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Carmilla Caliphvaso

Vivian Deberth's page

469 posts. Alias of Escharid Blackrose.


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female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Whooops, sorry, nearly forgot the most really important part of my trip, with all that talk about spooky scary things...

Vivian searches in her small bag, and got a beautiful scarf out, presenting it to Miss Lorrimor with a kind smile.

This is for you, Kendra.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

I'll let Drace do the talking, if you don't mind. I'm shy and quiet as a mouse, as you all know.

Bluff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Vivian can't hold it and laughs at herself.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

On their way back to Kendra's home, Vivian says to Drace

Too bad, I planned to ask Kendra to go into the Town Hall, as she IS a "permanent resident", and to bring back some books for our more educated fellows to read. Can't win everytime, I guess. Unless you cheat, of course.

She smiles and winks

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Seeing she can't convince Heartmound-yet- Vivian will curtsy again and bade him farewell

We fully understand. Thank you for your time, Sir Heartmound. We won't bother you much more, but may I ask you if, to the best of your knowledge, the archives from the Town Hall are available for consutation only, or if the professor might have taken some to his home to read at his leisure?

After hearing the man's answer, she will go back to Kendra's house with Drace.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

But thankfully, Vivian knows why they came here, despite all her jibber jabber.
She delivers a small curtsy to the lord of the house as he opens the door.

Sir Hearthmount, you are right. We'll stay with Kendra for some time. But that's not the main reason we came here: I have a request to present. We would like to have access to the town's library, to do some research that, hopefully, could shed some light on the untimely demise of Professor Lorrimor.Knowing which books he consulted, what kind of information he was seeking, could only be helpful to us. As he was one of Ravengro's citizens, he was able to look for historical knowledge in the Town Hall's archives, but we cannot claim the same privilege, having only arrived yesterday, in the tragic circumstances you know about. So we respectfully ask you the permission to be enlightened.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

At least Drace is entertained. :-)

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Born and raised in Karcau, in the local temple of Pharasma. My father was a soldier, so he died when I was young, maybe 5 to 6 years old. My mother, Eliza, is a priestess of Pharasma, as you already know.She has quite a temper, so she never rised in the hierarchy, but she is loved by the weak and the poor, because she never turned her back to them.I guess she's not interested in becoming a revered holy mother of Pharasma, and prefers to work close to the faithfull, to led by example more than from afar.

Vivian breathes deeply
When I was a small child, I found the life in the temple boring sometimes, you know, the long ceremonies, the wailing and mourning, the gloom mood. People come to Pharasma's temple to die, often.Mostly, in fact. So my mother will simply says that I should cherish the fact that this temple was my home, that I was fed and clothed and loved, in good health. She was right, of course, but when you're a young girl, you want to play games, run in the sun... Not to learn all the sacred facts about the Lady of the Graves, and the holy chants-well, I enjoyed singing, at least, as you can testify by now. And I became quite good at hiding myself to skip some of the lessons.

Another slight pause
When I was old enough, around twelve years, I began to help my mother and learn how to heal wounds, to mend broken limbs, to give the last prayers when we arrived too late or couldn't do a thing to save the person... And I learned how to help a woman to deliver babies, and to become a mother. I've probably seen more girls naked than you, Drace.

She laughs, and her laugh is vivid like a torrent, quick like a sunray...
and it dies abruptely. The redhead face is, if not sad, at least serious again. To Dace, Vivian seems strangely more mature and wiser than she should, being not quite twenty years old yet. There's more to see than just a fun loving, rope skipping, jesting charming rogue.

And I've probably seen more dead people than you too, even if you're no stranger to fights and battles... Nevermind. We're nearly at Hartmount's house.And I still have more stories to tell. This is only the beginning, and I guess it will become curiouser and curiouser.

Her tone is playful again
But I got nothing to fear, cause I got a valiant knight in armor by my side. His name is Drace, he moves with grace, he is an ace... Or "his name is Drace, I want his embrace, he want to un-Drace me."

