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Vrog Skyreaver's page

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,193 posts (9,240 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 75 aliases.


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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Still working on my character. Decided on Mithra Dancer 3.

GIL!: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 6) = 14x10=140

EDIT: Here is my tentative character. Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks!

Rivalle Du'tarte:

Mithra Dancer 3

DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 12
CHA 16

HP 33
AC 17 (+3 Dex, +1 Dodge, +3 Cha) Touch 17 Flat-Footed 17 (Uncanny Dodge)
BAB 2 CMB 16 CMD 18 (+1 vs. Trip)
Init +5

Fort +5
Ref +6
Will +3

Speed 30' (40' in Battledance), 20' Climb

Unarmed Strike: +5 to hit; 1d6-1; x2 crit
Sling: +5 to hit; 1d4-1; x2 crit

Skills: Climb r0 +7, Diplomacy r3 +9, Disguise r3 +9, Perception r3 +7, Perform (Dance) r3 +10, Stealth r0 +5, Survival r0 +3

Background Skills: Linguistics r3 +6, Appraise r3 +6

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike

Traits: Reactionary, Indomitable Faith

Alternate Race Traits: Climber

Languages: Common, Mithran, Tarutaru, Galkan, Qu

Class Features: Limit Breaks (Perfect Dance, Trance), AC bonus, Unarmed Strike, Battle Dance (Inspire Courage, Beguiling Dance; 11 rounds/day; Move Action; DC 14), Evasion, Versatile Dance (+1/2 level; Acrobatics), Uncanny Dodge

Equipment: Sling x2, 20 sling bullets (-4), Combat Gloves x2 (-6), Disguise Kit (-75), Explorer's Outfit (-15), Courtier's Outfit (-45)

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
captain yesterday wrote:
I know i can't wait for my Shirren Solarion to be able to run across the ceiling and decapitate someone when he lands.

That, frankly, sounds awesome.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

After level 5, my build and the 18 strength build are 1 point to hit and damage apart, and my build has better charisma, so I can do things like make diplomacy checks.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Crayfish Hora wrote:
I wish dancers would jump out at me too.

That's just terrible. Good job!

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'll dot for interest. Let me take a look at the source material and see what jumps out at me.

Edit: I think it will be a dancer.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Small creatures have no inherent bonuses or penalties.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I don't even think there is an option to drop stats at all, although I haven't played with a GM who would mind you dropping stats if you wanted to.

Also, I like having con. It adds to fort saves, and SP.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Colette Brunel wrote:
It is completely fallacious reasoning to assume that "Well, I hit *enough*, so Strength 14 as a 1st-level melee character is fine," when you could be hitting even more often with a starting Strength 18.

If a character with a 14 strength hits with every attack because of dice rolls, and a character with an 18 strength misses with every attack because of slightly lower dice rolls, and you had never seen the system before, would you still argue that an 18 stat is better?

What about the (I admit I'm making an assumption here) situation where there are two ranged enemies spread out enough that you can "charge" one and maybe kill it, then you have to weather the attack from the second one (I put charge in quotes because I'm not talking about a game mechanic, but a descriptive term).

And let's talk about the other assumption you're making: that you can get into melee easily against enemies. It is a very real possibility that you might take multiple rounds of incoming fire from ranged combatants. Odds are good that a glass cannon (like what you are emphatically and repeatedly demanding is the *Only* way to make a character) build is going to die, having never even gotten to hit an enemy and having wasted his 18 strength.

Also, and this has me honestly curious, are you saying that my character is bad? Cause that's the impression I get.

It seems odd to me that you're speaking using the voice of experience when the system has been out, what, maybe three weeks at this point? You're making a lot of assumptions, probably based on your anecdotal evidence, and speaking as if it were gospel.

I also have a question about your argued choice of soldier spec: Why would you not take Guard if you're only dipping one level? it lowers ACP and increases Max Dex, and it's the only way I've seen to do so.


I have a question: Since we are using the pregen characters, I assume that we do not need to have an alt built for them?

Three coughs, but continues to fight the mephits.

Short Sword Attack Roll: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 131d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
Damage Roll: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

Unarmed Strike Bonus Action Attack Roll: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 221d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24
Damage Roll: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Madcaster, I'll point out something you might have missed that someone pointed out to me: You get a free rank in each of your skills from your specialization, so effectively you should have 84 skill points (8 base, 4 from Int, and 2 maxed skills from specialization x6 levels).


