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Vojtech Pribyl's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,729 posts. 15 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Nice setting, terrible characters

**( )( )( )

This game has become a pain for me to read, as the characters are simply boring. The thief is an obnoxious money grabber, the troll... well, most of the points went to STR score, the dwarf is an inflexible boulder and the serpent is allmighty. If at least their banter was somewhat witty, but nope, not in this book. At least the surroundings seem interesting, but I'd prefer characters that are a bit more plastic and aren't set on iron rails from start to the end. It felt a lot like a bland game where even the players weren't having much fun, rather than a good book.

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A thematically diverse set of dungeons.

****( )

This book is a really a helper when you need some kind of crypt in hurry with a few maps, enemies, and puzzles thrown in. Not big enough to warrant an adventure module on their own, the tombs can easily fit in a sandbox game or an ongoing campaign. Quite like the mini adventures that used to be added to APs back when thy still were made for 3.5E.

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Yes, we need the word there! All of them!


Seriously though, this is a good read with some surprises, although Radovan and Varian are getting scary with what they have learned. Fun and fully steeped in kung-fu movie athmosphere.

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Cool thing to have


I would like the original cover better, but I love to see the original comic-like art remade. And seriously... near porn? See some young girls in summer, see what the stars wear at the red carpet during any festival. Still wondering where the inspiration comes from?

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Evil is the most dangerous alignment because...


... after reading books like this you almost start to accept it :D

Seriously though I was looking forward to the last of the Faiths of... line and I wans't disappointed. Like the previous booklets it bridges the gap between tenets of the faith and the believers even further and inpires. Antipaladin codes are wonderful as well. Now back to making the norgorberite ninja :)

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