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W E Ray's page

3,345 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Molech.

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Grand Lodge

When I DMed a Rise of the Runelords campaign several years ago, Mokmurian lived. It is a long, convoluted story -- his survival coinciding with the PCs' victory, but at the end he lived.

As a result, I've included him as a living and obviously quite powerful NPC in two other campaigns in Varisia where his presence, in periphery, made sense. The ultimate conclusion of which is that, in my Pathfinder world, Mokmurian is alive and well,... and powerful.

That brings us to Volstus.

A badass giant right in the middle of Jorgunfist and Xin Shalast (Mokmurian's two bases of power).

So, as I contemplate how to run a Giantslayer AP one day (certainly not until all 6 volumes are in my hands), what are some ideas on how I could handle the two Giant Lords in close proximity to each other?

If Mokmurian were alive in your game, how would he react to Volstus?

How would Volstus react to Mokmurian?

How could I justify leaving Mokmurian out of a Giantslayer campaign?

How would I include him?

Grand Lodge

Okay, here goes -- wish me luck!

Array #1
5d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4, 6, 2) = 19 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 14 )
5d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 3, 1, 5) = 18 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 14 )
5d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 4, 6, 3) = 24 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 17 )
5d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 2, 3, 4) = 17 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 13 )
5d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 4, 2) = 13 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 11 )
5d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 3, 3) = 20 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 14 )

Array #2
5d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 6, 6, 6) = 26 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 18 )
5d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 5, 6) = 26 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 18 )
5d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 4, 4) = 20 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 14 )
5d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5, 6, 3) = 22 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 17 )
5d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 2, 6, 3) = 15 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 12 )
5d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 2, 6, 5) = 18 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 15 )

Array #3
5d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5, 3, 3) = 15 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 11 )
5d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 6, 1, 2) = 20 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 17 )
5d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 3, 5, 3) = 15 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 11 )
5d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 3, 5, 1) = 12 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 10 )
5d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 4, 4, 5) = 20 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 15 )
5d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 1, 6, 5) = 21 (Dropping the lowest 2 = 16 )

Grand Lodge

Possible suggestions for Archer builds with Skald, Swashbuckler and maybe Bloodrager.

(I *think* I'm still only looking for an Archer, though admittedly, I may eventually just go with a great big "viking" sword.)

My Advanced Class Guide is coming in the mail in the same package as Giantslayer #1 so it's close but not here yet. And I don't really want to spend hours and days looking through the PFSRD when you Lords of the Boards can help.

My PC is going to be a Cohort-like PC from the Land of the Linnorm Kings so Skald is good Fluff-wise. The Swashbuckler stereotype also loosely fits my idea for the PC -- again, Fluff-wise. (Bloodrager or of course, Barbarian & Fighter also fits my Fluff concept for the PC.)

I like multi-classing and THIS IS GESTALT!

So, any good Archer builds for Swashbuckler or Skald?

Grand Lodge

"The bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level....

Does this mean
A} the first successful attack for the Smite -- this fight
B} the first successful attack each round


Over the summer I started my Abraxas Gambit campaign in SW Andoran -- in a tiny village not too far from Chimera Cove.
A month or so in one of the Players had to end because of real-life schedule encroachment, but now is now coming back.

This Saturday's session.

And I can't think of how to get that PC into the Abyss....

...The PCs were in a big, classic dungeon-crawl and decided they'd try to cleverly talk around a tough fight with an Abyssal denizen rather than fight it. I've been encouraging them to try creative, wacky stuff for encounters and so I promoted their approach, which ended with them successfully making a deal with said Abyssal denizen and going to his master's lair on the First Layer of the Abyss.

We stopped the session at the conclusion of that encounter -- I wanted to do some prep before going to the Lower Planes -- and we're starting this Saturday with the PCs stepping through the portal.

And yesterday our old gamer said he could make it back to the game. This Saturday! So how do I get his PC from backwater Andoran to the Abyss -- specifically this Abyssal denizen's lair?

....The returning PC is a badd-asss Magus-Barbarian with an "Alexander-the-Great" theme.

....The campaign's NPC plot revolves around a deal between Abraxas and Maglubiyet to join forces in Maglubiyet's latest war on Yeenoghu in the Abyss. Abraxas's main plot for this assistance involves instigating a war between Cheliax and Andoran so his proxies can use that as a cover for what they're doing in SW Andoran / SE Cheliax.

....The PCs were eventually going to go to the Abyss themselves, to fight (presumably Abraxas & Maglubiyet minions) and rescue a good guy trapped down there -- they're just getting a taste now with this unexpected turn of events.

