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Thesing the Vampire

Warboss666's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 60 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.


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I have been playing Pathfinder for a while, and I'm constantly looking for fun mechanics to play with.

I got the itch, once again, to play a shapeshifter. A character that focuses on transforming into different forms, similar in style to that of the Master of Many Forms (D&D 3.5).

Anyone got anything that can help a bored player out?

Looking at the Craft Ooze Feat from Alchemy Manual, and wondering if they count as alchemical items for the purpose of feats and abilities.

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So, my friend is going to be running a game where the culmination is going to be a war between a bunch of different factions that exist on the island.

I want to break off from the factions, and my first option was going to be a necromancer, but then I thought, "What about a Golem Maker?" I am now very interested to see what people have to make an effective Golem creator.

Obviously he is going to be a spellcaster, but apart from that, what options do people know about. Please keep to Paizo material.

Can I use the Soul Eater's Energy Drain ability in conjunction with Two-Weapon Fighting and a high B.A.B.

I am trying to make a build for a Soul Eater, and I need to find this out.

Dasrak wrote:

The best necromancer requires a lot dubious build options, but here it goes:

Use the old Juju Oracle and take it to 4th level. Take a 1-level dip in Sorcerer (any bloodline) and then use a SLA to qualify for mystic theurge. Take the Experimental Spellcaster feat from the optional Words of Power system to learn the Undeath word, then take it again to learn the word with your other class. Due to the precise wording of the Undeath Word, it doesn't actually work like animate dead but instead gives you a separate pool of undead altogether. This means you get four pools of undead minions: 6 HD/caster level arcane animate dead, 6 HD/caster level divine animate dead, 4 HD/caster level arcane undeath word, and 4 HD/caster level divine undeath word. That's a total of 20 HD of undead per caster level. With the magical knack trait, your caster level is only 1 behind your character level in both classes.

So by the 11th level you'll have Oracle 4 / Sorcerer 1 / Theurge 6. This gives you 200 HD of undead.

What Spell-Like Abilities would you recommend for the character. I am not sure what to select. A small list would probably be best if possible.

Also, thank you all for the amazing advice. In a platonic way, I love you all.

Undead Raisers, give me your Wisdom. (Or Charisma in some cases.)

I am looking for the best builds for Necromancers. I am mainly looking for Divine Casters, as they have the better mix of Necromancy spells, but if you do have a good build for an Arcane Necromancer, please contribute it.

I am mainly looking for Necromancers builds that favor controlling undead hordes and debuffing opponents.

Cheers dude.

It doesn't have to use the grab ability. It probably should have been "may attempt" instead of "attempt"

It states under the Magus' Spellstrike ability: "If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the

Does that opponent struck still get the save DC for a spell or not? It seems like that that but I am pretty sure they still do.

Just looking for a bit of confirmation

Cheers dude

My favourite build for an Alchemist is using a Longbow and Explosive Missile to long-range bomb people.

I recently discovered that Vital Strike applies to ranged attacks as well.

I was wondering if I apply Vital Strike to a single Explosive Missile attack (which has been OK'd by my GM).

Would the Vital Strike apply to both the Arrow damage and the Bomb Damage.

According to the Vital Strike rules, it doesn't increase damage of precision-based damage (sneak attacks, etc.) or weapon abilities (flaming, shocking, etc.). The bomb damage is neither.

Umbral Reaver,

I love the idea of taking into account previous effects, and current effects to make things interesting.

Fortunately, with a bit of practise, you can pratically free-form this without making a complicated system for it. GM it up and say what happens.

1. More control over what players can and can't do
2. Players get to express their creative tactics
3. Players are not restricted by a complex set of rules

The only downside is that you would need to rethink the dynamics between your monster's weaknesses, the PC's abilities/gear and the terrain they are fighting in.