Greetings and felicitations! I would like to play the Solarian pregen.

Lakoon'ta, I looked at your sheet since Duanimon mentioned it, and I noticed that your BAB is listed as 2.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

My plan for my Solarian is to balance melee and ranged, so that I can be more effective in more situations. I'm probably going to carry a Shock Truncheon and an Arc Pistol as my primary weapons.

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Thanks Ehron, you pointed out two things I missed on the Operative (the skills for your specialization getting one rank/level and skill focus granting insight bonuses). I had noticed that Skill focus no longer has an improved benefit for having 10 ranks, though.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Here is my submission:


CG Mul Soldier 1
Theme: Icon

STR 12
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 12

HP/SP 13/9
EAC 15 KAC 17
Init +3

Fort +4
Ref +3
Will +3

Speed 30'

Rifle: +5 to hit; 1d8A&P damage

Skills: Culture r1 +4, Engineering r1 +4, Profession (Gladiator; cha) r1 +4, Survival r1 +7

Feats: Weapon Focus (Longarms), Versatile Focus

Theme Features: Theme Knowledge (Profession and Cultures)

Class Features: Primary Fighting Style (Guard), Primary Technique (Armor Training)

Equipment: Tactical Acid Dart Rifle (1d8A&P damage; -485), Lashunta Ringwear I (+2/+4/+2/-2; -415), 100 credits


Iamb is one of a trio of brothers who worked as a combat entertainment group, otherwise known as the Iron Vigil. Iamb was the protector of the group, With his brother Kolgo acting as long range support and his other brother, Mortoki as their medic.

Their group toured for several years, doing well enough to even purchase a small ship, which cost them their combined entire savings, and which Kolgo and Mortoki decided that Iamb would be better without, leaving him on a planet (they assumed) had no ships. It took him several years, but Iamb managed to find and repair a crashed that worked well enough to leave orbit and get picked up by a passing ship. He made his way back into the Triune systems, looking for his brothers so he can have his revenge.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Honestly, If you're going to dip Soldier, you should probably be dipping either Bombard or Guard, as both of those are better benefits IMHO; Bombard gives you really good thrown range for grenades and a free grenade that you have whenever you have 10 minutes floating around, and Guard lowers ACP (which is good on Heavy Armor) and increases Max Dex (which is awesome on any armor).

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Vesk Solarian priest of Sarenrae is my first character.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Fyrm wrote:
Think you could post some more detailed play data? I think people would be interested in what choices you made/maybe a general idea of what the party was like, and also what they were up against. I know I would be interested. If you have the time of course.

I would second that as well. I'm going to play my Vesk regardless, but more information is always welcome.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Here is my submission:


TN Korasha Lashunta Operative 1
Theme: Bounty Hunter

STR 16
DEX 15
CON 12
INT 14
CHA 10

HP/SP 10/7
EAC 13 KAC 14
Init +2

Fort +1
Ref +4
Will +1

Speed 30', Climb 30', Swim 30'

Pistol: +2 to hit; 1d6P damage
Baton: +3 to hit; 1d4+3B damage

Skills: Acrobatics r1 +12, Athletics r1 +11, Cultures r1 +7, Disguise r1 +5, Engineering r1 +7, Perception r1 +4, Sense Motive r1 +4, Sleight of Hand r1 +7, Stealth r1 +7, Survival r1 +7

Feats: Skill Focus (Acrobatics, Athletics), Mobility

Theme Features: Theme Knowledge (Survival)

Class Features: Operative Specializations (Daredevil; Acrobatics and Athletics,), Exploits(Versatile Movement), Trick Attack +1d4

Equipment: Second Skin (+1/+2/+5; -250), Infrared Sensors (-200), Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol (1d6P; 9 rounds; -260), Tactical Baton (1d4B damage; -90), Trailblazer Fusion (-120), 80 credits


Domash was born on Castrovel shortly after the signing of the treaty. He excelled in his studies, and when it came time to choose a career, he selected Peace Officer.

During his 5 year stint in the Peace Force, Domash became widely known for tracking down criminals who believed they could not be found.

He was also known for not having any desire to play politics. Domash was honest to a fault, and it hurt his career when he accused a senior officer of corruption. After that officer was removed from the force, Domash began to receive more and more dangerous assignments, often being sent into the field without backup of any kind.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Domash tendered his resignation, left Castrovel, and took up the only profession that he felt could both make a difference and fit his skill set: bounty hunter.

