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Watcher Uatu's page

1,698 posts. Alias of concerro.

About Watcher Uatu

possible characters:

Luke Parry--Uchendu Kybwa'ka Juju Oracle background

Nightskies-akaDagor Boilkar the Barbarian

Adrian Whitfield --Cleric 1 Gunslinger (Gun Tank, Pistolero) 2

Irnk aka Grey the Dog-Sorcerer 1/Summoner 2 Grey's backstory

Mark Sweetman - Gunslinger 3 (Musket Master)

Joshua aka Athanasius-feral ranger



Lloyd Jackson -fighter

Elizaveta Vladimira--Witch

Inquisitor Leet--


Generally when I GM I get the players pointed in a direction and let them do as they please, only stepping in when needed. I figured that lets the players control the story. I also figured that leading players around by the nose, which I don't like as a player, means the GM is doing more controlling than he should be.

Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you the combatants in the final match of this year's Grand Battle Tournament.

Clad in black armor, and powered by some divine force which allowed him to lay waste to many powerful opponents your knight in black armor Darius.

His opponent is powerful and resourceful, a mage among mages whose ability in the arcane arts is unrivaled. I present to you Orion.

Without further ado let the final match begin.


Link to map

2.Forest-no cover or concealment within 20 feet. Trees 20 feet tall
25-50 feet- 20% concealment, +2 cover bonus to AC
55+ 40 percent concealment, +5 cover bonus to AC, no difficult terrain.

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