....The Players were originally asked to try to make PCs who were the children of the Andoran village innkeeper -- or a best friend of one of the siblings or something really close: an adopted elf child, maybe.

The players did really well, only one decided to be a "friend of" the family and the rest had fun wrestling over who'd be oldest or youngest or whatever, and we began.

....But now that the youngest sibling -- the cool Magus-Barbarian who's been gone for a while -- is back, I have to shoehorn a reason to get her in the Abyss.

Grand Lodge

The Magic Trait, Magical Knack allows the PC to select a Class (in this case Alchemist and gain a +2 Caster Level so long as that does not exceed the PC's total HD.

Question: The Alchemist gains Bombs per day equal to its Class Level (+ INT mod); does Magical Knack allow the Alchemist to use that +2 CL for his Class Level regarding making Bombs per day?

Grand Lodge

Seriously, what can they do to be remotely plausible in combat?

Specifically, this would be an Investigator Empiricist with a very high INT and solid DEX & CON.

So, what, is his only option Hand Crossbow? What other possibilities could work?

Grand Lodge

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The Heresy here isn't my request for ideas on how to convert this AP into a Spelljammer campaign, but rather it, as a result of my browsing vol.1 at the LGS and really liking the campaign background idea, is my acknowledgement of Iron Gods as a viable, really cool sounding Adventure Path.

I know, I know -- HERESY.

So, uh.... Any thoughts on turning Iron Gods into a Spelljammer campaign where it was a spelljammer ship that crashed in Numeria so long, long ago? You know, take out all the heretical, non-Pathfinder techno stuff (computers, lasers, guns, spaceships) and replace it with Spelljammer stuff.

That sounds like a heckuva (not Heucuva) campaign!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

We're pretty sure we ruled correctly on this last night, looking at the RAW, but I still wanted to check here.

At 4th Level, when the Inquisitor gets two uses of Judgment per day (and I guess the same question could apply to the Paladin Smite at 4th level), can the Inquisitor, after round 1 when he uses his Swift Action to turn on his Judgment for say, +1 to attack, then on the second round use his Swift Action to turn on his other Judgment for say, +1 to Saves?

It still takes a Swift Action to switch Judgments, of course, so he could only swap what one of them does each round. And more obviously (hopefully) he couldn't have the two Judgments do the same thing -- or if he did they couldn't stack so what's the point -- but he could, yes?, have both Judgments going during the same fight, right?

(I guess Smite Evil is much easier since it only applies to a single enemy, so of course you can have both Smites going in the same fight, just applied to two different enemies.)

Grand Lodge

A few times now I've gone to "hide" my Adventure Path downloads and a few other PDF "groupings" so as to more fluidly view my various PDFs (read: get to the Society Scenarios more quickly), but every time I go back to My Downloads, say a few days later, everything I had "Hidden" is once again revealed.

That's not suppose to be like that, right?

Grand Lodge

This is, I guess a RAW question but it's equally as much a "How would you interpret RAW" question...

In the Race Builder chapter of the ARG a Standard Trait costing 2 points is "Static Bonus Feat."

This Trait allows the Race one Feat at 1st level so long as the Feat has NO prerequisits. (This is unlike Flexible Bonus Feat for 4 points that gives the race any Feat at 1st level.)

Question: Would Feats such as Fey Foundling be legal under the Static Bonus Feat Trait? This is a Feat with a prerequisite -- "Must be taken at 1st level"!

Grand Lodge

If you have an 8 Dexterity and are caught Flat-Footed, is your AC 10 or 9?

It's 9, yes?

Grand Lodge

Who drew the 1977 Asmodeus from the Monster Manual?



(And don't forget to give your source!)

Grand Lodge

Please cancel my subscription to the Adventure Path line.

I anxiously look forward to renewing my subscription in February when the next AP begins.

Grand Lodge

So,... never a card-game guy, strictly D&D(Pathfinder), but played a session or two with some other Paizonians and kinda like it.

Have a couple questions on Homebrew design I'm sure the Lords-of-the-Boards have already hashed out and can tell me about or link me to the right Thread:

1) What are some typical, well play-tested, alternate Class builds? Like, have you guys made alternate Paladins, Wizards, Druids & such, either just Abilitiy Score dice rolls and/or legal cards for the Class' deck?

2) Better, have you guys designed some balanced, well play-tested, "create-your-own-class" rules ... and what are some?

3) Would lengthening your hand from 15 total cards to 20 total cards, and then adding 1 card to your, um, "face up" cards make the game unbalanced -- that is, if you then also added another monster to each "location"(?) deck and maybe another few cards to the "timer"(?) deck that keeps track of the whole session's success/ failure?