Now he takes jobs as he sees fit, tracking dangerous mercenaries other criminals who attempt to hide from the law.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

NG Ysoki Soldier 1
Theme: Mercenary

STR 11
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 10

HP/SP 9/9
Init 3

Fort +4
Ref +3
Will +2

Speed 30'

Unarmed Strike: +1 to hit; 1d3 damage
Pulsecaster Pistol: +4 to hit; 1d4e non-lethal damage

Skills: Acrobatics r1 +7, Athletics r1 +5, Engineering r1 +7, Stealth r1 +6, Survival r1 +6

Feats: Opening Volley, Improved Unarmed Strike

Theme Features: Theme Knowledge (Athletics)

Class Features: Primary Fighting Style (Hit and Run), Primary Style Technique (Opening volley)

Equipment: Kasatha Microcord I (+1/+3/+3/-1; -460), Pulsecaster Pistol (1d4E damage; lvl 1; -250), Trailblazer Fusion (-120), Gil Sheath (-95), 75 credits


Gidget was born on a cruise spaceship doing a tour of the pact worlds. She was left at the doorstep of a the shrine of Damoritosh, clearly by someone who did not understand religion. Taking the young Ysoki in, she was raised by the priests-mercenaries of The Destoyer to battle worthy foes. Specializing in a style that maximized her speed, she quickly adapted to the lifestyle and after completing her training decided to go to Absalom station and offer her services.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Dotting for a Ysoki Soldier. Will have her posted shortly.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 1, 5) = 9 8
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 6, 5) = 15 14
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 3, 6) = 15 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 3) = 12 11
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 3, 2) = 13 11
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 5, 2) = 17 15

Going to go with an Lashunta Operative.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I don't see it upthread, so what are the stat mods for Muls? I am going to make a Mul Gladiator Soldier.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Wow, that's quite a bit of response in like 8 hours. Okay, let me parse some of this:

Fyrm wrote:
A needler also means you can shoot your party with healing potions, although you don't have the funds to afford them yourself at starting.

I didn't know that about healing potions, but I haven't dug too deep into equipment yet.

Fyrm wrote:

I like the build, at least in theory, and would be interested in hearing how it does in practice if/when you ever get around to playing them. :]

I'm going to be playing him on the boards in a PBP game, so we'll see how it goes.

Fyrm wrote:
Of course, I may be biased, as a Vesk Priest Solarian is also my first character idea. A bit different from your build, but that is hardly a bad thing.

Great minds and what have you.

Fyrm wrote:
Also, where do you see this character in spaceship combat? I'd imagine either a gunner or captain?

I hadn't really considered that yet, as I haven't really jumped into that section of the book. I'll probably be a gunner (since it looks like I'm the only full bab character in the group), but we'll see what happens.

Voss wrote:
The freebooter armor is a waste. You're paying three times the price for 1 point of AC, and the whole thing will be going in the trash in a level or two.

It's also no ACP and a point of EAC, which given the relative commonality of energy weapons, I figured that having both ACs as high as possible was a good idea.

Voss wrote:
You can pretty much expect to never use them, as someone else in the party will do it better.

I like my character to be able to effectively speak for themselves, without having to rely on others to be their mouthpiece. Besides, having a social skill means that there are more parts of the adventure to participate in.

As far as stealth goes, why would my proud priest of Sarenrae in shining armor hide?

Varun Creed wrote:
Maybe take 12Dex and 16Str though? Unless you want to go full switch-hitter instead of a bit more melee focused?

I generally tend to think that being more well-rounded pays dividends in the long run, and not having a ranged weapon violates my tenets regarding adventuring.

Fardragon wrote:
I reject you postulate that there is a consensus.

Do a search of the forums for Solarian, and that's a lot of what you see.

Colette Brunel wrote:
Alternatively, you can take Strength 18 and hit on a 6+, for two more points of damage each time.

It's really one point of difference to hit, unless you're looking at taking Weapon Focus instead of Heavy armor proficiency; Yes, and two points of damage difference is not huge, especially since every class gets to add their class level to class weapons eventually.

Colette Brunel wrote:
You will be mediocre at Diplomacy and Mysticism compared to the other PCs, you have only 3 skill ranks per level, and your character cannot take 10 for common knowledge.

