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'Player View' maps a disappointment

***( )( )

I just started a campaign set in Magnimar, so the idea of getting three large related maps was a big draw. The detailed map from Shattered Star is great, and combines all the locations on the small interior maps in the legend. The Kaer Magna map is somewhat less useful but still good; some additional details from other sources would have been good.

The major disappointment is the Varisia map, which is a reproduction of the pen-and-ink players map from the Varisia book. It was a terrible idea to include this thing - it might look pretty, but both the players and I want something /useful/, like the very detailed Ustalav overland map like in Rule of Fear or the Carrion Crown folio. Call-outs with area illustrations around the border would be OK. As bad as it was getting this in the map folio, it was a lot worse getting it in the Varisia book. Those were two pages you could have just thrown away for all the utility they had. Save the pretty for a separate decorative poster project or something similar.

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