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Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds's page

Contributor. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 9 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.



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Adam Daigle wrote:
Wayne, thanks for stopping by and sharing your creation process with everyone!

You're welcome Adam. Thanks for bringing the character to life with the awesome backstory :)


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Oath wrote:
Thanks Wayne, I love that you have well-thought-out details like this. So much better than the "it looked cool so I did it" explanation I get a lot visiting artists tables at cons.

Thanks Oath, I'm pleased that you found my trains of thought interesting. Some of the time it does come down to depicting things that just look cool. But most of the time the potentially cool - looking elements are a result of a specific function or aesthetic behind the character I'm depicting. Depending upon the interest level and reaction to the concept description, I may write about the other Iconics - Time permitting.


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Cthulhudrew wrote:
Dark Psion wrote:
Any chance we could get Wayne Reynolds to do some blogs on how he creates these Iconic images and the reasons behind things like Lini's Sticks and Harsk's Tea Pot?

I would love to see that. I found his insight about the hows and whys of Kess' sticks to be pretty fascinating. He clearly puts a lot of thought into the way he designs his characters, far more than we realize as viewers, and far more than I'd thought he would. (Not that I didn't think he put thought into what he was drawing, it just never really occurred to me that every element might have some kind of story behind it rather than just an appearance thing.)

There seems to be a number of questions and theories about Kess’s costume and fighting style. And in response to Dark Psions’s request I thought I’d post some of the concepts I had when designing Kess.

The concept I had for the Brawler was a combination of a 2nd century European Gladiator combined with a 20th Century boxer. Her costume is an attempt to reflect both aspects without becoming too much of either and at the same time create something completely new.
She’s wearing sections of latticed leather armour combined with smooth sections of leather with padding underneath. The individual straps within the latticed leather provide a little bit more flexibility of movement than a complete hide. The “Criss-cross” pattern has been repeated throughout the armour to create a visual theme. The armour’s been designed around a gladiatorial aesthetic to enable Kess to fight mostly humanoid opponents. She hasn’t needed to be heavily armoured so far. All the impact points are protected; Knuckles, elbows, forearms, knees, feet and forehead. She’s relying on being able to move her vambraces, greaves and fascia to protect her vital organs - Just like gladiators and pugilists throughout history have.
On her left arm she wears a leather shoulder guard called a Galerus. Historically, a galerus would be made out of metal but as Kess wears leather armour I added the brass bull as both decoration and reinforcement. In Roman arenas, the combatants would wear these on their off- arm and present it to their opponent as a target. The gladiator’s fighting style was a series of responses to a blow. Not necessarily an efficient fighting technique but one that would look really cool and entertain a crowd. Afterall, the crowd wanted to see gladiators getting hit and a gladiatorial fighting technique was one that provided that aspect but also ensured that a gladiator wouldn’t get too injured by doing it.
Kess’s headgear was designed to look like a gladiatorial version of a boxer’s padded headgear. She’s never needed a full crown helmet. I added the brass lion as both decoration and reinforcement just like the galerus, again creating another visual theme.

She wears medals won in various bouts on her costume. This says “Hey, look how many fights I’ve won – I'm gonna win this one too!” The one on her pelvis depicts a stylised image of a griffon with peacock wings.
She’s armed with a Cestus and a spiked knuckleduster. Initially, I was just going to limit her to bludgeoning weapons. The punch dagger on her hip was added as an afterthought. Maybe for use in particularly viscous fights.
She also has a money pouch and a waterbottle. I figured she’d travel around looking for fight arenas so I added the mat with the marker sticks.
Oh, and her nose IS broken.
Hope that answers a few questions.
This is by no means a definitive explanation of this character class, just the reasoning behind the design. I'm not usually privy to planned game mechanics or the fantastic back stories.If there’s something that I’ve described that doesn’t quite fit with your concept of the Brawler, you always have the option to change it to fit your game. That’s the beauty of Pathfinder RPG


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Mikaze wrote:

Oh yes.

Picking this up at GenCon for sure. WAR's booth at Gencon is going to get zerg rushed if he's there this year.

Thanks for your interest in the artbook.

Yes, I have a table in the GenCon artshow this year. I won't have any copies for sale at the artshow but it will be available to purchase at the Paizo booth.
The first 16 books I sign will get something extra included :)

Look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!


Kryzbyn wrote:
Jeremy Smith wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

Basically what it boils down to is we contacted Wayne before the project about if he'd be interested in doing the cover art should we be able to afford it, went over the possible details / timelines / rates, and then I jumped the gun with attaching his name to the project before we had come to a firm agreement on the specifics.

Wayne's a stand-up guy and we're working through the details now and it was a total miscommunication mistake on my part that is being resolved.

These things happen. I'm glad you're working it out!

Fortunately, the misunderstanding has been cleared up to ensure my provisional involvement to the project.


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Apology accepted. My involvement with this project is currently in negotiation.


Wayne Reynolds hasn't yet agreed to create a cover piece of artwork for this product!


Thanks to everyone who bid on the artwork. Thanks to paizo for auctioning the artwork. And thanks to everyone who looked at the auction, it raised awareness to the plight of the people who have lost so much.

-Wayne Reynolds


Amazing Feiya costume. Great work and attention to detail.

I have to put so many odds and ends on one belt because the goblin in my head tells me to do so;-)

Seeing costumes created from things I've drawn is just as good as seeing the miniatures, except they're real-life 3D renditions. It's always interesting to see how particular costume deatils look in actuality.
Well done to all the costume contestants and thanks to those who made my drawings come to life.


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