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Tacticslion wrote:


Reign of Winter [67-69, at least]: six (one of which isn't used).

That's about as many as Council of Thieves, though CoT had one more and had one more unused monster. It's a bit of a wash for which one has more in that case.


Close, 69 uses three, four and two of the same type at various points, so nine of one type with 1d4 bleed showing up in the module, and they can potentially summon more. That plus the unused bestiary one.

I usually run off of modules so they are a significant but not omnipresent monster type. I had two dragons in my last half AP campaign that they fought directly, one tatzylwyrm and one true dragon plus lots of plot hooks on dragon history with PCs and NPCs including a barbarian/dragon blooded sorcerer PC.

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There is moral evil and there is supernatural force [evil]. All undead creation spells tap into supernatural [evil] and animate dead bodies with [evil] power. Animate object can work on dead bodies without using supernatural [evil] and make shambling servitors that are not evil aligned. I see skeletons and zombies as evil because I view them as wandering around and attacking living creatures as a default if not under command. If they were neutral like in 3.0 or AD&D they would just stand there if uncommanded.

I am very in line with the PFS ruling, the spells are [evil] but the morality of using it depends on the circumstances. Similar to using an unholy sword.

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LazarX wrote:

Go all the way back to the original AD+D Monster manual and look up ghosts, skeletons, and other such, and you'll find Alignment:Evil on the lot.

Double check your AD&D books. Mindless skeletons and zombies are neutral in my AD&D monstrous moanual and remained so in 3.0 until 3.5. :)

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Tacticslion wrote:

... sure, let's look! I'm curious now.

Rise of the Runelords: pg 19 of the last volume, there's one guy (deals 1d8 per round for 4 rounds, though, not just 1).

Curse of the Crimson Throne: not that I can find.

The Second Darkness: pg 64 of the third volume, the greater demonic boon to Andirifkhu causes bleed 1 (not stacking); no specific NPC has this.

Legacy of Fire: pg 41 of the fifth volume has some guys with bleed 1 (it doesn't stack with itself).

Council of Thieves: pg 88 bestiary has a swarm with bleed 1; these creatures do not appear in the adventure or random encounter. Pg 28 in part three has a creature with bleed (1d2). Pp 18-19 of part four has a fellow with bleed (a rogue with the talent), as does pp 11 and 25 of part 5; speaking of part 5, there's a creature in the Bestiary on pg 84 that does so from the Bleeding Critical feat, but it does not appear in the adventure or random encounter tables. Pp 10-11 has another rogue-y fellow with the talent, as does pg 52; a critter in the bestiary on page 80 and another on pg 86 from the feat mentioned before (again, neither appear in the adventure or random encounters) round out the AP's bleed installments. That one has a lot!

I'm out of time for now, but that's what I've found to date.

Of five, one lacks it altogether, three only have a single instance (one of which isn't actually part of the AP), and one is chock full of it!

More later! (Unless someone else takes over - please, someone else, take over.)

Neat. :)

EDIT: for clarity.

I'll check the three I have access to right now.

AP 67 Snows of Summer page 28 has one with 1d4 bleed.
AP 68 Shackled Hut Page 20 bleed 3.
AP 69 Mother Maiden Crone Page 18 three with 1d4 and can summon more, Page 27 four with 1d4 and can summon more, Page 40 two with 1d4 and can summon more, Page 90 unused new monster with 1d4.

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kestral287 wrote:

Only as a resource-extender.

On the one hand, it means you'll be back to full health after each fight. On the other... that's pretty much something we assume anyway.

In fights, unless your FH is really, really high it's not going to be noticeable. Fast Healing 4 is DR 4/- once per round. Um. Woo? And there aren't any ways I can think of to get a Fast Healing higher than 4 on a PC so that's pretty much your limit.

It does give you some semi-useful immunities-- Bleed effects auto-fail against you, for example, and you don't need to roll to stabilize. But that's minor stuff.

Mythic can give it as the first mythic power.


1st-Tier Guardian Path Abilities

You can select these path abilities at any tier.

