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Wamulus's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 48 posts (54 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


Sovereign Court

The easiest method would be to treat it as a profession role (and use those rules).

If you are looking for something more concrete, look at similar objects and compare. There are actually rules for this.

If the things being crafted are about as detailed as a wooden holy symbol or a prosthetic hand: 1gp.
If you’re making something with fine detail, like a functioning flute 5gp.
(Prices are from Ultimate Equipment)

Your GM is letting you get the base materials for free (which makes sense in the case of a wood block), so deciding on the value of the finished product should be the player's decision (and would set any craft DCs required).

Sovereign Court

If possible: Use 'Metamagic Reach Spell' on the pilfering hand (making the distance too great for the BBEG).

Otherwise: Programmed Image, and Contingency spells are great ways to have an illusionary wall (or other obstruction) block the BBEG.

Alternatively-> Have a summoned monster ready to wield the BBEG's weapon again him?

Sovereign Court


Thank you Paizo, and Paizo Staff for the enjoyable atmosphere around your products!

Sovereign Court

Eric Hinkle wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
Sweet, I am a huge fan of Leadership, Followers and Cohorts! I am really looking forward to this book. Hopefully it will continue the Bestiary entries for Monstrous Cohorts, etc.
That's absolutely something we're looking at.

Good news about yet another book that I simply Have To Get.

Hopefully there will also be some information on feats like Squire from Knights of the Inner Sea and Torchbearer from Dungeoneer's Handbook. Maybe we can get Apprentices for arcane casters and Acolytes for divine ones?


(It would really be nice to no longer homebrew the 'squire' into an apprentice anymore!)

Cohorts are neat and all... but for me, they never adequately filled the niche of an apprentice role (ex: someone you are training, in return for aid with menial tasks).

Sovereign Court

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Wamulus wrote:

Awesome! I am very excited to see this book!

Any chance of us seeing an archetype or spell to speed up "scry on familiar" so it doesn't take an hour to cast?
Given everything we need to cram into this book, probably not.

Oh well, I am sure it will still be a great book!

It's definitely a good sign that there is too much content (instead of not enough).

Sovereign Court

Awesome! I am very excited to see this book!
Any chance of us seeing an archetype or spell to speed up "scry on familiar" so it doesn't take an hour to cast?

Sovereign Court *

I am pretty sure that if it appears on the chronicle sheet for the module, a character must complete that module in order to obtain the item.
(So yes they are legal for players... but only if the character in question has completed that module)

Sovereign Court *

Michael Brock wrote:
At the PFS meeting today, we have decided to sanction Reign of Winter. We aren't able to get the Chronicle sheet for part 1 completed by the time Additional Resources is updated tomorrow, but expect it to be available in the next few weeks. Additionally, we will be sanctioning the other 5 parts with Additional Resources as they are released each month.

Fantastic! Now I just need to... somehow... create time to play!!!

Sovereign Court *

Makes sense for simplicity. Thanks guys.

Sovereign Court *

I should also say thanks for the quick reply Jonathan.

I guess it boils down to whether or not specific purposed items can be used for day job checks.

Sovereign Court *

Typos happen....

The effect in question however was a level one spell that lasts 1 day per level until used (providing a +5 luck bonus to craft checks).. So probably not a typo... But also not 100% relevant to the problem of accepting the Mask

Sovereign Court *

That does make sense, and is why I was curious about it in the first place.

The 1/day condition seems to be different I think ( check the above post by Mike Brock)

The mask really seems to cut the line (at least for me).

Sovereign Court *

Off in the Shower wrote:
Will McGrath wrote:

What about the Mask of Stony Demeanor and using Bluff in conjunction with the Caravan vanity?

I cannot see why ithis would not work, but I thought I would ask just in case.
No. Its not a permanent bonus.

But it is a permanent bonus.

The benefit only applies when telling lies.

Sovereign Court

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Thank you for sticking around late enough to fix this, Gary!

Agreed! It works perfectly! Thank you!

Sovereign Court

Awesome! Now to see if the server can survive me downloading that pdf again...