. . . .

I think the individual monsters seem a bit weak, but then the group I sometimes join is (and I am) very into helping each other out with Blessings & such, making monsters "defeat DC" pretty low compared to what we come up with. (Obviously this depends not only on playing style within the group but also Class selection and group size).

I also really like playing the Paladin but would rather select an Ability-Score array and Deck make-up and such without having it written in stone. Any Homebrew designs out there that, for example, let a Paladin keep an Item Card and take away, for example, an Armor Card -- Or increase his DEX dice while decreasing his WIS dice?

What's out there?

Grand Lodge

So,... never a card-game guy, strictly D&D(Pathfinder), but played a session or two with some other Paizonians and kinda like it.

Have a couple questions on Homebrew design I'm sure the Lords-of-the-Boards have already hashed out and can tell me about or link me to the right Thread:

1) What are some typical, well play-tested, alternate Class builds? Like, have you guys made alternate Paladins, Wizards, Druids & such, either just Abilitiy Score dice rolls and/or legal cards for the Class' deck?

2) Better, have you guys designed some balanced, well play-tested, "create-your-own-class" rules ... and what are some?

3) Would lengthening your hand from 15 total cards to 20 total cards, and then adding 1 card to your, um, "face up" cards make the game unbalanced -- that is, if you then also added another monster to each "location"(?) deck and maybe another few cards to the "timer"(?) deck that keeps track of the whole session's success/ failure?

. . . .

I think the individual monsters seem a bit weak, but then the group I sometimes join is (and I am) very into helping each other out with Blessings & such, making monsters "defeat DC" pretty low compared to what we come up with. (Obviously this depends not only on playing style within the group but also Class selection and group size).

I also really like playing the Paladin but would rather select an Ability-Score array and Deck make-up and such without having it written in stone. Any Homebrew designs out there that, for example, let a Paladin keep an Item Card and take away, for example, an Armor Card -- Or increase his DEX dice while decreasing his WIS dice?

What's out there?

Grand Lodge

Where in the River Kingdoms is the Emerald Spire?

Grand Lodge *

So, I'm trying to Report "Risen from the Sands" from Free RPG Day but it isn't on the list of reportable scenarios yet.


Grand Lodge

What all do we know about the current state of the Starstone Cathedral -- NPCs who live there/ go regularly, physical layout/ floor plans, distance between it and the promenade (How wide is that chasm?), etc.

And from what sources do we have published material about the Starstone Cathedral?


Grand Lodge

Is the following Mechanic balanced / acceptable?

Inq Archetype:

Replace Solo Tactics & Teamwork Feats with...

Any Feats that give bonuses to Skill checks: Skill Focus, Alertness, Persuasive, Acrobatic, Athletic, Scholar, Deceitful, Stealthy, etc.

So at 3rd Lvl and every 3 levels thereafter you choose a "Skill Bonus" Feat instead of a TW Feat.

Grand Lodge

For the record, I really love what you guys do in titling your Store Blogs each day.

Sure lot's of 'em are kinda banal but, I know, when you're trying to come up with a new one every friggin day it can be challenging to be creative and clever each time.

This line from "The Boys are Back in Town" is great. One of your best in a long while. I'll be singing it the rest of the day now (until I start killing PCs in tonight's session, that is).


And I just saw your homage to David Bowie in the corresponding Paizo Blog.

Even better than Thin Lizzy!

Ideas please:

My group is leaving Magnimar for Ilsurian where they will begin to track down a vampire they know is killing Fey and has just left the Sanos Forest heading east (Thus they will begin the search in Ilsurian.).

My problem is that by choosing this course of action as opposed to another (heading far north to the Kodor Mt.s looking for Xin-Shalast in an effort to find the nearby Dark Tower of Cabilar), they are biting off more than they can chew at this level (6th Lvl Gestalt). They can't handle the vampire they are hunting at this time but it's what they want to do, leaving the search for the Dark Tower of Cabilar near Xin-Shalast for later.

Personality/ Game-Style of the Group:
One of the Players is big on combat in an olde-school, 1970s adventure modules kinda way; he also likes Sandbox-ish stuff. Another is really big into Sandbox games. (Plenty of other "styles / personalities" but these are the two relevant to this current problem.)
...See, I designed this stage of the game to lend itself to Sandbox play, thus giving the Players complete freedom to do what they want. And I need to be able to let them just Hack-N-Slash SOON.