Mediocre in diplomacy compared to who exactly? Also, are you saying that you only like to play characters who have to rely on others for their information? Having skill overlap is good, not bad, and I have a decent chance of being the best diplomat at the table.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Here is my submission for Ship's Pilot:

TN Azlanti Mystic 6
Theme: Ace Pilot

STR 12
DEX 20
CON 16
INT 15
WIS 20
CHA 12

SP(HP) 60 (12)
EAC 22 KAC 23
Init 5

Fort +5
Ref +7
Will +10

Speed 30'

Pistol: +9 to hit; 2d6P damage

Skills: Culture r6 +11, Diplomacy r6 +10, Life Science r6 +11, Mysticism r6 +13, Perception r6 +14, Piloting r6 +17, Sense Motive r6 +14, Survival r6 +14

Feats: Toughness, Mystic Strike, Skill Focus (Piloting), Sky Jockey

Theme Features: Theme Knowledge, Lone Wolf

Class Features: Connection (Star Shaman), Healing Touch, Mindlink, Channel Skill +2, Weapon Specialization, Connection Spell (Magic Missile, Darkvision), Connection Power (Walk the Void, Starlight Form, Stargazer)

0: TK Projectile, Detect Magic, Stabilize, Telempathic Message, Token Spell, Deteck Affliction

1: Magic Missile, Lesser Remove Condition, Share Language, Life Bubble, Whisp Ally

2: Darkvision, Lesser Restoration, See Invisibility, Mystic Cure, Remove Condition

Equipment: Advanced Semi-Auto Pistol (-5500), Estrex Suit III (-5500), Synergizing Symbiote (Dex +2, Cha +2)


Uriel was recruited for his expertise as a pilot and navigator. He is a highly decorated fighter pilot to volunteered for the space service after divorcing from his wife and wanting a fresh start somewhere else, or as he would put it "Damned woman can have the planet! I'm going someplace else!"

Uriel has transferred his skills remarkably well to test flights of the ship, and his eagerness to be anywhere else has motivated him to train harder than many of the other pilots. As a result, he knows most of the ships systems really well and can fill in anywhere he is needed fairly well.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

OMG, you had me at ATHAS!

all the dots!


Seriously though, it sounds like an interesting setting. I'm down to play, as EltonJ makes fun games.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Excepting taking a look at the enemies in the first contact book with a CR of 1 or less, I hit most of them on an 8+, meaning that I'm more likely to hit then not hit.

I don't like the hit to Int either, but Vesk is as Vesk does. As for my skill points, I can cover alot of ground: I have a good social skill, I have a decent physical skill, and I know something about the mystic arts.

EDIT: Also, someone did not read the title of this thread =)

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Okay, so I've seen the consensus in the forums that Solarians "have to start as Soldiers".

I reject your reality and substitute my own =)

Here is my tentative build for my Solarian:

Vesk Solarian 1
Theme: Priest

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 12
Int 8
WIS 11
CHA 14

HP (SP) 13 (8)
KAC 17 EAC 15 (maybe 16 with Vesk, but I'm not sure)
Init +2
RP 2

Fort +3
Ref +2
Will +2

Speed 30'

Assault Hammer +4 to hit; 1d6+2 damage
Needler: +3 to hit; 1d4P damage
Unarmed Strike: +3 to hit; 1d3+2 damage

Skills: Athletics +6, Diplomacy +6, Mysticism +4

Feats: Weapon Focus (Advanced Melee)

Class Features: Solar Armor, Skill Adept (Life Sciences, Cultures), Stellar Mode, Stellar Revelation

Equipment: Freebooter Armor I (+2 EAC, +3 KAC, Max Dex +4;-750), Assault Hammer (-95), Needler Pistol (-105), Personal Comms (-7), 43 credits

My levelling plan for stats are as follows:

5: STR: 16; DEX: 16; CON: 14; INT: 8; WIS: 11; CHA: 16
10: STR: 18; DEX: 18; CON: 16; INT: 8; WIS: 11; CHA: 18
15: STR: 19; DEX: 18; CON: 18; INT: 10; WIS: 11; CHA: 19
20: STR: 20; DEX: 18; CON: 18; INT: 10; WIS: 13; CHA: 20

Overall, I think he will be a pretty well rounded character. I took the Needler as a ranged weapon cause it was all I could afford. I plan to take Versatile Focus as my level three feat to keep my ranged options on part with my melee ones.