The brightest smile ever.
Eyes like glittering emeralds.
A young and agile body.
A quick mind, and a quicker tongue.

How could the dull and sad temple of Pharasma produce such a woman?
There's probably only one and one only Vivian Deberth.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Who knows what kind of strange ideas can get through that silly brain of mine? I've made you play skip the rope already, and the day hasn't ended yet...

She chuckles

So, tell me more about yourself, if you dare.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Oh, now I got my personal bodyguard? Or do you simply have a redhead fetish, Drace?

She smiles and winks at the armored warrior, hooking arms with him as they walk

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Vivian leaves the girls with a smile on her lips as she hear them

You have time enough to grow up and face the horrors of life... Enjoy your childhood.As mommy says "there's no small good deed. But evil deeds starts small too sometimes"

She walks, at a slow pace, to Hartmount's house, enjoying the scenery and taking mental notes of the streets disposition and useful landmarks in the town.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Yes, I will pay a visit to Heartmount, alone or with someone

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female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Acrobatics for skipping the rope?: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Even as a grown up and wearing a dress, Vivian is quite quick and agile, adapting herself to the rope's rythm, as the girls sing again the song.

Then, when her turn is finished, she trade song for song, taking the young girls in a slow dance, hand in hand

Perform sing: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

Of course, as it was a song I learned in my hometown, it's Karcau in the lyrics, but I guess you can use Ravengro instead.

As I came down through Karcau City
At the hour of twelve at night
Who should I see but the Chellish lady
Washing her feet by candlelight
First she washed them, then she dried them
Over a fire of amber coal
In all my life I ne'er did see
A maid so sweet about the sole

Whack for the toora loora laddy
Whack for the toora loora lay
Whack for the toora loora laddy
Whack for the toora loora lay

As I came back through Karcau City
At the hour of half past eight
Who should I spy but the Chellish lady
Brushing her hair in the broad daylight
First she tossed it, then she brushed it
On her lap was a silver comb
In all my life I ne'er did see
A maid so fair since I did roam


As I went back through Karcau City
As the sun began to set
Who should I spy but the Chellish lady
Catching a moth in a golden net
When she saw me, then she fled me
Lifting her petticoat over her knee
In all my life I ne'er did see
A maid so shy as the Chellish lady


This was a beautiful, and gentler song, not a song for nightmares, and obviously Vivian has quite some talent as a singer.

Hey, boys, don't dare to think I forgot.. Will one of you dare to skip the rope too? Or will you admit your defeat, by the price of a silver piece to each of the girls?

She winks at Dace

Here the original song, by my favorite Irish band, the Dubliners: The Spanish Lady

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6


female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Diplomacy help: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

The redhead is quick with a mischevious smile

It's a skipping song. You've never played skip the rope? Well, probably not, as you are a boy... Wonder if I could still skip... I wasn't too bad in my youth. Lets say I manage to do it, I double dare one of you to do the same, if the girls agree to move the rope in rythm.

Her green eyes twinkle

You know, back in Karcau,where I live, it is considered rude among the little girls to learn a song without offering another one in exchange. So, just for the fun of it, would you agree to teach us the skipping song, and I'll teach you a song too, though maybe not a skipping song.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Seeing that the town hall is closed, Vivian strolls toward the house of Vashian Heartmound, taking her time as she gets to the general store, buying herself some extra, simple clothes, and the loveliest scarf she can find for Kendra, trying to get the shop's bosses in chatting mode

spending 2 SP for two set of peasants clothes, 1GP on an traveler outfit and another 1 SP for the scarf (total 1GP;3SP spend)

Thats will do... So, how is business these days? What's new in Ravengro? Have you been here for long?

diplomacy to get some gossip: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

If no one wants to speak to her, she will go the Heartmound's house.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

I am going to the Town Hall to get some info on Harrowstone and maybe some gossip. And I'll ask for a clothes shop.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Time to leave...

