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Warsor's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 135 posts (594 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.

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map Male Human
HP 42/51; AC 16, touch 16, Flat Footed 13; CMD 23 (+2 v Trip); Fort +8, Reflex +5 , Will +8 (+1 v Fear, +2 v stun, sleep, paralysis) Perception +7; Initiative +4; Uncanny Dodge; Heel/Berserker; Reputation 9

Too many changes.

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Already suggested Trap the Soul...or any of the other spells that create a soul gem essentially. A particularly shrewd evil spell caster could trap his soul in a soul gem then use Soul transfer(7th lvl wiz/sor) to force the soul into a new living body. Ideally a body on the verge of death from old age, which resurrection would have no power to bring back.

Or the soul was a bargain chip to the devil/outsider that granted them the power to pull this off. The soul of a good king no doubt is good barter. (Keeps the villians weak as you like, they just had backing.)

Edit: Alternatively DM create a ultra rare poison(magical) that ages the king 10 years frequency 1/rnd over however long you need. Watch the chaos unfold as the king turns old and dies in a minute. Or just DM Fiat however the king dies there is an effect preventing resurrection.

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