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Cleric of Iomedae

Wiki Minister's page

20 posts. Alias of Fleanetha.


Dear Paizo,

Can we please have the unholy symbols of the Elder Mythos published in the Community Use Package? We have a use for them.


Wiki Minister

Just got my hardcopy and realise the chapter heading art spreads across two pages - very beautiful and a nice new touch to the Campaign Setting line that I hope we see again.

If Paizo is having trouble coming up with Blog posts, one about this book with some of that large artwork would be marvellous please, as we have a place where we can use those images well.

Wiki Minister

Hello Paizo. Over at the PathfinderWiki we noticed this book has as an author Thomas M. Reed. Is he really a different person from the Thomas M. Reid who co-authored the Advanced Class Guide, Monster Codex and Occult Adventures?




Over at the Pathfinder Wiki we have got a bit confused regarding one of the comic authors and wondered if anyone could help clarify please?

For the original run there was an artist called:

Jorge Fares

For the Origins run we now have an author called:

Jorge Faras

Are they different people or is it an unfortunate typo in the name?

We think we have determined that Jorge Fares also goes by the names Jorge Fares Maese Ramirez and Jorge Maese.

He has used both Jorge Fares and Jorge Maese for credits within Paizo books as well as Jorge Fares for the comics.

Any help in understanding this confusion is greatly appreciated and will be added to the wiki to help others.



OK I think the novel is after the conclusion of Iron Gods...

...based on the fate of Elias Embervale in the novel and his appearance on p33 of Palace of Fallen Stars.

Do the events of this novel happen before or after the events in Iron Gods?

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Adam Daigle wrote:
Wiki Minister wrote:

Thanks for this. Is there a generic name for this little creature, as Tryg is its nickname given by the heroes? Or is 'robot companion' its monster name?



You know, I didn't think about that before now. I'd say the monster name would be fixer robot. Tryg (to me at least, Amber might have a different take on it) was originally designed to be a repair-bot. He's got all those extra arms and I gave him that tool special ability because that's what it seemed like that kind of robot would be good at.

Thanks you Adam for the reply. Your creation is now curated at the Pathfinder Wiki under Fixer robot.



Thanks for this. Is there a generic name for this little creature, as Tryg is its nickname given by the heroes? Or is 'robot companion' its monster name?



The items locking Tar-Baphon in place that are scattered in secret places around Ustalav or wider. I reckon I know where one is.


Everything to here is now incorporated into the PathfinderWiki. There you will also find something about all these exotic gods and demigods plus references to the sourcebooks in which you can find even more detail.

Please may we have the empyreal lords' holy symbols added to the Community Use Package?


Wiki Minister

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A few questions if I may about the Venacdahlia family.

From p13 it seems to suggest that Countess Solismina Venacdahlia is in charge in Ardeal - she gets the same treatment in the book as other county leaders. This begs a few questions:

1. What happened to her husband, Count Olomon Venacdahlia? Is he dead? When did he die?

2. If he is dead, why didn't his oldest daughter become the ruling countess as he had no sons? Under normal European primogeniture laws, Solismina would become a dowager countess with no obvious political power I think (I am no expert and I know Ustalav is not in Europe).

3. Separately from the questions above, was Olomon the ruler at the time Ardis was demoted as capital of Ustalav?

These are detail I know, but I'd like to add the answers to the Pathfinder Wiki.



Are the Psychopomp Ushers equivalent in power to demon lords, i.e., demigods. Will we see them offering domains and subdomains in that case?

Great book - read in a day.

This is a lovely book: thank you. One of those that didn't at first sight look as though it was going to be particularly interesting - a list of powerful magic items unlikely to be used in many campaigns. In fact, it is crammed full of back story and Golarion usefulness as well as suggesting how to incorporate such power in a game.

I particularly like the little touches, for instance, the date associated with Saint Cuthbert's Mace‎, which I have referenced on the PathfinderWiki.

In case it isn't clear, this web fiction is definitely a story that occurs before the happenings in the novel 'Blood of the City'.

My personal opinion is that they can be read in either order quite satisfyingly.


Ding dong!

Thank you to all who have posted so far, either here or on the page directly. I have transferred your mysteries to the PathfinderWiki this evening. See the original post for a link to the page.

Please keep them coming.

Best Regards,
Wiki Minister

Over at the PathfinderWiki we are beginning to create a list of all the areas of Golarion canon where a Paizo employee has stated that the particular subject will always be a mystery and never revealed to the public. For instance, how exactly did Aroden die?

The embryonic page may be found here: Mysteries of Golarion.

We'd be grateful for help creating this page as this sort of material isn't usually found in Paizo's publications but, rather, on messageboards, in conference presentations or on podcasts.

Please add anything you have to the new wiki page, or append it here if you'd prefer; if you can give us a reference to where the statement was made, even better.

Best Regards,
Wiki Minister

Excellent book.

I'd like to ask that the scholarly runes for the planets and other celestial bodies in the book be made available under the Community Use Policy please. This would be especially useful for the PathfinderWiki.

To confirm: all subdomain information to this point in this forum is collated into the PathfinderWiki, in summary format, at:

PathfinderWiki: Subdomain

Individual information is also incorporated into each deity's page.

We endeavour to keep up to date with this excellent work by James and the community.

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