Vivian, who was crouching as she finished to read the deceased list and pray for them, stands up and brushes her dress

Thank you, sherif. I'm ready to go.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

I know this kind of kid... Have been one myself, not so long ago, in fact.

She smiles at the pleasant memories

I suppose the names engraved are those of the guards and the warden, so they will be forever remembered? That's nice...

Wonder if the elders of the town could give us some information about the event.50 years isn't too far in time.

Vivian looks at the list of names, saddened by all the lost lives. Her slender finger caress each name, and she silently offers a prayer to Pharasma after reading them one by one.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Oopps; sorry
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Thank you, Sheriff. We'll do our best. And we won't touch anything.

The redhead carefully inspects the statue, her arms crossed in her back so she won't touch anything, as promised

Take 20 in Perception if possible (total 26), if not possible
Looking for clues(perception): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

As she looks at the statue, she tries to engage the Sheriff-or anyone around- in a little chitchat

I'm the daughter of a Pharasman priest in Karcau, and of course I'm no stranger to loss and mourning. I find heartwarming the fact that the good people of Ravengro build this statue, to keep memory of the departed. Could you tell us more about Harrowstone and it's history? What happened and when?

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

*Makes a face at Sentir*

@ Gm: That was a nice, unexpected touch! I love it!

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

We arrived yesterday, just in time for Petros Lorrimor's funeral. After the funeral, his daughter invited us at her house so we could be present for the reading of the late professor's will by the Counsellor Hartmount... Sorry if I mispelled his name. Then we talked an little, and Kendra gently offered us her hospitality. So, as nearly everyone in town, except the one who did this thing on the statue, we slept through the night. I guess I can honestly say that between our individual travels- I'm coming all the way from Karcau-the stress of yesterday events at the cemetary and the burial and mourning of our lost friend, we were all really tired and not in the mood for desecrating a statue none of us even knew the existence before this morning.

diplomacy, help Drace: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Vivian is quite a talkative character. Totally unlike me. ^^

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Sorry, European time here. And yes, Vivian would like to share her room with Tara.

The previous evening, Vivian spends most of her time helping Kendra with mundane tasks, listening to her if needed, sharing small time chat if she prefers.

On the morning, the redhead was still sleeping when someone knocks at the door of the room she's sharing with Tara.

Only a few minutes more, mommy....

It takes her a few moments to realise that she is no longer in Karcau. She yawns and stretches like a cat, washes herself and dresses before coming down in the main room of the house, as people speak about a desecrated statue.

So that's Harrowstone again, huh?

Speeding her breakfast, Vivian prays to Pharasma before leaving Kendra's house, tracing the spiral over her heart. After a small walk in the chilly morning air, they come to the statue. The group of villagers reminds Vivian of the small hostile crowd the day before at the cemetary.

Let's hope this won't end in violence.

Sense Motive to check the crowd mood: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

She looks at the statue, the blood, and put some pieces of the puzzle together, kissing her holy symbol before speaking

My name is Vivian Deberth, Sheriff Caeller. We all arrived yesterday only in Ravengro to assist miss Kendra Lorrimor through the tough times of her father's burial, and to pay our respects to the late Professor. Supposing this is real blood, because you wouldn't be there if it wasn't...There's recent blood on the statue's base, but there is no body to see, so no victim so far, the Lady of the Graves be thanked. It's not an accident, as someone took the time to write a V in blood on the statue.It probably happened either yesterday evening or during the night, because no one saw it before this morning.Have you been able to follow a trail, Sheriff? Do we already know if anyone is missing in town?Why would someone deface this statue?

