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Don't forget any cover or concealment that may apply to there attacks while burrowed, if they try to attack while submerged.
And readyed attacks, supper useful when your not sure when an enemy's gonna pop out anywere.

My players resontly finished skulls and shackles and the first decree our new hurricane king made was to abolish the free captains system. What effect on the shackles would such a thing create?

Imbicatus wrote:
Endency wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
I want to agree with you but it doesn't say anything about targeting a creature just "focusing your stare". Not to mention again but you can do it blind and all you need to do with a dc 20 concentration check.
You Focus your stare on one creature within 30 feet. If you are aware of that creatures location you can do so, but if you are not aware, there is nothing you can focus on.

without any actual rules telling us wtf they mean by focus, its really up in the air. Although im sure the intent wasnt to just ping things willy nilly

Geoff Royal wrote:
My concern with the Slashing Grace arguement is that I think "damage" is a typo to begin with. If you read the feat's requirements and text, it does not have anything directly to do with the swashbuckler that it doesn't do with everything else. I think it was intended to allow characters to apply their Dex bonus to ATTACK ROLLS instead of damage, as nothing in the feat's description actually allows you to do so, other than the presumption that you get to do so from Swashbuckler's Finesse. It also doesn't mention using the weapon two-handed or in the off-hand, which they usually do in the case of damage.

Please take any slashing grace comments to another thred we've been ask to stop talking about it here

Zark wrote:

Any feat in the book that lets a character disable magic traps?

One can always hope for this as there are other feats that grant you other classes class features.

didn't see one but isn't there a trait that dose that?

edit: found it looks like its out of mummy's mask so i could see alot of dm's saying no Trap finder

logan grayble wrote:
Does anyone know if the Feral Hunter archetype still gets it's teamwork feats?

far as I can tell they get one less but still otherwise get them as bonus feats.

actully you'd be surprised,between the 2 feats that let you use reflex saves in place of fort and will saves, amiture swashbuckler, the feat chain that gives studied combat, and the archtype that gives sneak attack and int to damage with splash weapons, the rouge has some new toys to play with. Probably not enough for most people to see the rouge as 'viable' but at least they got stuff.

edit: was in response to a ,now deleted, post about the rogue

Adam B. 135 wrote:

How about Slayer talents that rogues are allowed to take?

not seeing anything that lets a rogue take slayer talents, wouldnt suprise me if we get something like that in a future product though

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I just gotta know....

Is there a section on designing your own class or archetypes? something similar to the Race Builder?

Is there anything that even remotely resembles the Dark Knight from Final Fantasy, from leeching HP abilities/spells to damaging yourself to hurt your enemies badly?

How good are the prestige classes?! Is paizo still on it's Prestige-class hate, or are they actually good this time?

edit: I like the idea of handing out class abilities. I may actually yet live to see a d20 game system that does away with classes and gives you "Prime Archetypes" from which to choose your abilities from.

yes, no point based system like the ARG though but there is a chapter of class design

Nothing like the dark knight that I saw, always possible i overlooked it though, might I suggest the vitalist from dsp if your looking for something with life steal type abilities.
No prestige classes at all in this book sadly :(

anyone looking specificly for book spoilers it suggest running over to the Product thred , lot of that going on over there.

Insain Dragoon wrote:
RHMG Animator wrote:
No samurai or ninja stuff

Technically Samurai can grab Cav orders.

I think Ninjas can get some rogue talents too. Any Rogue Talents?

nope, or at least if there are there not in the rogue section.

Mudfoot wrote:
Nothing for rogues or fighters, I suppose...?

actully you'd be surprised,between the 2 feats that let you use reflex saves in place of fort and will saves, amiture swashbuckler, the feat chain that gives studied combat, and the archtype that gives sneak attack and int to damage with splash weapons, the rouge has some new toys to play with. Probably not enough for most people to see the rouge as 'viable' but at least they got stuff.

the fighters got some niffty toys as well, between the feat that grants limited martial flexibility and the 2 archetypes they get they got quite a bit going for them. one archtype replaces weapon training with martial flexability, and the other replaces armor training with mutagen and and some discoveries, mostly ones that upgrade mutagen but stuff like vistigel arms and wings are on that list to.

ArenCordial wrote:

I'm curious what does the Mutation Warrior have to give up from Fighter?

And are there any new discoveries that look good for that archetype?

drops armor training and its upgrades. most of the discoveries they can take are the ones that enhance mutagen but there's a few that don't, vistigil arms, wings, tentacle.

fuzzyillogic wrote:

A question about the investigator: does it have the option to apply studied combat and studied strikes to ranged attacks?

if i recall correctly it dose, its ether a feat or an archtype, away from my pdf atm

Gisher wrote:
I wonder if there are any good fighter archetypes in the ACG, or if they gave everything good to the fighter-hybrid classes.

2 one that gives mutagen and on that gives Martial flexibility

Sevus wrote:
Question. Is that one of "able to cast 2nd-level divine spells", blessings, domains, or mystery, or "able to cast 2nd-level divine spells" and one of blessings, domains, or mystery?