I was pretty sure, based on the group dynamic, that they'd seek out Xin-Shalast in an effort to find The Dark Tower of Cabilar nearby. But I was also preparing for them to make a return to Cheliax, go off to Razmir or Ustalov (where some intriguing NPCs are from) or even go to one of a handful of Varisian locations to continue their adventuring. What they are choosing to do (which makes perfect sense now that I think it through more completely) is track down this vampire who has killed Fey in the Sanos.

So,... How do I allow them to play out this stage of the Campaign without getting them in way over their heads (EL wise)?

A bit more detail....
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Carrion Crown Adventure Path potential Spoilers:

The vampire in question is Arkminos Ramoska, the Nosferatu who makes his debut in CotCT as a non-combat encounter, and is later a small part of CC. The PCs are aware that Arkminos Ramoska hates his vampiric condition and has been trying for gazillions of years to find a way to end his undead nature (He's an Alchemist.).

In this campaign he is one of many NPCs trying to track down one of Lady Lucilla Germanicus's potions (See "Lady of the Mists" by Peter Aberg in Dungeon 42.) in an attempt to study it to see if he can find a solution to his vampirism. Meanwhile, however, he is simultaneously trying an "old wives tale" he's recently learned that drinking Fey blood could help -- and he's of course doing his own alchemical experiments with said First World blood. (Special thanks to Paizo poster "Inkedmsd" for filling me in on this idea!)

At some point vampire-of-Caliphas Florian Lamorath (Luvick's proxy) was going to meet with the PCs and trade info about what Arkminos Ramoska has been doing for some info the PCs have. Now I may have to switch that around so the Nosferatu trades info about Florian Lamorath to the PCs. ...Or something.

But I know my Players and I have a feeling that they're just gonna want to kill. The solution I'm hoping for is for Arkminos Ramoska to give the PCs another monster to kill (in addition to info on Florian Lamorath and the vampires-of-Caliphas recently spreading to Varisia, PLUS agreeing not to kill any more Fey). Hopefully that would be enough.

But I'm at a loss.

What can I do to resolve the PCs' hunt for the vampire that's not cheese ("You can't find him") or some form of railroading?

NOTE: (For those curious about the campaign)
Additional inspiration is from Dungeon #1 "The Dark Tower of Cabilar," Dungeon #25 "A Rose for Talakara," Dungeon #42 "The Lady of the Mists" and its sequel in Dungeon #52 "My Lady's Mirror,"Dungeon #62 "Night Swarm," Pathfinder Module "The Midnight Mirror," and the Pathfinder Adventure Path Second Darkness.

Grand Lodge


With the new AP I'm trying to renew my charter subscription to the Adventure Path line but I'm having problems.

I tried Saturday and now again today and when I get to the final step, placing the order, nothing happens.

Please, someone help me resume my subscription to the APs.
(Also, I'm adding a scratch-n-dent Bestiary 4 to my subscription order of Mummies-R-Us vol.1 Adventure Path.)


EDIT: Oh yeah, and wasn't there a 10% discount on other Paizo products (such as the B4) for customers with a subscription to the AP line? Is that gone? Does it maybe not apply to non-mint items?

Grand Lodge *

Honk if you play the same (or a very similar) PC each time you start a new PFS PC -- ie., a Paladin of Iomedae with the same Race, Ability Scores, Feat selection, etc., etc.

Grand Lodge *

Looking over my PFS Event records I noticed I made a huge mistake and need to know how to handle it -- in case it ever becomes a problem.

A few weeks ago a new Player arrived at my Event and wanted to learn about Pathfinder and play through the Scenario I was running. I grabbed my old list of blank PFS Numbers and assigned him the next one on my list, 14415, scratching it off so I wouldn't use it again. The Player (I have no idea his name) enjoyed the Scenario and sorta learned the difference between a d20 and a d10 but has not returned to play Pathfinder (yet).

This was 24 Feb '14, Event 1275 "Ray's PFS Home Game." He played 14415-1; I gave him the code to register in PFS should he want to.

And today, looking over my PFS Event records I noticed that I already gave that number to another Player several months ago.

This was 9 July '13, Event 1275, "Ray's PFS Home Game." I gave out Number 14415 to a new Player and she enjoyed the Scenario -- despite her PC dying -- but hasn't played again. She is the girlfriend of one of my regular Players (and also plays in my non-PFS game).

Thus, my suggested solution (since she has not yet registered the number (I don't think)) is to give her another Number while I Edit my Event record for 9 July '13. This way, if she ever wants to play in PFS again she can, albeit with a different Number -- and the guy, whom I may never see again -- can also register using the 14415 I gave him. (He has my email should he ever have any questions; I do not have his.)

Please, I'd like to know what PFS wants me to do....