Feel free to criticize away!

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Pokity poke.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Okay, so I got my PDF earlier this evening (about a little less than an hour ago), and having read through the classes, I'm going with a Azlanti star shaman mystic.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Good luck with you new job!

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Voss wrote:
Just as an aside on the setting... Starfinder construction crews bloody well better know how to build guard rails.

You'd be leaning all day!

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I would play a Courtier, but I can't really see how that would jibe with my stated goal, although...Dodekatheon, how much of a problem would it be if I used the Oriole crafter school to represent a crafter from another clan?

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Right now I'm leaning towards either Wasp clan bushi, or a Crane clan duelist. I was going to go Oriole clan, but they were created long after the setting.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Mediums are really good for TWF, too.

As far as dealing with the charging Cavalier goes, I would probably just make a halfling fighter with all three slipslinger feats. Feel free to look those up, combine them with tanglefoot bags, and that's the fight.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

No doubt, I'm dotting as Hida O-Ushi's fiancée. Not sure what clan yet, but it won't be crab, and will be fun =)

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Okay here is my submission:

Female Human Mesmerist 1

Combat Info:

STR 10
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 10
CHA 18

HP 9
AC 13 Touch 13 Flat-Footed 10
Init +3

Fort +1
Ref +5
Will +1

Speed 30'

Melee Attack: +0 to hit
Ranged Attack: +4 to hit


Bluff r1 +8/9, Diplomacy r1 +9/10, Intimidate r1 +8, Sense Motive r1 +3, Sleight of Hand r1 +7, Stealth r1 +7

Feats: Spell Focus (Enchantment)


Charming (+1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures).

Alternate Racial Features: Dual Talent

Class Features:

Archetype (Cult Leader); Insidious Personality, Hypnotic Stare (-2), Fanatical Stare (+1); Tricks (5/day): Slip Bonds


(DC: 14+Spell Level; +1 for Enchantment Spells)

0: Daze, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Touch of Fatigue

1st: Murderous Command, Forbid Action

Equipment: None to start with, other than clothing.

Things I remember:

A crime I committed: Sedition (I was caught).

Where I was born: Dublin, Ireland.

How many siblings I had: Three (all sisters).

Favorite childhood book: Where the wild things are.


Dark red hair that tumbles off her shoulders like water, eyes the color of jade, fair skin, and a staggeringly beautiful smile. She is beautiful and obviously knows it, but something about her seems approachable, even compelling. She stands about five and a half feet tall and weighs maybe one hundred pounds.

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Why do you keep doing this to yourself, Vrog ol' boy.

Why do these threads keep popping up? Seriously, does someone have a calendar somewhere that has an alarm set for "Hey, it's time to start another 'Fighters Suck!' thread. It'll be great, and no one has made one before!"


I realize that this is the internet and all, but if all you have to say in a discussion about a class is that one of the above classes suck, especially compared to X/Y/Z, you really have nothing to say on the conversation that hasn't been said ad nauseum.

If you feel that Cavaliers (or wizards, or brawlers, or what have you) are better than Fighters, that's great, but your opinion, backed up with a "build" (followed predictably by "Here is my math; it's not optimized, but I'm prepared to nitpick yours to death" argument) also do not add to the conversation.

Instead of saying things like "FIGTERS SUX LOLZ, CAUSE THIS CLASS IS BETTERS!", why not just focus on what you think is great about a class?

Vitriol solves nothing (I'll grant that the above can count as vitriol, but seriously, I'm tired of these arguments over and over again. Not debates, mind, but arguments. It's just silly.)

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Dotting for a female Mesmerist. I have indeed been warned, and should have her up shortly.

1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Update the second: I've started the book two proper, but this book (and three) will take the most time to convert. Just wanted to make sure you didn't think that I had forgotten you.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

May I present:

LG Halfling Occultist 1

STR 10
DEX 10/12
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 16

HP 10
AC 12/16 (10 base, +1 dex, +1 size, +4 mage armor), T 12, FF 11/15
Init 1

Fort +6
Ref +3
Will +4

Speed 30'

Club: +1 to hit; 1d4 damage; x2 crit

Skills: Bluff r1 +7, Diplomacy r1 +8, Perception r1 +4, Sense Motive r1 +4, Spellcraft r1 +7, Stealth r0 +5, UMD r1 +7