Fair question let me just quote it

"Prerequisites: Cha 13, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks,
ability to cast 2nd-level divine spells; blessings†, domains,
or mystery class feature."

so pretty sure its 2nd lvl spells and also ether of toughs 3 features

Joe Hex wrote:
I had not heard about this feature of the ACG. I think it sounds very cool!

yeah, once the books out proper im expecting a lot of people to be really surprised by these sort of options as paizo hasn't really mentioned it at all. Feats like amateur swashbuckler granting a nice chunk of swash toys, there's a simuler feat that hands out inspiration, many many archetypes swapping out class features like judgement and wild shape for sneak attack and studied combat. feats that give limited uses of martial flexibility to non brawlers, amulets that grant bloodraging.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

I believe it required some other stuff, too (ranks in Knowledge-Religion, for example), but might've misinterpreted.

Cha 13, Knowledge(religion)5,

ability to cast 2nd-level divine spells, blessings, domains,
or mystery class feature.

so not supper hard

Verzen wrote:
Thanks! One more question... What is a rageshaper? What does it do?

ups damage on natural attacks gained threw polymoph spells and makes it ezer to cast transmutation spells

christos gurd wrote:
Wildmonsters wrote:
Verzen wrote:
When does that ability come into effect? Level 4, I presume? So at lvl 4, I would have 12 SR?
is tht only while raging?

yeah, you also cant lower it like you normally can with SR

Verzen wrote:

For a 3rd time I guess...

Can the archetype (untouchable rager) stack with crossblooded or rageshaper?

yes on both accounts

Verzen wrote:
When does that ability come into effect? Level 4, I presume? So at lvl 4, I would have 12 SR?


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I feel it depends on who your playing with. Some people will take the advice you suggested above and roll with it, other will take one look at it and go "no, I said i wanted to be a child not some weird demon blooded hobet"

Verzen wrote:
How strong is the SR for untouchable ragers?

8+lvl plus an extra 1 At 7th,10th,13th,and 16th

with the arrival of the AGC it looks like theres a ton of ways to get just about any of the new class's abilities on just about any other class. it looks like just about any new mechanics you want thers a feat/archtype/magic item to get ahold of it. Now while I personal really enjoy it, I'm curious what others thoughts on the matter are

Shadows_Of_Fall wrote:
Here's a question: does wandering spirit affect your spirit animal?

far as I can tell no it only grants the spells and spirit abilities of the wandering spirit

QuidEst wrote:
Druid and Oracle: what kinda archetypes are they rockin' these days?

both mostly get archtypes that give them other classes new toys, such as insperation, and studied combat

Imbicatus wrote:
Wildmonsters wrote:

I think I saw someone ask about the inquisitor archetype that gets slayer toys, don't think I saw anyone give a response

In a nutshell they drop judgment and all of its improvements for sneak attack studied target and some slayer talents.

Thank you, I was curious about this. Do they get access to a combat style at 2?

sorry missed your post earlier, they don't start getting slayer talents till lvl 8, so no they don't get access to combat style for a while.

Gisher wrote:
Wildmonsters wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Sure thing. Any good news for bludgeoning weapons?
Doing a quick search for bludgeoning didnt turn up anything relevant though i may have overlooked it
Thanks for looking. I was hoping for a spell or enchantment that is the equivalent of keen.

On second look Theres the Brawling weapon enchant that lets you add its enhancement to combat maneuver checks, that only works of 'fist' weapons and light bludgeoning weapons but that about it as far as I can see

wakedown wrote:

Basically, if you want a specific class ability that you don't normally have, there's pretty much a way to get it on another class with the right archetype/feat/magic item.

which is probably my favoret thing about the book, lot of chocolate in my various peanutbutters

Alexander Augunas wrote:

That sounds incredible. Does it keep solo tactics?

yep,yep just drops judgement and all of its improvements, it'll probably end up being my go to for most of my inquisitors going forward.

Gisher wrote:
Sure thing. Any good news for bludgeoning weapons?

Doing a quick search for bludgeoning didnt turn up anything relevant though i may have overlooked it

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think I saw someone ask about the inquisitor archetype that gets slayer toys, don't think I saw anyone give a response

In a nutshell they drop judgment and all of its improvements for sneak attack studied target and some slayer talents.

Dont have any links handy but the daggermark poisoner prestige class has a bunch of poison abilitys a few of which up the DC

Will those of us who perordered off the dreamscared press website also be getting the pdf or is that only for preorders


GA why is it only with a case. i can afford a brick but i just any afford a whole case 400+ dollars is to rich for my blood....Nice looking mini though

Im so upset the i never hear about the kickstarter, would have jumped on that in an instant, definitely looking forward to the release

Achemist, then go into the Daggermark poisoner from paths of prestige the ability to mass produce poisons for the party at DC's 6+ hi gher than normal can be a ggreat boon

Lord Embok wrote:
That's not what he said. He wants them - he just doesn't want them untested.

Fair enough, my mistake

deuxhero wrote:
I hope not. This is something that has been screwed up REALLY bad before (Weapons of Legacy).