Grand Lodge

Is there anything in any of the Pathfinder canon that shows where in the Inner Sea Apsu is heavily worshipped or revered (by humans)?
Even in the distant past?

Specifically, my choices in order would be,

1) The Land of the Linnorm Kings -- Humans or First World Fey who worship Apsu

2) Cheliax -- Humans who maybe long ago worshipped Apsu and are around somewhere hiding from House Thrune

3) Varisia -- Humans who at least revere Apsu

Or, is there any place in the canon where it does say that Apsu is worshipped or revered by humans (or, ugh, another PC race)?


Grand Lodge

Could a PC be a Paladin of one god and a Cleric of another???

Or an Inquisitor of one god and an Oracle of another?
Or Inquisitor and Paladin?

Yes, right?
Paladins and Oracles don't have any RAW abilities drawn from specific deities, just general Divine powers. Whereas Clerics and Inquisitors have specific Domains and Alignment restrictions tied to a specific chosen deity.

So technically a Paladin of say, Iomedae, could also be a Cleric of Sarenrae because Clerics get Domains -- actual mechanics tied to a specific deity, as opposed to Paladins who just get Divine powers from a generic "their god."

Thus a Paladin's choice in deity is all Fluff (just has to be LG) but Clerics and Inquisitors choose because of Fluff and Crunch. And since a Paladin's choice is all about Fluff with no additional Crunch, the PC could have two deities, one for each Class.

How 'bout this:

Could a PC be an Inquisitor of one god and a Cleric of another?!?!

This seems much more unlikely but still, RAW seems to indicate, um, "Probably."

"If the inquisitor has cleric levels, one of (his or her) two domain selections must be the same domain selected as an inquisitor."

So, one of the Domains HAS to be shared but does that really imply that the deity must be the same? Plenty of deities share Domains!

Grand Lodge *

So,... one can change his or her PC's Alignment at the end of a particular Scenario, um, arbitrarily, right?

So after finishing my fourth Scenario, for example, I can inform the DM (when he's signing my Cert.) that I'm going from CG to NG and, uh what, he writes that down or doesn't really need to or what?...


Grand Lodge *

Confirm please....

When you DM a Scenario you can apply DM-Credit to any of your PFS PCs that does not already have credit, player or DM, for that Scenario.

When you Play a Scenario you can only play one you have NOT DMed or played UNLESS you must in order to create a "legal" table to allow the "play, play, play" rule. In these (RARE) cases, you can still only play a PFS PC that does NOT already have that Scenario's credit.

Finally, if you must play through a Scenario you've DMed or played (in order to make a legal table for "play, play, play") but none of your PFS PCs who haven't played that Scenario are appropriate level, you play a level-appropriate PreGen and when another of your PFS PCs reaches the appropriate level, you can apply the credit from this PreGen to your real PFS PC. (This seems like it may not be the protocol.)


Grand Lodge

Check me on this to make sure I'm okay:

Round 1: Swift Action to activate my Bard's Luck (Archaeologist Archetype)
Round 2: Swift Action to declare a target for my Paladin Smite Evil (Cuz I'm a mult-Classer!) -- and I don't lose my Luck bonus.
Round 3: Swift Action to activate my (Inquisitor) Judgement -- again, without losing my Smite effects OR my Bard's Luck.


(Is there any way to get more than one Swift Action per round?!?)

Grand Lodge *

5-08 "The Confirmation"
Minor Spoiler

So, those of you who have played through "The Confirmation"... What name did you give to the cave?

The name I came up with, and the name we agreed on as a group:
We dubbed the Cave, "Wizards of the Coast Sux"

Grand Lodge

Is there a Feat anywhere (or a Class Feature or Archtype or something) that eliminates (or even reduces from -2 to -1) the Soft Cover penalty incured when reaching into combat when allies are next to the monster?

Grand Lodge *

I've DMed a bit in my home "event": Ray's Pathfinder Society Home-Game and a couple times in my local LGS-PFS group to help grow interest in the community and make more tables possible.

But this has led to an unfortunate hindrance.

One of the Players in my homebrew (non-PFS) group has gotten into PFS and, though he can do it himself, I still feel a responsibility to make his playing in PFS as easy as possible.

My plan is to email him with all the Scenario Certs he should have from me as DM -- to see if he's lost any.
When I go to My Pathfinder Society home page I can only look up the Players from MY event -- where I see my friend has been in two of my PFS events. Furthermore, looking at our LGS-PFS Events, Monday Night PFS at Darkside and the once-per-year Free RPG Day at the Darkside (all in Sarasota, FL), I can only see what I have done, not other Players. I guess this makes sense; it's probably inappropriate in many cases for one Player to look at another's PFS sessions, in this case I'm just trying to help my friend make sure he knows what he has -- I think one 1st lvl PC, one 2nd lvl PC and one PC that died.