Fast Healing (Ex): As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to gain fast healing 5 for 1 minute. This ability can be taken a second time at 3rd tier or higher and a third time at 6th tier or higher. Each additional time you take this ability, the fast healing increases by 5.

Allluria Publishing has some fantastic ones. Beasts of the Boundless Blue for aquatic monsters, Fey Folio Clans of the Fey for fey, and Creepy Creatures Bestiary of the Bizaare for a variety of monsters. Also their Remarkable Races provides a neat variety of nonhumans.

Fat Goblin Games has Forgotten Foes, a Pathfinderization of a bunch of 3e OGL monsters, the smaller Fat Goblin Travel Guide To Horrible Horrors & Macabre Monsters and Horrors of the North.

Bestiary of Loerem from Timeout Diversions is the new pathfinderized Sovereign stone bestiary. I had the 3.0 version and it was filled with lots of beasts with few magical powers.

Creatures of Barsaive is the pathfinderized Earthdawn bestiary.

Malevolent and Benign is a pathfinderized version of a selection of 120 monsters from XRP's 3.5 Monster Geographica series.

Mosnters of Sin Collection is seven themed sets of monsters from Kobold Press. I keep being tempted to pick this up.

The Black Bestiary Skortched Urf Studios' Hentai themed bestiary. Don't own it, can't comment on its contents or quality. Their shorter space and nemesis bestiaries are decent enough though.

The Great City Urban Creatures and Lairs by 0one Games. A city themed bestiary I again keep being tempted to pick up.

Mor Alden Creature Compendium from Headless Hydra Games is only 35 pages but I like it.

and Tome of Monsters originally by 4 Winds Games who got bought out by Pruple Duck Games has a lot of neat monsters from real folklore and myths.

In for the raffle. Ethermagic looks particularly interesting.

I tend to play tough guys who will have a shot at surviving dangerous situations. I generally focus a little more on defense than on offense and it is rare for me to play a glass cannon (though I have). Even my wizards are often multiclassed fighters or rangers. This includes a bodyguard archetype in Shadowrun, a major robot suit in Heroes unlimited, a protagonist/judicial champion dwarf in Warhammer, even my Malkavian vampire non offense character had great obfuscate that often kept him safe in combat.

I tend to come up with a lot of crusaders against evil as character motivation, even in things like Vampire the Masquerade.

There is a little theme of insanity among some of my more major characters.

Online I like to talk and notice lots of details and figure out plots.

In person I like to talk but also punch things in the face in as straightforward a mechanical manner as I can. In person I miss things at the moment like last week when I cast improved invisibility despite the DM having said the worm dragon appeared blind, and since it is a dragon I am background aware they generally have blindsense/acute dragon senses.

I prefer mechanically simple, but I only do moderately well to poorly in resisting complex character options.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Religious aside about Christianity and Cannibalism: ** spoiler omitted **


Its not verboeten, for many its mandatory :)

"Take, eat; this is my body." Matthew 26:26


Ashiel wrote:
Serum wrote:

What about advanced and giant?

Giant seems strictly worse than spending the time to advance the creature by HD, but not that much worse (in that the point in its use is for quick adjustments, not extensive creature changes).

Similar problems with the advanced and giant templates. Both tend to have very profound effects on very low CR creatures, only to turn anything in the middle/upper range into XP/loot pinatas.

For example, applying the advanced template to a CR 1/3 orc warrior to bring it to CR 1/2 may result in the orc ruthlessly destroying your entire party (as +2 to everything is very potent at this CR range), while applying the advanced template to a Hezrou demon may not even have a noticeable difference beyond increasing the creature's XP value.

In a similar vein, the giant and young templates generally produce creatures that aren't weak enough to warrant the -1 CR, or aren't strong enough to warrant +1 CR. Especially since those templates don't actually influence the effects of HD like actual advancement does, and/or have no affect on the majority of a creature's abilities (unless those abilities are directly influenced by Str/Con).

