I GM so much in my area that my characters are often little more than accounting fictions.)

What would encourage more people to GM? If I really like a scenario or think it would work well with a group, I run it -- even if I get no character credit from doing so. (Sometimes a scenario is a lot of fun to run or fits in thematically with other scenarios.)

Perhaps each side in this debate can try to see the views of the other sides. I agree that abuse of boons can be a problem. However, I also see that sometimes an incentive can encourage good behavior. Perhaps we need to strike a balance between different proposals.

In the end, I think that we want to see PFS thrive as and organization where GMs AND players have fun. So, what would encourage more GMs and what would help make the campaign more fun, while avoiding problems that have plagued other organized play campaigns? (I sometimes jokingly called Living City by the name Living Swapmeet as one wizard I played who had crafting feats got asked to make a few things.)

As we express our opinions and explore options, lets assume that every one is coming to the discussion with a love for PFS and a desire to help it grow. Are there people who would abuse boons? Yes. However, let's assume that the people on this thread mean well and we may hit a few good solutions. I often find that I learn a lot from counterarguments, so let us give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Liberty's Edge ****

GM Eazy-Earl wrote:
Ferious Thune wrote:
I think it's in reference to the amount of time it takes to prep a table to run online. One of the reasons I haven't run online is that I haven't been able to put together the time to sit down and build a table with all the macros and dynamic lighting and things I know I'd need to do to make it right. I'm guessing the sentiment is that once a table is built, the GM could use it multiple times, but they aren't getting (chronicle) credit for doing so.
Here's another thought (again, only half-serious): What if we created a third separate campaign (in addition to the Society Roleplaying and Core campaigns) for online play. Doing so would increase both play and GM opportunities by a third. And, given the difficulties involved in setting up an initial run of a scenario, what if we allowed unlimited GM credit in that campaign only?

May I ask what it would be called and, more importantly, the rationale behind such a campaign? I understand the logic of having the Core campaign and the RPG campaign.

Add to the fact that Paizo will likely have an organized campaign for Starfinder, would we be asking the folks at Paizo to do too much by setting up yet another campaign?

Liberty's Edge ****

Sometimes, I will run a scenario I like or that has a good theme for a group of players who have not played it before. (In October, I tend to do a lot of horror themed adventures.) I do see some GMs having a prepared mod in their backpack in case a GM does not show.

Personally, I am not concerned with credit for my characters if I am running an adventure again. However, perhaps there can be a compromise solution that gives GMs a bonus if they run a scenario again or if a venue is trying to recruit GMs. Maybe just allow the full xp, prestige points and gold. I know that there is some legitimate concern for magic items and boons. So, perhaps a bonus on a skill check or save might be a good idea. (So, for Among the Living, maybe a bonus to Knowledge, Religion checks when dealing with the Cult of Zyphus?)

I think the key question we should ask is if the rules of PFS are helping players and GMs to have fun. It is important to recruit new GMs, as people may move on from GMing. People's lives change, so venues can lose GMs.

More than anything else, let's keep the dialog here going.

Liberty's Edge ****

Alex Blaes wrote:

That's because he misspelled it. It's the Sha'ir, an archetype for the Occultist. 0Sha%E2%80%99ir

Well, you beat me to it.

I have not played any characters from Occult Adventures yet. (Honestly, I GM over 90 percent of my twice monthly sessions.) However, I could see a good synergy with an elemental race and the sha'ir archetype.

Liberty's Edge ****

The original poster is referring to the sha'ir occultist archetype from the Occult Adventures book.

A quick check of the PFS Additional Resources document has the following on archetypes:

Archetypes: All archetypes on pages 88-125 are legal for play, except the cult master and psychic duelist. The reanimated medium (page 93) disregards the second paragraph of the channel self ability. The promethean alchemist (page 112) gains Skill Focus (Craft [alchemy] or Knowledge [arcana]) as a bonus feat instead of the promethean disciple discovery at 1st level; this still replaces both Brew Potion and Throw Anything. The ectochymist gains Skill Focus (Craft [alchemy] or Knowledge [religion]) as a bonus feat in place of Brew Potion.

So, it would appear to be legal. I suppose it might be a good idea to play a sha'ir who is tied to the element of an adventure. You could perhaps have different sha'irs tied to each element. The access to spells of a certain element could be useful next season.

The sha'ir seems to be inspired from the sha'ir spell caster from TSR's Al Qadim setting. On Golarion, Qadira, other parts of the Kelesh Empire, and Jalmeray might be good places for a home for a sha'ir.

Liberty's Edge

There are clearly marked social groups in Geb. Humans have far less rights than undead. Let me quote form the Pathfinderwiki article.


Gebbite society in general is divided into three caste: the quick (the living, apart from thralls), the dead (intelligent undead), and chattel (living thralls bred as food, and mindless undead). The quick and the dead are treated equally, while the chattel have no rights. Relations between the quick and the dead are regulated by the Dead Laws, which are designed to ensure that the rights and security of both groups are protected. Of course, as with all nations, not everyone follows the law — visitors still need to be cautious.