Perception: is there some houses close to the statue? Some villager who could have seen something from a window?: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Whatever we decide, I think it can wait until tomorrow morning. That will leave the more educated of us time enough to check on the books, and get maybe some information, while all the over talkative, hyperactive redheads of our group take care of our gentle hostess.
She smiles and winks at Kendra

If Tara and Teilaenthis -can I simply call you Teil?-go to the temple of Pharasma, Sentir and Dace to the tavern, I 'll go to the Town Hall with Doctor Stefan for some info on Harrowstone. On the afternoon, we'll check the cemetary for the false crypt mentioned by your father, Kendra. As a worshipper of the Lady of the Grave myself, I'm not that confortable with entering a tomb, even if it's a fake one. I'll let you decide, Tara, if the priests approval on that subject shall be needed and asked for.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Kendra's life is maybe between our hands, my hands. Not under my watch. This is my responsability.How to make everyone think he's useful? Play on their strengths, Vivian... Let the bookworms have their fun. And that big man, Drace? A soldier, probably? The other girl? Dunno...

Turning toward Doctor Stefan, Teileanathis and Sentir
What strange and unusual books... Boys, I'm sure you'd like to have a closer look at these tomes? The poor professor has probably left some notes. Check for anything about the Whispering Way, Harrowstone and so on...

Looking at Drace and Tara
Drace- i know you are a boy too of course, and maybe Tara would like to check the books too, even if she's not a "boy"...Nevermind!-would you be so kind as to check the house, see if everything is all right? Kendra must know she is safe. Tara, if you don't want to peruse the books, I guess our host would like some company and some words of comfort...

The redhead nearly blushes
Sorry, we Pharasmin are used to take charge and give orders in time of crisis, like a when a woman delivers her child, or a man lets out his final breath... I didn't want to sound rude, and I apologise.

Vivian takes Kendra's hand in hers
Kendra, we don't know if your father was murdered or if it was an accident. His last will shows he was worried about something, but his death could have been accidental. We will try to find what happened, and we will do our best to protect you. This is another shock for you, surely.But you are not alone, we're here, with you. and if one month is not enough, I'll stay more. I promise.

Diplomacy to calm Kendra, if needed?: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

One month? Well... If I have to stay there, I'll need to buy some new clothes. I don't want to stink... And of course I'll send a letter to my mother so she won't be afraid of my lenghty absence. But if that can help you, Kendra, I will be there. Of course, we Pharasman respect the last will of the departed, but I'll stay with you with pleasure, and I will be glad if you agree to come to visit me in Karcau later.Have you ever gone to the opera?

One hundred platinum coins? that's quite a sum... Lorrimor was richer than I imagined. Not that I truly thought about it, of course. Keeping Kendra safe and sound? Was the professor fearing something, for him and for his daughter?

in which month and year are we?

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Vivian does her best to help Kendra with her chores as an hostess.
When she appears to be ready to cry, the redhead provides her as discreetly as possible with an handkerchief.

Sleight of hand: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

Thank you for your hospitality, Miss Lorri.. Kendra.

Vivian takes a glass of Chelish wine, with a smile, and drinks it slowly, enjoying the sensation.

She seems to keep an eye on Kendra, always ready to bring her moral support or mundane help if she looks like to need it.
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

Another mourning... I've lost my own father so long ago, it now seems fortunate. It's harder when you're grown up enough to realise. My memories of my father are rare...

Vivian sighs, and tries to compose herself, before being too caught up in her own pain.

She tries to change the conversations topic
This is quite a charming house, Kendra. Have you always lived here?

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

North of France

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Oh yes.. I need something strong to drink, Kendra, if you would be so kind. I sounded soooooo much like my mother, today, I need to wash the wisdom outta my tongue. Yuckie.

Vivian makes a silly face, then her good heart show itself again

Do you need some help to serve everyone?

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

The redheaded girl steps forward once more, her face both sad and solemn

My memories of the professor are far and few, because I was only a little girl when I met him, maybe 8 years old.That was two winters after my own dad died. He came to my help, even if I was both strange and a stranger to him, all the way from this place, or another, to Karcau.Dark shadows and restless spirits were troubling me, perhaps because I was already someone with a wild imagination and too much energy.Anger, pain and death are all too common in a Pharasman temple, it's no surprise that some kind of ghost were haunting me.