Here's an example from the campaign I'm running right now. As part of a major boss-encounter, I decided to drop a bigass Hezrou demon into the game (because bigger is badder! >:D) and was lazy about it and just applied the giant template. The effect it had was +1 CR, but only mildly affected its attack routine, made it a lot easier to hit (the Dex penalty plus the size penalty) without making it significantly beefier (the Con boost was not enough to make up for the lost HD).

Had I done it manually through HD advancement, the demon would have become huge sized, gained 5 HD, +8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, +3 natural armor. By virtue of gaining 5 HD, he would have gotten an additional +5 BAB and 3 additional feats, and +1 to an ability score of its choice (such as Con). Counting the boosted Con, said demon would have went from 145 HP to 262 HP. His attack routine would have gone from +17 to +25, and his damage bonus from +8 to +12. His saves would have also increased by +4, +0, +2.

The end result was very disappointing. >_>
The simple template, like the advanced template is brutally powerful on a low-CR enemy. Grossly disappointing on a higher level enemy. Which is, again, very sad.

The end result was that the creatures "bigness" was merely an illusion. It felt tacked on (as it was) and I'd have been better off just eating the extra CR adjustment for advancing him in HD and actually have the fight with him feel appropriately epic. Live and learn. :P

I don't think that is a fair comparison.

The giant template increases the CR by +1 to 12. To advance a Hezrou to a comparable CR 12 by adding racial HD you would only add one HD, which would be significantly less impressive than the extra reach and +8 str bonus, +3 natural armor that the giant template gives the now huge hezrou. The giant template seems a bigger power up than the racial HD here.

Increasing the HD by taking the CR 11 from 145 hp to 262 hp increases the CR to 17. Alterantively to advancing the racial HD you could go with giant template and then add on five CR of levels, for class abilities, NPC stat boosts, and NPC gear. That can be adding on more than the 5 racial HD.

So for increasing a monster's power it seems that using the template and other methods to hit the target CR than using racial HD advancement leads to a stronger encounter.

I don't know if this applies universally, but for your example CR 11 Hezrou that's how it looks to me.

Partly its because the CR increase from HD is based solely on hp increased, high con monsters get fewer HD per CR increase but most everything else flows from the HD (BAB, saves, DCs).

Any word on when? All I saw was sometime in 2015.

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Tels wrote:
Lemmy wrote:

Pfff... You WoW players care only about optimization, DPR and rollplaying!

Back in my day players roleplayed so well that Robert DeNiro, Marlon Brando and Al Paccino would be jealous of our players' performance! And our storylines were so deep, emotionally involving and thought-provoking that they put Citizen Kane, To Kill a Mocking Bird and Casablanca to shame!

Oh, yeah... We had roleplay-heavy games! Like Tomb of Horrors... And great freedom and focus on character customization... With our random rolled stats and attribute prerequisites for base classes...

Grumble, grumble...

But did you have to carry the Ring to Morodor up hill, both ways, in the snow?

Uphill only, obviously. First off we never expected to make it back down the mountain. Then suprise eagles.

Kids these days, no sense of history or the classics.

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Anguish wrote:

it's important to label the containers.

"Igor, just out of curiosity, what was the name on the container?"

"Oh, um, it was Abby something."

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Dustin Ashe wrote:
Staunton Vhane, the “Forever Man” (NE cleric of Norgorber 15) lives in Magnimar's sewers.

Staunton Vhane Crusder Paladin of Kenabres. No relation.

Any chance of the gods being opened up OGC the way the demon lords in Tome of Horrors are?

It would be neat to be able to write an article on someone like Moccavallo in addition to Fraz Urb Luu for the EN world pathfinder magazine or such.

There are surprisingly few OGC deities.

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Named Clerics by Level

I was just reading the Castle Keeper's Guide to the Haunted Highlands and Bowbe and Moccavallo look like the ones from there. The author mentions in the book starting off hanging out with Necromancer game people.

How much overlap is there and any other overlappers I should be keeping an eye out for?

ghost2020 wrote:

Anyone else notice the orc on the cover has 6 fingers on his right hand, and the other hand does not have the thumb around the grip of the blade?

