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Darl Quethos

William Ronald's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 746 posts (749 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Get better soon, Erik


Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Well - maybe I'll try it at next Origins and have a high ranking judge (VL level or higher) weigh in on it. And I'll use a level 1 character so that I can re-spec if they decide to make it suck.

Well, since it is terribly written and Rhatahema's research shows it was not used as Charon's Little Helper thought, is there a weapon that comes closer to his desire to have a very versatile weapon to use for a throwing build?


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Nicely done! Also, there are also some efforts to bring civilization to Belkzen, including among orc leaders. The Pathfinder Wiki article on the Hold of Belkzen is a good place to start for information as well


mechaPoet wrote:

All right, here's my prediction for the final chapter:

Brea wakes up, manages to get mortal revenge on Deagan, then takes his head as a prize and flees.

She wanders through rural countryside until she finds a town, and figures she will abandon the life of a soldier and take up entertainment instead. She finds a small theater and gains an audition with the proprietor.

For her act, she brings Deagan's decapitated head and does a number of unspeakable things to it. The proprietor is stunned, and after her shocking performance can only ask: "What is this act called?"

She smiles and replies, "The Kalistocrats!"

Well done!!

I suspect that there will be a reckoning between Brea and Deagan. Let us say that the Kallistocracy is not looking very favorable here. I am reminded of a philosopher of the past century who said that when anything -- race, creed, or nation -- is elevated above hunanity, it turns to evil. In the case of this story, I think we have a good fictional case study.


Javin Swifthand wrote:

the Data on Druma reads as follows which may explain....

While it would seem that traveling “prophets” of Druma
would make tempting targets for overzealous thieves and
confidence men, knowledgeable denizens of the underworld
give them wide clearance, knowing that their untold wealth
all too often buys hosts of magical contingencies, powerful
divinations, and vengeful assassins. Very little stolen from
such a prophet stays stolen for long.

I could see Deagan having some contingencies. I am not ruling out a set up, as there would be many who would benefit from his demise or disgrace.

Still, I think that we will see some investigation and confrontation next time. At a minimum, Deagan has some very bad information been given out as I think most people would distinguish between a hobgoblin and a goblin as a threat.


Thelemic_Noun wrote:

The joke is that it's precisely what led to the 08 meltdown, only it's happening in hell and with souls instead of money.

Essentially, the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs are the Court of Titivilus, the Scrivening Count.

The PC's quest is essentially to stop fraudulent foreclosures caused by robosigning.

But in the context of a battle against Hell, it is no longer the stuff of boring high finance laws allowing people to get away with fraud. The fraud mortgage broker is evil incarnate stealing the souls of the innocent, and will be smote.

Wish fulfillment at its best.

EDIT: The fact that nobody saw through the parody before I spelled it out means that this might make for a better adventure than I thought. I assumed that the parody would be too on the nose for players to take seriously, but it seems the disguise is strong enough to withstand a certain degree of scrutiny.

I got the joke! I imagine that due to Golarion's outer planes having multiple powers, there would be trouble for Hell and perhaps for Abadar.(I imagine Abadar would try to figure someway out of the mess, but if everyone's worshippers are impacted by the scam, he may want to hide in the First Vault.)


Ross Byers wrote:
David Neilson wrote:
Yeah, using money you minted, with your face on it, seems almost unbelievably foolish. Unless he is following an edict about using your own money I suppose. I was really surprised that the gorget was not in some way cursed.
Could be a frame-up.

It could well be a set up. However, some people are arrogant enough and foolish enough to do so. So far, Deagan has demonstrated that he is arrogant and has displayed poor judgment. I shall eagerly await the next installment of this series.

The casualty count is very high for Brea's soldiers. Suffice it to say, I expect there will be a reckoning soon. It could well be that someone has set up Deagan, but would not exposing and blackmailing him be much more of a punishment in Druma?


Congratulations, Erik!! I hope that all goes well with the move.


I enjoyed this, but I suspect that this will end badly.

The prophecies of Kallistrade seem to raise profit above all else. As such, it seems ripe for abuse as human concerns seem secondary to the dogma.