Sovereign Court

*removes foot from mouth*

Sovereign Court

I am 100% with Garreth. The paizo team is bloody awesome, and sometimes issues happen. It's life.
I was trying to download a PDF when the server went down yesterday... I have checked back nearly every hour since then... I am very anxious to get some sweet PDFs... But I really think its not the end of the world! and they will be the same PDFs whether I get them now or later.

The paizo staff is working pretty hard, they are giving us updates an are being pretty damn honest about the situation.

Thanks for working to solve the issues guys!

Sovereign Court *

Great boon! Thanks Mike!

Sovereign Court *

Awesome! I am glad this is finally out of the bag (officially)!

Sovereign Court *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like it! Games should have a visible impact on the world, and I really hate to see a faction go... but it definitely sparks up a desire to play!

Sovereign Court *

Looking at the rules...
The Vanity costs twice as much as the business vanities, and does provide twice the bonus, so regardless you’re not wasting PP on the boat.

However that said, the vanity does state you can use the physical craft during a scenario. As such you should draw up your ship. There are items that are legal for play that you might even consider using to upgrade your ship’s functionality etc (which could be a really fun avenue for play).

If I had to peg what kind of ship this is, and calculating that PP are worth an estimated 375gp each:
There are few ships provided in the Ultimate combat, of which you are stuck between either a 10,000gp value (for a longship, galley or sailing ship) or a rowboat at 500gp.... (I guess your free to select the rowboat if you want…)
The Galley is not a marine vessel... so lets scratch that one….

So your down to either a longship or a Sailing Ship. Both fit 2 different thematic character types and both seem applicable for the vanity....

Except the Sailing ship comes with 20 direct-fire siege engines. Assuming those are ballista’s (and probably shouldn’t be included with the vanity), they would have a sell value of 5000gp, which means you are getting a 5000gp boat for 10pp, which is a good deal.
Comparatively, the longship moves at 2/3s the speed and has only 1/3 the cargo capacity, and relies on the large crew as its big selling point. Since the crew of a vanity are already busy providing the +2 profession bonus that the character is already receiving (and probably should not be able to otherwise significantly influence a scenario), it seems to me to be a reasonable alternative to the longship.

So if I were to rule this out, I would heavily encourage a player to design their boat as either A) Longship or B)Sailing Ship without siege engines.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents worth. If anyone sees any errors in this logic please let me know!

Sovereign Court *

Me too!

Sovereign Court *

I do believe it means that both Shattered Star AP and Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition are both now (or soon to be) sanctioned APs....

But I think it might be an accidental early reveal... because some joker decided to talk about what he saw over in another section of the website.... he (this "Wamulus" joker) spoiled the big reveal!

Sovereign Court *

Did I open the bag before I was supposed to?

Sovereign Court *

Well... Its listed as a sanctioned AP now... :)

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Snapleaf (p.319) Should be edited to ensure it is a single use item (as I believe it was in RPG Superstar), instead of a 750gp infinite invisibility machine that the omission makes it.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am always happy to see new Pathfinder books!!

I wouldn't mind seeing a "Pathfinder: Dungeoneer Builder's Handbook" filled with new traps, and interesting encounters ideas that incorporate tactical combat.

Either way, I am glad to see new material :)

Please do continue to find new ways to get my money! :)

Sovereign Court *

We were just up at our local store today, giving them a signup sheet and setting a date for a sunday startup game. We have three of us ready to GM if necessary, and tables set aside.

The process might seem a little daunting but moves along pretty fast.

Sovereign Court *

First off I would like to say "I am glad to hear about more Canadian PFS activity!"

We actually just very recently got ourselves a local Venture-Lieutenant for the entire province of New Brunswick (who is doing an AMAZING job so far)! So don't worry too much about what might be ahead of you.
It's all pretty simple and alot of fun!

Heck, Regina isn't even all that small!! Our local society is getting some big steam in only a couple weeks ... and we are in Fredericton New Brunswick... 56,000people compared to your 193,000people.... and we are also the capital of our province as well :(

(for any of you non-Canadians who might be reading this)

At any rate, we got your back if you need any help starting up your local PFS!

