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Warfox's page

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Not in the spirit of Pathfinder.

***( )( )

Considering the fact that Pathfinder focuses on level 1 to 12 content primarily, mostly taking into account the adventure paths and the majority of modules, this book is largely unhelpful

The vast majority of the feats in this book require a base attack bonus of 6 or more, and often also require a fighter level of 6. It's not unsurprising the book is geared more towards fighters, and they certainly don't say anything to the contrary in the book description, but a great deal of this book excludes other combat classes merely by requiring a fighter level. With the base attack bonus requirements already so high, narrowing the focus doesn't help.

And that's the thing here, narrow focus. There are a number of feats that serve to narrowly specialize a fighter into one specific combat style to the exclusion of all others, to the point that there are a number of level 20 penultimate feats in those trees. One of those feats is an ultimate grappler-style feat that a Monk can never qualify for because it requires a 20 base attack bonus.

Now, the actual utility of the feats is actually pretty good, and the conditions you can inflict and the mechanics behind them are not bad. I rather like how some conditions can be recovered from in multiple ways, including CMB checks to illustrate a combat specialist's ability to recover from something that would cripple a lesser fighter. The less focused feats with less requirements can be useful for other classes, and very much add to their effectiveness.

As I titled the review, though, this book is not useful to anyone running adventure paths. There are a great deal of feats with BAB and/or fighter level requirements of 10 and higher, with many being well over 12, and so you wouldn't likely see use of them in an average adventure path. Considering the amount of the book you'd ever actually use, I'd have to discourage the purchase of it. If you're running modules or custom games well in excess of level 10, this book is MUCH more likely to be useful to you, especially if you have die-hard fighters.

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