Anyone who dies on Gebbite soil is reanimated as a mindless undead creature to serve the state in eternal bondage. Those with sufficient clout or wealth generally circumvent this procedure, and willingly transform themselves into an intelligent undead creature, either through dark magics, or simply by letting themselves be killed by ghouls, vampires, or other creatures with the ability to create such progeny. This act is seen as a great service to the state, although it does create a large population of lesser intelligent undead who see themselves as vastly superior to their unintelligent brethren, yet lack any true power.

As humans and similar creatures are sapient beings, those who fall into the quick and the living know how limited their rights are in society. The quick are likely seen as future undead, and have rights - few wish to annoy a future lich in Geb.

Liberty's Edge ****

Congratulations to our new five star GMs. I hope to be among your ranks one day.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well said, Liz!! We are all diminished when a member of our community passes. May Steve's memory be for a blessing and burn bright in the minds of those who knew him. May his family, friends and colleagues be comforted.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society Organized Play returns to Lightspeed Hobbies at 5 PM Central on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

We will offer the following scenarios:

The Sun Orchid Scheme, 7-21, for characters of levels 1-5.

Echoes of the Overwatched, 3-07, for characters of levels 1-5.

The Frostfur Captives, 3-01, for characters of levels 1-5.

Liberty's Edge

May Steve Russell's memory be for a blessing. May his family, friends and colleagues be comforted in their loss.

Liberty's Edge ****

TomParker wrote:
William Ronald wrote:
Pathfinder Society Organized Play returns to Lightspeed Hobbies
Have you gotten set up on Warhorn or anything similar for pre-registration? I'm going to be in the area and would love to join a hometown game. If it's drop-in only, is there usually room?

Hi, Tom!! We are not yet using Warhorn. There is almost always room. We are planning to have three tables this Saturday.

Liberty's Edge ****

Maybe a bag of holding or portable hole filled with water? Possibly with a way to reduce the size of the shark?

Liberty's Edge ****

Congratulations, Katie. Thanks for stepping up!!

Liberty's Edge ****

Pirate Rob wrote:

WB4G is a module.

Modules count as 2 tables for star counting purposes.

Thanks for letting me know!! It is still only one xp per session.

Liberty's Edge ****

With my reporting of two sessions of WeB4Goblins from last Saturday, I have now reached the rank of a four star GM. The first, more successful session, was my 100th GM session. The second, while fun, was less successful for the players.

I am puzzled by one thing. Before I entered the data, I was at 99 sessions. Now, I am showing 103 sessions.

Thanks to Bob Jonquet, Brian Mooney, Sean O'Shea and all who helped me grow as a Pathfinder Society GM.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Society Organized Play returns to Lightspeed Hobbies at 5 PM Central on Saturday, June 25, 2016.

We will offer the following scenarios:

The Consortium Compact, 7-10, for characters of levels 1-2
Scars of the Third Crusade, 5-22, for characters of levels 1-5.
The City of Strangers—Part I: The Shadow Gambit, 1-51, for characters of levels 1-7.

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Liberty's Edge ****

John Compton wrote:
Mitch Mutrux wrote:
John Compton wrote:
Jared Thaler wrote:

Did we ever settle whether WB4G is replayable?

Also, if you play more than once on Free RPG day, can you get the free rpg day boon more than once? Does it matter if you play at different stores? (In practice I am locally discouraging people from doing this, we only have 16 seats across 2 stores, and it would be disappointing to find out someone didn't get to play because someone got greedy.)

Yes, it is replayable for 1st level, as is the case for other Tier 1–2 modules.

My inclination is to say that no, one can only earn a single toad—likely won't have a chance to discuss that with the rest of the team, but I'd play it safe, especially if seats are at a premium.

Are GM's also eligible for the Free Toad? I had someone running this tomorrow ask me tonight, I told them yes but just wanted to confirm.
I would pass one out to all participants, and that would include GMs.

Am I correct that even if a GM runs this event multiple times, (I am planning on twice today), it is only one toad per player/GM? (It will be amusing for my Dwarven Warpriest of Torag to have the boon.)

Also, I was able to set my event up but had to list it as an unspecified event as WeB4Goblins! was stillnot listed.

Additionally, the badges were great. Let's hope for a lot of fun and mayhem today.

Liberty's Edge ****

Here is a question on a boon.

Is the only way to remove the Dead Goblin boon via spending 16 Prestige Points to resurrect it and reactivate the boon? Or, if a player does not want the boon again (or perhaps cannot afford the 16 Prestibe Points to raise the toad from the dead), would a remove curse work to remove the penalty on interacting with goblins?

Liberty's Edge ****

I thought I would start a thread that will help people find venues running We B4 Goblins! this Saturday. So, let's see what stores and other venues are going to have some goblin mayhem this weekend.

Pathfinder Society returns to Lightspeed Hobbies in Portage, Indiana for Free RPG Day this Saturday, June 18, 2016.

I will run sessions of WeB4Goblins! at 11 am and 5:30 PM Central.

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