Just things i noticed.

No, even looking for it I get distracted by the war rhino mount!

But looking at it further I only count four fingernails for the right hand, that green band at the left end could be his forearm and not a sixth finger.

Neutral concepts:





Deist absent creator, powerful but uninvolved now, which would be a source of power but makes no demands on followers and takes no active steps on their behalf.

Tacticslion wrote:

For me, it's a combination of being polite and sensitive to others (for offensive words in general), and of religious blasphemy and vanity (in the case of a great many swear words in general).

It's not so much a case of someone expressing their extreme duress and pain (which is entirely understandable) but expressing it through using what amounts to "You and your religious faith - and especially the single most important Person - are the method through which I express everything I hate." which, you know, is really unpleasant.

I don't hold it against people, because it's impossible to avoid, culturally. I do find an extreme displeasure at the cultural context that makes it acceptable and even expected in many cases.

Swear words are, in the end, just words. But their use, meaning, and implications, just like any words, are important and must be cautiously applied to given situations.

Using someone's name or title as a method of expressing anger or displeasure is unpleasant. Hence.

I generally see invoking God or Jesus as exclamations as the opposite, religiously based and not attempts at blasphemy. People call out to God or their saviour in extremes out of awe or as a call for help. Even when done in anger the attempt is to invoke the divine to witness a wrong, not to curse the divine and mock the religious.

Lorathorn wrote:
That makes sense. Is there any way to mitigate this travel encounter factor?

The early classes all had at will, encounter, daily power set ups. Later ones had different power setup options that are more always ready but less nova prone.

I've played in games where there were house rules so that daily powers were encounter based but accessed only at higher levels. This smoothed out the nova factor significantly.

DMs can keep PCs guessing on how many encounters they get in a day so they don't count on being able to nova safely.

DMs can plan on players novaing and throw in tougher individual encounters when they are likely to be the only one of the day ("That was one BIG pack of wolves.").

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xeose4 wrote:
Mudfoot wrote:
Irori = Chuck Norris
I'd have thought him more like Jackie Chan or something.


The demon lord in 3 is Mestama, she is the patron of hags and witches.

One option for the changing hut is to adapt the 2e module Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga which has its own big dungeon layout of the Hut.

Or possibly check out the d20 module The Dancing Hut from Monkey God Games. I don't remember the specifics from this one, but it should have something!

Rhedyn wrote:

I see EK's more like Gandalf.

Extremely powerful wizards that can still twirl around lopping the heads off orcs.

The magus is an excellent martial, but it just cannot keep up with the EK's spellcasting both in terms of spell level and spell list.

This is a big concept for the class, I think. A full wizard but Saruman had the edge in magical telekinesis dueling. Able to wade in with a magic sword and have fun hacking but I expect Aragorn to be the better swordsman in the end.

An AD&D Fighter magic user who is a level or two behind straight classed characters but decent at his stuff. Or an AD&D human dual class character.

You could do Gandalf as a Magus, but the magic feels a lot less wizardish in flavor and Eldritch Knight feels a better fit there.

Elric with his occasional big summons and frequent sword swinging comes to mind, despite black blade magus being designed for his concept.

I've done my viking wizard as an EK build before and it offers lots of options on the magic. Using it to boost the combat with buffs, using ray spells and lightning bolts for my ranged attacks and arcane strike with sword for melee, using magic for utility to be the magical batman with a sword.

It can be a great solo concept or for short handed parties. 1 level of ranger then wizard to EK means cure light wounds wands for healing, a phyisically strong first level that can use weapons and fight, then wizard spells for magic utility.

It falls down significantly as a sword swinger in D&D for a broad range of levels though. Five levels early as a wizard hurts the warrior aspect for a long time with no armor, lower hp, and less BAB. Those mid-early levels the losses are felt hard and show up starkly in comparison to the opportunity costs.