So after all that,...
Here's what I'm hoping to get help on:
Is there a way to find out what PFS player numbers played in my game during the event 23792, Monday Night PFS at Darkside for 17 June 2013, #55 "The Infernal Vault"? I was the DM, "Molech" and I just want access to the Players so I can see whether Pathfinder 29474 played and if it was 29474-1 or -2 or even -3.

From page 34 of Cities of Golarion, can someone help me with info on Nisroch?

Specifically, I could use some physical description of the overview of the city -- what it looks like to people visiting for the first time, from a mile or so out. (I do have the big glossy poster map of the city but I'd love some canonical text, too.)

Also, once these people (PCs) are in, what are some sights, sounds, smells, etc. that taint them.

Further, if there is a name of an Inn, preferably a larger one, that's described (where the PCs can stay), it'd be great.

Finally, is there any mention of Skulks in Nisroch and if so, what's their shtick?



The PCs are entering Nisroch from Cheliax hunting down a Chelaxian official who's gone AWOL. In Nisroch they will, after doing whatever search they come up with, learn of the Inn their prey stayed at -- and his room. In the room some Skulks will attempt to steal their stuff (just like they stole the AWOL-guy's stuff). After the PCs defeat the Skulks they can find the guy's stuff in the treasure, including the clue that sends them to his next location.

So some descriptive info on Nisroch that's actually canon would be great. Not that I won't do it myself if necessary.

Can anyone help me find an adventure or two that takes place in Nisroch (or somewhere with similar motifs/ atmosphere), preferably featuring Skulks or Fetchlings or Shadow-like creatures (preferably not Dark Folk)?

PFS Scenarios, Modules, APs, even older adventures from Dungeon -- almost all adventures from late 70s to the present.

I'm getting ready to do a side trek in Nisroch in my new campaign and I'm looking for a bit of inspiration.


Can anyone help me find adventures from Dungeon that featured Skulks or "Shadowy" creatures in Thieves Guilds in urban adventures (preferably not Dark Folk)?

I'm getting ready to do a side-trek in Nisroch in a new campaign and I'd like some inspiration. Any issue of Dungeon as well as almost any adventure module from the late 70s to the present.


Grand Lodge

What would be your ideal group size & level and such?
As PC and, if you DM, as DM...
(put whatever conditions you'd care to)

As PC, for me:
4-5 PCs
16th Level Gestalt
(very high Ability Score point-buy, No Leadership, w/ DM-created or adjusted overpowered monsters, especially w/ Class Levels)

As DM:
6-8 PCs
14th Level Gestalt
(high Ability Score point-buy, No Leadership, No Sunder, No animal companions, familiars, etc., and w/ DM-created or adjusted overpowered monsters, especially w/ Class Levels)

Grand Lodge

Booty, Loot, Party Treasure...
A Poll:

How many groups split party treasure equally, making sure the correct PC gets a particular item (The Rogue needs a higher AC --not my Sorcerer; give him the Ring of Prot.; ...the Barbarian needs better Saves; give her the Cloak instead of the Fighter...) And, even moreso, each PC pays an equal share for the Cleric's Happy Stick and other treasure that's, you know, for the party -- letting the Cleric use all his money on upgrading his heavy mace or whatever.?
Option A
How many groups act like wieners with each PC arguing and whining that he or she really wants, HAS TO HAVE, the Cloak and the Bracers and the Ring -- and even worse -- how many groups (or Players in your group) make their PC sneak ahead and steal an extra gem or copper or bit from the treasure like jerkoffs, making the moments after a kill even more harrowing for the Players than the fight itself cuz everyone's scrambling to make Perception checks to find/get all the treasure.? Option B

I'm just curious. I haven't been B since elementary school in the early 80s (and everyone else was, too) and honestly, I haven't played in a group (at least, more than 1 session) like that since probably '86-'87. But I sure have seen it at LGSs -- and I'm curious how many impotents there are in gaming still.

Grand Lodge

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Fluff All the “flavor,” atmosphere and background story for characters, NPCs, the setting, etc.; characterization, personality, tone. (Often called “ROLEplaying”)

Crunch All the rules and design mechanics of the actual game. (Often called “ROLLplaying”)

Broken When one PC is designed considerably stronger than all the others &/or has magical items &/or Boons that make it much stronger – or when some PCs in a group are broken and some are not. This can occur because elements of the rules are not intended to be used certain ways but can be, or if the element was just poorly designed by the publishers. (If all PCs are “equally Broken” a DM may consider the game Broken (PCs are stronger than monsters of appropriate CR) but the DM always has the prerogative to use stronger CR monsters, thus unbreaking the game.)

