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Dr Lucky

Wawoozle's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 16 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Please cancel my Adventure Card Game Subscription.

Thank you.


I'd like to cancel my Adventure Path Subscription, but keep the Adventure Card Subscription in place.

Thank you.


I'd like to cancel my PF Module and PF Campaign Setting Subscriptions.



Please cancel the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Player Companion and Roleplaying Game from my Subscription.

The Pathfinder Adventure Path and the Modules should remain.

Thank you.

So say we all !!

Mark Gedak 27 wrote:
I hate the map folio products. I wish they were removed from the chronicles subscription.

I love them but i wish they would also contain player versions of the maps like the one in the Web Downloads for "Dungeon".

TC = Treasure Chest
which means it isn't part of our regular GameMastery Modules Subscription.

Dungeon 150 and Dragon 359 arrived in Germany two days ago.
Now only Dungeon 149 is missing.

I would recommend to register at and check the player list for your region.
I'm sure you'll find lots of gamers located in Hannover.

Out of the race, mail received and downloads running.
Oh happy day...

Still no Mail and no PDFs.

Same here...

I also have the combined shipment and got no PDF, neither Pathfinder nor D2.

I agree, it is a little impolite to post in german whereas the "main" language of this BBS is english.

Maybe this thread should be moved to "Off-Topic Discussions" :)

I'm from a little Town near Stuttgart :)

German wrote:

Given that magazines are clearly still arriving, we're still asking for your patience

We allready have been VERY patienced !! Still no Dungeon Nr 149 in Germany !
I can not understand that anybody at Paizo can get a offical statement from TPFG !!
How do you know that the magazines are CLEARLY still arriving ?
At what rate do they ship the mags ? 10 or 20 a day just to keep you at paizo happy ? Not to even speak of Nr.150 ! How many delay is acceptabel?
After 10 weeks there should be a more in depth info and statement than just " be patienced ".

Dungeon & Dragon:

Well, given that some of us have received DRAGON #358 at last, not all hope is lost.
I think Paizo can't do much more than to keep pressure on TPFG and I'm sure that's what they do.

I agree, it is a little dissapointing to feel like "the last one in a long row" but you have to remember that the combined Pathfinder and GameMastery Modules shipping is a whole new thing for Paizo, so I think we just should keep our patience and hope all the PDF's will arrive on time with Pathfinder #2 and U1.

Gary and Vic are still my heroes of the day for providing the combined shipping option, this will save us a lot of money over time.

Dragon #358 arrived in southern Germany today.
Still waiting for Dungeon #149 and #150, Dragon #359 and the PDFs of Pathfinder 1 and D2.

In the meantime im reading Monte Cooks World of Darkness and Dragon 358 :)

Germany again :)
Dungeon #148 arrived together with Dragon #357.
Oh happy day...

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