Then the capstone does not play well with lots of stuff and you are left having to figure out the last few levels after capping out. High level wizard spells are a great ability even when slowed by two levels, but then the slow down on spells is felt when comparing to what could have been.

I've played the EK, but knew going in that it was very suboptimal and can not always meet the desired concept. Generally better than multiclassing caster warrior, but significantly underpowered in a lot of ways.

Perhaps a heretical branch of Dretha? She is the orc goddess of fertility and tribes and already has the community domain.

Thisamet sounds like a possibility. CG azata of celbrations, feasts, and holidays. Has the community domain (slant towards law?), sacred animal is a cow (peace?). Name might be feminine, don't know.

Also Lythertida the Voiceless Tragedy, NG empyreal lord of idealism, young death, and potential. Has the community domain, favored weapon is unarmed strike, and symbol is an eye with a tear.

WotC put out various free online things

For 3.0 the srds covered rules material from:
The Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, Psionics Handbook, Epic Level Handbook, and Deities and Demigods.

For 3.5 it was:
Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manul, Unearthed Arcana, and Expanded Psionics Handbook.

For d20 Modern it included:
D20 Modern, Urban Arcana, Menace Manual, and d20 Future

For 4e they eventually put out a quickstart rules guide and a PDF of their first module H1 Keep on the Shadowfell for free. Now they also have their 4e Free RPG day Eberron module Khyber's Harvest. 4e also had a pay subscription service to online tools with the rules elements of their whole 4e line, every class option and monster listed from every book, module, and magazine article. It started off a constantly updated download service then switched to online access to the databases only during subscription.

5e has a PDF of the basic rules.

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I'm a big fan of the elemental templates from the Book of Templates by Silverthorne Games. Gets the flavor and appropriate mechanical powers across without changing a lot of math like lots of other templates do.

Any plans to put the bundle on rpgnow and paizo as well?

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Serum wrote:
Figment spells aren't mind-affecting. They can't make you think anything.

They make you think something is there which isn't. The illusion rules specifically call out interacting as giving you a save. If any interaction was proof - why would they even mention the save?

Besides - "This wall doesn't act like a normal wall" is hardly proof that it doesn't exist at all considering all of the crazy magic in Pathfinder.

A successful save means you see through the illusion and it then appears as only a translucent outline.


A successful saving throw against an illusion reveals it to be false, but a figment or phantasm remains as a translucent outline.

A failed saving throw indicates that a character fails to notice something is amiss. A character faced with proof that an illusion isn't real needs no saving throw. If any viewer successfully disbelieves an illusion and communicates this fact to others, each such viewer gains a saving throw with a +4 bonus.

How much info is there on orc gods? Any standout god lore that grabbed you?

Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
Kayerloth wrote:
Malachi Silverclaw wrote:

I'm a high-level TWFer. I do ridiculous amounts of damage with a weapon in each hand.

Oops! Due to a minor SNAFU, all my limbs have fallen off! I now have no arms and no legs.


Quick, cast freedom of movement on me so that I can 'move and attack normally for the duration of the spell'!

I'll bite your leg off!
How? I don't have any! : )

Its just a flesh wound.

Canthin wrote:
Voadam wrote:

Reading the flanking rules it looks clear that you don't need to threaten an opponent to gain a flanking bonus, you just need to make a melee attack and have an ally in position who threatens it.

You can make melee attacks that do not threaten. In the CRB a whip is a melee weapon that does not threaten. Melee attacks with a whip that have an appropriate flanking partner get a flanking bonus. The partner does not get a flanking bonus based on the whip wielder being in position because the wielder does not threaten.

Which would mean you can "flank" with a whip (gain the bonus) and do Sneak Attack damage (as long as the target doesn't have +1 armor bonus or +3 Natural Armor bonus in which case it deals no damage) because it is a melee attack. Your ally (let's say he has a sword) would not be able to "flank" when it was his turn because the qualifications are not met (ally threatening and opposite) even though he is in a position to flank. Thus the ally with the sword is not "flanking" regardless of his position.

That is the point of contention. He clearly does not get the flanking bonus. Whether he flanks his opponent is in dispute.