She shivers at the memory
I think that probably my mother and the other priests would have get rid of them, praying day and night to Pharasma, but he was the one who took time to make me laugh, playing hide and seek in the gloomy temple, never forgetting that beside a soul to save, there was a frightened child who needed love and laughs, care and attention. Such was the man we lost. A man of knowledge and skills surely, but with a big heart first and foremost, a man with humanity and compassion, with a warm smile and true kindness, a man I deeply regret I never will have the chance to know and understand more.

She wipes away a small tear
From Elisa Deberth, who was your friend or maybe more, I give you her blessings and prayers. From me, Vivian, my best wishes, may your travel to the realm of Pharasma be safe, and may She judges you kindly. From the small child you kept alive inside me, I can only offer grateful tears... Tears are the currency of sorrow, and I am forever in your debt, Petros Lorrimor.

She steps back, and offers again her whispered condolences to Kendra

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Sorry, long post, but Vivian is quite talkative...^^

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Knowing the weight of the casket is carried by the five others, Vivian release the handle carefully, stepping aside with a resolute face.
She traces a spiral over her heart, in front of the local crowd, and shows her open hands

Please, this in not the time for anger. This is the time for sadness, meditation and mourning.I don't know much about the late Professor, only that he didn't hesitate to help me in my time of need, when I was just a little girl. When he was beating, his heart was the heart of a good, just and honest man. Now that his live has ended, all he asks for is the peace of the grave.

Lowering her face
I can't say I understood his work, and sometimes what we don't understand cause fear and distrust. But please don't let fear cloud your mind, don't let distrust close your hearts and soul. Petros Lorrimor was a good man, I think, and if he did some mistakes, as we all do during our lives, only the Lady of the Graves can judge him. Only Pharasma can judge us truly, without fear, contempt, anger or misconceptions, because she's a goddess and we are all mere humans.

Showing the cemetary
Shall I remind you that we all are on the threshold of her kingdom, that you are, maybe a little foolishly, defying the goddess of Fate by refusing a burial to take place, refusing Her the right to collect a soul for judgment? Do you want to risk her wrath, for you and those you love, in your time of need, be it birth or death? What will you tell to your wife, to your daughter, to your mother, if the Pharasmin won't come and pray for them at their last moments, won't help them through a difficult birth, because of your action today? "Pharasma watches on us from the womb to the tomb", as my mother, Eliza Deberth, one of her priestess in Karcau, always says. You could have some resent, some disagreement with the professor while he was alive, but those must end now that he's no more with us.

Looking each of the men in his eyes, showing only compassion
What you are doing, right now, is adding to the grief and torment of his innocent daughter. I ask you again to gently step aside, and to let us proceed to the burial of the Professor. No harm has been done yet, only some badly chosen words, which stinged the worried mind of a caring daughter and some respectful friends. Let each of us walk in peace, and say no more.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

Before the cart arrives

Vivian, unsure about what to do with the girl's hand, awkwardly shakes it

Oh.. sorry for the confusion. I've just never meet Miss Kendra before.

Hearing the iron clad man, probably a warrior of some sort
Well, I can't say I knewthe professor. My mother, Eliza Deberth, was the one who knew him. As she couldn't come to Lorrimor's funeral, she asked me to come instead, and give the Deberth's family our last prayers to the departed. Perhaps they were friends, when they were younger. All I know for sure is that when I was a small child, Professor Lorrimor came to my help at Karcau.Coming here to his funeral is the least I could do...

Vivian tries to hide her hair from the rain, when the cart comes
A too familiar sight...How many funerals did I attend to already? So much..

