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Paracount Julistar

Walter Tungsten's page

84 posts. Alias of ulgulanoth.

Full Name

Walter Tungsten




lv3 martial hero, hp25, AC18, CMD16, F+4, R+5, W+0, int+2







Special Abilities

sneak attack 1d6, bomb 1d6









Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Walter Tungsten

Hp25 (martial hero level 3)
1250 credits
3 hero point
(3)D10, 4+int, fort and reflex good saves
BAB +3 CMB +4 CMD16
AC18 flat-footed 10
Fort +3+1= +4
Ref +3+2= +5
Will +1-1= 0
Class skills:
Acrobatics +3+3+2= +8
Bluff +3+3+2 = +8
Craft (alchemy) +3+3+3 = +9
Diplomacy +3+3+2= +8
Heal +3+3-1 = +5
Pilot +3+3+2= +8
Sleight of hand +3+3+2= +8
Stealth +3+3+2= +8
Use technology +3+3+3= +9
Bonus feat at every even level
+7 defense bonus
Sneak attack 1d6
Bomb 1d6
traits: Dirty Fighter, Dealmaker
MSword 150 credit, 1d8 18-20/x3 S
Mirrored Armour 100 credit

Walter Tungsten is a young strapping bachelor out for adventure; he has been working across the universe as part of the exploratory military, though Walter doesn’t care much for the exploration as for the setting up of trade routes. Walter grew up in the dense cities of the federation, his father and mother being merchants. He would read about planets made of sand, water, completely uninhabited, a secret obsession he has always have to go to one of these planets. Walter just wants to see what worlds without humans (or other life forms) are like. He also wants to set up his own merchant empire to show his parents he can do it. At first Walter was a smuggler, taking small packages from one planet to another. This jig didn't last long and Walter was caught red handed. During the trail his parents pleaded that Walter was given a second chance, they were wealthy enough to be listen to. Walter was sent to the military academy, sentenced to serve in the military until deemed redeemed.

Walter studied at the military academy on Vega, being extremely adequate at making explosives, close quarter combat and anatomy. He joined the exploration branch since it was the easiest way to get his goals accomplished; finding an uninhabited world, and setting up his own trade routes. Unfortunately Walter has sometimes been forced to smuggle things to trade and has learned the hard way how to conceal bits and bobs and so on just to get that first buyer weather they know it or not.

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