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Kaigon the Miscreant

VonDien's page

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Nohwear wrote:
To me it feels like giving the martials their own way to feel epic really requires some sort of special maneuver system, such as Path of War or Book of Nine Swords.

YES! Path of War is a great answer to the aforementioned issue.

HeHateMe wrote:
For the Inquisitor, Sanctified Slayer and Sacred Huntsmaster are both clear wins over the base class. Mostly because Judgement is an absolute turd and both of those archetypes replace Judgement with something that doesn't suck.

Judgements are AWSOME! I don't know how you came to this conclusion, but I must say respectfully that you are way off base.

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In our Kingmaker campaign my Inquisitor came to possess a Instant Fortress, and when the time came for our group to have a show down with the lich giant Vordakin I DROPPED THE FORTRESS ON HIM! A crit was rolled, near max damage insued and that's how my inquisitor "Wizard of Oz'd" the lich!

Brenna- Human Paladin of Erastil. Two handed striker and secondary healer.
Moss-Halfling Wizard/Alchemist(Viva) potions and back stabs.
Kellin- Halfling Arcane Archer. Major DPR striker and bacon cook!
Dan- Elven Wizard (Conjur) Basic Treantmonk "God" Wizard build.
Tarkin- Human Inquisitor/Fighter. Tank, healer and solid striker.

Does anyone else feel like we need another pirate based, sea fairing campaign?

1. Galt
2. Something Ulfen focused
3. KingMaker 2 maybe in Nex?
4. A major city based campaign dealing with politics and criminal organizations.

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It's been this gamers PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that the players at the table that take the stance of " I built what I built" and have no story reasons backing it are usually the lame ducks at the table.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Basically what I get out of this post is NEVER play in a game with NecroMageDroid.

What do you think about changing the base Cleric as follows....

4 skill points per level
free scribe scroll at 1st level
only one Domain

everything else stays as is

Great race! Well done. I hope I get to play one in my next PF game as I have long wanted to play a Palladium style Wolfen in a PF game and this is a dang good start (with obvious "flavor" differences).

Yeah I've gotta say this version is "Nerfed" to the point of being unplayable when compaired to the base Magus class.

Not a bad idea Azten, however combat maneuver builds can be somewhat feat intensive and Clerics dont get bonus feats and from what Ive seen/heard they need every feat they get.

So I know that a lot of people feel that the Cleric is arguably the most powerful class in the game, and that is valid. My question is what could possibly be done to make them a little less "boring"? In my group we don't play them as a "healbot" so that is not the issue. It is lack of options/realisticaly playable Archtypes( IE: ones that don't take away one of your Domains or reduce your spell casting)/ New abilities at level gains other then a increases to Channel Energy total.

What are some of your favorite (non)campaign traits and why?

good info all. thank you

Looking for suggestions for an AP that leans more towards story telling (social interaction) and investigation. I know all AP's take some work and a DM's "personal touch", but which ones start out favoring say a more Sherlock Holmes vibe rather then Lord of the Rings?

Seems like a bigger problem might be party make up.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

I like Reign of Winter.

It makes additional races actually work out. It also has it's sort of built-in solution to the magic item shop.

Rise of the Runelords is pretty awesome too. Very dark.

How would you describe your group's playing style?

How does Reign makes additional races work out?

Also whats so "dark" about RotRL?

We use all PF products and one or two specific 3.5 books (Magic Item Compendium). Usually between the three of us who DM there havent been many restrictions on races, just a few class no nos (gunslinger, summoner)
and NO we are not looking to tie the new AP to our KM game, but might choose to if it seemed cool.

I have both Reign and RotRL on my shelf. We are a 6 person (5 player 1 DM) group of long time (+20yrs each) gamers who enjoy a fairly serious game (no joke characters) thats a solid combo of social/political interaction and combat. We as a whole enjoy both roll and role playing.

So my gaming party and I are wrapping up our long running King Maker campaign after the first of the year and I'm looking to run the next Adventure Path. I'm looking for suggestions for what AP to run following KM. Keep in mind we have played KM, S&S, and LOF.

QuidEst wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Why wouldn't you want to take feats that focus on the thing you want your PC to be good at?

As much as I want my Kineticist to have a cat familiar, she's taking -4 to hit in combat until level 5 or 7 if I do that first. Just as an example.

Some people like making the same types of characters over and over or being highly optimized. Others enjoy a new journey with each new character, neither is wrong and BOTH are valid. I myself am probably 60% optimize 40% character/story driven.

So you want advice on how to overthrow the game?

A ranged striker/party medic might be a good role.

I am playing an Inquisitor in my groups long running King Maker campaign and it is by far the most enjoyable class I have played in Pathfinder, with Bard being a close second.

None of those last few help much but thanks all the same.

So my group is getting ready to take on book 3 of the Serpent Skull AP. We've had mulitple party wipes and at this point all of us have made more then one character. We have a halfling cavalier, a human oricale of life, a half orc archer fighter build, and a elven sorcer. My friend and I both need ideas for our two characters to finish out the party. All

Kazarath wrote:
mplindustries wrote wrote:
Dwarves are ugly and have ugly beards and I find nothing compelling about their racial stereotypes

I completely disagree. Dwarves are much more interesting then say, elves. Although I'm not a big fan of the 'drunken, axe-wielding moron' stereotype many people associate with them, they have a rich, fantastic legacy dating back to Norse Mythology.

In norse myth, elves were stupid little fairy people who danced around on hill tops and other such nonsense, while the dwarves were cunning, shapeshifting creatures of legend, unparalleled craftsmen that could even outwit the gods. In modern fantasy dwarves are stand offish traditionalists, but they have the wisdom of the deep earth and actually care about the greater world and the people who inhabit it. The elves, on the other hand, are isolated racists who only give a crap about anything if it involves an elf, and anything that isn't is beneath contempt.

As you can probably tell, I think dwarves are extremely unappreciated (and I'm not a big fan of elves).

I couldn't agree more Kazarath! You took the words right outta my mouth.

Dwarves are awsome and amazingly survivable. Elves are cool in pathfinder if you wanna play a wizard, period!

Tark of the Shoanti wrote:

At lunch today I was reading the new Neverwinter setting, and looking to convert it to PF when I came across the section on the big dwarven city and it got me thinking.

What would it be like to have a setting populated by various dwarven clans and dwarf-like races? Got me thinking about all different types of dwarves there are from like, Forgotten Realms, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, but also from other books and novels even folklore and myth.
Anyone else think this is a interesting thing, would, if offered, anyone play in such a setting?

I love Playing dwarves! I would be over joyed to play in a campaigne like that!

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