Miss Lorrimor, it is with great sorrow that my mother, Eliza Deberth, and myself, learned about your father's departure. He will be missed, by his kin and by those he honored of his friendship. A few people cherishing his memory are better than a flock of total strangers who never knew or cared for the deceased. We would be all honored to carry your father to his last home.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

The young redhead nearly jumps off the coach and looks all around with bright eyes, all full of vitality.

Then she reminds why she's there and tries to regain some calm and composure. Nevertheless, she still looks around with an avid curiosity.

So, this is Ravengro? Different from Karcau, for sure.

The slender green eyed girl- barely a woman- still looks around, hoping maybe to see someone who could help her, or who could be waiting for her.
She's pretty, if not beautiful, and her clothes are casual.She wears a small metal chain around her neck, the end of it being hidden by her loose shirt. She takes her backpack and throws it on her shoulders, revealing a sheated dagger stuck in her belt in the move.

I hope I won't be too late... I'm doing it for you, Mommy. Wonder what kind of relationship you had with the Professor.

Which way to... oh, nevermind.

She spots the local temple

The cemetary shouldn't be so far... Let's hurry.

Quickening her pace, she walks toward the temple, not afraid to ask her way to the locals with a bright, heart-warming smile.

Vivian finally reaches the old gates, and traces a spiral over her heart

Well, there is a decent crowd. Lorrimor's family, maybe? Nay. They are too different, I guess. Local? Friends? Just gotta ask, Vivian!

She puts her backpack down, rubs her shoulders, and offers another smile and a gracious bow.

Hello. I'm here to give my last farewell to the professor Lorrimor. My name is Vivian Deberth.

Seeing the black haired woman all dressed in .. well, black.
I'm sorry, are you miss Kendra Lorrimor, the late professor's daughter?

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6
Sentir Damutu wrote:
We have alot of high Int. characters in this group.

And me.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6
Dr. Stefan Von Herzog wrote:

@Vivian: Hey! We're also both in the same Shattered Star campaign!

yeah, but different characters, different personnalities.

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6
Tara Eliade wrote:
Sentir Damutu wrote:
Tara Eliade wrote:
so I am excited to see what could possibly be haunting Harrowstone and the rest of the adventure!
Ghosts probably?
Most likely! Or maybe it's a gnome wizard that thinks that it is hilarious to perpetuate rumors of haunted mansions and this is his latest lair. :D

Isn't it the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh backstory? (yes, i'm an OLD player..^^)

female Human Rogue (1)-AC 16 HP 9/9 FF 12-Ini+3-BaB+0 (+3 ranged)- Ref+5 Fort +1 Will+2 -Per+6

no question so far, thank you for giving me another chance at this AP.


As GM, I know it's always hard to choose when you have to recruit a team.

Vivian dark secret:
Not on my guard.. Not anymore..
It wasn't always easy to live in a temple,where people come to die or to give birth. It was gloomy.
When she was a child, Vivian sometimes saw spirits of the recently departed. Prof Lorrimor, a friend of his mother-were they lovers? Colleagues when they were younger? Just two people with strong characters who liked each other, and had a similar no nonsense attitude towards other?-was asked to help the young girl.
And for a time, he succeeded.
But five years ago, something got wrong.
Vivian was helping her mother, Elisa, with a Karcauvian's woman difficult first childbirth. The baby was frail, and the mother lost a good deal of blood. Vivian's mother used her knowledge and magic to take care of the mother, and asked Vivian if she could keep watch of the baby. The 14 years old agreed, proud of the responsability.
The night was long.
The teenager was at first excited..then bored.. then sleepy.
The baby didn't survived it's first and only night on Golarion.
Maybe it was his Fate. Maybe Vivian could have done something, if only alerting her mother.
Of course, the woman who lost her child accused Vivian, and rightly so, throwing a curse at the redheaded teenager so she would never carry a child herself.
Vivian never dared to check if she was really cursed or not.
There was anger at herself, shame, guilt and regret.
As the redhead finished to grow up, and become a woman, her fun loving nature was always toned down by the dark memories of that fatal night.
She swore to herself she won't be careless, that she will be responsable, each time a baby or a mother was needing her help.
She lost count of the sleepless nights at the small Karcau's temple of Pharasma, watching over such fragile lives for hours, until the sun rised again.
Even if that baby who died on that night wasn't truly a ghost, a spectre or a restless surely haunted Vivian.
Not on my watch. Not anymore.
Hope this is dark enough...