If flanking is a condition triggered by position then both whip and ally have been flanking and continue to do so but only whip gets the flanking bonus. If ally is a rogue and flanks the target he gets his sneak attack bonus damage dice even though he does not get the flanking bonus to attack.

If flanking is only the flanking bonus during a specific melee attack then rogue ally can not sneak attack as he does not qualify for the bonus and neither can arcane trickster with threatening dagger and ray spell.

Reading the flanking rules it looks clear that you don't need to threaten an opponent to gain a flanking bonus, you just need to make a melee attack and have an ally in position who threatens it.

You can make melee attacks that do not threaten. In the CRB a whip is a melee weapon that does not threaten. Melee attacks with a whip that have an appropriate flanking partner get a flanking bonus. The partner does not get a flanking bonus based on the whip wielder being in position because the wielder does not threaten.

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The Werelion player guide is already available.

I used bits and pieces of Midgard in my homebrew mashup. Particularly the Baba Yaga and gnome stuff. It fit in fantastically with running the Reign of Winter Adventure path.

I'm partial to their Wasted West area. It is not Deadlands, but I love the post archmage apocalypse land with mutated tribes of goblins in the shadow of multiple mostly time stopped Cthulhu mythos Old Ones who were summoned as MAD in a mage war.

Shadow Fey Courts are pretty appealing to me as well as their Grimm fairy tale style Old Woods.

I'm looking forward to getting my kickstarter Southlands books.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
On Beyond Zebra!, by Dr. Seuss (of course, I'm being tongue-in-cheek here, but then, won't PCs be surprised to encounter a Yuzz-a-ma-tuzz?).

Hey rogue, don't bump the Glump.

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Dewey Decimal System classification 398, found in the nonfiction section of the library. They often have multiple shelves of great stuff along this line. Browse and enjoy.

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Got some more.

Usagi Yojimbo Monsters by Gold Rush Games for 3.0 has Hannya.

Deadliest Creatures Tome for 3.5 by Fast Forward Entertainment has Kratch, a powerful subspecies of Hag.

Codex Nordica by Troll Lord Games for Castles and Crusades has finfolk mermaids who risk turning into Sea Hags in time if they do not take mortal spouses. It also has Hyldemoer, Elder Tree Hags.

The Castles and Crusades Deities of the Highlands book has Jokaska the Hag Queen is a goddess of nightmares and bedtime stories and considered mother of hags.

Codex Celtarum by Troll Lord Games for C&C has a goddess the Blue Hag (Cailleach Mhór), the counterpart to the Horned One. There is also Ceridwen the Hag Goddess. Cailleach Bheur is a hag goodess and the many lesser hags on various worlds are descended from her. For monsters it has the Alder Tree Hag (Clethrad), along with birch tree hags and dangerous Old Oaks. There are also Bog Hags. Gwrach (Cailleach) are tall sinister hags.

E.N. Critters 6 Berk's Wasteland by E.N. Publishing for 3.5 has the Sand Hag.

Fiendish Codex II for 3.5 has Kalabon devils spawned from the corpse of the Hag Countess Malagarde.

In Dungeon Crawl Classics 35 Gazeteer of the Known Realms by Goodman Games for 3.5 there is the goddess Gil Maridth, the Great Hag, goddess of nightmares, fear, and night terrors. It also has Malotoch the Crow Witch, demonic goddess of cannibalism worshipped by hags.

Khan's Press Monster Anthology by Khan's Press for 3.5 has Hell Hags and Vodnik Hags.

Monsters of Norrath by Sword and Sorcery Studios for Everquest d20 has Festering Hags.