Otherwise, go for it. I do it and it proves to be really fun.(Having the wizard cover the floor in water, then cast lightning bolt to hit anyone standing in the water)

Hope this helps

I have had a look at other deliberations of this questions and looked into the rule book. I have come to this conclusion:

Untyped bonuses, as long as they don't originate from the same ability, spell, etc., they do stack.

That's my opinion anyway. Hope this helps.

Touche and Well Played

Can people answer seriously

Perfect answer. But seriously

If I was to take over the Lumber Consortium in Andoran, how much would I earn a month without the other directors

With the gather crowd and incite violence abilitie, do I have to use Diplomacy or Bluff to get the large amount of people to do stuff or is there an errata for those abilities.

HELL YEAH!!! Thanks for this, means that I can wield two of them and do lots of damage.

A List of creature types immune to non-lethal:

There are other creatures that have immunity but those are individual creatures

I run a Barbarian (Titan Mauler) that uses two Large Sawtooth Sabres and with Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Sawtooth Sabre), it counts as a light weapon for two-weapon fighting.

Does this still count if the weapons are for large size creatures.

A cave druid would only get the base slam (so +18 [7d8+9]).

Thw word devastationg has no effect on the ability, it is just for flavour.

Thank you for the help

I am new to Pathfinder Society, but not Pathfinder itself and I was wondering about the retrain feature.

It says under the retrain part of Chapter 2:
"Before you level up a character for the first time, you may change any
aspect of it except its Pathfinder Society Number."

Does this mean I can retrain my race and traits or does this only apply to retraining skills and classes?

Two books to look at to help with this:
1. NPC Codex (Pathfinder)
2. Heroes of Horror (D&D 3.5)

When creating an item, you can use a Metamagic feat in conjunction with the spell, but all the normal restrictions remain the same in that you must be able to cast the spell like normal.

A good way to explain it is using my Dual Disciple Psion (Dreamscarred Press). I wanted to create a quick defence item to kill off opponents that get too close that I couldn't kill with my powers.
A manifester can only expend power points equal to or less than his total levels in Psionic classes.
I had two feats, Quickened Power and Craft Wondorous Item. This allowed me to create a Ring of Energy Burst that I could detonate.
Energy Burst is a 3rd level power that costs 5 Power Points, and Quickened Power increases that cost by 6 Power Points. The total was 11 Power Points meaning I had to be 11th level.

I use this example because it givesyou the numbers to work with.

You need to select it from the base class, as the ability to pick from a archetype would make that ability overpowered, and with certain combinations, broken.

You can travel to the demi-plane but there are certain restrictions:

1. You must be aware that it exists
2. You must know which plane is its origin plane
3. The demi-plane's creator can bar people from travelling to the plane

I hope this helps. I have played a Psion that has a power that creates a demi-planes, so I have dealt with this before.

The side he picks doesn't really matter

This is the sort of campaign where the party will make a choice whether to side with the landowners or the serfs.
I have run this style of campaign and paladins were no problem because the serfs, have been murdering landowners and the landowners have commited crimes.
Regardless of which side they choose, the paladin is going to be fighting for one side of justice.

Tell your Paladin player that because both of them have valid sides and both have commited crimes, he doesn't need to worry about which side to go on. The serfs are trying to gain a better social standing but are murdering people to get there. The landowners are legally right but have been commiting crimes within the law.

Long story short, if your paladin complains about being picked on, tell him this. It should explain it pretty well.

I have always just made up my homebrew one.

Goggles of Vision (Version I, II and III)

Version I - 2000gp
Version II - 4000gp
Version III - 8000gp

Version I - You can see 60ft with only half penalties to Perception checks (rounded up) due to weather effects
Version II - You can see 120ft with only half penalties to Perception checks (rounded up) due to weather effects
Version III - You can see 120ft with no penalties to Perception checks due to weather effects

Most games the I play let me use this since it is pretty fair for the cost.

This is the style of game where a wizard does have the spell component pouch, but will have to search for other materials.