Congratulations on Krystalin!! I hope that both she and Mom will be well and home soon.


Pazuzu does indeed look amazing. (My old D&D group had a few run ins with him.)


It is late, but I will send out some copies this weekend. I am amazed that the requests are still coming in.

Andoran **

You might want to try this thread.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, for my highest level character in PFS, Ellestron Makkarios, I took a Welsh first name and a Gaulish last name.

Amanar Bakare is a Thuvian ranger. His first name is Berber (Tamazight) for the constellation Orion and his last name is Egyptioan.

Cael Ardan, a refugee from Ramziran who would like to see Ramzir's head and body on a pike, has his name drawn from Celtic sources.

Kelannon, an elven rogue, has a name that is vaguely Celtic.

Tevieil Ellyllion is derived from a Hebrew word for world and Ellyllion, Middle Welsh for "Of the Elves"

Alarun Rachlav is a mixture of Norse and Slavic names for a Varisian/Ulfen witch.

Feel free to use a lot of different sources, and remember that people do move about on Golarion or from beyond. (Hey, at least we don't have many names like Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane from Ravens Bluff in the Forgotten Realms. I thought that I could find that one in the Chicago phone book. ;) )

Andoran **

IronKanon wrote:

Ever find out if there is pathfinder groups in the south bend area?

There is. Just check this subforum. They are quite active.


Well done, PFS!!!


Congratulations to everyone who made this happen. Did the 8,736 players seated include the same people showing up for multiple events or were these individual players? Either way, it is an impressive figure.

I am also pleased to see that the kids track went well!!


I wonder how many people I can recognize if I blew up the photo.


Congratulations, Paizo!!


Congratulations!! I hope that we get more news soon!


Looks great!!


Quinn would be amused not just at the attire of the people in line, but probably amused and mystified by a smartphone.


Cute. I hope we get a report on how PFS is going, and how the tables for young people are doing.


The lines are long but the crowd looks happy!


It looks like they are beat. Hopefully, they are refreshed and can have somehtign good for dinner.

Andoran **

Congratulations, Tim!!

Andoran **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

On a few occasions, I have seen parties in trouble claim that they are the Aspis Consortium.

In general, identifying themselves as Pathfinders in places known for tyrannical governments or superstitious societies seldom does any good. Mind you, I would expect the Pathfinder Society to get some good PR out of season five.


Rich Burgess wrote:


just thought I would mention that I am having trouble getting to the PFS blog on the chrome browser

When I try and access that page it acts like its done loading and shows only a white page. When trying to access from internet explorer on the same machine it appears to load correctly.

Installed Extensions - Avast! Online Security, EditThisCookie, Logmein AND Reddit Enhancement Suite.

None of which (except potentially Avast) should be preventing this page from loading.

I am using Chrome and tried the link. I only briefly saw the page before it went white.


coyote6 wrote:
William Ronald wrote:

The changes sound interesting. I would like to see more about archetypes. Is there an archetype that replaces the animal companion with something else?

The article says, "the the feral hunter trades out the animal companion to gain permanent bonuses, wild shape, and boosts to summoned allies," so the answer is "yes".

Thanks. I imagine that the feral hunter is the "lone hunter" archetype. I must have read too fast.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

The changes sound interesting. I would like to see more about archetypes. Is there an archetype that replaces the animal companion with something else? (If I played a hunter, I would likely go with a companion. However, it never hurts to have options.)

Also, Mark, can you maybe comment on the hunter's role? I can see hunters working well with druids and rangers, but perhaps being more focused on eliminating enemies. (Maybe a motto of the Green Faith is "Send a druid to teach and restore, a ranger to guide and defend, and a hunter to kill?")


zend0g wrote:
Could I also get a copy if you aren't too busy?

If you include an e-mail, yes.


Tumakhunter wrote:

Wow, what a big thread. I haven't flipped through it all, but I thought I'd add my name to the list, if you don't mind sending it. I want to use it to introduce my daughter and some of her friends to the game, and though this would be a great break in module. :D

Anyway, I'm tumakhunter (at) gmail, and thank you very much, for this and for your work on it.