The first real big step as I understand it is to really get in communication with your local gaming shop. They really do make the process fall together.
(and trust me as once-upon-a-time hobby/gaming store owner, building a local gaming community is extremely mutually beneficial).

If you can sell them on the idea of providing you space, people will come to play.

It can be as easy as setting up an event, posting a single notice in the store window and having only your four friends to show up in the beginning.
If your friends are willing to help DM on the first day this could go spectacularly. That way if more show up, you will have spare DMs to run multiple games, if no one else shows up on the first day (which is probably very unlikely) then at least you and your friends can have a good game. During which time people will almost certainly be drawn with curiosity to learn about what your playing... and might be interested in joining at the next game.

Anywho that's my 2 cents worth. I am certain there are more experienced Venture Captains and Lieutenants who can provide more detailed steps...

Keep posting! New Brunswick's PFS has your back!!

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.
David Montgomery wrote:
Because they don't want to? Mine don't. Then they wouldn't be able to see my Wizard in his tacky, modified, Varisian entertainer's outfit.

You sir, play this game correctly :)

Sovereign Court

So I have been wondering this too... John might be on to something about the 1. Extended enhancement ability, and 2. the force effect...

But what bugs me is that this item basically makes padded armor obsolete... its actually just worse in all ways...

Why would any starting caster NOT wear one of these?

Sovereign Court *

Flagged as double post... and I will move my discussion to the other thread.

Sovereign Court *

Ok... so I have been considering the basic item "Haramaki" and wondering why this item is as good as it is.

Sure it only adds a +1 bonus... but in all ways this item seems superior to all other +1 ac items..
It seems to be even be better than the wondrous magic item: Bracers of Armor +1

The Haramaki has no max dex bonus, no armor check penalty, no arcane failure chance and weighs the same as Bracer of Armor... Only the Haramaki costs 3gp instad of 1000gp

Even at higher end levels the Haramaki is superior as it starts with a +1 bonus, and can be enchanted to become continuously better...

Since bracers of armor cannot have any armor special abilities that add a flat gp amount to their cost... a limitation that the Haramaki does not have...

I guess it boils down to "Why is there a basic item at 3gp that is better than a magic item at 1000gp"?

or more appropriately... "Why would any adventure (particularly in PFS ever take set of bracers of armor in favor of a Haramaki"?

Sovereign Court *

In the context of Pathfinder Society the simple answer I believe is no to making chest slot items with an AC bonus. The exception to this is looking for specific items that provide what you are looking for.

There are always bracers of armor, and a few chest slot items in the Ultimate Equipment. You may want to have a look at the Snakeskin Tunic for an AC bonus from the chest slot)

For dealing with precision damage... it might depend on the source of that damage... Items like the Steelhand Circle (a ring from the Ultimate Equipment) can negate sneak attack damage. Likewise the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier might be worth looking at (head slot item that provides luck bonus to AC and negates sneak attacks).

Sovereign Court *

I don't feel this would significantly hinder the knowledge skills.

Having a bonus to these skills usually provides additional gems of knowledge that are far more useful then what is provided in the field guide. Most importantly information specific to the lore and tactics the particular scenario. The information in the field guide is general enough to keep players alive, while the information provided by a good knowledge bonus can give the winning edge in a scenario or encounter.

Sovereign Court *

This thread is actually about 2 different discussions now....

In regards to the primary question, should stealing be allowed in the PFS: probably not... do I want it to be an option (because it is fun and thematically distracting)... hell yeah!

Reasons: PFS games are meant to be planned for 4 hours session, have moderated gear and options available, and are meant for group cohesive play.... Does cat burglary or potentially being arrested fit any of these PFS scenario concepts?

"In Game Stealing" I super fun, but not likely suitable for PFS play. As a skill sleight of hand etc is still exceptionally useful, but should be limited to mission-orientated circumstances that do not risk potential law enforcement issues, unless it is ***directly*** related to a mission goal.