And hello to Cassandra Blackmore:we played together in another CC Campaign (Uneasy lie the dead)

Still thinking about a dark secret.... Sorry, has an hard day at work.

Can propose this character. It's ready, except I'll have to think about a dark secret.

As for future development, I guess Vivian could get dual classed as Rogue/Cleric, an unusual combo.

Posting once per day, maybe a little more on week end.

Just noticed I should redo my equipment , last time we started with max gold, not average


I'll try my luck with this character.
I played the beginning of CC,never entered into the prison.

Got this character for CC, if you want to get a look

I got this character ready for CC, Rogue Human.

10 minutes background

step 1: 5 background elements
*Vivian is the only daughter of a Pharasman priestess in Karcau, and was born and raised in the temple. She lost her father at a young age (5 years old)
*Vivian, while still being young, has seen more people dying and coming to birth than most people of her age
*Vivian is nevertheless a cranky, funny girl,always ready to joke and sing. It's more than a facade: she feels it her duty to bring a smile on people's face, because they have mostly a dull and gloomy life, and then die.
*Vivian is an accomplished healer, and a practised midwife. She can be bossy in times of troubles, being used to give orders and take decisions in (litteraly) life and death situation.
*She is a kind,good natured person, and hate prejudice of all sorts: people are equal for Death. Even if she is a rogue,she doesn't care that much for money.

Step 2: set two goals
*As her mother, Vivian is protective to the poor and downtrotten in general, and to women and children in particular. She'd like to get enough money to build an place for them somewhere (orphanage, hospital...)
*Having fun! Vivian was bored from the life in the temple, but it's her childhood home too.

Step 3:Secrets and lies
*Secretly, and even if she won't admit it, Vivian would like to become even more like her mother and becoming a priest herself, to better protect and save people.(maybe dual class later on)
*Even with her talent at midwifery, Vivian couldn't save a few babies and mothers. It's a great pain for her and she has nightmares about it from time to time.
*Not really a secret, but Vivian has not much experience of the real world outside the temple and Karcau, and has never left Ustalav.She might be really curious (in a good fashioned way) about people from other places.
*(unknown to Vivian) Even if she'd like to get a family for herself in the future, Vivian is barren, and that would probably make her very sad.

Step 4: People tied to Vivian
*Her mother, Elisa Deberth, a strong willed woman, caring for the poor, Vivian's role model
*Evertan Canios, an half elf bard who was her lover in Karcau. He taught her rowdy songs, put her in minor troubles with the law. They separated amiably
*Medrain, a young prostitute Vivian befriended in Karcau, who is always broke or running from aggresive clients/ patrons

Step 5: Memories and Mannerisms
*Vivian likes colored clothes, in contrast to the dark and gloomy vestment of the church of Pharasma
*Vivian most prized possession is her symbol of Pharasma, that her mother blessed herself. She touches it when she has to take important decisions
*Vivian ties her hair most of the time, and is vigilant about her personal hygiene
*She is easily attracted to older men with facial hair (looking for her father?)

Will try my luck with Vivian Deberth, a good natured rogue, daughter of a Pharasman priestess

She was in a previous CC campaign that died early

@Horrorshow: I understand. I think Vivian cranky & funny side would hurt (or at least conflict with) the horror mood.
I withdraw from the list, but will probably read your adventures, as I'm intrigued by your point of view.

Would like to join.
I tried this AP a few months ago, but the game died soon (something like the day after our arrival in the town), so i don't know much.

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