Powergamer A Player who builds a PC trying desperately to make it as powerful as possible. Used as a pejorative when pointing out unrealistic decisions, such as stupidly high STR & CON and stupidly low INT & CHA – basing a PC not on any type of Fluff but only with regard to Crunch.

Munchkin An extreme Powergamer who wants to be more powerful than all the other PCs and monsters (Breaking the game), so much so that he or she will also cheat during character creation & dice rolling and lie to the DM (and other Players) about rules adjudication. Munchkins will often get upset when their PCs do poorly, impeding game play.

Rules Lawyer A Player who does everything possible to play RAW, “Rules as Written,” correcting other Players and the DM immediately, whether it helps or hurts the PCs’ situation. Rules Lawyers may often give other Players AND the DM advice during combat based on RAW to make both PCs and monsters as optimized as possible. Used pejoratively when Rules Lawyering slows the game down to nothing for the minutia of a single, unimportant or obscure rule, ruining the fun and flow of the game.

Grognard A Player who has been playing since at least the 1980s in First Edition and fondly recalls and recounts memories from this past. Used as a pejorative when making fun of older people or when older gamers opine 1E as better than the current game design. (Some may consider Players who started in the 90’s w/ 2nd Ed as potential Grognards – but as a Grognard myself, I cannot accept you as a fellow if you only started in the 90’s – which is a classic, textbook Grognaridan attitude.)

Railroading When a DM forces the Players down a single path or plot-line, not allowing them to choose to take different actions than the DM planned for (thus taking the game “off the rails”). Often this happens when a DM’s adventure is based on a favorite novel or movie – the DM having a strict idea on what Shall happen/ what the PCs Shall do.

Sandbox (Opposite of Railroading) When a DM has no set plot and only a setting, allowing PCs to choose whatever they want (go north or south, build a fort or pillage a village, etc.). Like a sandbox that a child enters and has the freedom to “play” whatever & however he wants, a Sandbox Campaign allows the Players nearly complete freedom to choose what they do, without any expectations.

Turtling When a DM presents several encounters to the PCs that they cannot hope to defeat and thus the Players become afraid of everything the DM presents them – like turtles in their shells, PCs mistrust every encounter and gameplay stalls.

Metagame When any Player (DM or Player) uses out-of-gamestory reasoning to make a decision. These infinite possibilities include a Player positing that the collapsing-ceiling trap must have a solution because “The DM would not put it in the dungeon without a solution, or, we can't go down those stairs yet because the monsters in the lower levels will be stronger than those on the first” Thus using “Metagame” reasoning to make a decision.
Metagame reasoning often breaks verisimilitude and should be considered with care.
Situations where Metagaming is important – if not essential – (just as infinite) include a Player creating a Fluff reason his Lawful Good PC will adventure with the CN Cleric and the NE Rogue for Metagame purposes – if the LG PC can’t come up with a reason (whether it makes much sense or not) then the game itself can be ruined.
Sometimes we must use Metagame reasoning to explain why the Wizard isn’t with the group for the next few encounters – because the Player couldn’t make it to game-night.
Also, the DM must almost always design encounters (and the whole campaign) with Metagame reasoning – making sure the PCs have a chance to win, making sure the PC-builds can be sometimes useful & sometimes useless (the Rogue’s Sneak Attack works to perfection sometimes; sometimes is useless,... the Witch’s Hex,... the Paladin’s backstory & Fluff, etc.) The DM must Metagame to make sure the game flows smoothly and everyone is enjoying it, regardless of verisimilitude.

Gish Any PC who is equal parts melee combatant and spell caster. In Pathfinder the Magus is the textbook Gish; Eldritch Knight and some other Class builds are Gish as well. “Gish” was coined in 1981 when the Fiend Folio introduced a monster called Githyanki whose society had a class that were equal Fighter-Magic Users; those Githyanki were called “Gish.”

Campaign A long series of thematically related adventures.

Adventure A single plot or scenario for the PCs.

Module The 1st Ed. name for short adventures that Paizo (because they're Grognards) initially used for the single adventures line of products (as opposed to "Adventure Path" which is their line of Campaigns).

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The cliche examples are adding music in the background or speaking in-voice, using handouts or props -- but I came up with a new one a few weeks ago that I absolutely love and would like to share.

We all laugh maniacally when we drop a PC but we never seem to even congratulate a Player when he or she drops our BBEG (because they're suppose to win, certainly, but still...)