Krass Kargoth wrote:

D&D/PF is a horrible system for these kind of games. Are you trying to make the game fun? Or aggrivating to play? Because punishing people for rolling a 1 in this manner is anything but 'fun'. Imagine playing a dual-wielding fighter, double the chance to lose a weapon.

.. and yes, I played Star Wars with a DM who'd make your battery run empty on the roll of a 1. It's a tiresome and rather stupid mechanic. Instead, make it so that the weapons deteriorate over time and through combat, forcing the players to take care of it and if they can't, they know they'll need to find new weapons eventually. At least this gives them a chance and choice in all of this instead of a random roll being the decisive factor :)

This is supposed to help people run this style of game not say it is a terrible system for it

A friend of mine is also running this style game, so it is for his benefit also.

In the game, the fighter may have his greatsword broken but the wizard still needs his spell components, which will put a cramp on his ability to cast high level spells.

At the moment we have the following characters which will need special attention:
1. Psion Dual Disciple (Shaper/Kineticist)
The psion can create matter and do lots of damage without material components.

2. Shinigami (Bleach Homebrew)
He has his Zumpukto which is a magical weapon he can reforge every 3 days.

How can we control these characters?

The advice has been great, especially from Psion-Psycho and Laarddrym

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am trying to run a game where the characters are marroned on an island with danger all around them. I want some rules to make the game more realistic.

I have come up with the following rules:
1. When you roll a natural 1, you have a 50% chance of your weapon breaking. Magic weapons get a save against this.
2. When and opponent confirms a critical hit against you, your armour has a 50% chance of breaking. Magic armour gets a save against this.

Does anyone have any other rules like this to add to the realism of the game?

Thank you for the advice

The cognagen helps minorly, and I don't want to invest discoveries into boosting the cognagen, becasue I need the discoveries for bomb altering ones.

I am looking for ones that can be used with the standard races. It would also be helpful to have what book it is in.

The person using the dispelling effect chooses what spell to dispel as long as they know what they are dispelling

I am an dedicated player of the Alchemist class. I like to focus on using bombs because I like to blow enemies and buildings up.

Unfortunately, I can find only 1 archetype, the Grenadier from Pathfinder Society Field Guide, that actually supports the use of bombs.

Has anyone know of any books that have a bomb-focused Alchemist Archetype or have made one themselves.

This is a pretty interesting class and seems to work.
Suggestions are:
1. Gains improved unarmed strike that applies when using staves

2. The Wood Bond ability can only apply to non-magic staves

I have been using a converted Soulnife in a game I have been playing and it does work better to use the same rules as the Magus

Unless there are certain circumstances, such as a Feat or Status, they will always provoke attacks of oppurtunity

I am a constant GM and here is my advice:
1. If your party is a group that can think about getting around the puzzles, then it is ok to let the puzzles be difficult.
2. If your group does have trouble with the puzzles and getting around the monsters, make them increase in difficulty as they progress or just make some harder areas, like a water area with a hydra or dire shark.
3. You can always dumb it down in the middle of the game or give them a little booster area, where they can get healed
4. It's all about fun and if they are having fun, keep going with what you are doing.

Yes. A creature that can be affected by fatigue and exhaustion will become exhausted if you hit with two stunning fists

I am a constant player of a grenadier and I generally choose a martial thrown weapon, one that can get higher criticals, and using something like a sling for longer ranges

I have done this and it is very rewarding and good to bring fresh blood into the RPG world.

Answer Questions:

1. It only applies to the shaken condition.

2. The attacker must make a Perception check against your Stealth Check. If he beats your check, he cannot see you and cannot attack you.

3. The spirits are very visible and having the totem spirit activated is like having a searchlight at night.

4. Concealment and Miss Chance are rolled seperately

I would say that he cannot attack the PCs as he is trying to stay standing.

To run this style of game, you need to right down a small rulebook that you can give to your players so they know what they are doing, becuase in this scenario, they may ba killed very quickly. If you need a reference guide, look at the d20 Modern Apocalypse supplement. It has a lot of helpful information, it just needs to be converted to the Pathfinder system

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