Check your e-mail.


Taperat wrote:
My biggest beef with Sarenrae is that myself and everyone at my table went to school with a girl named Sara Ray. So if Sarenrae ever gets brought up I never hear the end of 'Paladins of Sara Ray' jokes.

At least that they are not Paladins of Saran Wrap. ;)

It should be noted that historical deities were seen in different ways over time. So, it is not surprising that worshippers of Saranrae in Kelesh, Absalom, and Varisia may have very different takes on the deity.


I was lucky to live in Chicago, so there was less pressure here than elsewhere. My high school had a club and the local library supported us, as we checked out books.

My friends and I got some materials to counter the hate, and we had few problems at my high school.


As time was of the essence, I think that Caron made the right choice in hurrying after her husband. She had no idea how much time had passed when she was unconscious.

Andoran **

Osirianis have often CREATED undead as guardians, so Silver Crusade or Andoran might be better fits. (Undeath can be a form of slavery.) Grand Lodge might work as well.

Andoran **

Congratulations, Tony!!


So, how many people went to the delve?


I am excited by these announcements. Although I play a rogue in PFS and happy with it (I have played RPGs since 1980), I know that the rogue is a source of concern for many. I do hope that we see play testing. (Hmm, maybe in addition to improved defenses, the rogue can get something like limited damage from non-sneak attacks that reflects the rogue looking for weaknesses in a foe and finding them.)

Similarly, while I have not played a summoner, I know that sometimes summoners take up a lot of time in combat with a horde of summoned creatures. Also, a few people have told me stories about how syntheists have completely outclassed several other characters of equal level at a table. (To me, Rule Zero is that everyone at a gaming table should have fun.)

It sounds like everyone is having a great time at PaizoCon.

Arcturus24, I am experiencing the same error.


Brybry wrote:
May I also receive a copy of this conversion? Thank you!

I need an e-mail address. You can post here, or private message me.


I will get to this later tonight, folks.

If I was not so darn busy, I would update the mod further -- as I created it when I was pretty new to Pathfinder.

Andoran **

Very interesting developments. I think that my Osirioni ranger may still feel at home in his faction.

As for the Sovereign Court, I think that the question will be what virtues are promoted by it. I can see several players of Taldan characters liking this move.

Mind you, I think that there will be some common ground at times between the different factions. (For example, I could see many Pathfinders supporting the spread of knowledge.)

I am interested in how these changes will be introduced in game and looking forward to how it is handled.


Congratulations, Mark!!

While it is sad to see that the Boston Lodge (which I have heard MANY good things about) is losing you, I think that you will do well.

Andoran **

Congrtualations, Joanna!!


Check your e-mails. Again, sorry for the long delay.


I will send some out this weekend.

I have been very busy of late, for good and bad reasons. (An old friend in his 90s passed away recently.) So, I will get to your requests.


2 people marked this as a favorite.
Mikaze wrote:

Anyone else notice that Lissa's avatar switched to the goddess of cleansing flame around the time this swarm started demanding her attention?

Clearly another Paizo employee needs to switch to an Asmodeus avatar and construct some sort of quarantined area to confine this spammer.

The reenactment of the Godwar has already started! It has to be finished properly!

Seriously though, many thanks for doing this and condolences on having to put up with it.

Yes, and as some of the spammers seem to be posting about what may be taken as breeding, surely we are seeing the followers of Rovagug here.

Seriously, I know that this is hard work. I have a friend in Phoenix who did a radio show and worked hard to keep his board free of spam one weekend while he was out. It is not easy.


This cretin has a few posts. Here is one of his threads.


Mike Franke wrote:
Isn't there also a super powerful gold dragon living there in charge of the country. It might look sideways at an invasion.

I think that you are confusing Rahadoum with Hermea.

One reason that Rahadoum may have survived is that many of its neighbors like to have it as a buffer state and a trade partner. Thuvia is probably happy that they do not border Cheliax.


Keep up the good work.

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