Inspired by a reverse of the classic grognardian trick of collecting the character sheet from the Player (as a trophy) when you kill a PC, I decided to hand over the stat-block for the creative and unusual BBEGs to whichever Player gets the final shot. Let the Player have a trophy!

Community Use Gimmicks / Tricks to Enhance our games....

1) Background Music

2) Speaking in-voice / with varying accents

3) Placing a Skull-n-Crossbones sticker on your DM screen every time you kill a PC

4) Hand over the BBEG or tough-fight stat block to the Player who made the kill (as trophies)

5) Collect the character sheet of the PCs you kill (as trophies)

6) Make a xerox copy of (important) NPC illustrations with plenty of blank space -- to use as a handout -- so Players can write notes (about the NPC) on that handout and keep it for reference.

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I am certain that in 3E there was a rule for "Mobs" that was essentially the same as swarms -- you know, auto damage without attack rolls, all that stuff.

Basically, standing amongst a mob of villagers is essentially the same thing as standing in a bed of ants, spiders or wasps. The difference I see being that a "mob," unlike a swarm, would not be immune to weapon damage. Sure the mob will have an AC and HP and you won't count individual Commoners getting hit in a mob attack, but you can still swing your sword wildly around to try to break it up.


I'm looking for some ideas -- or some previously published adventures with any remotely similar motifs; here's the background:

The CR10 evil PCs are travelling to Kaer Maga with 4 elf slaves they just stole from a Lamia Matriarch (and her Gnoll mooks) from Katapesh. The PCs found a note on the Lamia's body saying the slaves can be sold for a GROSS amount of money to her contact in Kaer Maga. The PCs are going to find this contact and try to make the sale themselves.

The Players are interested in a little intrigue and urban adventure; they can play the game in Kaer Maga trying to find this contact and sell the 4 elf slaves. I have one 6 hour session to play this out.

The couple ideas I have so far -- though am really looking for more:
I think searching for the contact may lead to another NPC in Kaer Maga who is an enemy of the contact,
Or, even better, if I can get the PCs think they HAVE to find out more info on the slaves or the contact before they risk raising their vulnerable heads in Kaer Maga -- then set the meeting with the lamia's contact,
Or, perhaps after they do "some" urban adventure (what?) they meet the contact only to be ambushed by some Andoran freedom fighters...

I'm looking for anything.

The game is early next week -- love some ideas or some published adventures that sound a little like this.


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So, for me there are three kinds of "cat people" in D&D.

Rakasta (The original "cat people" from first edition: generic "cat-like" people covered in fur, not too unlike a humanoid "Tom" from Tom & Jerry who is clearly cat-like but clearly not any specific kind of cat.)

Litorian (Monte Cook's "cat people" from later in the D20 era: specific cat heads on top of a humanoid body: Lion-headed man, Leopard-headed man, etc. -- kinda like Thundercats)

Cat Folk (Paizo's "cat people" who, as depicted in the Bestiary, look more like characters from the musical Cats, much prettier to look at. (Not like AP illustrations of "Cat Folk" who ruin the example set forth in the Bestiary.))

I've been fine with this for a while now, adding Paizo's to my list when that particular Bestiary was published cuz of the great illustration. But now I have a conundrum.

How do I make racial builds for the three different "cat people"?

I'm gonna stick, of course, with the Bestiary's version of the Cat Folk so I just need different racial builds for the other two. Also, I think Monte Cook's Litorians should not be available for PC play -- they should be more powerful, equitable to gnolls or ogres or even minotaurs in CR.


A tall order, indeed, but I have faith in the Lords of the Boards.

I need a good sized list, close to comprehensive if at all possible, of certain NPCs of Cheliax, published since its creation.

Specifically, I need NPC nobility or wealthy merchants, human or part human, and who could leave (going AWOL, basically), causing a public controversy of some sort (a Hellknight "Lieutenant" going AWOL, a powerful merchant leaving his assets in the night, a minor noble turning his or her back on the family duty, etc.)

If anyone out there remembers Dungeon 42 and Peter Aberg's masterpiece, "Lady of the Mists," I'm designing a campaign in which an important (but not vital) Chelaxian leaves abruptly and hurriedly for no apparent reason (not an enemy of Abrogail, not spirited to Hell by an Archdevil), causing scandal.

The PCs will start the campaign on his or her trail.

But, for whatever reason, I don't want to invent this NPC, though I'm thinking about just using the NPC from "Lady of the Mists." But it would be sweeter if I had a published Chelaxian to use.

If you remember any Chelaxian NPCs from adventures or supplements and can reference them here it'd be awesome!


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