Background Skills: Knowledge (Engineering) r1 +8, Knowledge (Nobility) r1 +7, Linguistics r1 +8

Feats: Extra Mental Focus

Traits: Freed Slave, Numerian Archaeologist

Alternate Racial Traits: Fleet of Foot (30' movement speed), Polyglot (gain +1 to Linguistics checks and an extra language)

Class Features: Archetype: Silksworn, Mental Focus (9 max), Devoted Mystic


Mental Focus Invested: A (2/2), C (1/1), E (3/3), T (3/3)

Abjuration: Resonant Power: Warding Talisman (+1); Focus Powers: Mind Barrier

Conjuration: Resonant Power: Casting Focus ; Focus Powers: Servitor, Flesh Mend

Evocation: Resonant Power: Intense Focus (+1); Focus Powers: Energy Ray

Transmutation: Resonant Power: Physical Enhancement (+2); Focus Powers: Legacy Weapon

Languages: Common, Halfling, Androffen, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Aklo, Nekril, Thassilonian


0: Create Water, Mending, Resistance, Telekinetic Projectile

1: Floating Disk, Liberating Command, Mage Armor, Shield


Implements x8 (worth 10 gp each; see description; two of each), Fancy Club (paying 10 gp for it cause it's super nice!), several additional outfits (10 gp worth), 50 gp


Kell had always dreamed of being an archeologist, like one of the famed Pathfinders.

Growing up, however, his reality was much more grim: he, his brother Cade, and his parents were slaves; owned by a Cheliaxian necromancer named Athil Rovig, who owned several slaves but his favorite to experiment on was Kell. His master usually restrained himself, but on two seperate occasions he went too far and killed him. Each time, his master hired a cleric of a good-aligned deity to bring him back, and each time Kell fell for it.

Kell doesn't actually remember what caused his master's death, but he does remember the events leading up to it: Kell was dress immaculately, and he heard an odd sound come from the pair of white silk gloves he was wearing. He remembers touching them together, and then it's blank for a few minutes. The next thing that he does remember is his master's house burning, and dragging the corpse of his brother into the woods. As he turned back to go try and find his parents, the fire-weakened house collapsed. Not knowing what to do, he fled the country before he could be recaptured and sold to another aweful person.

Deciding that this was as good a time as any to pursue the only dream he ever had, he make his way to the nearest Pathfinder Society lodge and applied. After his three years of training (during which time he learned of his ability to draw magic from the finest clothing imaginable) he completed his confirmation and was instructed to make his way to the town of Torch, where his knowledge of Androffen would prove handy in exploring potential ruins in the country of Numeria. He was instructed to meet with a friend of the society named Khonnir Baine and see what he could do about recruiting or joining a group of heroes exploring the dungeons throughout the area.


Kell is always dressed in exceptionally fine adventuring gear, including a pair of Jalmerayan white silk gloves, a pair of exquisite tan-colored leather boots that would not look amiss on a knight's feet, a bracelet made with alternating links of platinum, gold, and silver, and a handsomely cut silk cape made of a deep purple color. Additionally, he wears a silk shirt, pleated silk trousers, and tops his entire outfit off with a walking stick made of Oak with a silver handle set in the shape of a pouncing lion.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'm going to submit a Halfling Occultist. I should have it up tonight.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'll throw down a dot as well.

Tentatively going to say mystic, but I have to wait til the 17th to get my book.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'm down for another of your games (assuming you'll have me!) but I feel I should mention that I am currently running IG on the forums right now.

If that's not a problem, I would be happy to submit.

Since it's going to come up, what classes do you already have?

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Well, I think there was something that I needed block for, but maybe not.

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Okay, I have a rough build of my character, located HERE

Her elevator pitch backstory is that she was a Mossad Agent who was recruited in 1975 by the Silver King, making her chronologically 49, but she physically has the body of a 22 year old. She is 5'5", 135 lbs, with close-cropped red hair and small scar under one eye.

Supernaturally speaking, she has no real combat powers, other than her conditioning, and near-perfect firearm capability. She tends to prefer light and heavy pistols and flashbang grenades as her primary means of attack.

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I didn't know that someone else was also making a Vurespanian! Power to the people!

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If we do end up playing L5R, we would be in the right timeframe for me to be engaged to Hida O-Ushi. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, and she's one of the hottest L5R cards I ever owned...

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