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Vojtech Pribyl's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,687 posts. 13 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Yes, we need the word there! All of them!


Seriously though, this is a good read with some surprises, although Radovan and Varian are getting scary with what they have learned. Fun and fully steeped in kung-fu movie athmosphere.

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Cool thing to have


I would like the original cover better, but I love to see the original comic-like art remade. And seriously... near porn? See some young girls in summer, see what the stars wear at the red carpet during any festival. Still wondering where the inspiration comes from?

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Evil is the most dangerous alignment because...


... after reading books like this you almost start to accept it :D

Seriously though I was looking forward to the last of the Faiths of... line and I wans't disappointed. Like the previous booklets it bridges the gap between tenets of the faith and the believers even further and inpires. Antipaladin codes are wonderful as well. Now back to making the norgorberite ninja :)

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Useful thing with some problems

****( )

There may be an unballanced thing or two along the way, but hey, I think I can live with that.

There is a new class - the gunslinger, which half of my group hated on sight and another half wwanted to play immediately, so I don't doubt that I'll see one in action pretty soon. It will probably see some use in skull and shackles as well IMO.

Two class variants that bring some asian flavour for current AP and as extensive archetypes ammend some things with their core counter parts. Samurai focuses the cavalier even more to combat and the Ninja brings a bit more mystic power to the rogue and also tries to add some combat value to that class, which was long asked for around the boards.

There's a ton of feats, a lot of them focused on unarmed combat give the monk some much needed love and there are archetypes that cover some previously vacant niches, like antipaladin turning undead (sort of), rather lovely, and some weird, like the siege mage. It may be weak, but I'm considering to have a canon instead of a familiar now.

Other sections include expanded asian weapon and armour rack that are rather fine. It could have been handled a bit different, but it isn't bad either. Siege weapons and vehicles are back, as are the guns. Just remember the obsession with realism while reading the firearms section, they are rather inferior to bows on later lvels on sheer DPR, but that's where guns normally belong IMO before the industrial age made them repeating (advanced firearms are included as well).

I haven't seen armour as DR and piecemeal armours in action yet, so I'll have to wait to comment them further.

As far as new spells go, there are tings to play with the new mechanics from the book and there are spells for more combat-minded casters, like rangers, paladins and so on. I don't see any problem with including these in a combat book.

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Second best in the line so far


This is my second favourite after the Prince of Wolves. After a rather standard fare of Plague of Shadows and Winter Witch that had their brighter moments and duller ones as well the Worldwound Gambit is a fantasy Great Heist. The characters are rather likeable (Hendregan is after some time a first really fun magician to have around), but the book isn't as much about them as about the action. The book has a more cinematic feeling than the previous ones and makes you want to see the action yourself and the grotesque landscapes of Worldwound and...

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