That's hardly a reason not to do it

Do words of power have spell components? Like verbal or synaptic, im looking threw the effect words amd they dont appear to, unless I'm missing something

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Draconic Glide kobold feat (pg.136) under special states

Special: If you have the gliding wings
racial trait, instead of the above abilities,
your base speed increases to 30 feet.

but Kobold base speed is already 30 so what is this feat intended to do do?

Darksyde wrote:
Yes, but all constructs have a Caster Level (CL) and what I can find for generic animated object is CL 11, which I can not ignore. I can get around that by using animate object and casting permanency on it, in which case 9th level is the soonest I can do so. Unless there is some way to alter caster level or other wise give a helping hand to crafting constructs. Something I have yet to find but was hoping existed.

actuly unless the caster lvl is in the reqirements section its not the requirment for crafting

here we have the entery for scarecrow witch dose have a minimum caster lvl required (Bolding is mine)

d20pfsrd said wrote:


CL 6th; Price 15,500 gp

Requirements Craft Construct, command, fear, geas/quest, hypnotic pattern, creator must be caster level 6th; Skill Craft (carpentry), Craft (sculptures), or Profession (farmer) DC 12; Cost 8,000 gp

and here we have a generic animated object notes the line above isn't there

d20pfsrd said wrote:

Animated Object

CL varies (equal to the animated object’s HD); Price varies (cost of object + [(animated object’s HD + CP) × 1,000])

Craft Construct, animate objects, permanency; Skill optional (determined by object being created; crafting the object reduces its cost); Cost 1/2 price.

edit: note the requirements for the generic Animated construct are Craft Construct, animate objects, permanency the 2 spells we can ignore by adding 5 to the dc for each we chose to ignore so all we are truly required is the Craft Construct feat

Souldrinker link
Herm...Id assume that it would be your souldrinker lvl's plus any other lvl's of a class that grants a Familiar

if we look at the rules for Familiars

pfsrd wrote:

Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the master's level.

as well as here;

All familiars have special abilities (or impart abilities to their masters) depending on the master's combined level in classes that grant familiars, as shown on the table below. The abilities are cumulative.

and the fact that the souldrinker's cacodaemon is as if improved Familiar

pfsrd wrote:
At 1st level, the souldrinker gains a cacodaemon familiar, as if she had the Improved Familiar feat. If the souldrinker already has a familiar, the cacodaemon devours it (which does not penalize the souldrinker). The souldrinker counts as an evil outsider for the purpose of utilizing cacodaemon soul gems.

Personaly love the Cacodaemon DR5, energy resistance 10 to cold electricity and fire,Fast healing 2 combined with at will invisibility makes for a not so squishy buddy

Robespierre wrote:
No one cares if twf has access to monkey grip because they will not hit anything. On top of that twf is a feat trap tree. You deal less damage for more feats than the 2handed combatant. Not only is twf not feat cost effective but it costs more gold because you're going to have two weapons. Also vital strike is sort of a waste of a feat if you're not charge focused.

It was my understanding that you cant use vital strike on a charge

Id be more worried about vital strike then about two weapon fighting.

5 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

The Persistence Inquisition has this ability

Relentless Footing (Ex): As a swift action, you can add 10 feet to your land speed. This increase counts as an enhancement bonus, and it affects your jumping distance as normal for increased speed. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom bonus (minimum 1).

So how long dose it last?

I pretty sure there is no "off hand" unless you use twf

Rather then replacing the order feature maybe make 2 or 3 that fit the theam of the archetype.

sounds fair to me, personally id probably just make it a bomb discovery that modifies your bombs to heal instead. But this works to

"Before you buy traits and abilities, you must determine
the race’s power level, decided by the GM based on the
needs of her campaign

Dm sets the power lvl so this dosnt really work

By power level im referring to the chart at the begining

Power Level | RP |max abilities per Category
Standard | 10 | 3
Advanced | 20 | 4
Monstrous | 30+ | 5

Mirror Strike
School transmutation; Level magus 1, sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a shard of mirror)
Range personal
Target you
Duration see text
You briefly alter the flow of time to split a melee attack into
two attacks. Before the end of your next turn, when you make
your next melee attack roll, compare the result to the AC of
two opponents within your reach. If the selected opponents
are flanking you, you gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll (and
confirmation attack roll, see below). If you hit both enemies,
you can deal half damage to each. Hitting only one opponent
allows you to deal that opponent normal damage for your
attack. On a critical threat, you can make only one attack
roll to confirm the critical hit against both opponents. If you
confirm against both, you deal half your critical hit damage
to each. Your hit is a normal hit rather than a critical if you
confirm against only one opponent. If you fail to use the effect
before the end of your next turn, the spell ends.

Yeah seams like you'd be better off just attacking twice.

Two-Weapon Feint that's what it was

Two-Weapon Feint (Combat)
You use one weapon to distract your enemy while slipping
another past his defenses.
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Two-
Weapon Fighting.
Benefit: While using Two-Weapon Fighting to make
melee attacks, you can forgo your first primary-hand melee
attack to make a Bluff check to feint an opponent.

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