The second divergent part of this thread seems to ambled into the mine field that is alignment related actions. This is a never ending debate, and one that really cannot be answered by looking at single instance examples. If you are interested in an alignment. After you have seen a character in action for at least a session... Open up your core rulebook to page 167, and see which of those descriptions best fit the character you saw in play. Judging a character on a single instance will only slow the game and cause debate. Once the game is done, if you feel a character is acting out of alignment, step back and have a good look at page 167.

Sovereign Court *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It seems to me, the best way to deal with this is to look chapter 4 of the pathifnder society field guide. That guide shows all of the sort of knnowldge and preperations pathfinders are suppose to have been told before going ou into rediculous adventures.

I guess if the level of knowledge is something that would come from that section, it could be assumed to be known by any pathfinder.
If it goes beyond that knowledge they should absolutely be making skill checks.

Sovereign Court

Thanks Hogarth!

Seems there is already some good discussion out there...
I wonder if we could get a ruling on this from some of the higher-ups.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Shar Tahl wrote:
at some point, a line needs to be drawn between an improvised weapon used as a primary weapon and a new exotic weapon.

Good point!

The -4 penalty that would apply to a non-proficient exotic weapons, is the same as a -4 from using an improvised weapon (which RAW states also comes from being non proficient with the improvised weapon)

So basically either way the terminology here suggests that it is a weapon you are not proficient with.

An improvised crowbar-weapon would use the same base stats as club (which CRB price dictates are free, and always readily available for purchase...) so your taking a -4 (feats not considered) to use a weapon that could cost nothing and weighs the exact same as a club/crowbar.

Going back to the original question then.... could a +1 crowbar-weapon exist?
The spell "Magic Weapon" can be cast on any weapon touched...

Rules seem to suggest that you are able to treat this weapon as a club (that you are not proficient with) and it seems legit that if you are able to cast "Magic Weapon" on this club you should be able to place enchantments on that weapon as well.

...Now is a magic club that can also be used as a crowbar game breaking?
A basic club is free... the item will still be an improvised club... so... your only benefit is in not having to stow the club to draw the crowbar... this benefit in exchange for the -4 penalty on all attacks....
Now feats can be used to make this a little more powerful. But in the end... you are still weilding a club. Which thematically awesome... but rules breaking no. .

I guess my rmabling point here is that the crowbar is an improvised club (and a weapon). Clubs can be enchanted... so it seems logical that you CAN get an enchanted crowbar...

Sovereign Court

Thanks! I really appreciate the help! I am new to PFS and was worried about alignment related issues.

Sovereign Court *

The wizard's necromancy school in the CRB provides wizards with a choice of either command or turn undead but makes no reference to alignment.

Does this mean that a good aligned wizard can command undead?

Sovereign Court

Sorry I should have been more clear. The character in question would be using the Necromancy school, and would receive the "power over undead" ability (CRB).

Power over Undead (Su)

You receive Command Undead or Turn Undead as a bonus feat. You can channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier, but only to use the selected feat. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against these feats is equal to 10 + 1/2 your wizard level + your Charisma modifier. At 20th level, undead cannot add their channel resistance to the save against this ability.

Sovereign Court

It seems that a wizard with the necromancy school can take command undead (and channel energy) similar to the way that clerics do...

I was unable to find any info out there directly stating that this is not possible in a Pathfinder Society game, and just wanted to double check (due to possible alignment issues).

Does any know if it is or is not possible for a necromancer wizard to select "command undead"?

Thanks a lot for the help! It’s greatly appreciated!

Sovereign Court *

Mordaith wrote:

...I may have taken Skill Focus: Profession (Bartender)


Sovereign Court Goblin Squad Member

I really like the icon!

Sovereign Court *

Don't forget about concealed weapons, items etc... Could be useful as well

Sovereign Court

Is this the newest edition of the Lizardmen armies book? (released Feb/2009)

Sovereign Court

I picked it up at Gen Con (as well as the DM Character Codex) and found it much better than the PHBs char sheet.

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