Tome of Horrors IV by Frog God Games for Pathfinder has the Baba Yaga as a race of evil crones related to the hags and it has Hag Nymphs whose true origins are cloaked in mystery. It has the Hedon, a race some sages believe "are the result of a curse laid on an entire community of fey creatures by a vengeful annis or hag." It also has the Peg Powler, a race distantly related to various hags.

xeose4 wrote:
Arakhor wrote:
I own all 35 books of the Quintessential I & II series, as well as the couple of PDF additions they did. Ten years ago, in the early d20 era, they were really fantastic (even if some were of variable quality), so it's quite a shame that they're basically unused (and unobtainable) now.
I'd never even HEARD of them until I stumbled on one in a used bookstore. The archetypes, lore, background, and flavor they introduce for each class is without peer! I can't believe you have all 35!

You can get all 35 PDFs for $100 here, or get them individually for $5 each here.

Libertad wrote:

I've often found it peculiar how there are a lot of iconic fantasy cities meant to be "crossroads of the world" vibe (Greyhawk, Waterdeep, etc) but virtually none have been modeled after Byzantium, the real one for most of the Middle Ages.

Well Greyhawk was Gygax's D&D version of the literary fantasy city of Lankhmar which was Lieber's literary fantasy version of New York.

Waterdeep is a northern coastal trade city set in the western european section of the realms and not at a crossroads for the arabic asian and western sections of the world.

Freeport is another big mercantile trade fantasy city but it is a tropical island based on D&Dified pirates with a little bit of far east but not any real arabic influences.

Ptolus is supposed to be a big trade city, but it is set on a river in the middle of a land continent and not surrounded by arabic or far east influences though there is a little arabic influence with their distant former superpower Uraqi culture.

Absalom comes closer with a strong trade and cultural connection between western and not-arabic powers but it is a city-state and not part of a bigger empire. It is partly a Golarion version of Greyhawk and partly other influences.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bruja are also in the 3.5 Denizens of Dread from Arthaus/Sword and Sorcery Studios/White Wolf. As are Spectral Hags.

Ravenloft Gazetteer V says the Avanc's origin might have been being cursed by a sea hag. Also Goblin Beasts are those "warped in the womb by exposure to foul magic, dire curses, powerful sinkholes of evil or the corruptive aura of hags." It also details three unique powerful hags, the Darklords of a domain: Laveeda, Leticia, and Lorinda Mindefisk.

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From the Living Greyhawk listing of deities:

Beltar is a Suel Goddess of Malice, Caves, and Pits and is described as Hag-like.

Incabulos from Greyhawk is a God of Plagues and Nightmares and is said to be accompanied by Hags.

Syrul is a Suel Goddess of False Promises whose title is The Night Hag and she appears as a smelly old hag.

In the Scarred Lands the hags were created by the Titan Mormo who seek to return her to life. Mormo's Daughter, the Goddess Belsameth appears as a vulture winged hag and counts a few hags among her followers. Laathsal the Crawling One is a demigod believed to be an aasathi snake folk elevated by Mormo and who is worshipped by a small number of hags. See the []Divine and the Defeated[/url] for 3.0.

In Of Gods and Monsters by Troll Lord Games for Castles and Crusades the Celtic Goddess Morrigan has a hag aspect and her avatar is a green hag.

Warlords of the Accordlands Monsters and Lairs by AEG for 3.5 has Marsh Hags and Undead Hags.

Book of Fiends by Green Ronin for 3.5 has Orusula demons, boar like demonic carriers of demon fever and said to therefore possibly be connected to Night Hags.

Beasts of Legend Boreal Bestiary by Legendary Games for Pathfinder has the Vodenjak which are "closely related to hags though always excluded from their covens."

The Fat Goblin Travel Guide to Horrible Horrors and Macabre Monsters by Fat Goblin Games for Pathfinder has Hagwasp Swarms which may be summoned and controlled by a hag coven.

Horrors of the North by Fat Goblin Games also has the Frost Hag in addition to Shadows Over Vathak.

Strange Lands Lost Tribes of the Scarred Lands by Sword & Sorcery Studios/White Wolf for 3.5 has Frost Moths which it says were probably created by ice hags.

Monster Geopgraphica series by Expeditious Retreat Press for 3.5 has a few reprinted OGL hags.

Marsh and Aquatic has the Lake Hag. (actually a form of undead).
Forests has the Bloodshackle Hag and the Doomhag.

In Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens for 3.5 the Neuronea are sometimes found in the company of night hags who use their sedative abilities to haunt peoples' dreams.

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Book of Unremitting Horror by Pelgrane Press for d20 Modern has the Sleep Hag.

Horrors of Weird War II by Pinnacle Entertainment for Deadlands d20/3.0 has Black Annis

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Tome of Monsters by 4 Winds Gaming (now Purple Duck Games) includes the Boo Hag and the Spearfinger Hag, both for Pathfinder.

Fell Beasts Volume I by Adamant Entertainment includes the Hag like Riverwrath which is actually a river fey corrupted by pollution.

Creepy Creatures Bestiary of the Bizaare by Aluria Publishing for Pathfinder has the Hagatataur, considered useful assets by Night Hags.

The Midgard Bestiary for Pathfinder by Kobold Press has a few. The Ala are hag like creatures while there are also Blood Hags and Red Hags.

[]Monster of Porphyra[/url] by Purple Duck Games for Pathfinder has the Rokurokubi, a hag-like creature. Also the Shiko-Me which are described as hag like in appearance and are known as Hell hags.

Monster Menagerie Covens of Chaos by Rogue Genius Games for Pathfinder is all hags, including the Bangungot, Gwrachod, Hu'pochtli, Kalaratri, Night Filcher, Rokurokubi, Truie, and the Whaitiri.

The Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium by Headless Hydra Games for Pathfinder has the hag spider, a combination hag and phase spider created by night hags. They are not a true hag and can not be part of a coven.

Shadows over Vathak by Fat Goblin games for Pathfinder has a Frost Hag.

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David Neilson wrote:
I think people are missing the question of why the deities needed to decide whose feet were prettiest.

Negotiated weregild to the Frost Giantess/mountain ice goddess Skadi for the death of her father. She got an Aesir camp husband but she could only pick by looking at their feet. She was hoping for Balder but Njord had better feet. They gave it a go but eventually separated over climatic preference differences.

Charender wrote:
Nearyn wrote:

A monster that would not be fun... hummmmm... A Shining Child who'd taken the vital-strike feat chain?


Add to that any of the one hit wonder monsters like the Ankylosaurus with a the Giant creature template(+0 CR) and good feat selection(namely improved natural attack + vital strike). +15 to hit for 3d6 -> 4d6 -> 4d6 -> 8d8 + 15 = 51 damage on average at CR6 when vital striking, and can move and attack without really losing any punch. The save or stun is just icing on the cake. A level 5 fighter with a 14 con is only going to have around 50 HP with a > 75% chance to fail the fortitude save and get stunned. His attack will basically one shot anyone who isn't a frontline fighter, and has a good chance to drop even a raging barbarian. Oh, yeah, don't forget the 20 foot reach...

Giant Creature is a +1 CR adjustment. Monster Advancement

Half an idea here.

Guardian gives three riddles.

In Golarion probably something referencing ancient Cyclopes' empires. "A portal to the soul of X empire." The answer to the first one is an eye.

Abadar's scroll for the dead. The second is a will for dividing a deceased's wealth.

The third will either be dye or singular for dice. I can't think of any good Golarion hook for either off the top of my head.

Then either have the guardian keel over on the spot, or fight the party to the death if all three are answered.

Pin Down says specifically the target is prevented "and does not move." So going with Komoda's interpretation they could choose another action but not an actual move (such as a second five foot step or withdraw attempt) and pin down still does its purpose of stopping them from moving.

I don't agree with his theory of AoO but it does not make Pin Down useless.

I like riddles and puzzles in D&D/Pathfinder best when they can be unsolved without dead-ending the game. Having to fight the riddler, go through a trapped area, or go another way are all great options for failing to solve a riddle.

I also prefer it when there is no ability/skill check so it is all a combination of the player figuring it out and their roleplay of their character. With checks the actual riddle need not even be mentioned, you could go through it by saying the fey asks a riddle, linguistics check DC 30.

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